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Anonymous 31428

guess who's not watching oppenscrote tonight

Anonymous 31429

I have become scrote, trooner of worlds

Anonymous 31430

good one nona lmao

who else refuses to watch m*le media glorifying war in favor of our lady and savior barbie and its holy spirit inspiration (lain)?
im taking it all back from troons. stay winning sisters

Anonymous 31431

Tranny. Women =/= pink girly teehee femininity. You arent doing a heckin feminism by supporting this libfem shit

Anonymous 31432

Women=/=doing what you think a woman should do
i love barbie and i love pink. troons stay mad. dont need performative masculinity and scrote trash media in my life

Anonymous 31433


Well it's not glorifying war its actually a good movie, and you may be disappointed by the moral of Barbie being that a world dominated by women is no better than a world dominated by men.

They are both good movies tbh, and I would say that Oppenheimer turned me anti-nuke

Anonymous 31434

And I don't need performative femininity in my life kek. Teehee pink Barbie bimbo femininity isn't feminism

Anonymous 31435

sure, you do you. im not the one coming in your gender noncon threads whining lmao

Anonymous 31436

is that the moral of the movie im killing myself soon
ill interpret it another way and vibe
glad oppenmoid turned you antinuke nona <3 which movie did you like more?

Anonymous 31437

oppenscroter was kinda good, hated the fact that they HAD to put sex scenes in the movie :/

I would have to say barbie is ok, Ryan Gosling had a pretty good character arc so the moids arent too wrong about that. Seeing ppl on twitter complaining about how only Ryan Gosling is celebrated as a character is funny because he is very good at playing Ken and it's funny that they got their white woman libfem movie and still can't be happy.

The radfems think the movie is ass because of the focus on Ken, and the conservatards think the movie is misandrist its so funny.

I think I liiked oppen heimer style more

Anonymous 31438

interesting analysis thank you! now im more curious about both movies

Anonymous 31439


Glad I did. Nona. if you go into the movie with an open mind, you'll always enjoy it. Or just watch it online I guess (based)

Anonymous 31440


>this thread

Anonymous 31441



you're god damn right it is

Anonymous 31442

why everytime something girly is posted on this site, a group of absolutely on edge users accuse it of being troonerism? what causes this seething? im genuinely interested in why

Anonymous 31443

because there is a case to be made that half of femininity is designed to appeal to moids

Anonymous 31444

when i go to see barbie i'm not thinking "the moids are gonna love this". i'm thinking i'm gonna love this movie because i like the aesthetic, i grew up with the doll and it feels nostalgic to me, and the fact its inspired by the matrix and lain that are other media i enjoyed. no one is saying "wear make up gals!!" here, yet people absolutely lose their shit anyways. im glad i can relax and just enjoy stuff sometimes honestly, this witchunt is exhausting

Anonymous 31445

samefag but its even more ridiculous when it becomes clear (by mods not removing the threads or posts, and by what the poster says too) that its not a tranny but just another woman user. first tranny is used to bash, and when it's clear it's not a troon, libfem or any variation is used to undermine anyways. i thought the problem were males pretending to be women, not women enjoying whatever, but its obvious some people on cc just feel offended over it no matter from who it comes from. policing women for enjoying something harmless feels like the opposite of feminism to me

Anonymous 31446

A huge part of radical feminism literally revolves around "policing women for enjoying" (advising women against) degrading and infantilizing forms of femininity which Barbie represents/has represented historically. If you think femininity is or can be "empowering" or isn't oppressive you're just a libfem.

Anonymous 31447

liking barbie doesn't make me a libfem, since i disagree with liberal feminism for the most part anyways. it might not make me a radfem, but i dont care because even if i agree with a lot of it, i prefer having my own ideas rather than adhering to one movement completely.
ive always defended women's right to be gender nonconforming when in antitroon threads tradwifes/scrotes in disguise put them down and equal them to guess what, trannies.
personally i believe this shows there is just no winning when it comes to self expression when you're a woman, so i just enjoy whatever i enjoy, and this freedom feels much nicer than blocking myself from wearing pink because it means i'm pro-scrote or whatever (which im not because i fucking hate men)

Anonymous 31448


Everyone has their own ideas, but there's not a radfem on earth who will say femininity is feminist in any way (as it's literally designed to objectify women for the visual sexual pleasure of men picrel), that is a libfem take.

Anonymous 31449

imo it is a known fact that some troons post on here and get away with it by not being obnoxiously male. Many of them are obsessed with femininity in a way most women are not. So when I see really over-the-top feminine posting + hostile twitter speak I assume it is a transgender because that is how they talk and act lol.

Barbie was based on a german adult doll meant to sexualize and degrade women. The barbie doll was used to groom younger girls into accepting hurtful and misogynistic beauty practices. I dislike barbie the doll because she is a depiction of the feminine mask that women are forced to wear. I do not see the doll as empowering especially when that image was used to humiliate women for decades.

That said, I am planning on watching the movie. The director is a woman and I have heard that this movie will be a commentary/critique on the whole barbie concept. I am interested on seeing what other women think about barbie since my own personal experience could bias me.

How does enjoying a tool of female oppression make you a feminist?

Anonymous 31450

please tell me where you found that image, reverse image search does nothing

Anonymous 31451

NTA but im pretty sure it is Woman Hating by Andrea Dworkin.
It's pretty good until the last chapter lol

Anonymous 31452

photo_2023-07-19 0…

thank you nona. have a horned frog

Anonymous 31453

Wait, there's sex scenes in Oppenheimer? Does he fuck the bomb or what

Anonymous 31454

i didnt say i was a feminist, as i said in the post, i dont relly adhere to a specific school of thought, as i dont like being limited by them. i also think it's a very reductive and dismissive question given how nuanced the topic is. counterarguing with one of the actual points i made would have been more beneficial to the discussion.

anyways watched barbie and loved it

Anonymous 31455

i wasn't the first one either, his ex is a precious person, but the thing is that she had switched accounts at that time and he convinced me that if i msg her, she'll be mad at him for leaking private messages
didn't matter that my and his ex's mutual friends were chatting w/ her on the new acc
she didn't warn me directly bc she thought that he had changed, she lowkey tried tho, but i missed it

Anonymous 31456

I hate both of these movies so much. I am working at a movie theatre over the summer before going off to college and I cannot stand the amount of people showing up for both of them. It's always the mom's in pink watching Barbie with their 5 year old who scream at me for not having their food out in 5 minutes. I was actually somewhat wanting to see openhiemer but after delivering food throughout the whole movie I have been spoiled on everything. Both movies have the worst audiences and make my life miserable.

Anonymous 31463

I heard Opp is more popular in blue states and that Barbie is more popular in red states. Very interesting.

Anonymous 31466

Movie theaters make the workers wait on people like it's a restaurant? Is this a new thing or a you thing

Anonymous 31467

"Dine-in theater" is what they are called IIRC. They're uncommon enough that I didn't know about them until my movie-enthusiast friends told me.

Anonymous 31468

Barbie and Oppenheimer are both trash. The real enlightened movie only women will understand is The Loved Ones.

Anonymous 31469

My Barbenheimer experience was dead silent. The Oppenheimer theater was crowded but nobody talked, while nobody was there for Barbie because it was so late at night.

Anonymous 31472

Isn't there a literal tranny barbie in this movie though?

Anonymous 31473


Cinema is a dead art form and I don't plan on watching either of these.

Anonymous 31474

are there any live art forms these days?
i hate to be a snob but it seems like mass media has become too consumerist and the only good content is indie stuff or older 'canon' stuff like film, literature, or whatever.
barbie isn't film but its fun and simple fun media deserves a seat at the table.

Anonymous 31475

Yes kek. This is a tranny thread, OP isn't a woman. He's hoping cc women will buy into tranny propaganda feminism because it's heckin empowering and pink and glittery fellow girls

Anonymous 31478

are you still going on about this?

Anonymous 31479

It was a fun movie and I had a good time. I also enjoyed the soundtrack. I do find it frustrating that Ken ends up sorta taking the spotlight away from Barbie at some moments.

Anonymous 31480

>>you may be disappointed by the moral of Barbie being that a world dominated by women is no better than a world dominated by men.

How exactly does it feed us this message ?

Anonymous 31482

it's funny how you obviously know at this point that the replies are in fact by women, or through suspicious post history because trust me troons are extremely clockable by them, mods would already have deleted them by now.
so this takes us back to the fact that you just want to put other women down because they don't have the same views on feminism as you, or so you think.
personally i'm glad my feminism doesn't consist in calling every woman that disagrees with me a tranny, whatever branch it might be.

Anonymous 31484

a woman is an adult female with a vagina. by saying "women don't think like this" you are literally spewing a tranny talking point. at least try to understand the views you're trying to larp as having.

Anonymous 31485

so according to this thread, the only possible reasons a woman might enjoy a movie with a pink aesthetic, are because:
1) she's pandering to men (thus women have no agency, and everything they do is to appeal to men)
2) it's not a woman but it's a troon
this is so narrow minded and actually so hilariously anti-feminist it's surprising someone would actually believe this.
i genuinely liked the barbie movie, and by actually watching it one would realize it not only criticizes the concept of barbie itself as well, but it has a shit ton of misandric jokes, so much that a bunch of scrotes in my theater walked out of it complaining loudly.
but i guess it's easier to call everyone a tranny and reject everything that isn't tomboy friendly (which the barbie movie in fact is) at face value.

Anonymous 31486

> barbie movie dismantles patriarchy
yawn. not even against the barbie movie but you are so obviously not a woman that actually goes on here.

Anonymous 31487

you bring up so many good points i dont even know how to answer

Anonymous 31488

i don't care. other radfem arguments on this board are infinitely more compelling than some random barbie movie narrative. because you're larping without having lurked enough

Anonymous 31489

>you are troon
>you are troon because… you like barbie movie
>women don't think like you do refuses to elaborate
>you dont go on this site is on this site
>i dont care to elaborate
because you cant dumbass.
please make one logical, thought out argument. expand on why you think the way you do. just once. im just not having fun here

Anonymous 31490

> it not only criticizes the concept of barbie itself as well, but it has a shit ton of misandric jokes, so much that a bunch of scrotes in my theater walked out of it complaining loudly.
is it really that surprising for men that many radfems want to be taken seriously? even when they partake in low blows it's at least somewhat tasteful

Anonymous 31491

NTA but on the off chance that you are actually female:
The "traditional" 1950s femininity that barbie represents has been and continues to oppress and demean women to this day. Libfems find wearing femininity "empowering" because playing into the oppressive system gets them good girl points from men. You are more likely to get hired and promoted if you wear makeup and other feminine-coded accessories, for example. This is not mentioning other every-day benefits you receive by acting and appearing feminine vs the disadvantages of not playing the game. Femininity is like a golden pink frilly handcuff that is expected to be worn by women. Literally look into Barbie's history, it may change your mind.

I haven't seen the movie, but I do hope it critiques the whole barbie concept instead of claiming femininity is somehow good for us now despite it being used as a tool of oppression for millennia.

Anonymous 31492


there's literally a fucking tranny barbie in this shit movie. why would you support it ever

Anonymous 31493

Just watched it yesterday, it was good, but I can't help getting pulled out of a movie everytime they go "capitalism bad" or something like that and then have a 5 minute chase scene with Chevy trucks front and center. The last third of the film felt a bit contrived and the monologue were the director basically speaks to you also pulled me out a bit. For a moment I thought the movie was set in the early 2000s or something. And for some bizarre reason they give Will Farrel or whatever he is called too much screen time.

I haven't paid much attention to cast, but I noticed when he came on screen.

Anonymous 31502

>Hoping to get an interesting discussion about the movie here
>It immediately degraded into troon calling

Anonymous 31506

idc about the infighting the moids upset at my theater made it worth it

Anonymous 31527

Have you seen Ben Shapiro's reaction to the movie? It's very funny.

Anonymous 31544


I lied, I did end up watching it.
It was too culture-wary and the 4th wall breaks were annoying. Plus the scene where they make fun of the Kens' insipidity felt lifted straight out of the monologue from Gone Girl.
Wasn't good. Still definitely not watching Oppenheimer. Biopics are garbage, especially political ones.

Anonymous 31600


scrotes are absolutely losing their minds over barbie btw and im loving every second of it. i love seeing men angry, sad and outraged. i hate men a lot

margot is a sweetheart. she's talented and an elegant, wise woman. good performance

Anonymous 31616

I just saw it and had a realisation that the "impossible to be a woman" speech isn't describing a woman, it's describing an over-socialised creative living in LA. It's just massive projection by the writer with 2014 Feminist 101 messages slapped over top.

Anonymous 31618

I watched it yesterday and wasn't aware of this until I heard about it afterwards. It is a bit annoying but it doesn't have a lot of impact on the movie, they get a few seconds of screen time in a situation where you don't have any reason to focus on them.

Anonymous 31622

If they've only left the more metaphorical sex scenes like when he's explaining his infidelity in front of his wife and she imagines them having sex right then and there. Or when he and his lover are just naked talking to each other it would've been pretty tasteful and artistic. But they just HAD to do the lame cut-to-sex thing they always do in movies

Anonymous 31623

yeah I loved it. I just saw both in theater yesterday and I really liked Oppenheimer, it was depressing and beautiful. I love history and it filled me in on something I didn't know about.

barbie was just silly, it wasn't bad and I laughed a lot which was nice. No hate, I just liked the other movie more for brain food, but barbie was fun. There is a place for both in media.

Anonymous 31624

>i prefer having my own ideas rather than adhering to one movement completely.

Oppenheimer said this like five times in the movie, I know you're talking about barbie but I just wanted to say I think the moives go good together. Oppen first for the depression and then barbie after for a fun dessert

Anonymous 31625

pink belongs to women, fag. go back to whatever website you're from.

Anonymous 31738

The absolute bullshit I was made to read in this thread hurt my eyes. The meaning of femininity is literally traits of the majority of women. You are misogynist connoting femininity with something negative. If you hate being a woman so much, that’s a you problem and makes you sound the most like a tranny here but for god’s sake let women be themselves and enjoy the things they like.

Anonymous 31929


Ok so I just watched the movie and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Even from a feminist perspective, the movie did a good job of critiquing the doll and the harm it has caused for women while also balancing that with ways it has shaped women in a positive way. Its nothing breathtaking from a feminist perspective, but it's the first time this kind of take made it to a mainstream audience. The movie is like a normie primer to actual feminism. I think the satire flew over most people's heads. Especially the part at the end where barbie becomes a woman instead of just being a doll (humanizing her) and most people just saw it as a funny quirk. From an artistic perspective I can also really appreciate all the effort that went into the backgrounds and costumes. This movie is really fantastic and not at all what the troons itt are making it out to be.
you are a tranny that thinks being a woman means being stereotypically feminine. I like being a woman. I don't like being forced into a stereotype and mockery of myself just because I have a vagina.

Anonymous 31930

Where are the first seven?

Anonymous 31931

no clue. i found this when i was lurking the terf threads on lolcow but idk where it comes from

Anonymous 31944

No offence but nobody really cares what movie you watch OP. It's kinda funny but pathetic that it's somehow become a political stance to choose which billion dollar movie you wanna spend money on. If you wanna do the most 'feminist' action then don't support an industry which has rapists and pedophiles swarming around 24/7. These people aren't your friends. They're just marketing it to feminists so you can give them more money, that's it. Looks like a shit movie anyway, plus there's a disgusting tranny in it, 'feminist' my ass

Anonymous 31946

I think hyperfemininity is libfem cringe and a psyop against women but oppenscrote was really scrotey and barbie was objectively better

Anonymous 31964

Hard agree on that front. When they realized that women were growing tired of being objectified by men, evil men in suits decided to manipulate young women into objectifying themselves under the guise of “feminism” because nobody profits from you, as a woman, if you value yourself and are comfortable with your appearance. There is an inconceivable amount of profit that can be made from you if you from prostitute yourself and spend thousands on changing your appearance because you hate the way you look.

Besides the Barbie movie being obvious 4th wave social media “activist” propaganda, viewing it as a piece of art rather than a political statement, it was a poorly written piece of inane garbage made to be palatable to the brain-fried, social media obsessed masses. The sporadic spouting of existentialist jargon made it so that the film completely lacked subtlety. Isn’t the philosophical message supposed to be encoded within the subtext in order for the audience to ponder these questions for themselves?

The depressing answer is that subtlety cannot exist in art anymore because the average consumer is too stupid to catch on, so it HAS to be spelled out. In that aspect, the Barbie movie left me feeling quite depressed about where we are as a society.

TL;DR: the Barbie movie was disheartening and a bit scary because of how accurately it captured the cultural zeitgeist of our time.

Anonymous 31980

Honestly surprised the movie generated so much male hate when the "strong feminist message" was so surface level? That was the kind of feminism preteens believe in after they watch too many libfem trashtoks. Guess I underestimated moids.
(Not to mention the amount of moids thinking they're literally Ken and go through the same oppression under feminism)

Anonymous 31982

*Guess I overestimated moids

Anonymous 31983


I'm not watching any Pedowood trash, doesn't matter what it's about. I wish there was more anime in cinemas.

Anonymous 31987


Watching it right now due to this thread.
Will report back.

Anonymous 31988

Ok, so I love the opening with the cool props and how artificial and plastic-y everything is. I appreciate films that fully dedicate themselves to their theme, reminds me a lot of how Lego movie fully utilized its tie in. It's like an extended version of the Aqua music video and I wish the movie spent more time in it. I know California was included to give a contrast to the colorful world, but still.
Agree that the writing is way too on the nose for my taste, it basically says its thesis statement for the audience at the beginning, but then keeps repeating it the entire time. Might be a fun on to script doctor for since the feminism angle is the clear message to do with a Barbie movie but this film handled it clunkily.
It's unfunny and a bit crass. I wish it was a family movie since the worst bits are full-on sex jokes that I don't think have place in a movie based on a toy for kids. My little sister actually loves the dolls and we were planning to see it as a family but when the rating was announced we gave that up.
I also think its other form of self-deprecating humor is unfortunate, it follows that trait of being way too self aware about its brand and reputation, going so far as to cast Mattel as the villain but it's hard to give that any bite when Mattel's logo flashes in the opening. I also think most of the self-critique is pretty shallow, I wish Barbie wasn't constantly being put down for her hyper femineity because I think it'd be a more well rounded film is she expanded her definition of what in means to be a woman. I like the message that a doll doesn't fix sexism, but maybe Barbie could have also shown that she normalizes things, but realizes that she can't fix it herself and needs doers as well.
The movie tries a lot of different angles like the mother-daughter relationship and the whole Ken thing, but it makes the movie a bit unfocused. I would have again removed most of the real world and made the movie more allegoric and found an in-Barbieland reason to have Ken and Barbie fight.

The two leads are charismatic both Barbie and Ken nail the campy atmosphere the film lends itself to.

6/10 I have more thoughts, but this post is long enough.

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