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What's your least favorite Pokemon? Anonymous 32091

For me it's Avulugg
>Generic name
>Boring design
>Boring mono type
>Looks like a coffee table
Nobody even remembers it from Gen 6

Anonymous 32092

3x3 Pokemon.png

I remember Avulugg because he comes up in discussions of forgotten Pokemon. I will say he screams Gen 5 design so I always forget he's Gen 6
Here's an old chart of mine.

Vaporeon is my favorite overall, but I love bug and poison types most. Never been much for competitive Pokemon I always just choose ones I think look cool and cute.

Anonymous 32093

Least Favorites.jp…

Wait, I'm retarded. Didn't see the least, let me see…

Yep got a worst of chart too and nice Avulugg is on it.

Anonymous 32094

I think Druddigon is worse than Haxorus

Anonymous 32095


Anonymous 32096

Prefer him to Beautifly for Hoenn. Moths are cool and the purple and green are nice.

Though it is weak design-wise when compared to other regional bugs.

Anonymous 32097


Any monkey pokemon except the Aipom line. I'm scared of monkeys (specially gorillas), so they all look gross to me. Why did they even made so many of them anyways, when there are tons of other animal species that haven't been made into a pokemon yet?

Anonymous 32099


I like the Gen 5 monkeys, Aipom and Infernape. All the other monkey pokemon look kinda ugly.

Anonymous 32100


Anonymous 32101


Simipour is awesome not so much into Sage or Sear.

Aipom is peak Pokemon monkey they perfected it the first time.

Anonymous 32110


If it released in a 2D gen I might have liked it, but the way the model jiggles just makes me hate it.

Anonymous 32126


Pelipper. I remember being a kid playing Emerald and being so disappointed when my cute little Wingull evolved into this hideous beast.

Anonymous 32136

RIP, agree he's ugly though the eyes always fascinated me.

Anonymous 32145

Aw, I'm kind of attached to Peliper because thet Pokemon Mystery Dugneon Blue was my first Pokemon game. But yeah, Wingull is cuter than it.

Anonymous 32898


Hypno and Drowzee are ugly and predatory looking. One of the dex entries states that a Hypno took a child away by hypnotizing them and worse of all, coomers make hypnosis mind controlling fetish art with the Pokegirls.

Anonymous 33016


Pokemon really fell on gen 8 with these beta-looking Pokemon designs or designs that don't look like Pokemon at all

Anonymous 33017


And of course gen 9 is hitting the nail on the coffin with these ugly designs. I'm afraid of what the future of gen 10 would look like

Anonymous 33019

I like that design, but it doesn't look like a Pokemon to me. Actually feels like it could be the protagonist of some children's anime like Kaiketsu Zorori.

Anonymous 33034


the literal keychain. so boring. latest gens really do have the worst designs.

Anonymous 33755


Gengar,it's face is so punchable and it's just a boring design IDC how iconic it is ,it's just a round cat thing not really a ghost.

Anonymous 33760

Literally I think I was talking about this the same time u posted yesterday we should be homies bc haunter is way better

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