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Reincarnation webtoons Anonymous 30743

Which ones are you reading?
Do you like any particular tropes?
What characteristics do you prefer to see in the ML?

Anonymous 30760


I'm reading Marry my Husband and I'm the Queen in this Life, both compelling stories about being reincarnated into one's younger self, this concept is so satisfying.
However I'm not really interested in the romance part, the MLs are usually too perfect to be relatable. I'm just here for savage MCs fucking their ennemies up.
What webtoon is your pic from tho ?

Anonymous 30766


>Marry My Husband
The plot of this has similarities to My Second Husband and The Broken Ring: This Marriage Will Fail Anyway.
It's from For My Derelict Favorite, an isekai reincarnation about a fangirl who tries to save her favorite character with love. I Failed to Abandon the Villain is another isekai reincarnation with similar components and my personal favorite of the genre, but I enjoy broken/traumatized MLs.

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