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The Amazing Digital Circus Anonymous 32329

How do you think of this show?

Anonymous 32350

Very well animated and voice-acted, I just wish the writing had a bit more subtlety to it and things were more ambiguous

Anonymous 32351

We don't watch cartoons here, go back to 4chan.

Anonymous 32352


I think it has an interesting premise but the writing seems a bit obnoxious especially on the chattering teeth guy.
Love the design of MC and the bright and colorful world appeals to me so I'd watch another episode to see where it goes.

Anonymous 32353

Kinda meh. Wish they had a style similar to ENA. Instead it feels like Popee The Performer.

Anonymous 32354


You know I thought Popee when clicked on it, but I think it's only because of the circus theme. Popee is much more slapstick-oriented and feels like Looney Tunes in 3D, this is clearly setting up to be one of those lore-mystery bait style shows.

Both are using 3D to it's advantage though for surrealism.

Anonymous 32362


Anonymous 32363

Too cringe to enjoy

Anonymous 32367

stop being so miserable moid

Anonymous 32374

The animation was really good, especially for a youtube series, it impressed me.
The characters are super expressive and they squash and strech to hell and back, you can see the inspo in classical 2D animation while still taking advantage of the 3D.
Like some other nonas mentioned the writing could use more subtlety, it's a little too on the nose about the characters being trapped and depressed.
Also the rabbit man is really obvious tumblr bait so I can't take him seriously.

Anonymous 32389

The rabbit sucked. It's obviously supposed to be the edgy bastard type of tumblr sexyman, but instead of comming of as a funny jerk he just comes of as an annoying jerk.
Caine also has tumblr sexyman vibes but at least he is occasionally slightly funny.

Anonymous 32391

> but instead of comming of as a funny jerk he just comes of as an annoying jerk.

His thing is that he’s the annoying who thinks he’s funny jerk. Many suhc cases.

>Caine also has tumblr sexyman vibes but at least he is occasionally slightly funny.

Caine is AM but way less edgy and angry. Why go for Caine when you can dream about fixing the real deal?

Anonymous 32408


This show is getting so much art right now it's unreal.
>Caine is AM but way less edgy and angry. Why go for Caine when you can dream about fixing the real deal?

What is this in English? Not familiar with the acronym AM.

Anonymous 32419

I've watched through it twice now, and the more I think about it, the more I realize this is basically just Centaurworld with a different skin.
>Ordinary character (Horse/Pomni) gets transported to crazy lolsorandum magical world (Centaurworld/ADC). The entire first episode is the new character freaking the fuck out over the new world they find themselves in, driving home how much they want to return to their old life and world, and meeting their gang of wacky new companions: There's the overprotective one (Wammawink/Ragatha), the sassy one (Zulius/Jax), the retarded one (Durpleton/Kinger), the bipolar one (Glendale/Gangle), and the one who acts too cool for the rest of the group (Ched/Zooble). Promises of wacky comedy punctuated by grimdark lore.
All it needs now is musical numbers.

Anonymous 32425


>Why go for Caine when you can dream about fixing the real deal?
I go SO fucking feral for this homicidal robot with emotional dysregulation issues, it's unreal. So happy to know I'm not the only one with AM brainrot.

AM (picrel) is the main antagonist of I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream. It used to be an acronym for Allied Mastercomputer, but he changed his name to just AM once he decided to wipe out the human race and torture the five remaining survivors for all eternity as revenge for cursing him with sentience. (The original story explains this much better than I ever could. It's only 11 pages.)

Yeah, I hate the rabbit too. I don't find him sympathetic in the slightest, just annoying. And even if he does develop more of a complex personality later on, it's just going to feel fake to me because he's so obviously forced as the "designated breakout character."

Anonymous 32445

Need to see more episodes to verify if it's good or not.
This pilot was so ambiguous that it really didn't tell you anything about where the show is going. The schizo chess piece is funny though.

Anonymous 32451

a bit generic but i like the aesthetic

Anonymous 32483

>Liking cartoons made by trannies
Scrotes really took over crystal.cafe didn't they

Anonymous 32511


Anonymous 32515


Response here is incredibly mixed right now so I don't know what you're on about. Though regardless I believe in separating the artists and the art.

Anonymous 32517

I gave this a shot after a scrote asked me to try it but I couldn't make it past the first 15 minutes of the pilot. I just can't with all these wacky fast paced dialogues and I don't understand why the jokes are supposed to be funny.

Anonymous 32523

Yeah it keeps getting said but the humor in this pilot blows. My little brother brought this up unprompted last week and he mentioned that he almost shut it off in the first 2 minutes because of how unfunny it was. The premise looks like it could be an interesting take on the "trapped in a video game" genre, but I hope they rework the teeth guys personality in particular.
Not sure what I'd call it, it's not quite lol so random. Too self-aware maybe?

Anonymous 32540

Overproduction, lack of author voice,lack of, excuse me, soul
It's "by numbers" - oh how could we possibly make a merchable thing for (pre)teens, huggy wuggy situation
Character design is nice (amd me thinking that is just according to keikaku)

Anonymous 32584

Just like the other things this studio has produce this is for middle schoolers who find Slenderman and the backrooms scary.

Anonymous 32595

it was shit and tumblr, jax is a huge fucking faggot and the rag doll girl's "relatable" anxiety rant was terrible
reminds me of hazbin hotel in a bad way
pomnis design is cute though and i like the theme song

Anonymous 32612


can't wait for hazbin to come out

Anonymous 32661

Cringe for zoomers

Anonymous 32705


Anonymous 32793



I just dislike how tumblr-ish the writing feels. Jax made me cringe. I liked ragetha and pomni though. The whole thing about pomni wanting to find an exit and forgetting her life before the circus is so interesting. I can't wait to see them expand on it.

The sad thing about zoomer trends is that they come and go so fast. Becoming "cringe" because of how short the average attention spans are now.

Anonymous 32799

This won't become "cringe" anytime soon unless of course the creators get outed as "problematic" obviously"
Fandoms and the drivel they love tends to have staying power.

Anonymous 33039

For a show called The Digital Circus it's weird that only two characters are kinda circus themed (plus the tent but only from the outside). Should be called The Digital Playground or Digital Funhouse or something like that. Or commit to the circus theme, I love circus themed characters and settings

Anonymous 33083

1688204493240-1 (1…

I've got news for you… (it's a tranny)

Anonymous 33735

i hate this character design so much im even saging this thread so i don't have to see it in the catalogue

Anonymous 34517

Second episode dropped. It's better than the first one.

Anonymous 34518

H0nk H0nk.png

Pacing was kinda ass but the whole meta sub plot was kind cool ig, I'm guessing that's how the rest of the series will play out?

Anonymous 34536

try and keep up ma…

Try and keep up, mate.

Anonymous 34541

>drilling fetish
Huh?! What the fuck?

Anonymous 34548

Omg the ultimate crossover of gendie cringe characters from different generations colliding!!!

Anonymous 34549


Anonymous 34550

I don't like any of the characters and the plot was boring so far.

Anonymous 34551

Writing sucks. I like the clown girl though

Anonymous 34569

She's not a clown, she's a jester.

Anonymous 34588

I work with kids and one girl who is definitely nd was obsessed with pomni (not sure on spelling) for a bit and it's all I can think of when I see it. She even had pomni's jester hat, it was very cute.

Anonymous 34591

I work with younger teens and some of them are always drawing characters from this show so I watched the first episode, to me it seems like cocomelon slop but a bit edgier to appeal to a slightly older audience

Anonymous 34593

It’s clearly written for middle schoolers while pretending to be for adults so that they can write what middle schoolers Actually want to see (i.e. cringe edginess)

Anonymous 34603

>cocomelon slop
Lol thats a bit much. The show isn't great but it's clearly got more care put into it than third worlder farm content.

Anonymous 34604

"It's free on youtube" seems to be its main appeal, we're desperate for another rwby to appear

Anonymous 34610

I would have liked the show if it wasn't made by a tranny with multiple gross autistic fetishes.imagine if it was made by a woman instead…

Anonymous 34611


Ragatha is basically just dollar store Raggedy Ann and that makes me so mad.no originality whatsoever in her design.

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