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Horror Movies Anonymous 32002

What's your favorite scary movie? Any obscure gems you'd like to recommend? Anything you hate or think is overrated?

Anonymous 32003


Definitely ginger snaps. It's not scary but I love the set, costumes, and the two main characters (familial) relationship.

Anonymous 32008


John Carpenter's Thing and Tobe Hooper's Poltergeist are my two absolute favorites.

Some wild card options I usually rec to people are Drag Me to Hell and Chopping Mall, both are rated low on score aggregate sites but are a super fun time. Drag Me to Hell is by Sam Raimi and has that clear Evil Dead trilogy vibe. It's fun and does exactly what it sets out to do, great movie and incredibly underrated. Chopping Mall on the other hand is not a good movie, but it is charmingly self-aware and has a fun goofy premise, the special effects aren't that bad either.

Anonymous 32009

>similar to evil dead
oooo I just started watching that franchise for the first time, might have to check that out. Also, does anyone have any asian horror recommendations? I watched dark water recently(the original) and it was so good.

Anonymous 32010

House (1977) if you don't mind comedy horror, absolutely wild film.

Anonymous 32011


Meant to include a poster.

Anonymous 32035

I recommend Dario Argento's movies

Anonymous 32120


Doctor Sleep

Anonymous 32134

I wonder what other s think of Dario Argento, I like his movies a lot, the lighting, the music, the cheesy acting and plot.
I know people who really dislike his moves especially Opera and Deep Red.

Anonymous 32135

Heard his Suspiria remake is good though I haven't seen it yet

Anonymous 32148

Where's the miner character from?

Anonymous 32149


My Bloody Valentine, never seen it but main Cillian had a lot of Japanese fan art.

Anonymous 32150

Cillian? Dumb autocorrect, you know what mean.

Anonymous 32160

Texas Chainsaw massacre is the best movie ever

Anonymous 32222


I love Return of the Living Dead. The punk aesthetic, the chaotic energy of it all and the creepiest most dread inducing zombie virus ever. There's only one scene that I can't watch and nonas that have seen it would know which one I mean.

Anonymous 32226


Just watched this and hated it, it would be awesome as a 20 minute (or less) short film, but instead is dragged to an hour and forty minute slog.
Premise reminds me of House of Leaves and it has good atmosphere but it meanders.

Anonymous 32236

Not sure what even happened in the film. It was mostly still shots of dark corridors and rooms.

Anonymous 32241


Anonymous 32243

Yeah I have no clue, the kids parents go missing and they're trapped in a house with a monster who can reshape reality to keep them trapped. Early in the film there was a line from the father stating that Kevin feel down the stairs and hit his head so for the longest time I thought it was going to be revealed that the father was experimenting on his children with some bizarre shifting house technology, but the film ended in such an ambiguous way I don't think there was any actual explanation in film.
OG trilogy is fantastic Dawn is my favorite.

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