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Is there any Yuri that isn't obviously directed at males? Anonymous 30712

I'm at the point where I read yaoi with cute artstyles and reimagine them as butch x butch relationships.
Is there any Yuri or fxf media that isn't obviously directed at scrotes? Please, any type and any genre is ok

Anonymous 30719


have you watched "Oniisama e…" yet?

Anonymous 30721


Shiroi Heya no Futari

Anonymous 30725


Maria-sama ga Miteru
The Flowers VNs maybe

Anonymous 30749

Not really yuri series', but Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura have their fair share of lesbians, with both those shows clearly being made for (young) girls.
Oh yeah, and Revolutionary Girl Utena is also a good pick as well.

Anonymous 30767


I liked Bloom Into You

After Hours is a short manga series but it gets bonus points for being about adults. Sheltered Girl And Handsome Girl was also pretty cute

Anonymous 30770

>Oniisama e
what did you like about this anime? i got nothing out of it

Anonymous 30771

Tamen de Gushi.jpg

Anonymous 30772

2DK, G-pen, Alarm …

Anonymous 30773

Ayaka-chan wa Hiro…

Anonymous 31078

Madoka, Sasameki Koto, Kurau Phantom Memory, Starlight Revue, Avatar: TLAB

Anonymous 31086


It's only yuri undertones but it's written by a woman and wholesome to boot

Anonymous 32341


In terms of anime most of it is aimed at males but there is still stuff like Onii-sama e, Utena, Marimite, Aoi Hana and YKA. For manga, Hirari and pre-2010 Yuri Hime stuff was mostly aimed at females, current YH tries to appeal to both males and females and honestly I feel like the works have been dumbed down so it can appeal to moids, kind of a shame, but if you know the lesbian/bisexual female authors then you can just keep up with whatever they release independently or in small anthologies/crowd-funded yuri mags (try Amano Shuninta, Morishima Akiko, Morinaga Milk, Takano Saku, Sal Jiang, Yukiko, Takemiya Jin, Oosawa Yayoi, Tamamusi, Nishi Uko, Ooshima Tomo/Towa, Momono Moto, Shimura Takako, Mikanuji, Yuni, Hayashiya Shizuru, Inui Ayu… are the ones I could think of). Surprisingly when it comes to LNs I don't think there is any current yuri LN aimed at females, they're either for males or the yuri crowd in general. For VNs it's mostly aimed at whoever is a yurifag too, but fairly recently there was a chinese-cucknadian yuri VN made by women named A Summer's End: Hong Kong 1986, I read it and it's pretty good and very obviously made for lesbians.

By the way a couple "recent" manga series I wanted to point out just because I liked them:

Based. I'm currently re-watching Marimite and it's still better than recent yuri despite not being fully GL. I'm gonna try and finish the novels this time too.

Sal Jiang is great. This woman can play the guitar, sing, draw manga, and she got great thighs. Completely in love with her.

Anonymous 32342


Where is the yuri in Avatar? Just rewatched it and can't think of anything remotely gay.

Besides that a few written by women off the top of my head are Venus Versus Virus, Maria-sama ga Miteru, Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, Maria†Holic (Kind of, lesbian MC), Citrus, Strawberry Panic!, and Flip Flappers.

Not all of those are of equal quality but all are yuri written by actual women. Also nominating Utena and Madoka, while they are written by men both are fantastic.

Anonymous 32346

>Where is the yuri in Avatar? Just rewatched it and can't think of anything remotely gay.
I think she means the Avatar Kiyoshi spin-off novels where it's revealed she's bisexual and gets a fire nation gf.


This shit is literally lesbian conversion for the lulz. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone for the yuri, despite being funny.

Anonymous 32347


Oh forgot they added stuff like that, never kept up with Korra or the spin-offs.

>Maria Holic

True true, very funny probably not the best for someone looking for true f/f romance, just thought of it because lesbian MCs are rare.

Anonymous 32433


is this artist still alive? iirc she removed all trace of gay stuff from her accs bc of threats in china

Anonymous 32434


It's really short but Run Away With Me Girl was pretty nice. Happy ending which I kinda need nowadays


Anonymous 32435


Anonymous 32724

Does it really have a happy ending? or just dry. I remember feeling bittersweet the whole ride and I wasn't even pinkpilled, now I'm scared to give it a reread since I know one of them is a confirmed bi

Anonymous 32753

Hmm. I've just started watching this weird series called "Otherside Picnic." It's inspired by Roadside Picnic and that whole sphere (STALKER videogames etc.) sadly tends to have a pretty masculine fanbase, but so far there's no, like, fetishism or anything. Just a couple of will-they-won't-they lesbians facing incomprehensible horrors in an alternate reality, simple as.

Anonymous 32754


this is the best yuri

Anonymous 32755


It's always funny to see moids seething about this manga.

Anonymous 32756

Urasekai is bretty good if you're into the whole "X but with lesbians" experience rather than a right off the bat yuri romance. The relationship between Toriko and Sorawo is pretty slow but fortunately not AdaShima-tier slow and boring. Author is male, but so far he's enjoyable.

Anonymous 32757

Why? Seems like the author is a male themselves, those disgusting spider hands

Anonymous 32759

The author is female. And they seethe because "too realistic".

Anonymous 32760

I understand being suspicious of yuri, but how do we relationship is actually some of the best lesbian representation I’ve ever seen in any media. it’s very realistic to my own experiences dating other women in college. I highly recommend!

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