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Anonymous 30963

What did you think of this book?

Anonymous 30967


She worked with Dan Schneider

Anonymous 30968

Yes, you are very observant, well done.

Anonymous 31005


I was shaking with rage reading most of it. I'm glad everything got better for her. Also her friendship with Miranda was really wholesome

Anonymous 31006


Anonymous 31032

Pretty moving the way she lets her mother actions speak for themselves all along the book, and in the end, explain how much she loved her. I honestly expected some sort of trash-lit, it is a very good autobiography.
If you like it, you might look at Tara Westover's Educated. Same template: shitty parents, how to overcome them, how to get out of there with a heart still capable of love.

Anonymous 31090

It was wholesome, I agree. I loved the part where she described chatting with Miranda on AIM.

You could tell that she tried to be as objective as possible about the course of events. I appreciated that.
It's funny that you mention Educated because I'm housesitting for my parents right now and they have that book sitting on the dresser next to the bed I'm sleeping in. I'm going to start reading it this week. Thanks nona

Anonymous 31091

I wanted to add that it was rage-inducing for me as well. A lot of it was too real. I couldn't relate to the aspects of her mom's personality showcased in the excerpt you shared, but the emotional unavailability of her parents and romantic interests was palpable.

Anonymous 31195

I really need to get this one. I only read some excerpts and a review
I love how she didn't let her mother turn her into a vengeful angry and spiteful person despite how horrible she was. She didn't give her mother the power to change the kind happy person that she truly wanted to be. I even enjoyed the fact that she still mentioned how much she loved her. The fact is, even if a person causes you so much pain and suffering, you can still have love for them. It's strange, it may seem illogical, but it's true.

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