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Imma beat every Pokemon game with only pikachu Anonymous 31965

I'm starting with Pokemon Fire Red and ending with Pokemon Black 2

Anonymous 31967


Sounds tricky, I assume you're running evolite? Good luck!

Anonymous 31968


I would be interested to hear some of your thoughts on which parts are most difficult and any strategies you try, been getting back into Pokemon stuff recently myself. Are you going to do stuff like hunting for an optimal nature or trying gimmicky sets, or is it more of a grind and overpower kinda thing?

Anonymous 31969

How to beat Brock
>Grind till level 20 to learn Slam
>Use Tail Whip and Growl to lower attack and defense by six stages
>Hope for critical hits

All other gyms should be easy. Have Pikachu learn Dig, Thunder Bolt and Brick Break. That should be enough type coverage for most battles. Use Double Team to avoid most damage.

Anonymous 31971


Not OP, but wont Pikachu disoby if you grind too fast early on?

Anonymous 31972

Only if it's a traded Pokemon.

Anonymous 31975

Now you're thinking like a BIG Ash Ketchup

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