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best boy.jpg

Husbando Thread Anonymous 45

Post pics of your husbando (or waifu!)
Bonus for explaining why + any merch you may have for them.
Pic related.

Anonymous 46

cherry husband.gif

I guess I'll kick this off with more about mine.
Kakyoin is probably my favourite character from anything ever. He's a reclusive weirdo with an autist level passion for vidya and random general knowledge. He is aesthetically pretty femme for a dude but hates being subservient to others- something doujin authors need to remember more.
Of the 17 figurines of him made, I own a copy of 12 of them, with the other 5 likely to be in my collection within the next few months. I also have a tonne of random merch for him, both official and non.

Anonymous 47

best boy.png

I love Niles from Fire emblem Fates. The characters from this game aren't particularly deep or anything, he just has a lot of things I like in fictional characters:
>acts like a creepy pervert and an asshole to protect himself from others but becomes adorable and romantic if you marry him
>dark skin and white hair + eyepatch
>really useful in gameplay
>Takehito Koyasu

I'm still salty about the shitty localization, not only because they changed his name in a completely different one (Zero in the Japanese version) for no good reason, but also because they changed a bunch of dialogues for no reason in the most awkward ways possible:
>supports with the MC is the same regardless of gender because the protagonist stating that they're both man to highlight that they're both bi is homophobic apparently
>removes his love confession in his S support scene and replaced it with some shitty line that shows he's a pervert so it makes him seem way more shallow and maybe not sincere after all. Same with completely innocent lines in the "my room" minigame.

To be honest I have a bunch of husbandos, I should make a chart to list them or something.

I love Kakyoin, he's a really fun character. I expected him to be the delicate bishonen that contrasts with Jotaro because of how the fans see him and that wasn't the case after all. Now I kind of want to watch Stardust Crusaders again and maybe actually finish it (I read the manga).

Anonymous 59


I'm not very original, but I'm going with Garrus Vakarian from Mass Effect.

I can't explain it I just think he's hot. The aliens are way more interesting to me than the humans visually.

Anonymous 61


He's just so friendly and strong. I think partying with him would be a very fun time. He's also inspirational.
Wish I could be the rider of this Rider ♥ (kill me)

Anonymous 62


Absolute Husbando, Worick Arcangelo.
He's tall, handsome, friendly, caring, laid back. Plus I'm sure that d game stronk!!!

Anonymous 96


i must be a masochist or something but i am just really attracted to Dr. Stein. he's weird, quirky and slightly insane and apathetic. yet his character has a caring and loving side while still being really aloof and badass. plus, smoking in anime is hot.

Anonymous 154


Elliott from Stardew Valley.

He's the dreamy, romantic poet type. He wrote a book dedicated to me, makes me coffee in the morning, and always has something sweet to say to me.

Anonymous 167


>zevran won't ask "si amor?" in updated graphics
>why live

I used to be Alistair all the way, but when i played a psycho elf that killed everyone and went with Zevran i was smitten for life.
Alistair is still first main DA husbando, and fenris comes close to both of them guess i have a thing for eleves in dragon age

Anonymous 170


Okabe Rintarou from Steins;Gate.

He's smart, hardworking, funny, and cares deeply about his friends. He not only wants to save the world and make other people's dreams come true, but he works hard to make this all happen.

Also, he wears a lab coat.

Anonymous 173

Excuse you, that's HOUOUIN KYOUMA!

Anonymous 174


be still my heart

Anonymous 202


teldryn sero

he's so annoying and he won't wear any of the nice armor i gave him.
i love him so much i made him immortal

Anonymous 207

does he give off gay vibes to anyone else? just can't see him settling down with a woman. too bad, because i had the biggest crush on him in middle school.

Anonymous 224


He only loves you for your money!

Anonymous 329


Love the Elder Scrolls. Played Oblivion a shit ton when I was younger, had the biggest crush on Martin and his smooth voice.

Anonymous 330


>tfw he will never have me in his sights

I am 100% on board with the Reyes x Morrison ship though. Them having been secret past lovers with a relationship torn apart by Reyes jealousy and ego would just be too perfect. This is why I was never into the whole Soldier: 76 = Pharah's dad theory - I need him to be my corn-fed Indiana prettyboy homo.

Anonymous 360


I have multiple husbandos, what I have noticed is that a lot of them are like the quiet, serious but would probably bang your brains out of you-type.

Like pic related, Sesshomaru (I was the anon that posted him in lolcow so I wont do that here), Vega from Street Fighter, etc etc

Anonymous 1242


Own posters and figures

Anonymous 1251


You have good taste friend.

Anonymous 1273


OP here, I've finally put most of my merch in a deltof if anyome would be interested in seeing.
I've also found a new husbando (tho Kak will always be #1)- Raiden from MGS. I regret not getting into the series earlier, he ticks all my boxes and they're fun to play.

Anonymous 1302

countdown yoru.jpg

My most recent husbando.
I love him even with his stupid ass haircut.

Anonymous 1304


My current husbando. With all that flickin' y'all know he must be GOAT at playing with your unmentionables <3

Anonymous 1305


My love for him will never die!! I have a crush on Ranma too, but my ultimate husband is Ryoga.

Anonymous 1329


Vanitas from Vanitas no Carte makes me just….hnnnnngggggg

Anonymous 2099


To say that the cult around this boy was huge years ago would be an understatement.
There's still run off that persists today and even for people who know nothing about Dangan Ronpa he's always the weird hope-obsessed boy.
My Komaeda fever is dying down after about three years but he still has a special place in my heart with fond memories.
Especially for being one the most nuanced, strange, charming and interesting characters in the series. Still love you and all that you've brought to me, Nagito!

Anonymous 2101


bad taste. yandere sensei is best boy.

Anonymous 2106

Travis Moe Transpa…

I have a thing for stupid, pathetic men.

Anonymous 2109


Started playing Yakuza 0 when it came out in the US and instantly fell in love with Majima. Been playing the other Yakuza games and he's is still #1 in my heart!

Anonymous 2111


10/10 anons keep the good taste

I feel in love with this manbaby in the lowest of my weeabo years and i still love him, prideful, considerate, cute with a love of cute things and awful humor, its just a cute character that gives way to some explorations to make him even deeper than in canon

Anonymous 2116

kaneoya sachiko.pn…

Sometimes I get sick of men in anime being super fae-like, cute, soft and feminine pretty boys, so the men that this artist draws are perfect.
They're sexy, adult and are drawn in this bizarro universe where men are treated as the weaker sex who appear being dominated by women.
All of the guys Kaneoya Sachiko draws are my husbandos! A fair amount of her work is kinda smutty so I cut the bottom of this image off lol

Anonymous 2117

images (4).jpeg

God bless you for this, anon. You just opened a new world to me.

Anonymous 2169

cyrus generations.…

I'm completely in love with Cyrus from Pokemon. He's just so hot!

Anonymous 2174

Ghetsis generation…

I'm the anon who posted >>2169, wanted to mention I also like Ghetsis from Pokemon, and for the same reasons.

Anonymous 2183

images (20).jpeg


Anonymous 2227

There's no way I can be thankful enough, bless you for sharing, Anon.

Anonymous 2229


Cheren is still my favourite!

Anonymous 2230


He's so cute <3

Anonymous 2311


Anonymous 2312

Okarin is the perfect husbando and no one can deny.

Anonymous 2314

Good taste anon. You watch the anime or read the manga? Or maybe both?

Anonymous 2320


Top tier taste in anime too.

Anonymous 2323

I keep up with both manga and anime, but I think the first two seasons of the anime are a mistake.
They didn't even get his hair colour right? It's supposed to be a lighter blonde but they made him strawberry blonde and it really ticks me off.

Anonymous 2326

>but I think the first two seasons of the anime are a mistake
I don't know you but we're friends now. At least they're adapting arcs from the manga pretty well. I bet you're looking forward to the Green Witch arc, I was glad Finnian appeared more there.

Anonymous 2527


Patrician taste.

Anonymous 2544


My 2d husbando is the awful awful Strade, I hate his guts and also want him in my guts.

Anonymous 2545


I believe in Shinsou!
patrician taste

Anonymous 2546


Omfg yes unf. I think about him a lot.

Anonymous 2547

This guy looks like Finn (sp?) from that Rapunzel movie

Anonymous 2548

Heh, I guess he does look like Flynn from Tangled.
But he's actually Strade from Boyfriend to Death which is this horror-porn game :P

Anonymous 2549

Barely. Flynn's got paler skin and facial hair and looks a lot more kempt.

Anonymous 2550

Jonathan Joestar best joestar

Anonymous 2551


i never had a husbando until i watched that violet evergarden thing on netflix and now i want a full-blown daikamura of claudia hodgins
i like older guys, i guess. so many fictional characters i can't get into because they just strike me as immature.

Anonymous 2552

Good taste though I like Jolyne more, Jonathan is my second favorite Joestar he's so adorable.

Anonymous 2577


Anonymous 2578

images (14).jpeg

Anonymous 2579

unnamed (4).gif

Anonymous 2582


great taste

Anonymous 2583

Right back at you anon

Anonymous 2584


tfw ull never play vidya with him

Kaneoya's drawings are so hot.

Anonymous 2647


I'm so basic but he's too hot for me to bear…

Anonymous 4191


zim from invader zim

Anonymous 4194


Darius, from League of Legends

I love him because of this: https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/comic/darius/bloodofnoxus/

Anonymous 4195


Anonymous 4200

She is amazing. No one can make tired plain guys in large striped boxers look erotic the way she does.

Anonymous 4212


2D men make me question my sexuality, before I remember they are not real.
You can't make me decide between these two so I deal with it by kind of shipping them. They're more interesting together than they are individually anyway, as rivals, friends, or more.

Anonymous 4224


Just started reading vagabond, takezo is a snacc

Anonymous 4233


I have soooo many so I'm just gunna post one of them

Anonymous 4246


This dude, that is all

Anonymous 4257


sebastian from stardew valley! i love this boy way too much

Anonymous 4261


Dante from the Devil May Cry series, I love all versions of him except for the reboot.
>Bonus for explaining why
Might be a little bit of an "opposites attract" type thing. He's a lovable goof and kind of a dork at times despite trying to act macho/cool. He's not overly sensitive but I'd say he's more emotional too. He's a good person and cares about his friends, and he seems to get lonely easily. He had a hard life too.
Good taste, I recently started playing SDV and Sebastian is best boy in both looks and personality, in my opinion.

Anonymous 4264


Simon is one of my favorite characters in anime, I love him so much! He is very cute and has a fantastic character development arc! I actually rewatch the TTGL movies every few months or so, and I'd love to get some merch and things of him eventually!

Anonymous 4265


My sister.

Anonymous 4277


He is perfection.

Anonymous 4278


Superman is the perfect husband and father.

Anonymous 4280

>tfw dated the irl version of this but emotionally stunted workaholic is hard to deal with

Anonymous 4283

2D > 3D!

Anonymous 4284


What about the fact that he'll inevitably go all injustice on everyone?
Besides there's only one mild mannered journalist superhero anyone should want to marry, and he'd probably be more fun to hang out with anyway. Plus he's sworn off Stacy because she fell off a bridge.

Anonymous 4294



Anonymous 4306

does anyone have a husbando with a personality thats not a one dimensional cliche/trope? is it even possible?

Anonymous 4310


For me, it's Jade.
Depends on what you consider to be one-dimensional. If you find all the characters in this thread to be that way, it could be a matter of your personal taste or just that you prefer more realistic flaws.

Anonymous 4311

omg my hacker babe, I genuinely love Saeyoung so much. His route is my favorite along with Saeran's route.

Anonymous 4312


>he'll inevitably go all injustice on everyone?
only in edgy side comics/events. he's a good boy, he would never in canon.

>this will never be me

Anonymous 4313


Even in cannon he acknowledges that it's probably gonna happen. His best friend and godfather to his child spends his days preparing for the day he goes nuts.
Everbody likes Peter though.

Anonymous 4314


Batman has prepared for the day the entire justice league goes nuts. The DC line up is full of gods so I don't blame him. Superman is an extremely caring, wonderful man.

Petey is cute but he's a lil boy compared to Clark.

Anonymous 4315

I just don't agree with the idea that the canon Clark can't/won't turn bad. The whole batman vs superman thing is so ingrained in their dynamic that it's pretty much treated as inevitable. It's like saying Gwen Stacy isn't gonna die.
Jonathan and Damian are still adorable though.

Anonymous 4316


Forgot pic.

Anonymous 4317


Clark going bad literally only happens when he's mind controlled or whatever or in an elseworld story. Why can't people believe that a character can be wholly good in a comic book story? There's no reason for that logic. There's no precedent for Superman just becoming evil in canon. He's a good boy through and through. Batman and superman's dynamics depend on the asshole writing the story. The batman/superman comic from 2003 was the cutest thing I've ever read tbh. I'm sick of the edgefests.

yes I agree, superboy and robin are adorable

Anonymous 4318


Anonymous 4337

>>4233 he's my latest obsession ever since i started rewatching the series

Anonymous 4354

He's the best I love him

Anonymous 4382


any other fans of classic manga here?

>tfw no grumpy, greedy, yet kind hearted patchwork doctor bf

how bad is it if he was one of the many things that inspired me to go to med school?

Anonymous 4399


Ive always had a soft spot for villains. Also hes adorable and i love his cheeky attitude and swagger.

I cant find any merch of him otherwise id buy some.

Anonymous 4400


my chart also, looks like a lot of you share my taste?

Anonymous 4401

who's the blond

Anonymous 4403


Alucard Tepes from Castlevania anime. He's like 12 in that pic.

Anonymous 4404


thank you thank you!

Anonymous 4430


all of you have only 5 seconds to tell me why nobody has posted this guy over here

Anonymous 4433


Tell me, what is the appeal of Kakyoin? I don't understand why he is so popular. I mean he was pretty cool when he beat that baby but it's kinda lame when your best moment is defeating a baby.

Anonymous 4435

Effeminate man. Kind of person to call for help the first thing he sees someone in peril. In fact, I believe he does just that in the justice chapter. The first of these kinds of characters you'll discover reading through the series. Jonathan's technically the first, but everyone mostly decries him for being too "fantastic". Kakyoin provides a nice middle-ground that stays staple to the series even today.

Anonymous 4448


Trainer Red from Pokemon! specifically from the Pokemon Special Manga, although I have a soft spot for the original design from the first games. There's just something that I find really cute about how he's so heroic and kind, and how he grows and progresses as a character.
I hope that they eventually make Pokemon manga merch, for now I really want that ArtFX scale statue of him, and his Nendoroid! (also maybe a dakimakura hhh)

Anonymous 4483


I love Shinji so much, I am almost twice his age now though so he is not really my husbando anymore but I still have nostalgia for when I was his age and used to daydream about how we could love each other and help each other overcome our problems.

Anonymous 4506


God-tier taste in husbando and anime.
But I'm never going to get over this man.

Anonymous 4509


God tier huh? nta but I started out with liking his manlet friend then something went wrong and I ended up falling for him instead. It feels like shit, i've cried too many times about him, i would've felt embarassed if only i didn't have so much feels
It must be like this with any of them, rein included

Anonymous 4726


Anonymous 4745


Eusine is my crush from wayback.

Anonymous 4766


I have a think for moderately buff bald guys.
I wish there were more in anime that weren't either 1) comic relief characters, or 2) side characters that get next to zero showtime sigh
I think I'm in the minority though.

Anonymous 4770


You're not alone!

Anonymous 4879


watched too much DBZ as a young lass entering puberty and now I'm going to die alone because I only have the hots for Goku

Anonymous 4880


You're not alone in your tastes… I'm afraid I'm kind of trashy in comparison. I always had a crush on Vegeta but also wanted to overpower him in a fight, if that makes sense. I became a fujoshi at a young age.

Anonymous 4882

>father figure
>pragmatic fighter
>always seeking to improve himself
>prince of his entire kin

Anonymous 4883


Trashy in the sense that I want to bend him over and fuck him until he can't walk without a limp, bite him all over, and other acts of erotic sadism. He could take it. He's durable..

Anonymous 4899

goku anon here, I also love Vegeta.
same. I would give anything to dominate the shit out of Vegeta. there's just something about him ya know

Anonymous 4903

Truly, a woman after my own heart. I like Goku, as well, but for me he's more of a self-insert fantasy, or, the kind of person I aspire to be more like. I hope you find your Goku.

Anonymous 4949


I think this guy is just good taste because I don't even watch DB but Vegeta can get it

Anonymous 5001


I have a bit of a crush on Red too. I'm not even sure why. Something about him is really very nice.

As for Husbando, I'm torn, but I guess I have to go with Hisoka for now. He's pretty lovely

Anonymous 5023


it's either Guts, Saitama, or Yusuke.

Anonymous 5024


my fav

Anonymous 5028


Strahd. Sadly there's really no merch beyond the D&D books

Anonymous 5038


holy shit i played this campaign and my dm turned his charisma up to the MAX

also, jonathan is best jojo :)

Anonymous 5039


I love Garrus. His voice is so soothing and I like how his relationship with Shepherd develops over the course of the trilogy. I’ve played a lot of weebshit VNs but no character comes close to what I felt for Garrus when playing ME3.

Anonymous 5043

Same. My boyfriend DMed the campaign for me solo and it was really intense and made me feel some kind of way.

Anonymous 5208


I love snake. he is a survivor, tough, takes no shit, always fights for good. I just want to cuddle with him in Alaska uWu. He is my all time husbando <3 [spoiler[I want him inside me[/spoiler]

Anonymous 5210

having a snake bf would be pretty crap tbh.

snake bf lying in bed with you in the morning, you roll over to see his face but all you find is a blanket in the shape of him.

snake bf should be back from work soon, you hear a little bump from outside, turn to the door and there's just some big box delivery sitting at the door.

snake bf going christmas shopping with you, he asks "CHRISTMAS?!" and then lambasts your choice of purchase, claiming that the decorative parts offer no advantage unless you're planning to auction it off as a collector's item. you take it home and he stuffs it in a locker.

snake bf eating dinner with you, he just stabs at his plate with a fork and the pasta disappears. also, he looks just like a chair.

sometimes he calls you "the snake eater" as a pet name.

Anonymous 5239


My husbando and the best UC Gundam pilot in my books. A great leader to his team who also has a goofy and softer side. Knows what really matters in the grand scheme of things.

Anonymous 5440

[Dekinai] Shinseik…

Anonymous 5452


I don’t have one husbando because I have many that I love equally, but the first husbando I fell in love with was Mori from Ouran High School Host Club. I tend to fall for the strong, silent types who have a soft side. Unfortunately I don’t have any merchandise.

Anonymous 5483


Anonymous 5489

what's his name?

Anonymous 5490

Anonymous 5646

I felt like I wrote this.
I want to marry that depressed eastward. Hey nothing like the typical guys I get a fixation over but he's my long term boo.

Anonymous 5729


Absolutely nothing tops him.

Anonymous 5730


Sideshow Bob. God, I want to have his sophisticated babies.

Anonymous 5772


Not my main hoe.
I always fall for the evil//mad doctor stereotype (or just the asshole who experiments with poisons or will experiment on you). Everytime there one of these assholes in a game, I main him. Just cold hearted and calculating bastards. Just nnnnffffffhhh.

Anonymous 5775


Oooh Keiichi!

Anonymous 5776

I didnt know this game existed until this post
Now Im obsessed

Anonymous 6011


I want to fuck Gyro Zeppeli so bad. He's just… so cool I don't even know how to explain it. Too bad this pic is just a 3D render…

Anonymous 6031


Anonymous 6032

I always fall for the weak, silent type who is tough in love but soft with others.

Not kidding.

Anonymous 6033


DILF McCoppin.

Top tier.

Anonymous 6034

Daddy Sumpreme

Anonymous 6036



Anonymous 6240


rare husbando is rare

Anonymous 6241



Anonymous 6247


Anonymous 6250


Jack from the game Puzzle Bobble 3 (released as "Bust-a-Move 99" in the US and "Bust-a-Move 3" in Europe.)

Anonymous 6296


Gantz anime reboot with Izumi never

Anonymous 6299


OK I know he is 17 but I was also 17 when I read the manga

Anonymous 6385


weird movie but oddly he's oddly endearing

Anonymous 6387


I can't be the only one.

Anonymous 6420


i just think he's neat! and he's also awfully cute and noble and…he's just perfect.

Anonymous 6442


Good taste anon

Anonymous 6455


<3 him

Anonymous 6456

"You're saying you're interested in me?"

Anonymous 6467


I love this man so much and he doesn't even have a name

Anonymous 6470

WHO IS THIS ARTIST I'm in love with this man too. That goddamn unshaven face and striped boxer shorts. Fuck

Anonymous 6471

Nvm it was mentioned in an earlier post I am retard.

Anonymous 6490


i've been playing a lot of ff7 remake lately and i have it bad for cloud.. he's usually not the type of character i fall for

Anonymous 6498


As I age I begin to notice older characters. Sad how they retain their youth while we march towards death.

Anonymous 6499


you can never go wrong with a lazy old cat guy

Anonymous 6507


Anonymous 6522


i have a love-hate relationship with him

Anonymous 6548


but unironically

Anonymous 6562


hey soul sister

Anonymous 6570


I feel like an absolute subhuman,but here

Anonymous 6571

we should have a husbandos you are ashamed of thread

Anonymous 6617


Funny, wierd, caring and a hero
(Can be a bit too law-abiding)

Anonymous 6625

I just watched two Satoshi Kon movies because of the Memania posts in this thread. I must say I quite enjoyed them.

Anonymous 6632

They did surprisingly good with the movie adaptation.

Anonymous 6633


Haiji Kiyose from Run with the Wind, I love him so much. He’s literally the ideal male, wish I could find someone like him irl. Did I mention that I really love him?

Anonymous 6648

Which ones?

Anonymous 6702

Perfect Blue and Paprika

Anonymous 6854


Meet the love of my life

Anonymous 6858


I'm still 200 episodes or so behind, as I take long breaks from watching, but this guy has been my ichiban husbando since high school. I've got enough stuff for an itabag but haven't gotten around to getting a bag yet, and have a mid-tier fine jewelry company collab ring meant to represent his character.

Anonymous 6962


i've got a few other guys i adore, but nothing will beat my decade long attachment to this guy. i remember being pretty put off by his design at first, but his whole character arc really resonated with me. then i got my filthy hands on p3p and it all went downhill from there

Anonymous 6974


He couldn't possibly be contained.

Anonymous 7028


please help im falling in love

Anonymous 7030

Bit late no? Like those guys that get obsessed with Betty Boop.

Anonymous 7031

I’m notoriously late on getting into things. I’d heard the music before in passing, but I’d never saw the videos or anything until the last week or two when they came up in a YouTube mix.
Better late than never?

Anonymous 13213


Anything with this bone structure.
I like men in armour.

Anonymous 14638


Why haven't they posted the best husbando yet?

Anonymous 14842


I'm so in love with him

Anonymous 15032


not super into idol games anymore, but god i love adonis. i love everyone in undead and they're all def my favourites in enstars but adonis is my absolute fav. total boyfriend material.

Anonymous 15289


Anonymous 15681



Anonymous 16757


Anonymous 16758


Anonymous 16761


Anonymous 16840


he's noel from witch's heart if u wanted to know. good game, lots of husbandos (waifus too), big recommend

Anonymous 16947

Started it recently. So far I like ashe bradley, despite how many times he's kills claire

Anonymous 16959


Of all FKMT characters you chose him, incredible taste

Anonymous 16960

51 - SL9Z67e.jpg

Anonymous 17019


I love him with all my heart.

Anonymous 17020


Anonymous 17102


i heard his voice and fell HARD-

Anonymous 17103


Anonymous 17109


Anonymous 17110


>tfw no hopeful short bf to bully

Anonymous 17111


I want him to put me in a cage. I do need protection from myself
I would cheer Kaiji on so much but he is legitimately awful in the later parts of the manga

Anonymous 17116

He's cute! What game is he from?

Anonymous 17117

Anonymous 17123


Anonymous 17141

観音坂 独歩(82745119).p…

Anonymous 17146


Hypmic? I can't help but love this one.

Anonymous 17327


There's a lot of fictional guys and some girls I like but god I really love Majima.

Anonymous 17335

aghh anon. it hurts me so much that he's not real. a perfect man.

Anonymous 17337


Anonymous 17339


Apollo Justice is a fucking manlet and I love him for that

Anonymous 17342

thas rite i like h…

I regret nothing

Anonymous 17351


Same here. He's definitely a keeper.

Anonymous 17384


I have no shame.

Anonymous 17385


He’s very handsome~

Anonymous 17387

Anonymous 17476


He's so unpopular and overshadowed by the girls in his series it makes me sad

Anonymous 17502


He reminds me of Misato

Anonymous 17508


How does this make you feel?

Anonymous 17509


What's with the sudden boost in animaniacs popularity? I just saw some twitter retard with a Yakko ahegao profile pic

Anonymous 17510

Because of their 2020 tv series? Surprised you find an ahegao pic of Yakko other than the plethora lewds of anime Dot

Anonymous 17623


thinking about him……..

Anonymous 17659


Anonymous 17695


yamaguchi from haikyuu! the main reason that i watched and read the series is because i thought he was cute kek

Anonymous 17706

good taste!

Anonymous 17952


I love all of them, they're perfect to me

Anonymous 17954

somebody's got a type lol. Patrician taste

Anonymous 17955


hrngnnhnn he's so cool and stuff opm has the best husbandos

Anonymous 17959


lol yeah, thanks anon. Do you know all of them? How would you describe my type?

Anonymous 17972


My long-time husbando will be relevant again, the future seems no longer so bleak!

Anonymous 17977


This punk (from SW3) and Mitsuhide.
I love musician/edgy characters in general
he's so beautiful it makes me sad.

Anonymous 18072


absolute patrician taste itt

pic related is a husbando of mine, I guess I have a thing for intelligent, bold and formerly beautiful terrorists/freedom fighters

Anonymous 18086


Anonymous 18106


I guess this makes me a basic bitch but god Dimitri. I haven't finished his route yet, but I found his personality transition (or deterioration lol) from pre to post timeskip so attractive, especially that one cutscene where he went all crazy when he found out Edelgard was the flame emperor. It's cringy to admit because I thought I Was too old to fall for that kind of edgelord shit but I guess I was wrong. I think about him so much I even had a dream about him KEK. I don't think I've simped this hard for 2d since I was thirteen.

I don't have any merch though I'd love to buy some- it just doesn't seem that there is much for Fe3h? All I've really seen is that one scale figure of Edelgard and the Byleth amiibo.

Anonymous 18140

This old ass elf can fucking GET it

Anonymous 18378


for me, it's sniper. i don't know what it is about him but i think about him all the time. i daydream about marrying him and going on hikes and buying a little house out in the middle of nowhere and growing old with him. my love is reaching schizophrenia levels

Anonymous 18585


Ciel Phantomhive, king of shotas and my heart. He's just so cute and squishy. If he tried to kill me I wouldn't even fight back. It's funny because I used to hate his guts when I was younger because of how much of a snooty brat he is. But now I love him exactly because he is a snooty brat. Oh how the turn tables…

Anonymous 18650

Based. Most people prefer Sebastian. Good to see someone that differs, real talk tho both are great.

Anonymous 18654


Yes! I agree 100%. I love them both as well but if I had to choose only one of them I'd definitely go with Ciel. I just find him so cute.

Anonymous 18665

omg anon dante was my first love

Anonymous 18727


This is the exact thing that happened to me

Anonymous 18738


Anonymous 18774

uno_yu_ji - 113561…

My god I love this edgelord. I don't even care if it's cringe. I have three plushies of him, a themed blanket, and a keychain I imported from Japan.

He's brave, he's cute and handsome, he's cool, he's strong, his powers are awesome, he's quick-witted and cunning, he's got a good heart beneath his rough exterior, he's led a terribly unfair life and chose to fight through it despite his hurt, he's inspiring to me and he's also all alone in the world. I want to be there for him. He deserves love and happiness! I'd dedicate my entire soul to making him content, happy and relaxed in my arms.

He's helped me through bad times, he's given me motivation to improve myself, he's there for me in my heart when I feel all alone. I genuinely want to spend the rest of my life with him.

Anonymous 18777


Argonavis has some great dudes.

I think that's cute not cringe.

Anonymous 18784


a cute househusbando and the reason i started playing the game.big fucking mistake. it's not fair sisters.

Anonymous 18794

i love shadow the hoodgehog

Anonymous 18795


>You will never perform unspeakable experiments on people for decades but get away with everything because he's seduced most of his would-be assassins with pure charisma(and sometimes mind control)and made enormous contributions to your society in pursuit of knowledge with this be-tailed devil and his husbando
I love them together better, but Bondrewd is love Bondrewd is life.

Anonymous 18804


‘If you were aiming for my heart, you’ve struck true. This was meant to be…’

Anonymous 18810


Anonymous 19004


Happy 57th birthday to Majima! Hope you all have a wonderful Friday night!

Anonymous 19047


Anonymous 19060


I’m gonna miss him…

Anonymous 19120


It might be furfaggotry, but I love Klonoa so much it's unreal.

Anonymous 19122

Dang Klonoa is really wonderful. I am not usually into fur stuff but I loved him ever since I was a kid. He has more personality than most platform mascots. At the ending of Klonoa 2 he is so perfect

Anonymous 19151


Ginko is literally all I ever wanted in life. His overall chill demeanor makes me want to make tea and watch rainfall. Good man.

Anonymous 19163

YES for Ginko I feel pure love

Anonymous 19177

Extremely based.

Anonymous 19179

I am so glad I am not the only one, he is so freaking cute <3

Anonymous 19189


It's time to make my presence known

Anonymous 19192

Any manga charecter that has the possibility of being a good father makes me cream

Anonymous 19193

Anonymous 19202


Atlas was hot idc what anyone says. I actually hate that he turned out not to actually be who he claimed he was, I always fantasise that he's still a man of the people

Anonymous 19203

fucking based

Anonymous 19320


To be honest I don't even like this site much due to the femcel threads and their frequency, but still wanted to tell people that I loved him.
Thanks anon.

Anonymous 19325

I used to be into waifuism, took it very seriously. Not anymore, though.
However, I do have a husband right now, but not gonna post him.
What I can say is that he's good with kids even though he starts as kind of an asshole, which is one of the many things I love about him.

Oh yeah, definitely. NTA but when I first played Ace Attorney, I wanted to be his daughter so bad. So he was my "fictional dad", which I guess would be the father equivalent of a husbando.

Anonymous 19336

Cuz he's an asshole and kind of misogynistic? Many people find him bland too (not that I necessarily agree with the latter)
>I mean he was pretty cool when he beat that baby but it's kinda lame when your best moment is defeating a baby.
Araki really did him dirty. Right when he comes back from being in the hospital for almost half of the manga, he loses, and then dies.

(sage for doublepost)

Anonymous 19337


Anonymous 19411

What’s wrong with being a femcel?

Anonymous 19475


My eternal husbando

Anonymous 19476


The only one I would like to iron.

Anonymous 19485

Hah, same

Anonymous 19695



Anonymous 19704


I have loved him since original Hitman. I don't know why. He just does it for me. Assassin, gentleman, professional.

I have as much swag of him as possible including figures and books. I have a very sad obsession.

Anonymous 19706

Names are for friends, so I don't need one.

Anonymous 19756


Faith Seed from Farcry 5

I could have fixed her or let her put me on Bliss and literally kill me <3

Anonymous 19885


I was trying to groom a guy friend and suggested we should watch JJBA, and I developed a crush on Speedwagon over the moid. I thought I'd had husbandos but this time I was feeling genuine love and adoration, like my brain couldn't tell he wasn't real. He's perfect.

Anonymous 19908


Irie from Higurashi

Anonymous 19986


Haha cute japanese school student go bite to death!

Anonymous 20830


New husbando acquired.
I guess he's not actually a new character, but his localisation is new so…

Anonymous 20832

Fuck I forgot to add this but it's his 'manic pixie dream boy' personality that does it for me. Also he's really cute I wanna slap him in his pretty face.

Anonymous 20880


I hardly have any attraction to anthro animals and Disney characters but I absolutely love José Carioca.

Anonymous 20883

The Three Caballeros are really underrated characters. I guess they made a new animated series for them, I should try it.

Anonymous 20886


José and Panchito are by far one of the best, fun and interesting Disney characters and I'd love to see more of them or at least be in Kingdom Hearts. I'm currently watching Legends of the Three Caballeros and it's actually pretty good though José's cigar and Panchito's guns were removed because it's a kids cartoon.

Anonymous 20923


s how am I supposed to cope with the fact that he isn't real?

Anonymous 20941



Anonymous 21169

I liked him so much when I was 13 but chapter 139 ruined him so bad. I hate AOT now

Don't remind me sis…

He's not a husbando of mine but I thought I was the only one who found him cute! All my friends liked Oikawa smh…

His passion is cute but love yourself sis… His perversion was absolutely disgusting

I thought I was the only one x2 everyone keeps thirsting for soon-to-be bed-ridden Komaeda

I love Misato too! God I love her so much, really annoyed at how the ladies in Evangelion were used for sexualising (especially in Rebuilds where it was never needed)

Anonymous 21173


Sometimes when I think of Shadow, I feel like I'm floating on the clouds. I feel my breathing get faster, sometimes my cheeks flush, sometimes my tummy has butterflies in it, sometimes I feel like squealing into my pillow. I love him. I want to spend my life with him.

In bed, listening to the pouring rain and thunder with Shadow, a comfy silence between us. He reads a book while I focus on the pitter patter of the water on the windows and roof.
Looking over at Shadow, briefly admiring how handsome he looks in the soft yellow light of the bedside lamp, before scooting closer and touching my leg with his. His eyes flicker over to me, wondering what I'm doing. He raises an eye ridge at my staring, before rolling his eyes a little and setting the book down on the night stand.
He tangles his legs with mine and we face eachother, foreheads touching, rain pouring, breathing soft.
I wish I could feel how passionate his kisses are. Imagining it feels like someone's sent a jolt of love through me. It's amazing, he's amazing.
I love you Shadow.

Anonymous 21197


I don't usually thirst after fictional characters but holy fuck Connor is the literal image of perfection in my eyes. Also loved the game he's in

Anonymous 21205


Not a big anime fan, but here goes:
Shun was my biggest childhood crush, I used to kiss my tube TV when he was on screen, don't ask me why.
Now recently Aizawa was just about the only thing I enjoyed about boku no hero.
I guess I just have a thing for anime guys with bottom energy

Anonymous 21209

kek i remember (and cringe) at my breakdown when 139.
I eventually deleted my Ereh folder out of rage and shame.

Anonymous 21275


Bes from Stalker even though he is minor character that can be skipped.

Anonymous 21279

late but i want to be your friend so bad

Anonymous 21317


good taste.

I like Hak from Yona of the Dawn. He's supportive and protective, and loves seeing Yona grow and values her optinion but is also v manly.

Anonymous 21324


because hot and tan

Anonymous 21334


Anonymous 21346


orga is such a good husbando,
amazing taste anon.. hhhng quq

my irl buddies call me a coal burner for liking him but i think he's the hottest anime dude ive seen

Anonymous 21359


I love Zolo

Anonymous 21360



When I first played P3P I went with Shinji bc he was taller and had more of a bad boy vibe, but on following playthroughs I found Akihiko to be a better fit for me.

I like his design in Arena

Anonymous 21384


Not a crush but definitely a husbando material and a character i like a lot

Anonymous 21394


he makes me very happy!

Anonymous 21398

who is this he looks cute :3

Anonymous 21399

Solaire of Astora, the "praise the sun" guy from Dark Souls

Anonymous 21404


AHEM He is just so charming and woodsy I want to make tea with him

Anonymous 21411

Anonymous 21451


I just need to protect him from Mara.
Every week they gotta put in new lines and lore that make the attraction even stronger~

Anonymous 21559


Ik I'm a basic bitch, but at least I'm honest. I'm surprised no one else has mentioned him yet

Anonymous 21560

is that the manlet dude from attack on titan?

Anonymous 21586

>>21560 yes… lmao, I like what I like, ok

Anonymous 21595

Good taste, Connor is cute.

Anonymous 21600


I'd bang Alucard like a screen door in a hurricane

Anonymous 21602

>tfw no muscular clean freak manlet boyfriend

Anonymous 21606


I found him very hot the first time I saw him then I fell in love after playing his story.

Anonymous 21637


This dummy.

>tragic past

>last warrior of his timeline
>beats a major villain right away
>has a SWORD
>denim jacket
>gets that really buff Broly-lite transformation that makes him look like a beast
He had everything.

Anonymous 21691


im a sucker for his undead form myself!

Anonymous 21696


Excellent taste!

Anonymous 21715


I like it too! All his forms are perfect tbh, the Spirit blossom one is just my favorite. I don't even get mad whenever I get hooked by him in game. He was awesome in the Shadow isles cinematic from Tales of Runeterra. I hope you have a good day, sis.

Anonymous 21736


Ohma from Kengan Ashura. I'm about to go on some autistic Ohmaposting so to stop myself I'm going to break my hands after I tell you that the idea of a beefy himbo fighter who is also stupid but kinda nice drives me wild

Anonymous 21737

I liked him until the author brought him back in Kengan Omega, now I despise everything he as a character represents from bullshit story-telling perspective. Thought the author had balls enough to actually kill a main character, but then he wimped out the bastard.

Anonymous 21738


I understand that


he is so cute

Anonymous 21761


This anime was made for me from the Adventure Time vibes to……him.
So close to becoming a husbandofag again. Save me, anons.

Anonymous 21762

If you don't wanna husbandofag again, then don't. Worked for me, at least.

Anonymous 21764

>just don't do the thing
Based self-control anon.
But honestly my real issue is I'm very lonely and so I actually kind of want to give in.

Anonymous 21765

Well, in my case I just did a few serious husbandofag things but didn't go any further than that. That was early this year, so I was pretty lonely too. I suppose getting attracted to other characters shortly after meeting my husbando helped to not be focused only on him.
So I recommend watching/playing more stuff to stop thinking about your husbando, and not worrying about being loyal to him. They're fictional characters, so who cares if you have several, just call the others your lovers or something like I did lol

Anonymous 21770


I appreciate the concern, anon. The last time I was full unironic and delusional husbandofag was quite a few years ago before losing myself in my own art and life. Maybe I'm playing with fire since I can get carried away with things, but I imagine if I find love irl I can drop it.

Hope you are less lonely now, or also find love in the future!

Anonymous 21772

what exactly is defined as husbandofagging?

Anonymous 21773

On the normie end: merch collecting, screenshotting, fanart and fiction making, discussing the character
On the delulu end: imaginary friend husbando that you talk to, fear of cheating if you like other characters, "in another dimension they exist for real!" waifuism rhetoric, and the ultimate "when I kms we will be united"

I never got as far as the last two.

Anonymous 21780

Actual, unironic waifuism. See Tohnochan's /mai/ board or the waifuism subreddit for more (etiquette is different in each community, of course). There are also waifu threads on Wednesday/weekends (I forgot which) in /a/, or at least used to be when I still visited it; they do things like Valentine's/Christmas collages with anons' tributes to their waifus and husbandos. I submitted a photo once.

Anonymous 21906


>Shadow, who should have been on the battlefield under an infiltration mission, was fascinated by the beautiful scene that he suddenly noticed …
Just little things like this make my heart flutter. He's fascinated by a beautiful scene, that's so cute.
I want to go for a walk with him, autumn leaves crunching beneath our shoes and fluttering about in the wind. We stop at a bench, overseeing a lake.
The sun's setting. We stay there as the sun dips below the horizon, staining the lake and Shadow's pretty red eyes a beautiful orange. The night is cold and I lean against him, happy and comfortable even in the crisp air, and I close my eyes.
When I awake I am tucked into my bed in my room. How did I get here…? I must have fallen asleep. He had picked me up, warped us back, gently laid me down and pulled the sheets over my cold sleeping form.
I love Shadow. I dream of him every day.
That's nice. Why?

Anonymous 21908

i like the Sonic franchise and i like your writing and your dedication to Shadow is adorable!

Anonymous 21910


Thanks anon friend. You brightened up my day. :)
Shadow is cute and deserving of lots of love, after all.

Anonymous 21911

Stein is in my top 10 hottest anime characters list. Very aloof while also having a keen sharp attention and awareness of surroundings, control of his own body and others'. Capable of having a cute romance like with the blonde in half of the anime, or some dark twisted shit with the witch. Excellent taste

Anonymous 21912

God bless Ginko

Anonymous 21913


I'm very retarded and have had a crush in this non-existent character for five years. it never got to insane levels but I still get too excited whenever I see new content on him. the fact he's practically non existent makes it so I can project whatever and whichever levels of perfection on him I wish. To me he's an extremely determined scientist who's discovered a way into becoming God after a terrible accident and is trying his best to escape the limited life of living in a literal computer program and trying to become a real entity in our reality.

Anonymous 21929

sometimes i think this reality is completely simulated because i feel the same exact way about gaster. what in the actual fuck.

Anonymous 21970


Hooni is so cute :)

Anonymous 21973


Toki <3

Anonymous 21977


OMG BASED, i thought i was the only one that remembered him

Anonymous 21983


Johoooohn Redcorn

Anonymous 21991


Hank is clearly better tbh. You can't hold someone like John Redcorn down in a long-term relationship… Unless you're already married that is.

Anonymous 22029

Hank is also wonderful but John Redcorn is rare magic. I don't want to chain anyone down and I don't want to be chained. I think it should go both ways for some people :)

Anonymous 22062



Anonymous 22095


>BANNED FOREVER on lolcow for "linking to gore"
>the link was to an ordinary stock photos site
>where to post my hot sniper now?
>go to tf2chan.net
>captcha won't solve itself no matter how many times I click I'm not a robot
>remember crystal cafe
This place is my last resort, other sniperanon I see you, I hope you see my post also sorry my drawing is not actually finished (I have to complete the arms) I was just a bit excited to share it because now I have a place. And I wanted to ask what to put in the background and what to put under his arm because I have no idea. I just you know I want to lick the sweat off his chest or maybe pour a bucket of cold water on him

Anonymous 22096

i also got a permaban on lolcow randomly after 2 yrs of posting for a completely normal post. new mods must be really intense. cc will only be improved with your sniperfagging!

Anonymous 22099

Thank you; I think people are reporting posts and then mods don't even check them or the context they are posted in, just ban

Anonymous 22126


geez, seeing this thread makes me wish I was as into husbandos as I used to be.
It's ok. At least Gaster has a mysterious dashingness to him, and what you said about him sounds super enthralling and even years later I still like that series.

I remember years ago crushing on a greasy, old anti-hero that was a total momma's boy for many months. Worst part? I turned out to really retrospectively hate that anime (let's just say it was a horrible sequel). Oh. And I made content/theories about him. On tumblr. Projected so much onto him despite everything said about him in the show being embarrassing and the most generic shit possible. Seriously. wtf.

Anonymous 22128

Have any of you ever gotten official merch of your husbandos?
The only merch I got of one of them was a trading card.

Anonymous 22130


not yet but i carved him on a pumpkin once
this looks so wonderful!

Anonymous 22131

All my favorites either don't have merch/it's cheap ugly shit or it's really rare and not worth the prices.

Anonymous 22134


>tfw he has only one figure

Anonymous 22333

I have four plushies of Shadow, two keychains and a blanket.

Anonymous 22343

Have you gals ever been in the waifu threads on /a/ and submitted your shrine/dinner photos for collages? I have.

A Nintendo 3DS theme if that counts
lel same
I don't know why but I've almost always fallen in love with rather unpopular or obscure characters (with few exceptions, but even then all their merch is just impossible for me to buy

Anonymous 22878


kill me

Anonymous 22879


Based Sonic enjoyer. For me is Knuckles. God I love this echidna.

Anonymous 22891

What do you like about him?

Anonymous 22899

Good question! I tend to like magical, can-fix-anything characters a lot (I also posted Howl up thread) and he definitely falls into that category. I guess it’s a saviour thing of fantasising that someone will come and solve (or take you away from) all your problems.

I prefer S1 Rick, especially in the pilot that everyone else hates. The show is more grounded and it’s more believable that Rick dedicated a lot of time to creating things (especially when he introduces the car in the first episode and it’s literally made of garbage) or got other devices through trading with aliens, instead of him making a magic weapon out of nothing in 2 seconds in all the later episodes. I especially like the montage of him working hard on his portal gun for a long time.

I like science too and I’m currently setting up my own lab and want to make and design ridiculous things as well, albeit a little more realistically (I’ve wanted to do that since before I saw the show). I like that Rick thinks outside of the box and doesn’t care about what’s “normal”.

It’s also speculated/implied that Rick is autistic but I think he’s more ADHD like me so I relate to that. Other personality things we have in common are hating other people and society, and being very open minded. Not trying to do the cringey “I’m literally Rick” Reddit thing here, just pointing out a couple of similarities.

I have always been attracted more to older men and I did have a sort of relationship with a guy who was almost old enough to be my grandfather and others with slightly younger guys. I suppose I have “daddy issues” due to my father being quite distant and kind of want to fill that hole. I gave up on dating much older men though as they saw the age gap as more of a status thing than a serious relationship, yet with a fictional character that’s not going to happen since it’s a fantasy.

Most of all, I love that he takes Morty away on adventures to wondrous places, things that no other person will ever see. It’s secret between them. Imagine someone picking you, out of anyone in the world, to give such amazing experiences. You can see something new and incredible every day of your life but no one else will know. I’ve lived on 4 continents, and visited 6, and to be honest, people and places are pretty much all the same after a while due to globalisation. Plus you know what it all looks like before you go thanks to tv and the internet. I’d love to experience something truly alien and unexpected. With Rick there are infinite worlds to explore, things to see and do, and lives to lead.

Btw, I purposely picked a terrible screencap to post previously as a joke. Sloppy drunk grandpa is a bit too much for even me.

Anonymous 22900

Forgot to add, the other part of my reasoning for like older men is that you can learn from their experiences, wisdom, and support. I’ve spent most of my life puzzling though things on my own (not even being able to confide in my parents or anyone else) and so the idea of someone having a better perspective on life to help you through things is appealing.

Anonymous 22904

This is so cute, I love it. I love your enthusiasm for your husbando, I can tell you truly love him.
>I prefer S1 Rick, especially in the pilot that everyone else hates.
It's been a long time since I watched this show and I never watched the pilot, I guess I'll do that now thanks to you.
>I have always been attracted more to older men and I did have a sort of relationship with a guy who was almost old enough to be my grandfather and others with slightly younger guys.
>I gave up on dating much older men though as they saw the age gap as more of a status thing than a serious relationship, yet with a fictional character that’s not going to happen since it’s a fantasy
Well, I'm glad you are now able to keep it as a fantasy only.
I've never been with an older man, but I love older male characters so I think I relate a lot to this, it reminds me of my own relationships with these fictional guys. It's nice that you can have this sort of thing in your imagination only.
3 of my husbandos have been in their late 30s or older, lol. Perhaps 39-55 is my preferred age range for older men. But for me it's partly their experience but mostly their solitude that I find endearing. I don't think I have so-called "daddy issues" though.

Thanks for sharing, it genuinely makes me happy to read how others feel about their husbandos/waifus.

Anonymous 22905

Oh and I also love how you share an interest with Rick. I used to have a husbando whose main "thing" was one of my biggest hobbies too, I loved him very much. Funnily enough I think it's the only time that's ever happened with a husbando of mine.

Anonymous 22941


sniper has been my main husbando since…basically puberty
he was the first tf2 character i ever saw and the more i learned about him to more i fell in love with him
even after all this time i'd choose him over any other character or person, i just want to do psychedelics with him and go camping and make love to him and marry him and adopt a dog and live in a small house in the outback until one of us dies peacefully
i seriously think about him all the time
i also think about injuring him a lot, im trying to work on that

Anonymous 22943


continuing with sniper, i guess the main thing i like about him is how we both tend to be pretty asocial, i like that i wouldnt have to force myself to socialize to make him happy
also love his sense of humor, his professionalism, how he tries to seem all stoney and badass but he loves his parents, how he cares about his teammates, his dark sense of humor, how good he is at his job, etc etc
i just love everything about him

Anonymous 22946


i'm a big pathetic man fan

Anonymous 22947


Anonymous 22948

Who is this? I'm interested. Your taste sounds and looks based

Anonymous 22969


>kek anon.

Anonymous 22982


satou tatsuhiro from welcome to the nhk

Anonymous 22984

I always forget to watch this anime… Thanks for reminding me, anon.

Anonymous 22995


>husbando makes this face
>cant comfort him (because he isnt real)
clown ass fucking world.

satou was my ex husbando prior to watching LoGH. i definitely acknowledge his charm.

Anonymous 23001


He's handsome, he's nice, he's tall, he can cook, and he can fight. The perfect man

Anonymous 23006

Screenshot 2021-12…

cringe anime but hes a husbando regardless

Anonymous 23021

Best taste in thread god I love him so much.

Anonymous 23022

Let's hope more is revealed about Gaster in the upcoming Deltarune chapters, anon!

Anonymous 23026


i want him carnally

Anonymous 23030


I guess if I have to choose. I don't think of myself as having one, but I seriously I seriously have a love-affair with this show. It does everything for me!

Anonymous 23181


I'm three years late but Ludwig has been my husbando since middle school and I don't think he will ever stop being my husbando. Gilbert is a strong runner up. Went to Japan a couple years ago and stocked up on merch.

Anonymous 23183

i spent 8 dollars …

exhibit A, one of my hand towels (i have two of him). look at his stupid smug face. there aren't many pictures of him smiling so i cherish this one.

Anonymous 23186

I'm so interested in knowing how this anon came to fall in love with such a minor character.

Anonymous 23191


i want to murder him in a crime of passion and then drink his blood before killing myself

Anonymous 23199

lol why what did he do

Anonymous 23200

Are you going to bludgeon him to death with a golf trophy?

Anonymous 23217

nothing thats how i show affection

Anonymous 23222


>ywn wake up to his affectionate gaze as he holds out a nice warm cup of tea for you (non alcoholic)
why do i bother?

Anonymous 23226

Same anon. Maybe w should be friends

Anonymous 23248


What a coincidence, I've been watching LOGH for the first time recently.
New husbando acquired.

Anonymous 23255


Anonymous 23256


Mikorin is adorable

Anonymous 23261


this is now a logh thread

Anonymous 23263

handsome fucker

Anonymous 23265

I'd break my pelvis in six places fucking him. I don't know what it is about that man, but it's driven me mad for so many years. He is my husbando to end all husbandos. Nobody compares to him. The worst part is that I just don't get why. I have other fictional crushes, but he's the only one I actively and often fantasize about. I've spent so much mental energy on this smelly bushman and it's pathetic.

Anonymous 23287


i feel the same way what is it about sniper that makes me go fucking psycho

Anonymous 23323


he's lonely, he broods, he pretends to have confidence, and he's got a wall up around him that is a mile high but I'll climb it to earn his trust.

Anonymous 23360


Long black hair + skinny = husbando

Anonymous 23363

who is that handsome qt and can he do that with his pubes?

Anonymous 23370


I've been watching White Album 2 and once again I'm weak for the "casanova, goofy playboy friend of the MC" character type. I like this cutie 10/10. The MC is a two-timing bastard but even this guy is at least more of a man than him and would treat women with more dignity than him.

Anonymous 23375

Violinist from Identity V

Anonymous 23377


Gintoki from Gintama

Anonymous 23378


also him

Anonymous 23380


hes so cute it pisses me off

Anonymous 23389

Who is this? I wanna draw him
Also this may sound stupid but he looks like every cute jewish guy i met in my life

Anonymous 23391

Same. He's short, too. Killing me.
Bruno Madrigal from Encanto.

Anonymous 23431

Holy fuck, I remember you! Got banned huh? I remember seeing the even less finished version of that art somewhere on lc and I really loved it. His expression makes me feel things, you are a miracle. KEEP DRAWING.

Anonymous 23477

His giant tumor-like nose grosses me out. The character design for this movie was so ugly

Anonymous 23480

only the design for the guys, most of the women are pretty (disney probably shoots its animators if they draw unfuckable women)

Anonymous 23508


Anon wtf, I'm so sorry, I was trying to dream about my husbando and ended up dreaming about yours… (Don't worry though, it was nothing lewd or romantic at all. I just liked most of the characters so much that I'd like to befriend them)
Fuck, I've never had any luck when I try to summon mai husbando in my dreams. I always keep getting random characters.

Also why are all of our husbandos dead lol

Anonymous 23823


As a teenage girl, Soap made me heat up

Anonymous 23953


best genshin boy

Anonymous 23954


>broken character
>Op ulti
>Awful kit
>Cringe story
>Bad writing
Cry more, i love my LoL husbando and will cherish him forever

Anonymous 23957

Do you know of more art like this though?? This art is spectacular…

Anonymous 24068


What about OG Levi?

Anonymous 24196

Of Childe? Genshin? You're gonna have to be a bit more specific.

Anonymous 24201


Both of the Subway Bosses have haunted me for years since I was a teen during Gen 5, but my obsession has come back in full force after being dormant for almost a decade and I am at the mercy of my thirst like I'm in high school again. I don't know what to think but I'm… kind of having fun I guess? The flood of new fans scares me because I'm 30 million years old and terrified of teenagers.

As for why:
>I have a debilitating uniform fetish but their designs are generally really great, very cool aesthetic (I think they've influenced my taste in men overall, actually)
>the right mix of weird looking and strangely handsome to be unique and still appealing, they stand out from most "pretty boy" types of characters
>luckily for me, they get lots of nice fanart (especially since the revival of the fanbase from Pokemon Masters/PLA) and content always fuels the fires of train conductor hell
>both of them are dorky but still genuinely strong Pokemon Trainers which makes them really cool without being TOO cool

In truth, I like them both equally and tend to pick my favorite brother depending on the weather that day, but if I had to pick which one to really marry and make my husbando, it would probably be Emmet. Ingo is god tier for being a polite gentleman in darker clothes which generally just makes him more "handsome" and that's even my type with other male characters I like, but Emmet just… feels really underrated. He acts less "normal" than his brother but I think the quirkiness makes him that much cuter. Pokemon Masters making him say something that was actually kind of thoughtful (but still full of train-related lingo) makes him seem like he's got something hiding underneath the surface, almost a kind of tenderness that people typically gloss over because Ingo has that "dark and mysterious" edge over him and don't even get me started on the shit that PLA pulled with Ingo, oh my GOD I have not known peace for MONTHS. Also… Emmet having less fans means less competition, there I said it lol. But he's still just a little bit cuter than Ingo.

They both have a decent amount of merch (even got plushies a year or so ago actually but they're mad expensive now RIP) but I only have card sleeves of them that I got when I was a teenager (oh yes, it really was/is that serious, I don't and have never collected Pokemon cards). I'm not one for collecting merch of my husbandos but I try to get one thing of each that I've had(keychains, figurines, buttons, etc) just to say that I have something. Almost like little mementos, even for the ones I don't really like anymore.

Anonymous 24206

>uniform fetish
I think I've seen you on some other imageboard but I've seen so many women that want to fuck the Subway Bosses that I'm not sure

Anonymous 24212

I dunno, I have yet to meet another woman who doesn't like a sharply dressed man whether he's dressed like that normally or it's a special occasion or what he wears for his choice of careerbut it was probably me anyways

Anonymous 24218

sex with dimitri.j…

I also thought I had gotten over my simping phase. He's just too perfect

Anonymous 24221


If you're the based Depot Agent appreciator, then yes.
I agree with you, I also love uniforms. Not sure if it's related to that but my current husbando wears one too.
>>the right mix of weird looking and strangely handsome to be unique and still appealing, they stand out from most "pretty boy" types of characters
Although I don't like their shoes I couldn't agree more, sometimes I feel kinda lonely when everyone else lusts exclusively after perfect, pretty bishonen that just look generic to me and I don't even know (in most cases).
>They both have a decent amount of merch (even got plushies a year or so ago actually but they're mad expensive now RIP)
OMG yes, the plushies are so cute, Emmet/Ingo fans are so lucky and I'm happy for you all. I don't remember any other battle facility boss getting the same treatment as these two.
>but I only have card sleeves of them that I got when I was a teenager (oh yes, it really was/is that serious, I don't and have never collected Pokemon cards).
Oh, card sleeves (I just saw it btw, it's an amazing design), I wish I had bought my Pokemon husbando's card sleeves but I could only manage to buy his Full Art card, and get the regular version from a trade. I did the same thing in the TCG Online, where I tried to build a decent deck to use them and show them off with my husbando's pokemon. Before that, I had never been interested in Pokemon cards either. I've never spent so much on Pokemon merch or merch of any other husbando, before or after that, lmao.

Anonymous 24225

I don't know what you're talking about as those two guys have millions of fangirls.

Anonymous 24226

why the asshole response though

Anonymous 24227

I misread what she said and thought she meant she felt like she was alone in lusting after those two (turns out she was just talking about here) so I responded to that. unnecessarily curtly? yeah, lol, I'm sorry about that.

buuuut, with that said, half the characters here aren't bishonens anyway yet she does say everyone here exclusively lusts after them which is awkward.
I feel these two characters are kind of in the >>24068 pretty-boy category…whatever that category is. cute.

Anonymous 24228

>If you're the based Depot Agent Appreciator, then yes.
Yeah that sounds like me.

>sometimes I feel kinda lonely when everyone else lusts exclusively after perfect, pretty bishonen that just look generic to me and I don't even know (in most cases)
Conventionally attractive "ikemen" and "bishie" types are made for the sole purpose of being attractive, so it's not really a surprise that they become popular. I like some "pretty boy" types too, but I guess for the most part they tend to blend together after a while, and the same goes for female characters as well. Maybe an oversaturation in seeing so many over the course of the years I've been online has made me prefer more "unconventional" character designs. I'd definitely be lost for good if I got serious about Golden Kamuy or Mega Man.

>I don't remember any other battle facility boss getting the same treatment as these two

It's actually pretty wild to think about how there's a lot of other good Battle Facility heads that haven't gotten half the attention Ingo and Emmet have. I really thought the Battle Chatelaines would be popular too but people slept on them and that's a shame. They even have lore when Ingo and Emmet didn't. What went wrong? I'm still a little sad about it. But at least Anabel kinda got some attention, and I'm thankful for that because she's pretty great. The way the pieces fell into place for the train brothers is a mystery but I feel incredibly lucky that they're not lost to obscurity and they seem to have some kind of set up for… something. At the very least, they're prime candidates to get alt outfits in Pokemon Masters if the game doesn't die soon

>half the characters here aren't bishonens anyway
NAYRT but true, though I think it's more like it depends on where you go. Tumblr and deviantart are the places where you find people with more niche tastes but I guess maybe places like some bits of Twitter end up having some pretty "average" tastes in handsome men (typically ones in anime or video games). Maybe that's what she was trying to refer to, internet communities as a whole rather than what's been posted here in the thread.

Anonymous 24301

>but I guess for the most part they tend to blend together after a while, and the same goes for female characters as well. Maybe an oversaturation in seeing so many over the course of the years I've been online has made me prefer more "unconventional" character designs.
Yes, this is how I feel too! Especially since these past few years it seems that bishonen and bishojo character designs are getting so generic that they're trying to make them more "unique" in the wrong ways (see: Vtubers) but ironically they all end up looking the same. Also, there are so many anime artists that draw so prefectly now that I've grown bored of the style.
>It's actually pretty wild to think about how there's a lot of other good Battle Facility heads that haven't gotten half the attention Ingo and Emmet have.
I wonder what made them so popular… Is it because they're male and twins? Is it because they're sexymen? But obviously Legends: Arceus has increased their popularity too.
>I really thought the Battle Chatelaines would be popular too but people slept on them and that's a shame.
kek I'm actually glad that happened, because I prefer the old bosses from the Gen 3 Battle Frontier. And thanks to Masters they've finally come back.
>At the very least, they're prime candidates to get alt outfits in Pokemon Masters if the game doesn't die soon
lol I can't even play Masters on my phone but I'm dying to play it because my pokéhusbando is in it. I also hope it doesn't die soon.
But from what I've heard, it's mostly the female characters that get alt outfits (as with many other mobage that treat their male playerbase better).
Also sorry for the late reply, hope you come back sometime lol

Nowhere did I imply that they have no fans, I just thought that anon was someone I talked to recently on another imageboard, not just because of her husbando(s) but also her whole post reminded me of that person and it seems my intuition was right.
>I misread what she said and thought she meant she felt like she was alone in lusting after those two (turns out she was just talking about here)
That's not what I meant either.
>half the characters here aren't bishonens anyway yet she does say everyone here exclusively lusts after them which is awkward.
No, I meant that sometimes on the places I post, I feel a bit lonely when everyone starts to talk about conventionally attractive characters that I'm not very interested in, most of which I don't even know. I didn't say that this is always the case, just sometimes.

Anonymous 24551


He's cute
I don't understand why he gets a lot of hate everywhere even though he has some good moments about him too asides the bad ones.
I honestly don't care that much about stalker stuff when even the "good guy" characters like Jenny and Brad occasionally done some shitty things here and there but only Sheldon get shat for negative things he did because ???

Anonymous 24589


Anonymous 25324


dorohedoro is awesome

Anonymous 25325


Anonymous 25326


Anonymous 25329


This dum dum

Anonymous 25334


Current husbando of the now
He has a really good design for a villain because its cute and unique and simple enough that you can stylize it and make it spooky
Plus, he checks a lot of boxes for me, especially as eldritch trans-dimensional demon that's very entertaining but also menacing when on screen

Anonymous 25335

tumblr sexyman

Anonymous 25336

heheh he's so cute

anon you're really in love with a talking triangle? lol don't worry, i get you

and that's based

Anonymous 25400


Of course! Funnily enough I really don't like the humanoid sexyman version of him, he's not the same without his geometrical design (I always have a thing for geometric shapes as well so it's a plus)

Anonymous 25447


both of them at once

Anonymous 25461


Amongst both real and fictional personae there truly is no-one like him.

Anonymous 25462

Ah, a fellow Akagi enjoyer.

Anonymous 25491


i feel the same way about kaiji

Anonymous 25516


>wait a year and a half for the sole purpose of getting the 500th post
>thread fucking sort of dies every few months
>somehow get a reply five minutes after posting
Your speed is impressive. So impressive I did not know how to actually respond for four days. Which arc did you enjoy the best? In the case of Washizu Mahjong, which hanchan?
Fukumoto's characters are certainly very strong in moe. I remember back when I first watched Kaiji a long time ago, I didn't feel like watching or reading anything else from his works, since I had thought everything afterwards would just be inferior.

Anonymous 25554

Thanks for the reminder to finish this anime.

Anonymous 25826


no matter how bad my life might get he would always be there to reassure me and let me know that I can always improve myself and be a better person I want to hug him I want to stroke his ribcage

Anonymous 25950


It was mostly because of his design at first but his personality shined quickly.

Anonymous 26339


abbacchio is one of my main husbandos and I've been thinking about him a lot lately
it'd be nice slowly getting to know him and have him warm up to me plus once he trusts someone he's very loyal to them like he is with bruno
he's been through a lot and is very mature and dependable, I think once his initial cold exterior has been melted he'd be a really good caring loyal protective bf
I wish I was able to lucid dream or somehow manifest a dream about him as I've had dreams about most my other husbandos except for him but for now digging through ao3 for fluff fics on him has been keeping me happy

Anonymous 26342

images (29).jpeg

I don't do husbandos but I love this old game and the mc so much, so glad I went and downloaded it though I'm not finished with it yet. Virtually all media was better in the 90s, why does it have to be that way? Soon I will run out of games that don't feel hollow. Then what do I do! I wish someone could recommend me something similar, too bad it's impossible.

Anonymous 26343


This game aaah I'm so glad I found it!

Anonymous 26344


He is so <3

Anonymous 26371


You have such good tastes, Doppio would be my #2.

Anonymous 26383


i love him so much its so unreal. he is my actual will to live these days, some days i feel i dont need anyone but him

Anonymous 26384


such a cutie

Anonymous 26385


its a little funny seeing that 2 years ago i was obsessed with a different ginger. now im obsessed and in love with an (arguably) worse ginger.
at least my tastes have remained somewhat consistent
>war criminal
>charismatic personality
>from the coldest regions
>both fell into a hole and have trauma related to it

Anonymous 26404


My BSD husband.
We're both chronically coughing jaded assholes so it's perfect. I still have a nesoberi of him too.

Anonymous 26419


i would give him everything

Anonymous 26441


Anonymous 26453

Who is this mf

Anonymous 26454

Reigen from Mob Psycho 100. Actually a pretty based choice from my perspective.

Anonymous 26562


season 4 coming soon, I'm so excited

Anonymous 26564



Anonymous 26567



Anonymous 26570


Keebo is such a cute lovely botboy, I want to hold his hand in a filthy way and teach him everything about love. I imagine he whirrrrrrrs very cutely when making big movements.

Anonymous 26587

how can you be unaware of the Tumblr Sexyman #2

Anonymous 26603


Anonymous 26605


I wanted to post him but I was working + no internet, so I'll post the other husbando of my throuple

Anonymous 26608

Anonymous 26609


are you me, anon? Raziel was one of my first crushes, probably because Michael bell thought. Vampire Raziel is top tier!

Anonymous 26610

i liked him during the quests, but i never got the appeal of him as a husbando

Anonymous 26640


The classic. I bet he has a tallywacker like a Pringles can

Anonymous 26670


Sebastian from Black Butler

Anonymous 26743


Sebas-chan is top tier!

Anonymous 26829


I love him

Anonymous 26966


Anonymous 26967

I had a a coworker who was exactly like him

Anonymous 26969

Who this character

Anonymous 26981

Sassy the Sasquatch

Anonymous 27000

Please upload more, whose the artist?

Anonymous 27027



Anonymous 27037


Pixiv ID: 60521844

Anonymous 27042


Anonymous 27072


Anonymous 27140


I find him very charming and charismatic! Not only do we have many similar tastes and hobbies, but I can relate to him when it comes to our pasts. I ended up having to raise my younger sister due to our parents being deadbeats, so I guess Teisel having to do the same with Tron and Bon after their parents passed kinda resonated with me.

I'd have merch of him if there was any lol. He really is underrated compared to Tron, Roll, and Volnutt.

Anonymous 27367


For the screen time he has he is extremely well developed character, and I wish he got more attention.

Anonymous 27368


I need to smell every seat he has ever sat on.

Anonymous 27376

I thought you guys were the same person, what a huge coincidence. I hadn't even heard about this character before

Anonymous 27380


im still in the beginning of marmalade boy so i don’t know much about his personality he’s very caring of others he doesn’t get offended easily he takes life easily open minded and smart

Anonymous 27382

he’s hot but i can’t imagine him as my husbando he’s more like a father figure to me maybe because i dont like males who are much older even if they are 2D

Anonymous 27400

this post reads like a little kid talking about their superhero kek

Anonymous 27408

I know you're trying to shame them like an ironic weeb from twitter but i find it cute, i like passionate likings which has been lost and drowned thanks to post-cringe/ironic internet

Anonymous 27575


>he is legitimately awful in the later parts of the manga
Are you talking about his NEET freeloader arc?
I'd say he got better since then

Anonymous 27607


>pasiva tóxica

Anonymous 27689


THIS is OG Levi

Anonymous 29548


There’s a concerning lack of Vash the Stampede in this thread

Anonymous 30226


Oh my God yes, I love him so fucking much. He's so hot.

Anonymous 30297


he’s so lovely i have schizophrenic delusions about him

Anonymous 30491


Spreading my autism here

Anonymous 30500


I don't care if she's canonically married to someone else, she's my waifu!

Anonymous 30503


Anonymous 30509

Are you the same person who wrote about wanting her to perform an autopsy on you alive months ago? I have been thinking about that post on a daily basis since then, you have an immaculate taste nona.

Anonymous 30695


honestly this man had a profound impact on me lmao

Anonymous 30697


This character was designed and written to appeal directly to me. I have a daki of him I cuddle every night.

Anonymous 30701


Don't know if you're still here Sniperfags, but if you are I want you to know that I've honestly never related to someone I've never met so much in my life. It's like I wrote those posts. I thought there was a time I'd moved on but the feelings just came back stronger then ever. He's just so perfect to me.

Anonymous 30720

different anon but no you're right tbh sniper is so distinctly sexy. i like how he seems to have his quiet troubles and demons as a loner type without being a total loser. hes still fundamentally cool and fun. literally one of my favorite types of dudes

Anonymous 30733

Thanks pookie. Tragically everyone thinks i'm trolling when my love for Rance is TRUE and HONEST

Anonymous 30734

You gonna terrorize CC now? Gonna post your pussy here too?

Anonymous 30739


>ywn make the world a better place, together

Anonymous 30761


Anonymous 30788

NTA but I don't think she was being mean, just making a funny observation. I agree the wording sounds like that kek, but it's cute and the character sounds nice

Anonymous 30885


Autistic daddy icon

Anonymous 30890


so hot, so problematic but so fucking hot.

Anonymous 30893


Girl, you get me

Anonymous 31460


I just….LOVE him,he's so big and tall and cute and sweet and he is kinda evil too and I just love his voice

Anonymous 31927


Kaito i love kaito! he is so silly and always get beaten up by miku or meiko or even luka lol

Anonymous 31941


I finally finished reading Slam dunk and I thought I was over with falling for airheads and big dummies like him but it happened again

Anonymous 32006


Anonymous 32007

cowardice. eren is great. even if he's insane you can fix him.
ABSOLUTELY. the reason i fell in love with dragonball.

Anonymous 32825


Anonymous 32872


i don’t care if he’s a faggot I WANT HIM

Anonymous 33578


nonas , don't laugh. I like gordon freeman T_T

Anonymous 33579


Anonymous 33583

>no infrmation on his backstory, personality, tone of voice, or even general physique
sorry friend but you love what you imagine him to be… hes a blank slate for players to self insert as and you bf inserted instead

Anonymous 33584

he cute

Anonymous 33761


Got a thing for long haired guys

Anonymous 33763

I remember playing HL2 when I was a kid and esentially both waifufagging (didn't figure it out until later it was like that) and also identifying with Alyx (we actually have many things in common) so my headcanon of Gordon was someone who would be a good match for Alyx (and also myself) and I ended up husbandofagging him as well and also shipping them. It's weird but pretty sure both of them were like my bisexual awakening kek

Anonymous 33916



Anonymous 33917

where's it from

Anonymous 33920

kevin spencer

Anonymous 33924

fuck you isaac kate

Anonymous 34144


Anonymous 34291


i want death by snu snu with akuma-sensei… i want to wash his back and pet his hair while he falls asleep in my lap… waaaah, i love ancient muscular martial arts masters

Anonymous 34292

Scrote post

Anonymous 34294

women like baras too, are you retarded?? lmao

Anonymous 34898


I've been so obsessed with her lately that she's been appearing in my dreams.

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