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Belladonna of sadness Anonymous 31356

I recently watched belladonna of sadness a couple month back, any other nonas seen this movie? if so what are your thoughts on it? It would be interesting to know what other people thought about this movie.

Anonymous 31358


I haven't seen it, but the gorgeous art makes it appealing to watch. However, from what I've read and the snippets I've seen, I am pretty sure it's one of those fake deep movies that rely not on delivering truthfully soulful messages but aesthetics. "Oh, Lover-kun, everyone has evil inside of them," she said, fluttering her long eyelashes at him type of thing, as if people being dualistic wasn't a revelation from before the 16th century.

Not dunking on it, but I've been consistently disappointed by these types of anime before. Still gorgeous, I hope other nonas take it upon themselves to share more screencaps from the movie .

Anonymous 31360

Not really about Belladonna I haven't seen it yet, but is there such a thing as "real deep" media? There's no real new undiscovered deep truths that humanity hasn't mapped out yet, you can dismiss any message art tries to protray like this.

Anonymous 31366


It's about the execution, nona! For example, just about anyone can talk about depression - those "allegory for depression" indie games have even become somewhat of a meme. Like, ah shit here we go again…
But it's not about the topics - obviously there's nothing that you can feel that hasn't been felt before - it's about how much wisdom you pour into them, and what emotion you can evoke for the person watching/reading/playing. Compare these two stanzas:

Sad, nothing's going right
It seems you want to end your life
Just because your life isn't bright
Doesn't mean you're out of light

Your creativity is your happy little world
Every time you doubt yourself
He sees an opening
And tries to take it from you

Do you feel the difference? The first one's banal and general. It is like a get well card. It rhymes and therefore it calls itself poetry, but you'd find more wisdom in a middle schooler's notebook. The second one is creative, incorporating anthropomorphistic elements such as calling depression a "he" of course depression would be male, as all evil things are as well as showing the cost of depression - in this case, depression is dulling the creativity of the protagonist. As far as emotional depth goes, the second one feels more intimate, written by someone experiencing the thing they're talking about.

What Belladonna tackles is one of the most traumatic things that could happen to a woman, rape. It would be tasteless to dismiss the trauma, grief, feelings of powerlessness, anger and other intense emotions if you plan to deeply explore the subject. However, in the movie, the scenes are handled tastelessly; to put it crudely, the heroine is moaning louder than a well-paid porn actress. It hides behind its beautiful imagery, artistically portraying the action through hallucination-like watercolors, but is it deep? Do you feel/know what Jeanne is feeling? Would you react the same? Can you see yourself in her? No. Why not? Because the movie is directed by a m*le, someone who will never know the horror of how humiliating and devastating going through something like that is. To add salt to the wound, the heroine later gains power through the phallic entity that raped her, because as we know women can only get empowered from sexually pleasing males. Therefore, much like the banal poem, it doesn't aim properly and misses entirely. Game of Thrones tier portrayal. Visually beautiful but insulting.

Anonymous 31368

Absolutely agreed. I was so disappointed that this was the feminist masterpiece I had been shilled.

Anonymous 31415

you can go with Angel's Egg nona

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