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Pokemon Anonymous 454

What is your favorite pokeman?

Anonymous 477


I'm partial to psyduck

Anonymous 479


It changes every other month, but for now I'm going to say Raichu.

Anonymous 481


Anonymous 484


Gengar number 1

Anonymous 486

Yes!!! Snorlax is the best.

Anonymous 494


Unironically slowpoke. He's just so dumb and cute

Anonymous 496



I just want to go on ocean adventures with him riding on his shell!!

Anonymous 497


They just seen like balls of cute lol

Anonymous 500


I love Jigglypuff and Mareep the most, but I actually love them all. My first gen2 game was Crystal, I was so sad I couldn't catch a mareep in this version.

I always wanted a gengar but I never could trade one before. I should try to get one in Sun once I finish the main game.

Anonymous 503


Oooh Ampharos was my favourite, followed by Flaffyy and Mareep.

Anonymous 542


Eevee has been my favorite since 1st generation, although Goomy has found a place in my heart.

Anonymous 543



Anonymous 566


Gardevoir! I wish it wasn't so popular among pokefuckers though. I can't help but feel like people assume I'm one of those when I say it's my fav. ;_;

Anonymous 568


Charmander, always picked him in Blue even though he was a pain in the ass in the beginning to fight with.

I do have a few more favourites though, usually tied to old RPs (I had a long story with Pokemon Gijinka characters).
Currently playing Magikarp Jump! too because I live Magikarp/Gyarados a lot.

Anonymous 577

Snorlax is best Pokemon

Anonymous 583


hey guys what's going on in this thread

Anonymous 605


I like a lot of Pokemon, but Feraligatr is my big buddy.I really hope that they don't shit up its mega. Johto, Sinnoh and Alola are my favourite regions.

Anonymous 927


I also really love Audino

Anonymous 928


Zigzagoon will always bee my fave <3.

Anonymous 938


Meet my beautiful Magikarp.

Anonymous 2908

Anonymous 2917


Anonymous 2918

My favorite is Sceptile but I couldn't find a pretty picture. Treecko was my starter pokemon in my first pokemon game so of course I love him. He was always so strong and reliable and helped me win every fight. Also he always looked like a dragon to me and I love dragons.

Anonymous 2922

mew mew mew.gif

Anonymous 2956


That's a really nice story!
I found this painting and thought it was cool-looking, but maybe that's not exactly how you pictured Sceptile in your mind. There used to be a tumblr that uploaded all the paintings from the TCG and some of those are also really nice, maybe you should try that database? I'll see if I can find it again, I forget the name.

Anonymous 2957


i just realized that's actually the mega-sceptile version, my bad. have a repaint instead!

Anonymous 3030


Vaporeon! This pokemon has been an absolute tank for me since Red.
Same. :(
I love mew, I wish it showed up in the regular games.

Anonymous 3068

odd ish.gif

best plant

Anonymous 3078


Charizard. I haven't been into Pokemon in many years, but Pokemon Red was my first Gameboy game and I got SUPER into Fire types. I think I had an all-Fire team which is so stupid, but I loved it. Charizard, Moltres, Flareon, Arcanine, etc.

Anonymous 3079


You're so kind, thank you! I love those pictures. I haven't seen those trading card overpaintings before, it's so cool and creative.

When I was younger I used to draw Sceptile but I would butcher him by making him look too stocky and too much like a dragon when he is supposed to be swift and nimble lol.
Also I found another cool drawing of a Mega Sceptile. This artist (chobi-pho) has tons of super cool pokemon paintings on deviantart.

Anonymous 3106


Plant wife

Anonymous 3122


You all have a really good taste in pokemon.
One of my favorite is Ditto. I just love this :} goofy face.

I feel you, it is kind of sad.
Ditto is also often seen as egg mashine

Anonymous 3143


Also a fan of Skitty

Anonymous 3151


I like spiders a lot so for me it is Spinarak. I love its ability to express emotions on its abdomen. I even made a stuffed doll of it when I was little (with my grandma's help).

Anonymous 3152


I always fantasized about having one to hug at night as a kid. But better keep that everstone with me because it's too cute to walk on two legs

Anonymous 3159

Nice choice. Vaporeon was also my favorite out of the first generation, it was so elegant-looking and pretty. Flareon was probably my 2nd-favorite but I didn't like the 'cool' design of Jolteon until the Pokemon Beauty Contests came along in the later games and then I wanted to collect them all and make them specialize in different categories. Vaporeon is clearly Beauty, Flareon is Cuteness, Jolteon is Coolness, Espeon is Cleverness, and Umbreon is Toughness.
absolute unit
I remember catching a Mareep because I was thinking that I wanted to do a playthrough of Gold/Silver that didn't rely on me tanking my way through the game with the starter Pokemon (and the rest of my team trailing 5-10 levels behind it) and I thought an Electric-type would be good because, y'know, like Ash and Pikachu. Mareep was the first Electric-type I stumbled across, and boy howdy I lucked out because Ampharos's stats ended up being some of the best in the game iirc. I was super proud of how strong it became by the time that I completed the game and it's always had a special place in my heart because of that.
Plus the steel-type gym leader (Jasmine's?) relationship with her Ampharos was very cute to me.

Anonymous 3181


I love Haunter. So much. Always been my favourite.

Anonymous 3184

Screen Shot 2018-0…

OG, p

Anonymous 3186

what is their moveset like though

Anonymous 3188

Screen Shot 2018-0…

>Body Slam
>Hydro Pump

Anonymous 3189

jesus lol

Anonymous 3194

Kekked irl

Anonymous 3287


I like the glameow/purugly line…they're so cute, I'd love to have either as my Pokemon.

Anonymous 3328


Clefable and Gengar, for sure. I love the theories behind them and how goofy they both look. I always have them in my party on every game!

Anonymous 3444

Mehryl Sheep.gif

I like calling Mareep "Mehryl Sheep"

Anonymous 3446


Anonymous 3448


I love it's smugness
Ghost types are objectively the best
change my mind.

Anonymous 3481


Vulpix is still one of my favourite Pokemon. Or slowpoke.

Anonymous 3595


Anonymous 3677


I love bronzong so much.. even though it's kind of awkward looking.

Anonymous 3684


Anonymous 3697

I love bronzong, too! And for that matter, Bronzor. They're so cute.

Anonymous 3699




Anonymous 3705



Anonymous 4012


I bought a cute ditto plush from black Friday and I gotta say the little guy is really growing on me. I like to imagine it transforming into a cuddly pokemon for me to cry into when I'm sad.

Anonymous 4597


New Pokemon announced and sobble is the crybaby mascot we needed.

Anonymous 4602

I sobble'd

Anonymous 4614


omg I'm an oldfag and was never onto pokemon besides which ones I liked (and trying to become rich via cards lol) but thank you for posting this, this pokemon is adorable.

Anonymous 4615


Anonymous 4616


Anonymous 4631


Anonymous 4634


Chikorita will always be my baby. Espeon is a close runner-up

Anonymous 4635

dapper young bird.…

It always used to be Vaporeon when I was younger.
But my favourite real animal has always been owls, so when this cutie came out I was done.

Anonymous 4727


Anonymous 4744


Lucario, Mewtwo, Charizard, Persian, Onix, Dragonair, Tentacruel, and Raichu were all my faves when I was younger.

I also unironically liked Star Yu and Seaking.

Anonymous 4752


Gardevoirs are really cute and I love how their dex entries are about how much they care about their trainers and want to protect them.

Same thing with Gallades too, he's also cool though and I just love the entire line's theme of protecc

11/10 adventure companions

Anonymous 4753

Finally someone posted Lucario

Anonymous 4756


So hard to choose as I have many favorites, but it being my first fully evolved starter I generally say Meganium for nostalgia factor. Hate the new 3D models for it though; its face looks very off now.

I remember being a little kid imagining getting to ride on Meganium's back and going to sleep with it curled up around me.

Anonymous 4759


I'm a zoomer and my first pokemon game was ruby. Blaziken has been my favorite from the beginning.

Anonymous 4760



Sorry, I used to be a massive Blaziken fan but my ex uses that as his profile picture for things so now it gives me this feeling of visceral disgust.
Now I just like magikarp for the memes.

Anonymous 5278


can't go wrong with the bone baby

Anonymous 5358


so ethereal. i see her as a good metaphor for the past and nostalgic memories i cherish

Anonymous 5559


I love him!

He’s a sleepy boyo.

I love that lazy, pink baby.

Ooh yes, ghost Pokémon are really neat.

My favorite new Pokémon is Frosmoth. Here are some of the new Pokémon I also really love!: Grookey, Obstagoon, Polteageist, Alcremie, Wooloo, Yamper,
Nicket, Ponyta, and Hatterene.

Did anyone buy Sword/Shield? I can’t wait to play it with my boyfriend! He’ll be playing Sword and I’ll be playing Shield.

Anonymous 5565

Wooper_anime (1).p…

For me it's wooper
No, I'm waiting to buy it and also a switch on cyber Monday. What starter will you go for? I've seen some gameplay from it and read some stuff though and for the first time I'm not really excited for a pokemon game which makes me sad.

Anonymous 5566

wooper fren.png

good taste, wooper a cute

Anonymous 5568


Driftlooon is the best to walk with, you just hold his hand as he drifts beside you and he blows away anyone who gives you trouble
Gardevoir = mommy pokemon
Ghost types do have something very cute about them especially Mismagus.

anyone want to exchange pokemon go friend codes? I'm down for it.

Anonymous 5569


Here's my friend code if you wanna add me! 4305 7760 2964

Anonymous 5570


I sent you a request. you are the only friend i've made on this game since i've started.

Anonymous 5572


>What starter will you go for?
Grookey! What about you?

I happen to enjoy it, but then again… I am easy to please like a dumb kid lol

Anonymous 5575


Hey you wanna trade a pokemon with me?

Anonymous 5576


Sure! Though I haven't done it before.

Anonymous 5578


wait… you can only trade with people who are nearby. Nevermind ;-;

as you can see, i am not an expert either.

Anonymous 5585

That's lame! Also a bit random but I think we live in the same state as each other lol.

Anonymous 5586

I think you are right O_o what are the odds out of this whole dang planet amiright. Maybe we could talk some.

Anonymous 5587


I know, kinda odd lol. Sure we can talk! Do you have a discord?

Anonymous 5597

go crazy go stupid…

Anonymous 5598


My sword offline team

Anonymous 5599


Anonymous 5673


you have unopened gift silly…
Has anyone seen the new pokemon snom? He is becoming a favorite of mine. Very adorable and his evolution is a whole new level of cute.

Anonymous 5674

I think we should start a cult for Snom.

Anonymous 5675

what would we call it?
a. cnom
b. sult

Anonymous 5676

Both are pretty cute. I think we should go with Sult!

Anonymous 5678


The cult of sult is hereby begun. Please join us as we wish all those who love snom a snom that wants them, and all snoms so many friends they can always be happy.

Anonymous 5708


This one

Anonymous 5711


I hated him so much when I first saw him but he really has grown on me

Anonymous 17128

They're all cute

Anonymous 17130


Anonymous 17135


I think it has to be between Minccino and Salamance but the Dragapult line is really getting up there for me. I love how Drakloak dotes on Dreepy but as soon as it evolves into Dragapult it's using them as missiles.

Anonymous 17137


this freakin ORB

Anonymous 17256

Exactly one year. And here I am again. Who knew that hope could be such a powerful force. One little interaction. One little year. And even after everything I am still driven by that little shred of hope. Friendship is one thing that you can never get back once its gone. No matter how short it was. Friendship is something that impacts your life and forever changes you… atleast that’s what it is for me. Without ever even being given a chance, while extending nothing but a chance this is the way things end. But that hope is still there for me. I wish it would go away.. but hope is a burden as well as a guide… damn it all. But I still wish we could’ve traded that bannet or drifloon even after all this I would have done it in a heartbeat. I don’t really know how to give up… sorry.


Anonymous 17796


I like a lot of Pokemon though Pachirisu is super cute!

Anonymous 19022


Same for Lopunny. They're so cute, cool and could kick ass. I always thought the design is more doll-like than a Playboy bunny.

Anonymous 19023


Yes! I agree.
I also love mew.

Anonymous 19024


My happy little ball of poison <3

Anonymous 19026


Anonymous 19038


Gallade is my favorite husbandomon

Anonymous 19043


Espeon but I also really love Vaporeon, Banette, and Lopunny

Anonymous 19213

luxy baby.png

my first pokemon game ever was platinum and my most favorite team member was luxray. He was with me from beginning to end, and he was practically the backbone of my team! Ever since, whenever I start over I always make sure to have a luxray on my team! i love luxray so much

Anonymous 19214

currently replaying diamond after well over a decade and luxray has earned his place among my team. i named him cumdungeon

Anonymous 19219


Arcanine! I always liked this image because it looks like a Ginga Nagareboshi Gin screencap

Anonymous 20944


Anonymous 20959


Anonymous 22100



Anonymous 22101


Latios forever. I love Latias too

Anonymous 22104

M A N K E Y.gif

Mankey was the first pokemon I ever caught in a game, and every playthrough of Fire Red or Leaf Green since has featured one as a permanent member of my roster since.

Anonymous 22106


I just really like the design

Anonymous 22108


I still get excited on getting a free Pokemon for just evolving one.
And yes, I named one Sheddy one time.

Anonymous 22115


Can't believe no one has mentioned mine

Anonymous 22203

The song made me an instant fan:

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