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boku no natsuyasum…

Why can't we have more comfy Video Games? Anonymous 3470

I want to play video games to put me in that comfortable mood (either before bed or after a stressful day at school) but most games are either high-intense action games with a lot of testosterone and gore, a boring sports game or puzzle games where things are at stake.

I want more games to put me in that comfy mood like:
>Animal Crossing
>Stardew Valley
>Little Big Planet
>Donut County
>Persona 4 (mostly the school sim, not much the murders and dungeon crawling).

Does anyone know any games that put you in that comfortable mood?

Anonymous 3472

original (1).gif


The game in your OP pic is very comfy as well, unfortunately I forgot its name.

This CCS game for PS1, I just love love love it. I used to play it as a kid, and I just love the graphics, the cuteness of it and I just think it's relaxing to explore houses in games? I don't know how to explain it.

Anonymous 3473

Anonymous 3475


The Game is called "Boku no Natsuyasumi (My Summer Vacation)" but unfortunately it seems like it is a Japan-exclusive.

Anonymous 3476


I still come back to this game to spend time with my family. But when it rains/snows and your inside on the couch watching tv, it is the most relaxing experience.


Anonymous 3477

Lovely Planet comes to mind. I know you said that you said that you want something with high-intense action, but this game is just LOVELY. Its only $6 and its well worth it, just for the soundtrack and cute graphics.



Anonymous 3478

YES! Lovely City is my jam

Anonymous 3480

I loved playing those horse games, I had Petz Horsez 2 and I spent so much time playing it, just roaming around through those pretty lands on my horsie, and when you're done riding you can clean your horses too, that was my favorite part for some reason although it's not so exciting. That's why I kept playing for so long even after finishing the game. You have to win some competitions though but they're not hard. And you can equip your horses with various equipment and breed them too.
Also I mentioned it in another thread but The Dog Island is so cute, and it's so fun to dress up your cute dog in cute little clothes and then go hunting for bugs or fish or whatever.

Anonymous 3494


I used to play lots of comfy DS games. Some are better, some are worse.

>Petz Hamsterz

>Petz games in general but some are kinda bad
>Pony Friends
>Tamagotchi Corner Shop
>Cosmetic Paradise (I think it's called Imagine Makeup Artist in other regions)
>Crafting/Gardening Mama
>Imagine Master Chef

Anonymous 3495

>the era of playing pokemon pearl, nintendogs, sims and animal crossing in bed
I want to go back

Anonymous 3508

This was one of my favorite gameboy games as a kid. The story line is super basic but still kinda interesting. The ending always made me a bit sad. I loved the art and music for it too, brings back some really good memories.

Anonymous 3510

FFXIV is super comfy imo, sure there is hardcore raiding and stuff but it's entirely optional. The story is phenomenal for an MMO and the required dungeons/trials aren't too hard, you can get carried through them if anything. I only really run dungeons/trials when there's a specific glam piece I want, other than that I focus on the crafting/gathering/glamming/questing part of the game and it's very relaxing and fun.

Anonymous 3511


Does the crafting contribute a lot to levelling? Can I do anything in that game that won't raise my level a lot? I just read that the game is free to play until level 35 so I am very tempted now, but I don't have the money to pay 13$ every month.

I think I will download it regardless just for the fun of creating my own character and seeing all the people in the game (and bragging rights to my ff-fanboy brother)

Anonymous 3513

Disciples of Hand(crafting) are classes themselves, same for Disciples of Land(gathering).

Anonymous 3521

I would recommend getting every class available to you to level 35 so you can get the most out of the free trial. Crafting and gathering classes, like the other person said, are their own classes, and you can make your own gear for the battle classes with them. Though honestly for me lots of the fun of crafting/gathering is in making gil off of other players on the market board, and on the free trial you can't sell on the market board. But the crafting and gathering process itself is kind of like a mini-game, and they also have their own quest lines if you're into that as well. The character creation process is also really fun, I'm an altaholic because of it, even though you can have every single class leveled on the same character.

Anonymous 3522

Forgot to answer your actual question lol: on the free trial, if you want to avoid leveling too quickly, avoid the Preferred Servers (they are marked with little stars on the character creator page) because those worlds have a very high EXP buff. Without that, you should level at an average pace, just follow along with the MSQ. There are lots of things you can do after you hit level 35 on free trial, you just won't get any EXP carried over for it all if you do decide to ever sub.

Anonymous 3523

I'm seeing a lot of nostalgia but not a lot of recommendations.
Anyone know of cozy games like OP described that'd run on a PC?

Anonymous 3530

Thank you so much.
I like how the classes are tied to equipment. But I didn't think about the EXP boost in preferred worlds and I selected one of them because well I figured if they want me to play there, then I will, it's the least I can do for them since I am playing for free lol
Also I like how I pet another player's puppy and it rolled over so I could pet its stomach. That was adorable.
And another thing I couldn't help but notice is how every 5th character is male, the rest are cute girls in frilly dresses hahaha

To get back on topic I vouch for Viva Pinata and Slime Rancher being very cute and fun. I don't like Slime Rancher so much because I feel it's sort of stressful(?) but it has a cute atmosphere. And I wasted so many hours in Viva Pinata decorating my garden, I didn't try so hard to collect all the pinatas.
You can still play both of these games on PC.

Anonymous 3531

The Sims is one, like what >>3476 said. Sims 4 Seasons came out recently and I heard that it was really nice. Though, like most EA dlc, it tends to be really expensive

Anonymous 3540


Ah, what server did you end up picking? Unfortunately I just moved my main character to Balmung on the Aether data center (not a preferred server) or else I would make you something ;-; If you ended up on Malboro I have an alt there and can /hug you if you want. Or if you wanna do tiny sprout things I can make an alt on any server. Hopefully you enjoy the game!

Two other comfy games I haven't seen mentioned in the thread: Hamtaro Ham Ham Heartbreak and Hamtaro Ham Hams Unite! They're both super cute, like, puzzle RPGs? (I suck at describing games). There are no fight sequences or timed instances or anything. You are literally just trying to complete your objectives (i.e. reuniting relationships and finding your ham friends). There's also a lot of mini-games and side things to do, and despite being kids games they actually present a decent challenge. They are Gameboy Color games iirc, but there are lots of emulators online, that's how I replayed them as an adult lol.

Anonymous 3543

Thank you, you're very kind, but I don't need anything and I'm on the european servers anyway (Zodiark I think)
Also I remembered two other games, they might not be the comfy everyone is looking for but they are comfy to me: Rhythm Heaven for DS and Rhythm Tengoku for GBA, the various minigames are really cute, but as you can see it's a rhythm game so it can be a bit frustrating if you get stuck

Anonymous 3544


Omg i loved the hamtaro games so much as a kid thank you for reminding me about them anon! Hamtaro rainbow rescue is also a very relaxing and cute game, i don't really remeber tho if you needed to complete some mini games to go through with the story. But the mini games are probaly really easy anyway because it's a kids game.

I also used to play some imagine games that i thought were very cute and comfy. For example the ballet and the make up artists one.

Anonymous 3557


>posting LGR

Love you, anon.

Anonymous 3560

It reminds me of that wario ware Minigame game on DS.

Anonymous 3565

I know right! Watching his Sims videos always put me in a comfy mood for some reason. Makes me want to spend $40 on the DLC everytime one comes out.

Anonymous 3566

>School's Out in simlish

Anonymous 3568


I really liked Style Savvy (Girl's Mode in the Japanese) but that's also probably because i'm a weeb who thought the lolita/aristo coordinates were fun to make
but it really is a great time-waster, i think in later games there are also dating sim elements to it but I only have the OG DS so I haven't played those.

Anonymous 3571

I love playing dress up games, so Style Savvy is the perfect progression. I currently only have the second 3DS one but I love it so much I might try to get the others.
>am a lolita
>try to match my character's coords to mine each day

Anonymous 3575


So this obviously isn't what you want and it's a dumb idea but I like it so I'll recommend it anyway. So there's a racing sim called Assetto Corsa that I really like play while listening to music and either just cruising around or trying to go incredible hihg speed over and over. I rarely bother actually racing people or AI and mostly just solo it because that's the most relaxing thing to do. All you need is a gamepad.

It's very user friendly, there are a lot of mods and I've been told it's easy to torrent if you want to try before you buy. Also learning about motorsport has given me something to say to my dad.

Anonymous 3576

Have you played Harvest Moonb? It's comfy as fuck and perfect for autumn!

Anonymous 3577


*Harvest Moon

Sorry for the typo.

Anonymous 3585


LocoRoco is top comfy and has a great soundtrack.

Anonymous 3606


Not sure if you're into citybuilding games at all, but I find Banished to be a pretty comfy PC game. It's a bit like a medieval SimCity. You start with a few people and resources and build up a self-sustaining village. It's pretty laid back and the graphics are pretty cozy.

Anonymous 3627


I'm playing DQXI at the moment, I think it is pretty comfy. The difficulty isn't very high, and I like the characters and story (Although I didn't get invested much until about ~25 hours in when the plot started to pick up). Since it's turn based I don't have to be all that alert either, I can take it as fast or slow as I like. It's a good game to play a few hours before I go to bed. I haven't played any other DQ before but after I finish this one I'll probably try some of the older titles.

Anonymous 3654

Banished is so nice!
I love playing it. Every time I play I make little stories for my village. Once I build over the big river a city, two tavern on each side not far from each other. One made liquor out of cherry and the other out of plums. I imaged how the villagers hold, once a year, a friendly competition which tavern had the better booze.
The weird part is I can remember so many stories, even though I have a bad memory.

Anonymous 3660

What are some casual games I can play without using my glasses? lately ive been playing rhythm heaven, which is a game that's mostly audio and doesn't require clear vision. I can make out shapes but not small details.

Anonymous 3661



I would suggest Maplestory 2:
+ you can just sit in the game and decorate for free (you can gain minor exp through decorating your own room/home).

+ leveling isn't difficult at all.

+ it's extremely cute, lots of customization.

+ Free to play! (they obviously have a cosmetic store and premium but the game is free!)

+ You can play with a controller if you're more comfortable with a controller vs mouse/keyboard.

+ at the moment there's a Halloween event that you can participate once you reach level 10 (shouldn't take long at all).

I usually play a little bit of maplestory 2 after work, it's really relaxing and cute. I've been taking my sweet, sweet time leveling and today I managed to reach level 40! (:

Anonymous 3663

Thanks for the recommendation!

I've heard about this game before but never bothered to look up what it was about. It sounds pretty nice, though. I hope my potato laptop can run it haha.

Anonymous 3695



I love this game. I'm not great at it but it's definitely very relaxing. Try Frostpunk if you like Banished. It feels similar if a little less comfy because of the brutal winter setting.
The Long Dark can be really relaxing when you're doing well. Just exploring an abandoned Canada in the middle of winter. Foraging and cooking. Maintaining your equipment and life systems. You can even turn animal aggression all the way down so the wolves and bears won't attack you.
The new Red Dead seems pretty comfy so far too. You can spend so much time just wandering around, talking to people, eating drinking, self hygiene stuff, hunting and fishing, playing lots of different card games, picking ingredients and making recipes with them. Tons more I'm sure. It's unbelievably detailed.

Anonymous 3725


hey anon, just wanted to thank you. because of this comment i downloaded MS2 (was a huuuuge player of the original maplestory when i was a kid) and now i'm addicted to it. i love it. so thank you!

Anonymous 3815

I played that CCS game on my PS3 first Gen I hardware flashed. There sure are a lot of interesting games for the PS1.

Anonymous 3818

Oh boy I have a good list of comfy games.
Kirby 64 and Epic Yarn, Sonic Adventure series Chao garden mode, Style Savvy, Electroplankton, Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop series, Professor Layton, Peggle, Shenmue, any golfing game really.

All of the other things I could think of are hack and slash games like Kingdom Hearts, Castlevania, Secret of Mana, and The Witcher III. Once you get up to a certain level, one-shotting enemies becomes calming.
I also find the Yakuza games comforting mostly with all the minigames you can do, also there's usually an item you can receive in the story where random encounters are at a low.

Anonymous 3820


Rune factory is a p comfy franchise. Too bad the developers went under/moved companies so we'll never see another game again. Feels bad man.

Anonymous 3824

Yessss anon! I loved Rune Factory for the beautiful character art, towns people bonding, personalities, getting most tools earlier than other HM games, the dating and sometimes unfair or cheesing bosses.
HM kind of ruined itself with chibi shit but it's a shame later RF games wouldn't let you date everyone. I'll forever keep rerunning 3.

Anonymous 3826

Oh whoops! I mean 4, the one where you can finally play as a girl.

Anonymous 3835


You can play as a girl in Tides of Destiny too. The villages in all rune factory games are always so comfy and the festivals are cute. I remember playing Frontier and really wanting to marry Erik but couldn't cause Raguna's a dude. I still have it so maybe I'll go back and play.

Pic related this is the guy I married in Tides of Destiny. For 4 I married Vishnal.

Anonymous 3844

That game was so boring. I didn't even marry anyone cuz I was too busy fishing 2000 fish for some dumb trophy because my brother is a completionist and must have all the trophies. 0/10 would not recommend

Anonymous 4193

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3
Cities: Skyline

Anonymous 4201

I just want animal crossing but with fleshed out characters, less emphasis on the farming/mayoral shit, and romance

Anonymous 4223

I'm trying to download as many ROMs as possible from emuparadise before they're gone. I find GBA and DS games really comfy, probably because I used to stay up late as a kid playing them under my blanket until I fell asleep. My favourites would be The Sims, Animal Crossing and Pokémon because they all involved exploring and collecting which are really cosy activities lol. In particular, the Sims games for handhelds were really quirky and cute.

I'm open to suggestions for what I should download!

Anonymous 4227

before they're gone? Is emuparadise gonna shut down?
I don't know any games you might like, I like RPGs and such but you might like Rhythm Tengoku, although it's a rhythm game, it has a charming and weird feeling.

Anonymous 4229

I don't know the whole details but they're being threatened by Nintendo and are being forced to shut down. Right now they've taken all the download links down from the pages but they still exist. There's a script you can get to show the links again so I'm using that.

Can't say I've ever managed to even get one note right on a rhythm game!

Anonymous 4230

As someone who played the fuck out of me DS I'm here, anon! Not all may be comfy but they're all solid.

-TWEWY, any Ace Attorney/all AA, Hotel Dusk Room, Viva Pinata, Yoshi's Island, PMD Sky, Drawn to Life, Super Princess Peach, Ghost Trick
-Magican's Quest Mysterious Times, 999

And that's not even getting to Japanese games that you could only import with a JPN DS.

Anonymous 4231

Heck yeah, I used to love Ace Attorney and Super Princess Peach! I'm going to dl all your suggestions, thanks anon! <3

Anonymous 4237

>Japanese games that you could only import with a JPN DS
The old DS isn't region-locked. You can play them on any DS.

Anonymous 4238



Anonymous 4239

Majoras Mask is pretty comfy, i like talking to all the characters and doing their side quests. Also go vacation was a super comfy game for the wii, exploring the maps for the chests was really fun.

Anonymous 19262

Looks really cute

Anonymous 19277

Play Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side.
The three of them.

Also play other otome games. Try playing non-Japanese ones too, please, I just want the genre to be more popular in the west.
This one is free, but it also has paid DLC, available on Steam. It looks particularly comfy. It's called "Our Life: Beginnings & Always" and it's special in that a bunch of selectable names for the protagonist are voiced (this is a free DLC). So far I've only seen TMGS do that. On top of that, you can customize the protagonist's love interest to an extent. Very impressive.
https://vndb.org/v26391 (official links in this page)

And if you haven't played any otome game in your life I recommend playing this one first, RE: Alistair. It's free and a big classic.

If you want more, use the VNDB to search through the "Otome Game" tag with the filters you want. You may find free ones and paid ones for different platforms.

Anonymous 19278

I'm about to make a normie statement but Animal Crossing is my comfort game. I just like building my own little space…

Anonymous 19287

I get it, and I used to play the games, but it's kind of desperating to not be able to do whatever you want whenever you want like in The Sims or Zoo Tycoon (the latter of which I also recommend as a comfy game btw)

Anonymous 19425


I wish I could re-experience Undertale and Deltarune all over again. I absolutely love the story, music, characters, humor, heart-felt moments, just every thing about them. Makes me feel nostalgic every time I look back at these games and listening to their OST. Still looking forward to Deltarune chapter 2.

Anonymous 19426

You should try playing other RPGMaker games, they should be right up your alley. Undertale actually took a lot of inspiration from them.
A few suggestions : Yume Nikki, Off, Ib, Middens, Space funeral

Anonymous 19432

Ah yes, I'm familiar with Yume Nikki and Ib. Really love those two. Haven't played Off but I've been interested in it for quite a while. Also wanted to play Omori too.

Anonymous 22401

Dorfromantik is very comfy

Anonymous 22454

This game looks like a mix of persona and stardew valley

Anonymous 22686

dog island.jpg

Dog Island for ps2 is so comfy and nostalgic, it's not very challenging since it's a kids game, but it's very comfy and all the characters and the town are very cute.
You can also choose what type of dog you are.

Anonymous 23632


>be theme park manager
>build rollercoasters
>play mini games
>make pals with guests
>wear dumb hats

Anonymous 23903

tfw I want to learn japanese so I can translate/play such forgotten games but am too embarrassed to actually talk to people to practice

Anonymous 23906

You don't need to talk to people to learn languages, that's just an excuse.

Anonymous 23910

wait, really? I remember a while back learning about it and having several teachers emphasize that the most progress can be made by talking to people, etc. Always had the top grade (which reflects poorly on the class tbh) in my language classes because I was really into learning languages…not so much actually using them.

Anonymous 23912

if you are learning for the sake of consuming media and not planning on moving to japan or making japanese friends you don't need to worry about conversing in japanese
just focus on reading and listening comprehension, you'll make progress learning new kanji, vocab, grammar by doing that even without talking

Anonymous 23916

im so apprehensive of new media and my brain stopped developing after i turned 15 so my favorite games are all on nintendo ds. the sims 2, my sims, the sims 3, the sims 2 castaway, and the GBA games too like sims bustin out and the sims 2. they are all so cozy and interesting and fun, i genuinely havent gotten into anything better. maybe this belongs in a sims thread but also maybe someone will agree that these are top tier games and nintendo ds was the best handheld.

Anonymous 23919


I prefer playing Sims on PC but I agree the DS was the best handheld. Still haven't gotten myself a Switch yet. There are a few DS games I haven't finished yet (Lost in Blue series, Shepherd's Crossing 2, Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardry).
Have you tried Sims 4? It's not as fun as its predecessors sadly.

Anonymous 23930

ive actually never played sims on pc. i have a mac mini, would that run sims? the only games ive played on pc are rpgmakers and minecraft. i remember looking up reviews on sims games for pc when i was thinking of getting it, and saw that overall most people prefer the sims 3. i want to so bad, i just know it would be a huge time suck cause i get so addicted. do the sims pc games have the storyline/quest style gameplay or is it all freeplay? because i think thats what i love so much about the early sims games for xbox/ds/gba, is the quest type games with mini missions and secrets.
also, i will be searching for those games you listed cause i love ds games so much and havent heard of some of those. i think im getting a switch for my birthday this year finally, fingers crossed.

Anonymous 24283

coloring pixels on steam is free

Anonymous 24289


I can vouch for the first two Tokimeki Memorial games being good, too. Even though you play as a guy, the scenes you can get with the girls is really wholesome. It's cute and there's nothing gross in the games.

Anonymous 24559

I want to know if this anon is excited for the new game now lol I've never played a Rune Factory game but I really want to. Not sure if I should by 4 before 5. Does it matter? It looks so cute and comfy.

Anonymous 24569

Not that anon but I'm a huge Rune Factory fan and I'd recommend 4 over 5! Mostly because:
>I prefer the characters in 4
>Less gameplay issues overall
>Better world and town setting
However, 5 is
>3D (if that's a plus for you)
>is the only one with gay marriage
>allows you to have 3 children that all have their own personality

Anonymous 24571

How did you even play the Playstation version

Anonymous 24574

NTA but that could be a screnshot she got from the internet. Also you can simply look up archive.org PSX game compilations that give you the option to DD or torrent.

Anonymous 24591


Anonymous 24596

Slime rancher was pretty comfy.

Anonymous 24597


Cozy Grove is so comfy. Basically Animal Crossing but with more stuff to do. Anyone else playing?

Anonymous 24598

It looks interesting. Might try it out. I hope it isn’t large.

Anonymous 24599

I've been seeing it a lot those past few months, you convinced me, I'm gonna play it tonight

Anonymous 24604

comfy is illegal i guess. ACNH would be comfy if you didn't have to check it every single day.

Anonymous 24665

subnautica and elite dangerous are really comfy in vr

Anonymous 24671

Ooohhh subnautica makes me feel claustrophobic and seasick irl

Anonymous 24684


if you’re into VNs that don’t revolve around fucking 4-5 girls with a cute chrono-themed storyline and probably my fav game OST, check out Time Hollow for the NDS (u can get an NDS emulator anywhere)

Anonymous 24701

Looks nice anon, I'll check it out! I really love when VNs aren't for wish fulfillment or self insert reasons.

Anonymous 24702

Are there any more comfy/chill games for the switch like animal crossing and stardew valley? My gf always play these two games, and i have tried getting her into ther games, but she doesn't like them much. She likes minecraft and we played a bit of minecraft dungeons, so i think she likes these slow paced cutesy farming type games without much action. She also played slime rancher a bit, but she stopped playing it pretty fast compared to other games. I mostly play racing / fighting / adventure games so i don't really have much to reccomend her. She absolutely LOVED breath of the wild though, so i'm definetly pre ordering it for her and myself when it comes out.

Anonymous 24703

When the second one comes out i mean.

Anonymous 24704

Based and racepilled

Anonymous 24705

Oh man i loved lovo roco 1&2. Havent found anyone else irl who played them though.

Anonymous 24709

Rune Factory 5, Pioneers of Olive Town (made by the people who inspired Stardew), Dragon Quest Builders 2 (like Minecraft but much more chill and has a story, can do multiplayer so you could play with her), Dream House Days DX, Pretty Princess Party (kek at the name ik but it's fun!), Pokemon Snap, A Short Hike

Those are some comfy switch games from the top of my head

Anonymous 24733

Thanks for the reccomendations, i will try reccomending these to her. Maybe she will be interested in some of them. Maybe i'll try multiplayer on dragon quest builder with her, but i'm not too fond of crafting and building myself though. (Love lego in spite of this) She loves crafting, gathering and building, so good reccomend.

Anonymous 24734

Np anon, I hope she likes.
If she likes crafting then Altelier Sophie 2 (no need to play 1) is on the switch and is rather comfy to me.

Anonymous 24736

Screenshot 2022-05…

little witch in the woods on steam is cute and comfy.

Anonymous 25946


I've started playing Spiritfarer on Switch and it has all the cozy vibes. Relaxed pace, crafting items in minigames, cute characters and dialogue, emotional mythical-based story (the premise is you are taking over Charon's job as ferryman of the underworld but the souls just want hugs, snacks, and to tell their stories).

Anonymous 25949

I felt like I rushed through the game and then felt bad about it, I still didn’t finish it either.

Anonymous 25969

It's such a cute game, love it.

Anonymous 26099

Witchbrook isn't available for now but it seems like it will be very comfy and pretty

Anonymous 26104


I love Princess Maker 5
Just a comfy game where you raise a daughter. There is an optional fighting part but it's not intense and mostly depends on your stats (and you can go the whole game without fighting). Unless you're aiming for specific difficult to achieve endings it's pretty relaxing and comfy to me.

Anonymous 28998


Hokko Life is a pretty new game and as comfy as it gets.

It's like Animal Crossing where you can fish, farm, dress up and decorate your own town. The main feature is building your own furniture completely from scratch and being able to share them with other players. It's also less polished with quite a few grammar mistakes and some other nonsensical stuff but if all you want is to design a small village in a relaxing environment, this is the game for you.

It can also be played on the Switch but the PC version gets the faster updates and there are no restrictions for building stuff.

Anonymous 29000

t pose.jpg

My problem with comfy games is that the chores and busywork involved stress me out. I time travel nonstop in Animal Crossing. I got burnt out farming crayons in MySims. I can't handle farming or crafting or building or managing and I don't want to watch a hunger meter or be responsible for anyone's well-being.

I want a comfy game that's essentially just a large world where absolutely nothing matters so I can hang out and look around at my own pace

Anonymous 29038


Galatea, Flower, The Unfinished Swan, just about any of the Myst style adventure games (They're literally a dime a dozen), MS Flight Simulator (Or any vehicle sim), and I think FFCC: My Life As A King would probably be up your alley. Here are some other games that may apply, but I feel like they begin to fall outside of this thread's intention, or what you're particularly interested in:
>Any Criterion racing game from 2008-2013
>Assassin's Creed (Stealth-action)
>Elite (Space trading)
>Jet Set Radio (Sports)
>Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (Sports)
>Shadow of the Colossus (Action)
>The Legend of Zelda (Action)
>X (Space trading)
>Xenoblade X (JRPG)

Anonymous 29052


Ok I know this looks like weebshit but I bought Dungeon Munchies because I thought pic related was funny but then I played it and I got really invested. I don't know if I'd call it comfy, but the game has this very laid back attitude that I just found really endearing.

Anonymous 29071

otome games/visual novels are quite comfy and so is this new game I just ordered called harvestella at least from the looks of it

Anonymous 31957


all u need is beamng

Anonymous 31958


Kynseed is pretty good. Kinda like Stardew Valley but has a bunch of differences so it's a new experience if you already played SV, not just a re-skin.
I know this is an old post but I think some MMORPG are good for that. I had a ton of relaxing moments in WoW because I liked to explore and fish without worrying about progressing.
Sure, isn't perfect since you will be required to progress to be able to do certain things or to explore some areas, but in general I would say it's a good idea.

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