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The Idol Anonymous 31299

Anyone else here watch the idol?
I thought it was fucked up, the Weeknd telling Jocelyn to get the hairbrush she was beaten with by her mom when she was a child and bringing it to him so he can beat her with it to make her create better music.

Also how Jocelyn said stuff like "I want you to control me" or "I don't want to have to make decisions for myself".

Is it misogynistic?

Anonymous 31300

It's just Euphoria 2.0

Anonymous 31306

>another "the abuse entertainers (female especially) face at tue hands of their management is scandalous and sexy rather than horrifying" show.

and i thought his music was lame.

Anonymous 31314

I haven't watched it but when I read about the ending it sounds like the whole show is just meant to be the Weeknd's weird humiliation fantasy

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