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Music Videos Anonymous 3305

What are some of your favorite music videos?
Can be of all time or just recent ones that caught your eye.
Post em, girls!

This is my current one!

Anonymous 3388

Are animated or anime mv okay too?

Because I love this one and it needs more recognition.

Anonymous 3389

Anonymous 3391

That is super cool, I love it.

This video I posted is not very innovative or anything but this is my favorite because when I was a kid they would play it on tv and I would watch it in amazement every time. My favorite part is the skeleton army.
Another video I love that is actually cool and original is the video to Virtual Insanity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JkIs37a2JE Also check out this rotoscope animation with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure characters that someone made from it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYCk2udVFvo

Anonymous 3392


Anonymous 3393

I love animated music videos.

Anonymous 3394

this one was also very cool although i am slightly disappointed that none of these suits are real.

Anonymous 3396

Anonymous 3399

I know it's stupid but I love this video, I can't stop watching. I had a hard time picking between this and the video to New Millenium Cyanide Christ, they're equally stupid.
that was br00tal
I bet that took them years to render

Anonymous 3406

I hate and love this one.

Anonymous 3421


Anonymous 3422

Miami Ultras

Anonymous 3423

A short film for the album. Not sure whether this one counts

Anonymous 3456

this one gave me feels for some reason.
who's slicing onions in here…?

Anonymous 3681

>When the lesbians are spared, hue

Anonymous 3688

Anonymous 6424

I am here to revive thread, I love this video also his face is funny

Anonymous 6430

based as fuck

Anonymous 6459

Anonymous 6465

Anonymous 6466

More Caroline because her videos are all amazing.

Anonymous 6496

I love Caroline Polachek so much. I'd die for her.

Anonymous 6651


Anonymous 6679

Anonymous 6682

I have a lot of favorites, but this is the first that came to mind. The movements in the video synchs up perfectly with the music too.

Anonymous 6766

I love the guitars here and i can relate to the lyrics. It's almost like the song was written about me.

Anonymous 6767

Anonymous 6768

Anonymous 6769

based buttrocker

Anonymous 6889

Anonymous 7143


Belong to the world - the weeknd

everything looks so aesthetic and green i had a hard time picking only one pic, also i've been desperately searching for the asian lady dancing in this video but i couldn't find her name :(

Anonymous 7638

good god

Anonymous 7687

kpop cringe aside i just find this video absolutely stunning

Anonymous 18090

Anonymous 24287

Anonymous 24351


Anonymous 24352

thank you i needed this

Anonymous 27054

18 and Life - Skid Row

Tells a story about a doomed boy named Ricky

Anonymous 27055

LMAO thanks for introducing this to us!!!

Anonymous 27057

Anonymous 27092

Emo throwback.

Anonymous 27181

Anything Gondry is great.
A classic.

Anonymous 28337

Anonymous 28349

Giiiiiirl this gives me so much nostalgia, I loved this video/song
Have to contribute with more old music (turns out this video came out the same year, what a time. Back when I enjoyed Bryan Stars' degenerate interviews lol)

Anonymous 28671

fanmade but its awesome

Anonymous 28683

Anonymous 28684

Anonymous 28685

Anonymous 29833

I don’t like this band or this song but I really like the music video

Anonymous 29893

I dont know why I love this music video so much. It just speaks to me so much. I feel like its about being yourself and being authentic no matter how people perceive you? (idk)

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