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Overrated Films Anonymous 32355

What are some films you think are overrated? I always thought Back To The Future was a mediocre film. Same goes for Home Alone and Star Wars.

Anonymous 32356


Convinced that hack Roger Ebert is the only reason this movie is repping an 8+ average on IMDB. Painfully boring New Hollywood garbage that is so focused on being transgressive and edgy it forgets to actually say anything meaningful. It's all like "Oh look how pointless these peoples lives are." But doesn't actually comment on what that says about modern living.

Ah too bad I find the first two Back to the Future films funny and charming, never cared for the third but they're childhood favorites. Agree on the other picks though. Home Alone is one I thought was hilarious growing up but now I just want to punch Kevin, the Wet Bandits are cool though. Star Wars has god-tier practical effects which are fun to watch but besides New Hope I do not care about any of them. The series is fun to exam from a meta perspective though and its influence on culture is fascinating.

Anonymous 32357

The original Back To The Future feels kinda weird rewatching. Marty's mom almost being raped, Marty's father stalking and spying on her while she's undressing. Having Marty's mother trying to seduce his future son for slapstick comedy. Yet this somehow was a film kids grew up watching.

Anonymous 32358


That's true, and so are most mid 80s to early 90s movies marketed towards a general audience. Ghostbusters and Hocus Pocus are some timely picks for good, but oddly sexual family movies. In my household R-rated films were fair game for family movie night so I still don't think BttF is that bad especially given the overall light-hearted tone; still understand not wanting to show it to your own future children. Of course as an adult with no kids that's a non-factor and I can just enjoy Michael J. Fox and Christopher Llyod's performances and fun time-travel hijinks.

Here let me drop a modern one, why are Nolanfags so passionate about this film? The intro-level quantum mechanics aren't unique and it's 3 miserably boring hours. It's not his worst film because Tennet exists, but I don't understand the near universal praise when it's nowhere near as ambitious as his early works. Nolan is a major hack and has maybe four good films max under his belt.

Anonymous 32360

I enjoyed Intersteller mostly for the feel and soundtrack surrounding it, I agree it isn't really a great work intrinsically
I think it's the docking scene especially that stands out for most people, that is sheer kino, something about the horror of a disaster happening in space and the adrenaline of trying to survive it

Anonymous 32366

anything with Will Ferrill really

Anonymous 32395


Watched for the first time last night.
I remember a teacher I had in 8th grade saying that "before holocaust movies always threw in little jokes and kept the brutal reality of what was going on to the background. In this movie there's none of that, it's just a direct and honest portrayal of evil" but it didn't feel that serious in its portrayal at all. The Commandant just comes off as a villain from a cartoon at times and Schindler's scenes felt like we were about to watch Liam Neeson break out into a Disney musical number about how many jews he can save. It being in black and white also hurt it. I really don't care what any pseudo-cinophile moid has to say, it was a terrible choice. Outside of that the movie just felt really predictable. It really does just show Speilberg's style doesn't work for any subject more serious than a shark attack.
fucking seconded.

Anonymous 32397


Found it to be kind of boring and dropped.

Anonymous 32398


Everyone praised this film as artsy and sophisticated. I just found it gross and boring.

Anonymous 32399


worst movie of all time.
>the comics are bet– I DON'T CARE THEY PROBABLY SUCK TOO!

Anonymous 32405

The ending of that movie is so goofy

Anonymous 32406


I know with comedies you either get it or you don't, but this one I really, really don't get.
Can't get into this one either, I just don't think Spielberg was the right director for the subject matter even if he felt passionate and personally connected to the victims. Agree the black and white didn't help and almost made it feel like a poor attempt at attempt at seeming deep even if it clearly wasn't the attempt. Holocaust is a hard subject matter to make a film about, I don't know how I would do it and manage a tone that avoids being cloying or a glorification of suffering. I do know Spielberg didn't succeed.

Sorry I love the comics and film, and I'm hyped for the new animated series.

VVitch is his better film to be honest but this one had some nice atmosphere early on. Overrated but I don't hate it.

Agree kind of boring. Book is meh as well.

Anonymous 32591

image (1).jpg

Could never get into this one despite multiple attempts from childhood to now
Also I second Home alone, OP

Anonymous 32598

I liked it when I was a kid, don't like it as much now. It's poorly paced in the second half imo.

Anonymous 32606

All the Star Wars stuff. Even the old ones. It's always been low tier sci-fi.

Anonymous 32721

I am reasonably sure that Jumanji is a Jordan B. Peterson kind of movie for Generation X latchkey boys that only resonates with that specific slice of time.

The synopsis:
A little boy whose well-to-do family doesn't quite make time for him lets him play games with his childhood friend girl.
However, the boy gets too into this game and is stuck living inside this childhood experience in the attic for the next several decades while the girl gets psychologically alienated by it and becomes obsessed with a completely opposite kind of escapism-into-adulthood. Her misrememberance of Alan as having a particularly tragic childhood even leads to a widespread belief that Alan's father molested and murdered him, referencing gen x's childhood culture being filled with wildly incorrect stories of recovered memories which made it seem like there was any sort of degree of equality of childhood abuse and trauma between young girls and young boys.
Alan is forced to come to some degree of understanding that the world changed around him while he was stuck in a perpetual childhood and that he neither understands nor can navigate the adulthood that developed around his childhood home. Elements of his childhood fantasy keep intruding into life, somehow, or made by his mind to seem as though they are intruding. These fantasies serve primarily as obstacles but they are often useful obstacles in forcing Alan to adapt to a dreary reality in familiar terms, such as the real situation of a surrogate son Alan is forced by circumstance to care for being made to regress to a familiar jungle animal to drive home the real helplessness, dependence and power imbalance in that relationship since previously Alan only understood the child as a peer and thought "well I was taking care of myself as a latchkey in the harsh jungles of jumanji at that age why is this thumbsucker so pathetic."

Eventually a harsh dark shadow patriarchal figure who is played by the same actor as Alan's father (yes I didn't see this at first either, Jonathan Hyde is credited as both Van Pelt and Sam Parrish) crosses the boundary from fantasy to reality and it is only at the moment that Alan mans up sufficiently to earn the shadow-father's approval that Alan is able to win the game. Winning the game entails as a reward that Alan is able to advance from childhood into adolescence as a biological teenager instead of persisting as a mixed up child-man who'd probably never be fully employable and who would never have a stable adult relationship since we can all tell neither he nor his psychic con artist childhood girlfriend can be the rock at the foundation of a real romance.

Overall I rate it a JBP/10.

Anonymous 32725

I never like Batman movies. They always felt too overly serious for a superhero movie. Especially when the concept is a rich guy in a bat costume beating up people.

Anonymous 32727

marvel movies. all of them.

Anonymous 32728

I still like the original Spider Man trilogy.

Anonymous 32740

Have you seen Batman (1966)? That one is goofy and fun and better than the Nolan output. The 1989 film also does a good job of blending the campy elements with a Gothic atmosphere and has a good Jack Nicholson performance.

I similarly find the Nolanverse overrated because I find them too self-serious particularly Dark Knight. Heath Ledger is doing a good job, but the character he's playing might as well not be Joker. Same with Bane and Scarecrow, Nolan was so concerned with realism he striped the appealing parts of their comic book counterparts away.

Anonymous 32742

For me it's most Ghibli films. I only liked a few films of theirs. The rest rely too much on pretty visuals, which are nice but can't hold up a film alone for me. Pom Poko is one of their best yet people almost never talk about it.

Anonymous 32743

Rewatching some of Ghibli's films made me realize how paper thin the plots are. Even the majority of the scenes just serve as eye candy. Without really move the plot forward or having any impact on the overall story. They're basically short films with a ton of padding for a feature length runtime. Also you notice how the characters tend to blend together. They have bland and near identical personalities to each other. Like they copy and pasted the character's personality, motivations and backstory for each film.

Anonymous 32752

The lighthouse is what would happen if you asked someone who'd never seen an arthouse film to make an arthouse film.

Anonymous 33093

Screen Shot 2023-1…

Whit Stillman movies. I saw Metropolitan and Last Days at Disco. They were both just 3/5 stars to me, fine to pass the time but forgettable. But for a lot of people these are part of their favorite movies ever, which I just don't understand.

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