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2hu Thread and More Anonymous 3829

Are you a longtime touhou fan looking for a girl only space to discuss this all girl series sans sweaty neckbeards? Or barely know anything of it besides eye-bleed lazer bullet hell and masochistically want to learn more? Feel free to contribute!

Anonymous 3830

I would say closer to the latter.
I only know of it after getting into the NEC PC-9800 computer Series.
The music is really good though, most of it sounds like it was made with a mod tracker and a variety of sound fonts except it's like a neo-traditionalist Japanese style. I also find the game's aesthetics really attractive and the skill it takes to play is awe inspiring. There's also the many, many fan remixes of it's content (music, artwork, etc.)
It's amazing the amount of creativity no licensing restrictions and high accessibility sparks. All consoles should be more like the PC-98 in this regard.

Anonymous 3831

Zun has mentioned the series originally were born from a desire to have his compositions heard by as many ears as possible.
And I think it works, too because his themes not only characterize it's denizens but the free spirited bombastic world they live in.
Each game takes about 15 minutes to clear from start to finish and I like it's arcade style difficulty that makes it perfect for quick dip-in-dip-out or extended play sessions.
A visual spectacle that's exciting to watch and play and the catharsis emphasized by its score that makes even an easy clear triumphant and thrilling to brag about is what I adore about it all.
I can't get that sense of accomplishment anywhere else. It's just so ridiculous, grand and over the top I can't help having fun.

Anonymous 3842

ive always been curious, is there a touhou game thats easier for a beginner who struggled to dodge shit in undertale? lmao

Anonymous 3846


Imperishable Night (TH8) is widely considered easiest due to how generous it is in giving lives. It's also somewhat easier than UT because you can see your hitbox & the screen is much bigger.
Just keep in mind that it took me a few years of practice to clear on Easy and if I focus on one game exclusively, a few months for a 1'CC.
If all else fails you, there's always the fighting games which are a mix of beat em up, combos and decks that anyone can spam which some fans prefer because they're still official.
Good luck, don't mind the game mechanics and you can give them a shot here:

Anonymous 3854

TH15 might also be a good choice because it comes with a mode that removes lives and continues and instead replaces them with a checkpoint system. In a sense it's more difficult than the others, but since you can just retry the small segments over and over it doesn't matter if you fail them once, twice or ten times.

Anonymous 3945

2hu is like the first thing I ever got into.
Started watching the IOSYS videos way back in 2007 and haven't looked back.

Anonymous 4033

Anonymous 4124


Been playing for almost a decade and I've just now discovered how much playing for score can help with actually completing the game. Totally underestimated the number of lives you could get that way. What a 9 huh.
>getting into the NEC PC-9800 computer Series.
Someone else?! How's your journey into that world going? Any games you like?

Anonymous 4330


wow I always thought 2hu was near exclusively a sausagefest
I started with EoSD (Touhou 6) so I personally find that one the easiest, but I'm probably biased. >>3846 might be right.

Anonymous 4406

What about 2hu do you guys like? Who're your top three characters?

Anonymous 4855


Flandre, Mokou, Koishi. Actually most of the times its the extra stage bosses I end up enjoying the most, I think because of their theme songs are all so good, and because they have longer fights it's fun to get more used to their spellcards, and even looking into the history of their spells.

Anonymous 4856


I don't have the patience for danmaku games but reading and watching videos relating to touhou are fun.
Hijiri is my favorite

Anonymous 4857

and Sumireko

Anonymous 5261

Any of you miners played the new Touhou game? I really enjoyed it, and I love the newest main boss, she's cool. Won't post any spoilers in case ppl here haven't played yet.

Anonymous 5262


My number one favourite is Marisa, always has been. My other two favourites would have to be Patchouli and Satori.

What's kept me into Touhou all this time has to be the music arranges though, I have my favourite circles that I follow new releases from every comiket and it's a majority of what I listen to.

Anonymous 5266


I did! I actually beat the extra stage boss on my 4th try, and 1cc'd on normal on my first try of the full game. I might try to do it again without using the power ups, though it can be hard to avoid since there is usually so many of them…

The only EX stages I have left to clear now are 9, 12, 13 and 14.

Eika still remains my favourite character from 17.

Anonymous 5268

It's pretty good, the music especially. Stage 6, 1, 4 and 5th boss theme are my favourite

I also managed blind 1cc with wolf youmu, I was pretty surprise since that's the first time I managed to blind 1cc, but all things considered the amount of free bombs you get with the beast spirits makes it pretty easy.

Anonymous 5281

I almost managed to accidentally perfect stage 6 of WBaWC but I got hit at the very last second of the last spellcard. Feels bad.

Anonymous 5290


better luck next time!

Anonymous 5326

I like Touhou and have been a very casual fan of the popular cover songs. I've only gotten into the games recently through watching youtube videos (I haven't had luck in getting my computer to run the couple games I downloaded).

The passion fans have for it still astounds me. I hope to beat a few of the games on easy mode eventually, and learn more about the characters. Something I've been wondering is, what official stuff (such as manga) is there besides games?

Anonymous 5327


I feel like with touhou the possibilities are endless in terms of drawing and creating. The characters have great designs and a lot to work with.

For official things well there is the music CD's zun releases. They usually have a story to them as well. The first one being Dolls in Psuedo Paradise

Anonymous 5328

meant to reply to

Anonymous 6731

marisa 4.jpg

Does anyone here play 2hu 12.3 (Hisoutensoku)? I just started playing it recently, it's super fun. So far I like playing Remilia and Marisa the most

Anonymous 6778

Hisoutensoku is great! In fact, it has quite the following, if you want to connect with a larger community of people and have games online, you can join the #hisouten Discord (I feel bad advertising it like this, but it would be fun to have cc users over there!)

Anonymous 6807

mari and reimu 4.p…

I'm in the server already actually! It has a ton of resources for learning the game. Are you also a beginner or are you experienced?

Anonymous 6813


That's great then! I've been at it for quite a while now, although I'm not nearly as active as I was in the past. I would like to call myself experienced, you probably know how hard it is to graduate as a beginner however. Now I try to keep it casual. How is it for you?

I'm really amazed though how 12.3 was kept alive, many tournaments and interesting personalities. In any case, good fights to you!

Anonymous 6815

marisa 9.jpg

That's so cool, what character(s) do you play? I'm not too experienced with traditional fighters but I've played a lot of smash, so it's not been too hard to learn :)

Anonymous 6818


Meiling! Originally I faithfully used Yuyuko, but I switched things up. I also try to keep my alts competent, so I have at least some confidence in using Patchouli, Iku and Suika.

The only things I played before 12.3 were 13.5/14.5, but 12.3 is quite unique, I'm not sure I would call it a traditional fighter. It took some time to get used to the weather/card/graze mechanics, although I still forget individual weather effects.

I wonder if you're a Marisa main :o

Anonymous 6822


You're right it's not exactly a traditional fighter since it's got the other interesting mechanics of deck building and grazing. I'm feeling alright with those but still can't remember what all the different weather conditions are too lol.

Funny you switched from the best zoner in the game to a melee focused character, it must be good having alts with different playstyles to cover your character's weaknesses.

I've not played enough of each character to really get a feel for each one but so far I feel most suited to Marisa and Remilia. I tend to like characters that have high mobility and favour aggressive playstyles. I'm practicing Remi right now since people recommend you learn one character first, then it gets easier to pick up new ones once you get the basics.

Anonymous 6823


>Funny you switched from the best zoner in the game to a melee focused character, it must be good having alts with different playstyles to cover your character's weaknesses.
The plan was to at some point focus again on Yuyuko, because I was sort of over-relying on her supreme kit. Incidentally I struggled the most against rushdown, so this helps me understand the sort of mindset I need to play against it, learn basic mechanics of the game more rigorously and have fun, because Meiling is awesome!

I recommend you take your time and try the entire cast, otherwise you might be tempted to switch in the future. This isn't necessarily negative though, you'll end up having one more character to play in your roster! I agree on what people say, to get good you should most definitely find the one character you want to focus on. Although I think you're well aware that Remi's movement is fairly unorthodox.

Anonymous 6824

remi hat.jpg

That's interesting, rushdown tactics seems like Yuyuko weakness since she has low mobility, but once she gets her bullets set up they're super tough to deal with.

I've played a bit of each character and read on their respective pages on the wiki to get an idea of each one. Even though Remi's dash and flight mechanics are unusual I like her a lot. I also enjoyed Sakuya but tbh that's probs cause she's just incredibly good and straightforward to play lol.

Anonymous 9438


I know this is an old post by now but
> Something I've been wondering is, what official stuff (such as manga) is there besides games?
It’s mostly just games and manga, though there’s some ebooks too.

If you want a recommendation I think Forbidden Scrollery (pic rel) is by far the best touhou manga, and it’s definitely the one that focuses most on world building if that’s what you’re looking for. It also doesnt really require familiarity with the games. None of the manga really do, except Silent Sinner In Blue for which you really need to play 6 7 and 8 before reading.

Check out moriyashrine.org they have links to all the official stuff that’s been released. Figuring out what order to read everything might be tricky, but honestly that sense of piecing things together is just kind of part of the touhou experience.

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