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Anonymous 30753

Thread of Japanese romance movies with masculine men, points if he has a beard. I don't like twinks.

Anonymous 30754


Challenge: write me the entire backstop of picrel, pretending like you've never seen the movie. Extra points if you've actually never seen the movie.

Anonymous 30755

Japanese man gets arrested for stealing 1,001 bundles of rice from the emperor, starts playing around during his mugshot because he's secretly a famous model/idol known as Harasuki Modanshi but his real name is Toshio Yamada, a humble 7/11 worker just trying to make enough yen to pay for his mother's dental treatment (she's a business woman and also his modeling/idoling manager who drinks way too much energy drinks, and it has rotted her teeth)

Anonymous 30756


Anonymous 30757


Anonymous 30777

Please finish the rest !

Anonymous 30902


This and Chungking Express

Those are all just Stephen Chow movies. Not complaining though

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