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Electronic Music Thread...? Anonymous 30939

I'd like to discover some new electronic music. Techno, trance, house, jungle, breakcore, gabber, speedcore, etc.

Anonymous 30940


This is my absolute favorite trance compilation ever. I distinctly remember going to the mall and purchasing it, not knowing what to expect, and I definitely was not disappointed.

Anonymous 30941


This is another compilation I really enjoy! Probably one of the best, alongside the Paul Oakenfold one I posted.

Anonymous 30943


This is probably my favorite recent album. Incredible all around. Make sure to listen to the deluxe version with all of the extra tracks, including the one she did with Röyksopp, which is also on their album (another one I recommend).

Anonymous 30944


I can go on forever recommending music. Here's another good one!

Anonymous 30945

51JqIvLT IL._UF100…

This remix is everything!

Anonymous 30950

What anime is the picrel from op?

Anonymous 30951


Anonymous 30956

That’s ergo proxy ^_^

Anonymous 31033

These days I'm listening to this radio: https://rekt.network I've found a few new favorite bands. Also, I could watch milkdrop for hours.

Anonymous 31034

Oldie but a goodie

Used to play in UK illegal rave parties which would be held in abandoned warehouses in the countryside

That vibe

Anonymous 31038

@Cercle and @timecodemusic have lots of good live sets performed by various artists of different subgenres on their YouTube channels.

Anonymous 31039


oldschool is old

Anonymous 31084

This one's a rave classic from the 90's, one of my favorites from that era

Anonymous 31085

Another 90's classic. I love Trainspotting's soundtrack so much

Anonymous 31101

Loving this mix.

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