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Anonymous 31640


Anonymous 31641

Let's all give thanks to that nintendo employee's wife for wanting Link to be hot.

Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles should be given the same attention too.

Anonymous 31642

I don't know if I'm allowed to say this outside the nsfw board, but I wish No. 57's numbers were as high as No. 61 and No. 03's numbers in the image website named after a rule on the internet. What's stopping artists from drawing him?

Anonymous 31643

Is this really true? A little backstory please?!

Anonymous 31644

Anonymous 31645

Looks like the post I replied to got deleted. Could we move to /img/ to post handsome videogame heroes like Link?

Anonymous 31646

I would like a Zelda X Link thread somewhere on this site.

Anonymous 31647

There is a couples thread here >>>/media/5287

Anonymous 31648

Seconding this.

Anonymous 31649

I need to play zelda games one day. My only contact with Zelda universe is cutesy Zelda x Link animations.

Anonymous 31650

Try A Link to the Past on an emulator. It's really easy but also really fun, not to mention free.

Anonymous 31651

Check out the "lore" for the newest game then. It hints at the fact they're in a relationship at links old house in hateno village.

Anonymous 31652

thank god the mellenial extermination is beginning soon or id kill myself

Anonymous 31653


All I thought was "wtf she stole his house".

Anonymous 31654


Anonymous 31655

If you look there's a ton of hints that he isn't just sleeping on the floor somewhere.
I don't want to spoil all of it, but there are hints like the painting you get if you played both dlc still being there, or the fact that "zeldas" bed is the same model used in houses with couples.
Plus far more.
I thought it to be more of a romantic cottage getaway while the castle gets refurbished.

Anonymous 31656

Meant botw

Anonymous 31657

Took nintendo a while to make that official. Zelda x Link shippers no longer on suicide watch.

Anonymous 31658


If they really wanted me to care about Breath/Tears Zelda/Link they should have just let her be a companion like the sages or something. Once again it's just more games where she's absent 99% of the time and I simply don't like that. Toon Zelda supremacy.

Anonymous 31659

They had a fantastic opportunity to do that in tears, and honestly still do if nintendo decides to to a big dlc. It would just be a lot of work.
Since Zelda is stuck in the past, we could totally get a glimpse of ancient hyrule by getting to explore as her. Just port the topside map again with changes. People would love it.
The biggest problem would be giving her a unique moveset. I think it would be a huge injustice to make her just an alternate skin of link, to both of them.

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