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Anonymous 3212

In video games, do you prefer to play as a boy or a girl?
I usually play as a dude, because if I make a character that's somewhat like me, I end up self inserting and making boring decisions in game.

Anonymous 3213


i actually choose the girl option because i like self-inserting, esp. for rpgs.

that being said, im now realizing how boring my ingame choices end up being bc of it

Anonymous 3214

Depends. If the boy is hot then I'll choose the boy.

Anonymous 3215

I do the same thing.

Anonymous 3216

I prefer being a pretty girl in games.

Anonymous 3217

If the gender of the character doesn't affect the game at all, I'll play as whoever looks better with a bias towards male usually. If it's a game that has a romance system like FE I'll play as the girl for self-inserting purposes.

Anonymous 3228

For me it depends on the game. Sometimes I make sort of self-inserts, for example a woman of some fantasy, green or purple or whatever-skinned race but she has brown eyes and hair like me and she makes all the choices I would make.
But lately I've found I prefer playing big strong men with those huge zweihanders, somehow a woman swinging around a huge sword just isn't as cool to me. Also I always spend a lot of time making my characters super handsome so I can rotate my camera and bask in their beauty.

Anonymous 3235

I typically play as the girl and then if there is some stuff you can only experience by playing as a guy (like dating the girls in fe lol) then I might do another play through as a male.

Anonymous 3236

Maybe I don't like myself, and that's why I don't like self inserting. Just always seems funner to play a character that's different from me then I make up a backstory for him and base his decisions in the game on that.
True. I usually choose girl for pokemon, and fe because then it's like I'm dating, but games from the soul series I play the opposite sex because it's fun to be this gnarly person I'm not.
>making my characters super handsome so I can rotate my camera and bask in their beauty
lol I'm guilty of this. even more pathetic is it makes me feel like I'm hanging out with this attractive person when I play the game
I do this, too, regardless of whatever sex I choose first. It's interesting how the creators will fit the dialog.

Anonymous 3237

Usually as a girl

Anonymous 3238

I play as a girl if there's an option

Anonymous 3239

Girl always

Anonymous 3242

Mostly I play as a man. If there is a romance option i like i will choose a woman It is never me I create though

Everyone I choose is very prettywell for me at least and not a human, if I can choose that.

Anonymous 3249

I always play as a girl first. When I feel like replaying a game, I choose boy.

Anonymous 3250

what do you mean by boring game choices?

I play as either a boy or girl, depending on how I feel or depending if it affects the game

Anonymous 3251

>what do you mean by boring game choices?
Avoid killing npcs, choose the morally good end vs bad, if it's a combat style game I'll play really defensively and hide behind a shield instead of going banzai kamikaze, etc. And if it's a game with romantic elements, if I use my own name for the mc, I end up choosing a route where no dating happens. That's what I ended up doing in persona 3.

Anonymous 3255

>if I use my own name for the mc, I end up choosing a route where no dating happens.
I did that in Dragon Age Origins I thought it would be super weird if I played the romance but then Alistair said he liked me and I rejected him but then I felt so bad for him and reloaded and played the romance, and fell in love with him and I still haven't finished the game because I know that either him or my character is going to die. So now they are living their happy life in my never to be played again game forever.

Anonymous 3259

screenshot 10.png

am I the only one who thinks in most pokemon games the boy's hair looks weird?

Anonymous 3260


It's usually a hat.

Anonymous 3261

depends on the game.
if there aren't any love interests i usually play a girl bc why not, that's what i am.
but if cute male lis exist ( & they aren't straight ) i go as a dude and seduce them because of fujoness.
or if cute chicks exist i just play as a female & seduce them instead.

Anonymous 3262

If I can, I always super self insert in a game, and that means playing as a girl. I don't really get roleplaying, at least for first walkthroughs, and the maximum fun I can have in a game is living a semi isekai situation. It's actually kind of embarassing to see people creating intricate backstories for their OCs while I just… didn't even think of playing as anyone but myself

Anonymous 3268

screenshot 11.png


Anonymous 3269


Even if his hat looks stupid, he'll always be my favorite protagonist because I loved the manga

Anonymous 3270

??? It's a sideburn?

Anonymous 3271

I think she’s freaking out after realizing that the white stuff on Brendan’s Head was never actually his real hair

Anonymous 3273


Yeah his hair is brown, this is how he looks in the AROS contests

Anonymous 3290

Depends on the game but I prefer to play as a woman. This doesn't stop me from playing games where the protagonist is a guy but if I have the option I play as a woman. I can relate to women better than to men.

Anonymous 3450

red poses.jpg

I play as a dude unless they look shitty/boring (like half the pokemon MCs), there's a girl/girl romance option, or the girl is exceptionally hot/cute. And PSO gets a special exemption because as one person put it, "make your 90s Xenon Rave girl with lightsabers".

But I dunno, dudes are just cool. Not that you had an option in that game but look at this punk, cool as fuck. I wanna be reborn as a pretty boy and kms at age 55. It takes a stronger girl than me to achieve that level of pure coolness.

Anonymous 3462


This thread reminded me of how many fucking hours I spent with this

Anonymous 3464

Red > Ash
why the fuck did the anime make him such a horrible person

Anonymous 3486

normally i only play as a girl if im going to rp.

Anonymous 3498


If there is a girl option it's what i will pick without a doubt. I like to be able to relate to my character.

I sometimes use male characters in rpgs when i'm doing a third or so run to explore other options.

Anonymous 3506

I don't want to play as a guy, it's boring. I relate better to female characters as long as they're not cardboard cutouts without a personality or a diversity insert.

Anonymous 3515

Boy in MMOs and stuff so I can actually play the game and talk to people instead of being harassed by thirsty autists

Girl otherwise

Anonymous 3534

It doesn't matter to me a lot.
If it's a game with romance elements, I'll play as a girl. If the male character has better character design, I'll choose him. I just want to play as someone cool or elegant.

Anonymous 20721

Boy for adventure games
Girl for rpg (like Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing)

Anonymous 20725

In games with heavy character customization I like to have a save file for both. Otherwise female unless the male design is significantly more interesting

Anonymous 20727

Always a girl when possible because 95% of guy options are boring/bland or some macho wank fantasy (like Kratos). The only exceptions are RPG games like Digimon or Rune Factory, where the male options are cute and I can't resist dating the cute girls.

Anonymous 20728

I remember playing Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility with a lesbian friend. She started her file as a boy to date the girls, then was introduced to a character who looked EXACTLY like her girlfriend… And it was one of the guys.

Anonymous 20729

Girl. Fuck them moids

Anonymous 20736

The one I find cuter. Usually girl since both default male designs and male customization tend to be boring as shit.

I have to admit that I've often made boy characters purely to show off to fujos or flirt with girls. It's insane how highly people think of you when they think you're a moid but then they see you actually behaving decently and displaying some level of social awareness and friendliness. Prosocial actions and light teasing behind a female avatar will make you a run-of-the-mill attention whore but when people see you as a moid you get worshiped like you're Jesus

Anonymous 22199

It depends i like choosing the boy bc cute some games however where you get a blank slate character that you customize from scratch i tend to self insert and choose a girl

Anonymous 22200

play as a girl first playthrough and play as a guy if I want to do a second playthrough, so I can spot the subtle differences in dialogue, etc.

Anonymous 22201

Both because I love creating characters.

Anonymous 23034

the games i play don't allow me to choose. thanks atlus.
i loved Persona 2 and P3Portable for having a choice but it's been over 10 years since P3P came out and back then the female protagonist was very poorly received. male audience will do that i guess.

Anonymous 23044

It depends.
When I first played HGSS (emulated), I played as the girl because I was in love with Silver. A couple of years later when I got the game for real, I picked the boy because I was a teen fujo and I read somewhere that there was a scene in the game where Silver forcefully removes your clothes
I'm not consistent when picking my character's sex, it really depends on the situation. However, it is possible that I've been leaning more towards choosing the girl since I stopped being a fujo and became a yumejo.

>Prosocial actions and light teasing behind a female avatar will make you a run-of-the-mill attention whore but when people see you as a moid you get worshiped like you're Jesus
Sad as fuck, but true.

Anonymous 23575


Boy, because of boys rabu mostly.

Anonymous 24334

Generally it's whatever I feel like or think fits best. Sometimes I literally flip a coin, or do the opposite or what I picked last if I can't decide. Also what >>22201 said.

Anonymous 24335

I prefer playing as a female. I'm the self-inserter type but I like to imagine myself as badass in games and what not because I'm cringe I guess. But, femc from persona 3 portable got me into the persona series!

Anonymous 24347

>because I'm cringe I guess
There's nothing "cringe" about imagining yourself as a badass in a fantasy world. That's literally what role-playing games and other kinds of games are for and scrotes do it all the time. Why do women have to be so much more self-conscious and ashamed of having fun? We don't have to be like that, using self-deprecating jokes just because we're afraid of being criticized for being "too confident" is just not right.
OT but I hate that word so fucking much

Anonymous 24355

Both / Depends

It's very difficult to choose in Emerald because I like them both a lot. Brendan is fine as hell but May is in the anime. X/Y is also a difficult choice for the same reason Calem is nice looking.

For the rest I went with woman but if I ever, ever replay Fire Red / Leaf Green or Silver/Gold I'm going to pick Red & Ethan (Gold).

Anonymous 24356

I just call myself cringe for it because people are always talking down on me and other self-inserters for it. It's annoying..

Anonymous 24357

Its because people want those reactions from you. When you don't give them the response they want and get high off your life, whatever activities involved. it becomes more obvious who's the butthurt one. You start to see it plain as day when they live for complaining.

Anonymous 24358

Yeah that's true. I guess I should stop being so ashamed about self inserting then haha. Ty anon, I shall enjoy fantasizing about being a badass in RPGs without shame

Anonymous 24360

A girl if a have a choice since I get to pretend I'm cute, beautiful, or cool looking for awhile (am disappointingly average looking nerdy dork irl). Of course if the game leaves no choice and I have to play as a guy or animal or whatever that's fine too.

Anonymous 24367

What kind of people have you been hanging around with? Who shames you for playing a game and self-inserting as the player character that was designed exactly for that purpose?

Anonymous 24375

I don't hang out with a lot of people, but in this one Discord server I've been in, they'll talk about RPGs and will be like "oh self-inserting is so weird and cringe haha", I don't really respond when they say those things.

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