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Survival Horror Thread Anonymous 30958

All things survival horror!

Anonymous 30959

Alan Wake had a great suspense story but the same five enemies for the entire game. Also the story's ending was locked behind a DLC paywall. The sequel spinoff American Nightmare should've been a full game. Instead it was four hours of replaying the same three levels in a loop. The franchise had decent potential but lackluster games.

Anonymous 30960

Resident Evil Revelations 2 is honestly the best in the franchise. Too bad the episodic chapters and monthly release schedule made so many avoid the game entirely. It's honestly an underrated gem and all the chapters are compiled into one full game. Bought it for ten dollars on switch and really liked it.

Anonymous 30961

code veronica.jpg

Code Veronica my beloved

Anonymous 31088


I bought Spirit Camera for the 3DS because I wanted more Fatal Frame to get released in NA.

It was horrible. You can't believe how bad it was.

Anonymous 31316

The new dead space is pretty good! Nice upgrade apparently from the origin but I never played it. Quite a lot of freaky monsters but they are sorta just the same four or five so far

Anonymous 31319

Day of the Triffids is worth a read. It's the book 30 Days Later was based on but they took the plants out.

Anonymous 31339

Wait what. Twin Peaks is survival horror?

Anonymous 31342


Anonymous 31365

It inspired the genre.

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