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Project Moon Anonymous 31758

Does anybody here enjoy project moon's games? I think they are really fun and the characters are great but I feel like discussion about them has been overtaken by the recent drama and a lot of my favorite artists are not making art for the games anymore.

Anonymous 31766


I'm actually trying to get into their stuff so I'm glad there is a thread!
I prefer games as a complete package so I was wondering if entires like Limbus Company are full games or more Gacha-like with events being the main feature?
Cool character designs regardless, love all the fan art I've seen of it

Anonymous 31942


Limbus Company is a gacha. Events and chapters are the main thing. Also, none of the events are missable since they are technically part of the story. For the full games, you should try Lobcorp or Library of Ruina. I hope you can get into them as I absolutely love them myself. I love everything they have made with the setting.

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