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deviantART Anonymous 4452

I know it's dead now, but I wanted to talk about deviantART nostalgia.

Who did you follow?
Did you create and post on there?
Ever used the forums?
Memories and anecdotes?

Anonymous 4453


I used to love the emoticons dA had. I wonder if there's a place I can download them all together.

Anonymous 4454


I got my start as a photographer on dA, god, the memories…

First I started out making cringy emo/fantasy photo manipulations like pic related (not mine) pieced together from stock photo accounts with no regard for perspective or lighting, then eventually I got more into actual photography.

Anonymous 4455


I used to follow all these young female photographers like larafairie (pic related). I taught myself photography and editing techniques by studying other people's photos and going through all the extremely shitty tutorials to find a few tricks that worked for what I wanted to achieve. For years my biggest wish was to get a Daily Deviation and I'd compare myself to the ones who made it all the time.

It was a fun place and pretty positive but really cringy. I learned a lot and made good connections and ended up working with a lot of people and getting decent photography experience and working my way up the ladder.

Anonymous 4457


Never forget snapesnogger & other crappy harry potter fanart

Anonymous 4458


Oh no… why did you have to remind me…

Anonymous 4459

He's so creepy with all these details up close

Anonymous 4460

DA will be reborn now that tumblr is dead. Will grow from 2 active users to 3.

Anonymous 4468


I loved the ridiculous overly specific stamps and I used to read fanfics on there before I found out fanfic.net was a thing lol!

Anonymous 4470


omg, the stamps. I collected so many LOST ones…

yes, I created and posted one million shitty wallpapers I made with pre-made PS stamps and backgrounds

Anonymous 4474


Oh god why.
TP is my favourite disney by far, why must you taint it for me like this.

Anonymous 4521


Anonymous 4522

<Mature Content>
No no no no no.
Oh god no.

Anonymous 4525


Yes yes yes yes yes.

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