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E3 2019 Thread Anonymous 4924

>What are hoping to see during E3?

In case you reply after E3:
>What exited you the most?

I really hope we'll finally get some news on Bayonetta 3 and Animal Crossing.

Anonymous 4925

Half Life 3 ;_;
I really want to see some Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and Yokai Watch. I’m not confident there’s going to be a lot or anything at all from those franchises.

I stopped watching E3 years ago. It just makes me sad nowadays, rather than excited.

Anonymous 4926

Sadly Valve cannot count to three

I'm really exited for Yo-Kai Watch 4 and also hope we get an announcement at least. I really hope we'll get in the West much sooner than previous entries in the franchise.

I don't watch E3 anymore either aside from Nintendo Directs. But I do follow announcements here and there.

Anonymous 4929

More Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay footage.

Though too bad Bethesda already said they aren't showing anything about their new space game and it's probably going to be next gen.
Already got a release date for Death Stranding though so that was nice.

Anonymous 4931


Anonymous 4932


Such a cutie.

Also, Keanu Reeves was the highlight for me.

Anonymous 4933


keanu is so cute………Like I just want to smother him in love and affection. so pure. I havent had a crush on a celebrity in a long time….

Anyway! I was hoping for dragon age, cyberpunk, death stranding, and animal crossing of course! Id be happy if any new fighting games were announced too.

Anonymous 4934


>that destroy all humans remake trailer

Anonymous 4936


Everybody went mental when Tifa was shown. It was great.

Personally, I'm happy with her redesign which gives her realistic proportions (boobs could be a a cup size bigger but w/e). However, I think the black undershirt is a bit excessive.

Anonymous 4937

Why thigh highs and a pleated skirt though. Stupid change.

Not like I give a shit about current SE, making Eidos do that cashgrab Avengers game instead of more Deus Ex.

Anonymous 4938



It was only a short trailer and I wish we saw more, but I’ve been following the development since it first announced and I loved the previous installment when I first ran into it back in the day.

Anonymous 4939

Same! I’m so excited that we’re finally getting a sequel AND that it’s written by Brian Mitsoda. I’m a bit disappointed that you can’t play as a Nosferatu this time, but this game looks like the development got better treatment than the initial VtMB.

Anonymous 4940


Looking forward to Tales of Arise. Glad to see this entry looks above a PS3 game graphically. The character designs look kind of stupid but they usually grow on me after a while.

Anonymous 4942

Animal Crossing, dude. I can't wait.

Also, Ghostline Tokyo.

Anonymous 4946

I'm not a fan of the character design too but we'll always have day 1 school uniforms DLC lol

Anonymous 4952

I was impressed by Xbox's and Nintendo's conferences.
But Nintendo won me over later with all the gameplay footage during treehouse live.
I'm ok with Animal Crossing being delayed, it looks good but if they wanna polish, I say let them. Finally we can decide where the fuck villagers should go, huge thing for me, personally. Also outdoor furniture.

Anonymous 4955

They're doing it in the artstyle of the shitty third game that nobody liked and that really make me angry. It better be modifiable.

Anonymous 5031

Didn't even watch E3. But I heard through friends that BK got into Smash. So I'm happy about that.

Anonymous 5188

Totally unexpected, but it made me happy. Also happy that DQ Hero has made people more interested in DQ games in the West, although I do think he's pretty unfair with the crit thing.

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