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Just Got Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Anonymous 30818

I'm planning on doing a monotype run. Which type should I use?

Anonymous 30821

fairy, idk why, just do it

Anonymous 30852

I agree with the above poster. Either Fairy, Psychic, or Ghost!

Anonymous 30861


You should try Dark and go with the plot that your character believes themselves to be a "bringer of darkness" and that they were an ancient sealed evil, reincarnated in the body of a child, whose goal is now to travel the region and conquer the eight heroes of their land and take a trophy to symbolize their victory. All shall tremble in fear as they extort the local populace for cash, lest they set their trained feral beasts from the deep upon them. And, once their feral rampage upon this god-forsaken earth is complete, they will become the cruel tyrant of this ravaged nation, ruling with a fist of darkness as the champion of Sinnoh, which will then promptly be renamed to "Shadoh"

Anonymous 30862

anything but fire

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