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Favorite AMVs? Anonymous 3402

A friend of mine showed me this AMV yesterday and I can't get it out of my head:
I also really like this one

I love it when people take the time to make an AMV that actually syncs well with the song and fits with the moments showed instead of being just a compilation of scenes with a random song slapped on it.

Anonymous 3403

Anonymous 3404

Anonymous 3405

Oh boy here i come. Many of you will know these ones.



That song always can make me a little happyer and i don't know how it does it.


This one must have been a ton of work

and last but not least one of my all time favorite

I have so many, but i did not want to make my post too long.

Anonymous 24933


Anonymous 24971

Anonymous 24972


totally unfair answer, but it really is amazing.

Anonymous 25027

Anonymous 25032

Classic pairing, even though they aren't together in canon they will always be soulmates in my heart.

Anonymous 25245

Don't normally like AMVs but loved this one.

Anonymous 25268

Very niche and specific thing I know but I love it, especially the end.

Anonymous 25272

Forever my favorite

Anonymous 25319

Heatwaves was made for Rengoku

Anonymous 25331

Anonymous 31370

Anonymous 31372


Anonymous 31373

Some dark and edgy content to mix things up. My favorite AMV of my favorite anime: has hot women wiping the floor with males, the entire show's like this. Plus very well edited.

Anonymous 31387

Anonymous 31610

this absolute beauty!

Anonymous 31611

Anonymous 31612

Fucked up link soz

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