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Anonymous 3302

Let's talk about anime -dere types and other moe character archetypes. What are your favorites, least favorites, or ones you personally identify with?

Anonymous 3304

I'll read that picture later & give a more detailed reply but as for now, I enjoy bifaxuen/dandere types. Yandere's can be funny too.
Tsundere's are terribly overdone so I tend to shy away from them. Though some are written well, like Rin Tohsaka, Asuka, etc.

Anonymous 3309

I guess my fave right now is bifauxen since I love all the main Oniisama Ee characters

Anonymous 3311

I don't really like female tsunderes because they tend to be annoyingly loud and violent. Some exceptions such as Kurisu though I really like. I tend to like male tsunderes a lot too since they (usually) are not violent, and since their voices are deeper it isn't as annoying if they yell. Good tsundere are great, I can see why they are so much more prominent than any other archetype on the list.

I like Yandere in concept but most series don't execute them all that well. Yangire are terrible, really the only type on OP list I actively dislike, good thing they don't show up much.

Anonymous 3314


>What are your favorites
Probably Male tsundere if they're written well, Other than that it really is a character by character thing for me.
>Least favorites
I think kuuderes are kinda boring, and imouto characters make me uncomfortable with how they're written a lot of the time.
>or ones you personally identify with?
I guess otaku/dandere

Anonymous 3318


I love aho girls. I will marry them all so they won't have to do math ever again. But I also think I'm most like that type, so we'll need to rely on someone else to do math for us.

I also love frustrated mature Christmas cakes who get drunk in public and cry about why they don't have a husband yet.

Anonymous 3336


Cool Beauties, Bifauxens, and Ijimekkos.

Anonymous 3337


I typically enjoy yandere, sadodere and hinedere characters. Yangire are interesting in theory, but usually they just end up being annoying as balls. I can forgive that though because most of the other types in moeshit and ecchi anime are even worse.

Anonymous 3344

Tsundere all the way.Asuka is my favourite female character of all time.I love their sence of pride.

Anonymous 3354


Good written tsundere boys are the best thing

I also like many chuunibyou characters but not the ones that are too obnoxious like the ones from Chuu2Koi

Anonymous 3367


It's nice to see some sadodere love, despite Nakamura being the best of the lot I've seen and enjoyed.
I have a strange affection for Nagatoro and find her honourably pretty even when she makes some gross expressions that I no doubt the author is into and her sadistic quantities are toned down in the manga.
Seeing her drop her spaghetti hard when she gets so happy she drops her social mask is priceless.
Bifauxen, orekko and "walk on the wild side" nee-sans are also types I like and I enjoy a good kuudere when she's well written ie Reina. I find their mysterious charm, sleek streamlined looks and quiet passion attractive but feel let down if her trust in other people is "unlocked" by a man and they aren't allowed to do it themselves in letting intimate relationships re-enter their lives.

Anonymous 3383


yes i agree with classic tsundere boys
i can identify with them the most, even though it really gets on my nerves when people irl are dishonest with their feelings

Anonymous 5698

All the retard ones like Hetare, Donkan,Dojikko, Aho, and Utsudere.

Kawaiiko is the best though, for sure. That's my ideal type of gal.

Anonymous 5713

homura 11.jpg

My faves are cool beauty, dandere, hinedere, kimoiko, kuuderes, and tsunderes. I love stoic and serious girls, especially if they're misunderstood and/or have a secret soft side.

Anonymous 5716


Yangire husbando masterrace. How can 3DPG even compete?

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