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Dear Dumb Diary Anonymous 34709

Did anyone else read these books when you were younger?

Anonymous 34716

yeah I loved these books, don't remember a single thing about them though

Anonymous 34717

I remember vividly when I had one where she turned soda into salad dressing to pay for her families rent or something I had gotten it free at a book fair

Anonymous 34719

I think there was one where she accidentally bleached a hole in the butt of her jeans

Anonymous 34732

>book written by a man
Checks out.

Anonymous 34734

i LOOOOVED these books. self inserted as her autistic friend hard

Anonymous 34735

I was a wimpy kid

Anonymous 34750

I only remember the one where she lost her dumb diary and wrote "dear dumb piece of paper, I'm writing on you because my dumb diary has been STOLEN!"

Anonymous 34756

201 004.jpg

This one?

Anonymous 34757

This shit is so funny. I have almost the entire series at my parents' place and I still read through it sometimes lol

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