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Mugi from K-on is perfect Kat 30505

She's calm, collected, intelligent, elegant, she has flair and style. She also plays one of my favorite instruments, the keyboard, a fundamental instrument in any light music band.. She's one of my favorite anime women!!

Anonymous 30513

Bourgeois bitch deserves the gulag.

Anonymous 30514

cant stand her, isnt she supposed to be the moeblob of the situation?
azusa being worse in that sense but at least she has twintails and isnt so fucking pretentious

Anonymous 30517


K-on characters are so bad at being human. It might seem that female part of kyoani would make them believable in anime, but somehow I never saw that, I think Yui is the worst case. Human like that just can’t function, idk
Mugi is cute in her naive trolling, but she is the walking girls-only-school-ojousama-lesbian trope
All of k-on girls in anime are non-human moeblobs, except Ritsu maybe - being a non-human comic relief and Sawa being non-human placement for a middle aged male viewer - old-man-pedo-pervert-fetishist
Well manga is way worse so
I like the songs though! And Dear My Keys is great

Anonymous 30520

She's cute but doesn't really do anything…the college manga addresses that iirc, but it felt kind of forced like the mangaka realized he forgot about her and tried to make up for it.

Anonymous 30522

>she is the walking girls-only-school-ojousama-lesbian trope
and that's why i love her

Anonymous 30523


My comfort schlock. Nothing bad happens, nothing overly exciting happens, perfect moe nothingness. Makes me wish I had a hobby I shared with friends in highschool. Makes me wish I had friends in highschool…

Anonymous 30525

That's fair then…

Anonymous 30526


Her only flaw is that she's not male.

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