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Sillypoo Anonymous 33925

They made a video about this place

Anonymous 33929

very kino

Anonymous 33930


I came here to say how much I liked the video.

Anonymous 33965

Do they actually lurk here? Couldn't be anywhere else I guess

Anonymous 33966

thanks nona for sharing. i'm so obsessed with this video

Anonymous 33967


can someone tell me if all moids in this video are a reference to real people? i think the tranny one was inspired by contrapoints and cris chan but i don't know about the rest
i watched this video like 5 times now and will definetly watch it again, it's so good

Anonymous 33968


some screencaps bcuz i like it

Anonymous 33969

The tranny is Keffals I'm pretty sure

Anonymous 33970


i know i'll be using this one a lot

Anonymous 33971

oooh yea you're right i mixed them up

Anonymous 33973


This is Ricardo Lopez, bjorks stalker that killed himself and recorded it

Anonymous 33974


More of a lolc*w.farm video unfortunately

Anonymous 33975


One of the moids is a bossmanjack reference

Anonymous 33977

I think this one is the soijack spammers

Anonymous 33978

Here, nona. Because I know YT is gonna nuke this vid eventually:

Anonymous 33979

Because of the nudity or for making fun of trannies?

Anonymous 33981

possibly both

Anonymous 33982

I think steak.com is meant to be lolcow, and banter.girl is us

Anonymous 33991

Thanks nona

Anonymous 33993

>gossip discussion
>((((immediate replies))))
Nah banter.girl is definitely lolcow. I guess you could say it's open to interpretation though in that it could represents all of us on woman imageboards. Maybe that would include nonas from fc, hkc (and now killed mc) as well. steak.com is just ridiculing him for being male. I loved the depiction of the moid getting banned and the PCs exploding when doxxed. They have other videos that seem to have a goldmine of references than what nonas pointed out here too.
Why do some of you hate lolcow? I never got this. It's not a bad site. They have active (actual) moderation (unlike here). Their rules are simple. And even if you're not into gossip, there's still /m/, /g/, /ot/ to have fun on.
Aren't most of us from there anyway?

Anonymous 33994

Nta but there is too much infighting on lolcow.

Anonymous 33995

Sillypoo seems like the kind of person to typ lik ths 4rlz on imageboards

Anonymous 33996

That's fair. If there's infighting on cc you wouldn't know since those threads get deleted.
She does kek.

Anonymous 34000

How do you know? Surely she doesn't trip.

Anonymous 34003

I wish they made a cc reference, too bad

Anonymous 34004


There's such a thing as too much, nona.

Anonymous 34005

>pandering to polschizos
Ew, lol.

Anonymous 34006

Uh i don't think you read my reply properly

Anonymous 34019

Has Tamers12345 helped to animate this video? Sometimes the artstyle feels identical to his, specifically here >>33970

Anonymous 34027

This is clearly showing lolcow, not us.

Anonymous 34035

Screenshot 2024-03…

Thoughts on this Anon? Is he right? I want to think he's lying and is just coping through layers of simp, but then again…

what do you think?

Anonymous 34039

the fuck does he mean "easily removed" dudes like him put the barriers up and they're not coming down any time soon, so he can stay in his shithole corner of the internet. getting "Yes I added you because you're a female gamer, 'tis and awesome thing to see!" vibes from this asshole

Anonymous 34046

the 2000s appeal is universal so I don't doubt that he genuinely enjoyed it but it does feel like he's trying a little too hard to appeal to the girlies
>AI art in post
automatic ick

Anonymous 34047

Awesome video. I love the entire retro feeling of the animation and the music is superb.

Here's more from Jenny Rom: https://youtu.be/KlDEL9k3zGs

Anonymous 34048

This video is retarded. I love it!
What an extreme romanticization.

Anonymous 34049

Incredible video, except for the flash games about surgeries bit

Those things are satanic

Anonymous 34072

Wake up nona! New Sillypoo video dropped!

Anonymous 34078

Not shilling on lolcow anymore?

Anonymous 34141


I wanted to like Sillypoo, the video wasn't perfect but it was cute, but my god the self-posting replying to posts on lc was so embarrassing kek. Then the shilling across every board and site was even worse. They could have just posted it and been done with it. Later if they had to reply they should have just straight up answered like the rules state cause it would have been better received. Or if they didn't have an answer about their pasts and a moid doing the work for them, just say nothing. How do you follow lolcows and not know not to reply when people talk about you?
I cringed so hard but it was at least hilarious too looking back

Anonymous 34164

why is he bosnian?

Anonymous 34165

genuinely one of the best animations about internet culture i've seen

Anonymous 34168

In the days of yore, "emo" was wordfiltered to "Bosnian" on 4chans /b/

Anonymous 34352

Anonymous 34354


FPE foggs

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