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Anonymous 30555

I watch FNAF lore and theory videos. Despite never playing any of the games.

Anonymous 30567

thanks for sharing nona

Anonymous 30568

Same. Watched this long Wendigoon video about it.

Anonymous 30579

images (8).jpeg

You should play fnaf, either one of the first 3 or sister location, theres also pizzeria simulator for free. The games aren't even that bad like people make it out to be.

Anonymous 30584


Oh come on nonas, even kids play it! It can't be that scary to you. I'm pretty sure fnaf is less scarier than resident evil, it's more weird than anything.

Anonymous 30802

Fnaf thread? Fnaf thread.

Anonymous 30803


Bumping this thread to trigger nightmares on the anti fnaf miner.

Anonymous 30804

Anonymous 30805


Anonymous 30827


Very funny nona, veeeery funny

Anonymous 30830


I am the funniest on this dead board!

Anonymous 30831

I support FNAF husbandofags, but I have a feeling this was drawn by a TIF with a school shooter fetish. Idk the style reminds me of it

Anonymous 30832

i hate you

Anonymous 30851


Well tifs are women and i'm pretty sure the artist is a woman so that's why it reminds you of it? Though the fnaf fandom is full of trannies so if she ended up being a tif i wouldn't be surprised.

Too bad, so sad.

Anonymous 30871

I hate FNAF

Anonymous 30876



Anonymous 30879

Well you started it

Anonymous 30881

Nona don't take this so seriously i'm just joking.

Anonymous 30886

I need to be more chill in life, sorry

Anonymous 30889


It's ok, honestly me too i take things too personally these days. You can hide the thread if it annoys you too much by the way, kek

Anonymous 30898

Try playing Dayshift At Freddy's. It's a parody making fun of FNAF.

Anonymous 30915


I know the lore front to back, but I'm too scared to get through the first night of fnaf1.

Anonymous 30931

It's not making fun of it, it's just a cringe edgy parody made by a fan of it.

Anonymous 30988


Opinions on the movie teaser? A lot of people are angry about the red eyes, i'm excited for it but i agree that the eyes look kinda funny.

Anonymous 30989

Looks kinda mediocre. I'll still watch it out of curiosity regardless.

Anonymous 30990

I agree in a way, it looks really cheesy but way better than other game to movie adaptations i've seen before.

Anonymous 30992


Needs more Nicholas Cage and cheesy robot designs.

Anonymous 31002

There's a movie teaser? I haven't played FNAF, but i'll watch the movie probably.
I forgot this existed.

Anonymous 31200

Full trailer just dropped!

Anonymous 31202


Fnafnonas eating good

Anonymous 31203

I'm so glad the movie's going back to the roots of everything. The series was at its best when it was just some unlucky schmuck getting a job that was more than he bargained for, not the furious battle between an immortal vampire and his skinsuit son.

Anonymous 31206

When are they going to make a new game that is not terrible? Fnaf 1 / 2 were perfect gameplay wise and Fnaf 1 had the best atmosphere. I dont want DLC for the weird free roaming game…

Anonymous 31218


>Fnaf 2 was perfect gameplay wise

Anonymous 31219

Decent games will only come if Steel Wool and Scott Cawthon aren't in charge of it anymore, aka: never.

Anonymous 31221

>Fnaf 1 but even more stressful to micromanage
How is that not perfection…? The whole point of the game is being powerless while you juggle 11 spinning plates at once

Anonymous 31225


It's not just stressful, it's also super awkwardly executed and rushed out gameplay-wise, you can make a game where you feel powerless without it being that level of overwhelming, that's just my opinion though. I still like it even with all it's flaws especially because it has some really scary stuff and purple guy appears for the first time.

By the way what are you girls favorite animatronics, i think withered chica is still one of the best.

Anonymous 31233


The cupcake

Anonymous 31235

Mangle, I'd let her do anything to me

Anonymous 31240

scrap baby.png

My favorite's gotta be something like Phantom Freddy or Withered Golden Freddy. I just love how creepy they are. Phantom Freddy just hobbles along in front of you or you just see a massive Golden Freddy head staring at you down the hallway in 2.

I also think Scrap Baby looks really cool at the very least with the roller skates and giant claw. Too bad she never uses those and her personality took a nosedive in Pizzeria Sim.

Anonymous 31247


Even bite your head off?

Anonymous 31259

Scrap Baby is the definition of missed potential, not a single jumpscare using her claw, not a single interesting interaction in fnaf 6 beside short voicelines, boring. Her design is so cool too.

Anonymous 31269

is it just me that hates the "vanessa shouldve been a true crime fan" thing people blabber on about. she sucks in the canon rn but i think her unused content is better. see enough muh true crimez girls irl. to me vanessa was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. i also hate vanny's design eugh.

idk im just very passionate about vanessa i guess and maybe im wrong but im just sad all the actually cool and cute stuff about her got cut out for "freddy ur supposed to be on >:(((("

Anonymous 31277

I genuinely can't comprehend why.
the FNAF lore is absolutely horrible.

Anonymous 31310


Withered bonnie
I think people just want Vanessa to have ANYTHING to work with, since for now she just has two cutscenes and like 5 lines. Also yeah I hate how they made her design so sexualized, if it was actually like those old mascot suits it would be scarier and more unsettling.
It's funny and it's like conspiracy theories lite, when people start using foxy.exe or chica anime cutscenes it reminds me of the time everyone was using numbers to confirm illuminati.

Anonymous 31348

I hate that William had to be the co-owner of the pizzeria, he was way creepier when he was believed just to be a middle aged security guard or kids entertainer that worked there and was also a psychopath, now he's just a smug british richfag that wants to be immortal.
Based withered likers

Anonymous 31380

Is it even an animatronic??

Anonymous 31634

I love this movie, one of my favs

Anonymous 31635


i could sperg about the AR emails, therapy tapes, and unused lines all day. in the unused emails vanessa has a pink sparkly puppy diary :)

but yes us vanessa fans are always starving for crumbs. curious to what ness is going to be like in the movie.

Anonymous 31666


I do this with Sonic videos and reviews. I never played a Sonic game aside from the new Olympic Games for Switch but I know all of the characters and history and lore and even development stuff. I have a friend who is big in to older Sonic who had a nice casual Amy cosplay but she vanished. ToT

I like Cybershell's sonic videos. Proper oldschool non-autistic obsession.

Anonymous 31721


Now look
I'm not a furry, and I don't like them
But hear me out

Anonymous 31722


We can't escape you roxyfags anywhere can we?

Anonymous 31882

I've only watched that ripoff movie with Nicolas Cage.

Anonymous 32146

>Withered bonnie

Anonymous 32708

New Project.gif

>I also think Scrap Baby looks really cool at the very least with the roller skates and giant claw. Too bad she never uses those
It's been 6 long years…

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