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BNHA Anonymous 4120

A thread for the discussion (and memes) of BNHA. I know some of you have to be reading this. And if you're not, you can give it a try below.

Anonymous 4123


all the guys are hot and i love them

Anonymous 4128

he'd look better with his hair down

Anonymous 4133

I love My hero! I haven't read the manga yet though, but I did watch the movie that came out this year and I loved it. I took the train to the next city to watch it and everything. Haha. I actually wrote like a fanfic on it too -cough-

Anonymous 4140



I haven't read the manga either, planning to read it soon though.

What's your fic about, anon?

Anonymous 4141

Haven't read the manga but have watched the anime. It started off strong. I liked the world-building and the idea that people without quirks are considered unusual but still have an important place in society. Loved Midoriya's character and his obsession with researching quirks, it made a lot of sense for him and made him memorable. But now it's gone to shit. The "plot" doesn't focus on building the characters anymore, the characters act OOC most of the time and Midoriya's knowledge isn't brought up anymore, getting rid of the one thing that was interesting/unique about him. It's just non-stop gratuitous fanservice (the female characters in cheerleading outfits…the female characters in swimsuits…the female characters naked…yay I definitely wanted to see minors sexualised) so it went from being an inspirational, action-filled shonen to your bog-standard, drab slice-of-life where each episode is an excuse to have your ~fave~ in some new outfit. It's like one painfully long fanfic. Idk how anyone enjoys it anymore.

Anonymous 4142

BakuDeku haha

Anonymous 4152



I was hoping it would be a Bakudeku fic

Can you please link it, anon?

Anonymous 4170

I-It's not very good at all anon. Don't get your hopes up literally at all. Bakugou is a bit OOC which is why I'm reworking on re-writing it eventually.

Anonymous 4171

I actually read your writing from the lolcow fanfic thread lol

I was the anon that replied to your post, nice to hear from you again btw

Anonymous 4172

LOL well fuck, Hi again

Anonymous 4173



Hi again! sorry if it seems that I'm stalking you lol

So are you planning to rework the current chapters you've already written or update the story with a new chapter, anon?

Anonymous 4174

Honestly both. I so desperately want to just release the new chapter already. So I'll most likely release the chapter first and then rework the earlier chapters. And by the time the next chapter is up the others should be finished.

Anonymous 4176


>Idk how anyone enjoys it anymore.
I'm keeping up with it in hopes it gets better. Putting aside his sexualization of the female characters (which I honestly don't mind, I'm gay and they're cartoons w/c) he's completely given up on writing them. Ochako hasn't seen good development since the Bakugou incident.

And speaking of development I'm not too fond of the way Hori is handling arcs and his villains…I'm desperately wishing for him to use them in an interesting way and give us a plot that'll make me worry about something rather than yet another tourney/rescue arc

Anonymous 17793


Agree and same.

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