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Anonymous 32028


Anonymous 32029

I do not care for the franchise but I'm glad Scott managed to find success and support his family

Anonymous 32030

download (3).jpeg

Fnaf autist here and i am very hyped for this, i do have a few criticisms from the trailer alone though, i wish it was more accurate to the canon story of the games, also William looks way different from how he canonically looks i wish he had more of a silver eyes look because the actor would fit it perfectly but sadly they changed him completely which bummed me out, but all of that aside, it doesn't matter much because we have been waiting years just for this movie to come out so it's better than nothing.

Anonymous 32031

>William looks way different from how he canonically looks
He canonically looks like a purple sprite.

Anonymous 32033

Wish the animatronics were practically done, since if there is any property to not care about the uncanniness of practical puppets it would be this one.
Other than that I didn't follow FNAF after 4 so I don't have any attachment to Afton as an actual character. Because of this I'm not too stringy on the lore and am just hoping for the fun dark Chucky Cheese atmosphere.

Anonymous 32034

>Wish the animatronics were practically done
Well, then you are going to LOVE this movie because they are real.

Anonymous 32036

Kek yeah of course but it's just meant to represent him and not the actual way he looks, he never had an actual face until the books came out, the book is his canon look for now until something in-game comes out.

Anonymous 32037

Woah are you serious??? To be honest I've been avoiding trailers since I hate spoilers, posters don't look it.

Absolute hype then.

Anonymous 32039

>the book is his canon look
The book doesn't have his look because it's TEXT. The comic that you are referring to can hardly be considered canon.

Anonymous 32052


The book and the comic are the same (and the fanarts of how he looks in both are hot which makes it canon)

Anonymous 32054

I hope they introduce Golden Freddy like an MCU cameo character
>there was… a fifth animatronic
>camera pans from Golden Freddy’s back over his right shoulder
>lens flare and violin music

Anonymous 32056

Considering that it's directed by a female, do you think we'll get some fanservice?

Anonymous 32060

I hope we get some of Michael.

Anonymous 32076

I imagine that's the creator? I heard he was a failing game dev and then found success converting his kiddy games into horror. I'm glad he did. Being creative is a constant struggle and it's always good hearing of indie devs making it big.

Anonymous 32077

I like his story too. He made a game that was negatively reviewed by Jim Sterling, who mocked how the characters look like creepy animatronic animals, and his lack of success caused him to fall into depression. But then he turned it around and decided to go all in on the uncanny look and make a horror game, and Sterling is a laughingstock troon nowadays.

Anonymous 32078

It's so funny that Sterling thinks he is responsible for FNAF, when in reality Scott is billions of times more talented than he could even dream of being.

Anonymous 32125

I'm going to have to deduct a point if there is not one single shot of Freddy's butt.

Anonymous 32509

mike is hot and id fuck him up

no further commentary ig

Anonymous 32513

Sorry, he is only for Vanessa.

Anonymous 32520

The plot felt kinda sloppy. The animatronics end up killing multiple people. Yet that whole plotline is completely ignored and forgotten with zero impact on the overall story. Also William's motivation for trying to kill Mike is kinda dumb. I liked Matpats cameo so that automatically makes it a 10/10.

Anonymous 32551

homegirl is in a coma, she can have her turn when im done with him

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