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Anonymous 4558

what are some good films/shows with female characters who have autism, ass burgers, social anxiety, weird, are super introverted etc

can be any genre

Anonymous 4559

"Please Stand By" with Dakota Fanning was pretty fun. The whole movie is basically about one autistic girl trying to win money for a Star Trek script she wrote.

Anonymous 4560

If you want animu, try Kuragehime (Jellyfish Princess)

Anonymous 4561

I see Kuragehime get recommended in CC a lot. Is it the official CC anime now?

Anonymous 4563

>not available in your region

Anonymous 4564

Sierra Burgess is a loser
Bridget Jones' diary

Anonymous 4565

Anxious shut-in with an autistic passion living her life in a female-only dwelling, sounds fitting to me. Except we wouldn't be as welcoming to the crossdressing male shaking up our lives.

Anonymous 4566

I don't think anyone would have a problem if crossdressers were as charismatic and pretty as Kuranosuke

Anonymous 4567

Ive watched a few episodes so far. I like it, but I dont like the idea that the MC needs to change herself by wearing makeup etc, so she can get some 30 year old pedo virgin. hope by the end sh realises shes perfect how she is and dabs on that faggot

>Sierra Burgess is a loser
nah she was too unlikable for me. love bridget jones tho

Anonymous 4570


>tfw no Kuranosuke bf to teach you how to be less ugly

Anonymous 4571

That's a bizarre screencap you picked but Kuranosuke would be a qt bf.

Anonymous 4576

Kind of surprised how little of these movies I can find on my watched list. Representation, where art thou? I think these themes are more common in anime, and maybe newer youth films I have yet to see. Here are some films that fit some criterion on a stretch:

>Welcome to the NHK!

Centers on a male NEET, but the other female main character, Misaki, has her own issues. If you want to watch something go for the anime, but I do prefer the original light novel for being on more realistic side. The anime adds more arcs, focuses less on the drug abuse, and has a happier ending. Haven't read the manga yet but people say it stands on its own merits.

>March Comes in Like a Lion (1991)

Not related to the anime. The synopsis may sound like a cheesy romcom but it's actually a psychological, surrealist film. Odd female lead who carries the film with her charm.

>A Bride for Rip Van Winkle (2016)

Loneliness drives most of the characters here. Poetic directing. Great performance from the lead actress.

>Millennium Actress (2001)

The female character's quite normal, but the film's direction is quite introverted and subtle. Themes revolve around the impermanence and searching for one's personal freedom, hence the inclusion on the list.

>Starry Starry Night (2011)

A lonely young girl seeks escapism with a boy her age in the woods. Bittersweet and cute.

>Eighth Grade (2018)

Respectable for how the story deals with social media and peer pressure. Protag is kind of a misanthrope who does want to fit in but has difficulty opening herself to those who do care.

Ghost World and Nights in Cabiria kind of fit but that's beyond the search parameters. Amelie apparently has social anxiety, though I haven't seen the film in a while. Shoutout to the K-Drama (am actually uncultured swine deep down inside) My Mister/Ahjussi for having the best female lead in a long while. Check it out if you want a really good show without romance.

Anonymous 4695

Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter (2014)

There isn't much going on but it was engaging kino.

Anonymous 4703

Such a touching movie! I had completely forgotten about it.

Anonymous 4722


Nobuta wo Produce

Main character is a very quiet and socially reclusive girl who gets bullied and excluded from the rest of the class. It's one of my favorite dramas because of how much it reminds me of my days in public school. I relate to her alot and recommend it if you are looking for quiet/loner protagonists that are super withdrawn and unpopular because of it. Even though the plot revolves around trying to make her popular, it also teaches that popularity isn't everything, as well as pointing out the fake characters built up from those that are popular. (Like in the case of Shuji)

Anonymous 4730

>Millennium Actress (2001)
I was so obsessed with this when it was released in the US. I still love it, but I haven't watched in years. Satoshi Kon was a genius.

Anonymous 4749

Watamote. Especially the manga.
Her growth is very comforting, also envy inducing since I still haven't grown out of my awkward teen stage.

Anonymous 4750


Whoops. Same Anon here. Meant "Millennium Mambo", a Taiwanese film, in the first post.

But Millennium Actress ranks somewhere among my top ten. Now I'm craving a rewatch thanks to your mention. RIP Kon.

Anonymous 4771

Serial Experiments Lain, an interesting surreal/psychological show about a girl who feels isolated from everyone. Also explores the internet becoming a bigger and bigger part of our lives. Not much dialogue either. Expect like at least one acid trip per episode though.

Anonymous 4849

Kimi Ni Todoke is a favorite of mine!
Sawako is a very relatable character for me due to her being quiet and avoided by others for seeming weird or scary. The love story is really cute too, although it's very slow moving due to romantic incompetence on both sides. Good watch if you enjoy shoujo romance shows!

Anonymous 4877

Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu is a pretty charming manga, it's ongoing

The movie Kamikaze Girls.

Anonymous 4909


Hideaki Anno's Shiki-Jitsu for sure. Very artsy and melancholy.

Anonymous 4915

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, about a creepy NEET obsessed with her looks stuck with 4 ""handsome"" guys in a house.
its pretty fun and scratches that reverse harem itch. the only problem, the guys are all bug eyed fishpeople, what i mean is theyre all drawn ugly as FUCK. but if you can ignore that for a fun little romcom then its great.

Anonymous 4916


maybe sasami-san@ganbaranai ?
also why only female ?
imo autism, social anxiety, … are interesting whatever the sex of the mc

Anonymous 4917


Haha I remember that. That artstyle really takes some time to get used to.

Anonymous 4919

Bitter daisies

Anonymous 4928


Fresh Precure has a girl like that. Here's an example of her social interactions with another girl in the show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6lS0UGO6dY

Anonymous 5244


Key the Metal Idol. The main girl is on the left. She has no social skills and spends pretty much the entire series with the same expression in her eyes like as in this pic.

The premise is that she's a robot, but to keep things vague and not spoil anything, there's more to it than that.

Anonymous 5690

I saw it on tv recently, a really bizarre movie about the relationship issues of a young woman who has a phobia of trees and her crazy/bipolar? Sister.
Maybe a step beyond what you're looking for, but still a pretty wild ride.

Anonymous 5704


Ring 0: Birthday

It's about the life of Sadako before she became a ghost. It got mostly average ratings, but I personally liked it.

Anonymous 5724


Anonymous 5725


I recommend Midsommar.

It was even better the second time.

Anonymous 5726

Horror movies: May, Excision.

Anonymous 5746

Thirded. I also like Kimi ni todoke if you haven't seen it. It's a lot sweeter than watamote.
For live action I think crazy ex-girlfriend is good, although she canonically has BPD, not autism.The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is fine too I guess.
There aren't a lot of good shows about female autists though because our culture hates women who don't constantly cater to other people's feelings.

Anonymous 26929


Highly reccomend the korean movies:

Castaway on the Moon

I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK

Anonymous 26933


I second The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo suggestion but only the Swedish version, its fucking superior. The whole Millennium series is amazing(Men who hate women, The Girl Who Played with Fire, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest). It's speculated that the main female character Lisbeth has autism is extremely introverted/asocial and also traumatized by men in her life which she takes revenge on.

Anonymous 29721


Asper Kanojo is a good manga about a girl with Ass Burgers and a guy with (less) autism. Male POV but still good.

Anonymous 29724

>Live Action
Breakfast Club
Black Swan
Carrie (1976)


Perfect Blue
Neon Genesis Evangelion

Anonymous 29725

Ginger Snaps

Anonymous 29730


Anonymous 29731


she has autism

Anonymous 29750


>Shyness vs Social Anxiety

This right here. I've met so many people who are clearly just shy say they have social anxiety. Or people who have general anxiety and confuse it for social anxiety. My social anxiety developed a point where I couldn't look people in the face to the point I gave myself self-induced face-blindness, walked a mile across school just to avoid being seen eating in public by other people, and even held it on a plane for 6 hours straight just to avoid asking the person next to me to move so I could go to the bathroom.

I don't know why saying you have social anxiety has become so pickme these days, but it's cringe because people clearly don't have the slightest idea of the hell it is to actually live with it.

Anonymous 29751

>I don't know why saying you have social anxiety has become so pickme these days

Not just social anxiety. Young people love to label themselves with any mental illness, being self-deprecating or just acting like a victim in general.

Anonymous 29752


Yeah, not sure if people still remember this, since TIA got nuked and users like this have mostly left for Tiktok and Twitter, but there would be blogs all over Tumblr with people having a bullet point list of all their mentall illnesses right there with their LGBTADCOMSUBORDCOMPHIBSPAC identities.

I started seeing social anxiety on that list too and people saying shit like "All your favs have social anxiety now" . Mental illness these days is an accessory that people want to proudly be defined by and have enabled, not something that they should want to desperately not have as part of their lives if they can help it. With social anxiety in particular, there is absolutely no positive. Other than avoiding getting involved with people that would be a very bad influence on you, I guess. Other that, it takes away literally all the joy in life. Treating it like something you want to have is peak retarded.

Anonymous 29757


I Like ReLIFE, and the depth of the girl characters. Chizuru Hishiru, is such a fun sperg.
Also Rena, is a realistic Tsundere and example of how annoying such personality would be IRL.

Anonymous 29758

It's hard to find, but 2008's Chocolate

Anonymous 29759

>I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK


That's a name I haven't seen in a while, I LOVE that movie so much. I NEVER thought I'd ever see it mentioned anywhere else.

Holy shit.

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