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Media where men are brutally oppressed Anonymous 31426

Any recommendations? I've read The Power by Naomi Aldermann and loved it, I wish the powers women gained in it were real. I'm also in the process of reading Egalia's Daughters.

Anonymous 31427

Sorry anon, I have no recommendations, but could you give us your impression of Alderman's The Power, please?

Anonymous 31461


It satisfied me on a primal level to read about men suffering abuse, androcide, rape, genital mutilation, objectification, etc along with countless microaggressions, as well as the consistent acknowledgement for any ignorant scrotes reading that this is all what women today suffer. It's well written but I thought the POV of all the characters sounded about the same. I felt a little bad for them but otherwise didn't really care about them. I was more interested in seeing what they'd do.

The world building is great and the thinking that went into how the power worked was very interesting. I would like to see a sequel with more detail about how the world was rebuilt after the initial power struggle that caused nuclear war and how women grew up in a world where history was altered for them to have always been superior.

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