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Has anyone else just grown completely bored with the internet? Anonymous 33046

Aside from crystal cafe, where do you get your entertainment? The internet feels like a dried up husk. I don't know why I keep trying to draw water from it. My addiction to web stimulation gnaws at me and i dont know how to satisfy it. I keep hearing this is becoming common lately. How are you dealing with the death and hallowing out of the internet?

Anonymous 33047

Touch grass

Anonymous 33048

I’m constantly feeling like there’s not much else on the internet besides normie shit. fediverse is full of wannabe nazis, troons and lolicon gooners, twitter/x is full of brain damaged teenagers and troons have rule over the internet.

Anonymous 33049

touch grass = suck the feminine penis, so no I won’t touch grass.

Anonymous 33050

Go outside and have real social interactions, you should only come to this place sporadically.

Anonymous 33051

i mostly listen to philosophy, art history, or film essays on youtube or videogame retrospectives. for discussion i have private groups of people I've come to value as a community for the last 5+ years so I don't feel as much need for forum activity, though I do come to CC every now and again.

Anonymous 33052

nta but go outside where? i heard third places no longer exist for people my age

Anonymous 33053

how old are you for you to be saying that?

Anonymous 33054

Anonymous 33055

Seconding go outside and do what?? I take walks and swim alone. There is no way to do much else without a car. I want to learn of better hangouts because mine give me migraines and nausea now. The internet feels like a used up peen. I live in circles of monotony. Work home work home work home too. Kill me now

Anonymous 33056


Nta but I agree here. Im a little older (22) but there aren’t places to go to simply hang out unless you want to pay money to do an activity nowadays. Closest thing I know of is a board game cafe that I enjoy, but mostly it’s nerdy moids there and that can get old quickly.
Irl I just hang out with friends infrequently, and use forums like cc or sometimes MUDs/mmos to get my online interaction fix. I am kinda an introvert so it works for me, but I wish there were places where young people just went to hang out - with the popularity of social media and stuff these days though I doubt that’s going to be a thing

Anonymous 33057

It's interesting being a NEET during the decline of the internet. For about 20 years NEETs/hikis had an amazing way to cope and pass the time with the internet. It became an essential aspect of being NEET/hiki. Now what are we going to do? There's always video games but not everyone likes those including myself.

Anonymous 33058

I think this is the problem, you want to spend quality time but complain that you have to pay money for it.
Well at least parks still exist, there's probably one where you live.

Anonymous 33059

Have hobbies and a personality beyond browsing the web. Grow a garden, build an aquarium or just read a book.

Anonymous 33060


All the small interesting communities with their unique flavour are gone, it's just a giant monotonous hodgepodge. The internet is a good example why globalisation is bad, all the unique cultures and subcultures are fading away, only to be replaced with a faceless sludge where they try to sell you something at every corner.

Anonymous 33061

nona I’m poor lol. I’m working on getting to a place where I can have money but i can’t afford to drop regular money on bars and stuff just to hang out with people

Anonymous 33062

Well, it isn’t what it used to be anymore. Time to read books again (I‘ll never go out and socialize)

Anonymous 33063

yes I have nona. videogames too!
Its all so fucking soulless now.

Anonymous 33064

My hangup is that I hate platforms where it's like, you put your life out to the world and others can react to it. This is most mainstream social media (twitter, insta, fb, tiktok, etc.). You're hardly chatting most of the time, just showing off, and it's an invasion of privacy.
Now that doesn't necessarily apply on reddit, but come on, it's reddit. I don't think I have to say what's wrong with that site. But also, I don't really like having to maintain an active account (many subs have karma/acc age requirements) or leaving a public trace of my activities for all to see. I don't do anything weird or suspect, it's just creepy that anyone can read up on you and there are malicious actors who abuse the info too. I want to just be able to pop in and out, you know?
I used to spend lots of time on this chat room on a video game site, but troons became the new mods and everything went downhill. Chatrooms overall aren't much of a thing anymore anyway.
Now imageboards are the only place I know of where you can have anonymous AND ephemeral discussion around a topic but
>4chan is full of coomers, retards, bait, misogyny
>lolcow is just as bitter and triggered most of the time, plus idc about e-gossip or complaining thread #192847
>cc is somewhat kinder but slow and I feel like there's a 2% chance I see CP spam every time I come on
>other altchans are even deader or more unhinged
I mean maybe I should expect that anonymity brings out people's innermost schizo but yeah… I just want a place where you can jump in and chat around a topic.

Anonymous 33065

If any older nonas remember piczo, there's a website now called mmm.page which is so similar. I like it because you can really carve out a unique little space on the internet for yourself and don't have to worry about rubbing elbows with weird people like you do on geocities with their web rings and shit. It's also very easy to use if you're not great at coding, as it's a simple drag and drop editor. I basically don't use any social media and just update my little page and make it look how I want. Someone here mentioned feeling stuck between 4 walls of the internet with the soulless social media platforms and I agree. Hesitated to post this but maybe someone will also enjoy it as much as I am

Anonymous 33066

https://cloudhiker.net/ is some sort of Stumble Upon. It's okay, a door to the old Internet with small interesting websites.
It's a way to remember people make the Internet interesting, not corpos. Also, why don't you create your own website?

Anonymous 33067

Also, why don't you create your own website?
I've had my own idea for one bouncing around in my head. I know most of the coding I'd need and I sure as hell have the money now. Only problem is I really don't know how well getting traffic akd content to the site would play out with how uncurious zoomers are and how many bots there are these days.

Anonymous 33068

people in this thread and ones like it are always so condescending. there are plenty of things i enjoy doing offline but thats not the issue. im a retarded social outcast like most everyone on this website and the internet makes up most of my connection to the world

Anonymous 33069

Try growing some plants by the windowsill. Maybe a few small pots with herbs and tomatoes.

Anonymous 33070

Any nonas ever tried checking out their cities music scene? I live in a fairly small place with less than 300,000 people, but the local bands are fairly decent and there’s usually something going on every other night. Metal is big around here except there’s a bit too many moids for my liking, but I have found a couple post-punk groups that I really like!

Anonymous 33071

My condolences, is it full of evangelical hillbillies or is it just that there’s not a lot to do?

Anonymous 33072

I got banned from the artsy venues for having terfy opinions. I would've only got banned from one but all the bartenders work at the other collective venue scenes and they all talk. I'm not mad at about it but I wish the art/music scenes weren't overloaded by troon brigades and their supporters. The problem with my city is it's big enough to hide in but not big enough to jump from one scene to the another with no crossover. Pretty much all the same crowds that go to one bar will go to other. The only other bars that are left are for rough old timers or college party kids.

Anonymous 33073

Ouch, yeah that really sucks, are there bigger cities close by at least? I say I “live” in a city but it’s a thirty minute drive lol. Also you didn’t sound bitchy at all, don’t worry about it!

Anonymous 33074


I love y’all’s vibes.
Maybe the internet will improve if I stop posting on 4chan.

All matters.

And here’s to all the other multiverses where things went as they should. And cheers to our timelines regardless of how funny they may be.

Dunno what to say anymore. May goodness and miracles win.
I’ve seen some of the world and the communities that should be and were.

I don’t know what the future is, but I really really hope for the miracles that I’m seeking. Here’s to true channers and memes and feels and vibes and good fresh energies.

Anonymous 33075

i think ive of this lady. some 4chan celebrity, right?

Anonymous 33076

r9k e-girl

Anonymous 33077


I dont know why it was removed but yeah I think so, but Im retarded and cant tell whats true or not under 500 layers of irony. I like her because she reminds me of Alice Cullen and I like old internet aesthetics. Finding personal pages makes the internet feel fresh and I found a populated myspace clone through her.

Anonymous 33078

Yikyak is what you are looking for

Anonymous 33556

017 (2).jpg

The only places left are parking lots and the woods. Maybe a cafe. Or malls, although they are dying.

Anonymous 33560

sometimes facebooks reminds me of the old internet from 2005-2015. you can still find old profiles and content there, and there's a ton of rabbit holes of everything you can think of. also plenty of lolcows and deranged people, it's like a big worldwide forum

Anonymous 33561

>The internet is a good example why globalisation is bad, all the unique cultures and subcultures are fading away, only to be replaced with a faceless sludge
I can't say I completely agree. Because look at the music - at the scene, consumption. You had the mainstream and the niche. Now the mainstream is nearly non existent, everything is hiding within its own niche. So exactly the other way you're talking about
Other thing, I would say this is boring, because I think it was fun when something niche reached the mainstream audience. Now, with no physical media, radio or mtv, it's impossible, I'm afraid. Pne could argue tiktok could be it - but nah, not the same, imo

Anonymous 33562

Your local woods or unsupervised railroad tracks (unless you live in suburbia :^)

Anonymous 33563

Woods reign supreme as best hangout place

Anonymous 33664

Life so boring, not even my phone can make it interesting anymore

Anonymous 33675

woman in the hard …

I'm sorry for sounding rude, and I appreciate everyone's enthusiasm here, but other than aesthetic appreciation, which you can also do through different kinds of art etc., what is the functional point of making a mute wall of pins and pictures no one can interact with, connect, reply to, quote, ping, message directly, include in a group…? I mean, I suppose it's a great way to visually advertise your product, or alternatively your quirky personality - that's what all of the profiles featured on the front page seem to be doing. Every single one of them has a link to their twitter/instagram/discord/tiktok neatly laid out on the page, so what you're gonna do to get to know them is send them a message on twitter telling them how cool their page looks, and the rest is business as usual. The website is again left in the dust. It looks nice, but it's basically a slightly different flavour of neocities or pinterest, a pendant, a decoration.

Where are the places that naturally encourage interaction and discussion and fun activities? Places that are a kind of living organism of their own, with their own culture instead of the widespread soulless algorithm-controlled vulturism? I feel like that's what people are really longing for.

Anonymous 33676

I always felt like kiwifarms was kinda like this

Anonymous 33677

get on vrchat

Anonymous 33678

It's filled with children, and you have to use voice which is a total breach of privacy and a huge pain if you have a foreign accent.

Anonymous 33679

It's very difficult to find your tribe as a girl in that game. I like it a lot and have a nice gaggle of people I know but I would not call any of them super close to me (and I've been hanging around since 2017). Despite this it's still the only place online that has the same vibe as 00s internet, which is my eternal dragon chase.
>you have to use voice
There's actually a text box now but before that you could use TTS and avatar pens.

Anonymous 33680

This really hits me hard.

Anonymous 33682

simply stop obsessing over troons

Anonymous 33691

I've been getting into learning HTML and browsing Neocities and other web hosts for the last year. The activity page is usually full of crap but when you find a good website you'll find more if you check the links page.

Anonymous 33742

Screenshot 2024-02…

I'm kinda liking the community around the redscare podcast. I have zero interest in the podcast (I've tried, it was very boring - two women commenting things, not particularly insightful), but the subreddit has a pleasant contrarian vibe.

Anonymous 34011


It's not just our impression, the internet has become worse. It went from something separate from real life to permeating our lives on all levels, it's not an escape anymore, not the comfy hole you went to to forget your hard day.
There might be actually some hope out there for the internet to transform with AI being unleashed, soon artificially generated garbage and spam will flood the internet to the point making it unuseable. Maybe people will retreat into digital enclaves, tightly managed to avoid intrusion of AI content, in the search of the warmth of real human interaction like people huddling around a campfire. AI will elad to the internet apocalypse, maybe relatively soon we will have small fortress enclaves popping up in the wasteland filled with digital garbage.

Anonymous 34022

learn new skills, nona

and touch the grass, really, it's a good advice, i wish i had done it sooner

Anonymous 34023

My friend once said that we as a species are on the brink of another dark age with the levels of stupidity on the rise

Anonymous 34033

Screenshot 2024-03…

Anonymous 34041


HTML is fun but too many troons on Neocities
Not sure about other web hosts
I just browse old websites through the Wayback Machine
It's comforting

Anonymous 34070

kiwifarms 100%.literally one of the best places in the internet nowadays. the off topic boards and the area for girls is the best.

Anonymous 34073

The Beauty Parlour? I agree though dare I say it's one of the most sane places on the internet kek

Anonymous 34074

the beauty parlor is cool especially the off topic area. and i gotta say i do like the moid hate thread a lot..
neocities is cool but too filled with troons, like anon said

Anonymous 34081


Anonymous 34483

how exactly is it like 2000s internet?

Anonymous 34496

I watch mostly true crime and mystery analysis YouTube videos.

Anonymous 34497

Anonymous 34510

Despite having a desktop mode (which most people don't know about when they hear "VRChat"), interest in VR and the hardware requirements serve as a soft barrier to entry, much like how having a PC in your home was in the 00s. Most communities have some degree of gatekeeping/moderation and the ones that don't balkanize due to infighting, similar to forums of eld.

Anonymous 34527

this, i think if youre lacking a community or a place to be online create one for yourself

Anonymous 34534

The internet is very boring to me now but I think people just see things with rose tinted glasses when looking back to the past. The internet seems like a portal to a whole other world when we're all young and first using it but over time you just get jaded with it all. I only come as often as I do to cope with my life which sucks but even the internet is starting to suck. It's probably a sign to actually return to reality and fix my life

Anonymous 34535

I know what you mean. I joke to myself but it's actually true that Youtube has become to me what TV was 10-15 years ago: So many channels but nothing to watch.

I think I have a fullblown internet addiction. I feel sort of a compulsion to get on it, but once I'm on I just mindlessly cycle through the same couple of sites hoping for something new to pop up and soon my whole day was spent doing literally nothing…

Anonymous 34537

no, terfdom must be spread throughout the internet

Anonymous 34545

>whole other world when we're all young and first using it but over time you just get jaded with it all
I was in my late 20s when gamergate+2016 US election warped the internet from a pretty chill place to a hell I just can't completely quit. I don't want to say I'm immune to rose tinted glasses but the internet has a BEFORE/AFTER point here that nothing else in my life does and I personally cannot pin it on youthful nostalgia.
>mindlessly cycle through the same couple of sites hoping for something new to pop up and soon my whole day was spent doing literally nothing…
I used to do this but broke the habit by only coming back to my same couple of sites every few days or even once a week or two. You aren't really missing out on anything in places like this and wherever else you might be by not coming every day.

Anonymous 34547


Anonymous 34785

lipstick alley used to be fun but now it's starting to feel samey and bot like like the rest of the fucking internet. every place that seems remotely interesting gets invaded by astroturfing and bots in the end ugh

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