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Why people grow out hobbies like games, anime, metal, etc after a certain age? Anonymous 5408

Silly question out of curiosity, and no, I don't care about what others think neither I intend to stop liking what I like just because society thinks I should.

I was just wondering a few days ago. I'm 29 years old, older than most miners I believe and I still like the very same things I used to when I was a teen. None of my highschool friends, who liked the very same things as me, like it anymore. I don't think it has anything to do with time as I probably work harder than most of them and hang out just as much (even though that's not that much when compared to the average person). Also now they're into other media (mostly western Netflix TV shows) that require lots of time too.

So, I was just wondering. Are anime, games, metal and things like this actually made for kids? Why do people stop liking them after/during college. About metal I can understand, most of your angst is gone, but the others still might be fun. Do you think it might have something to do with how society sees people with the so called "manchild" hobbies?

Anonymous 5409

I think a big part of why teens like a certain media is because they are too focused on making their own self-image and joining a group of people with the same interests. When they grow up this need isn't so strong anymore so they drift apart of their hobbies. Not everyone of course.

That being Said, OP, lately I've been having this problem. Some years ago I seemed to be so much more interested in anime/manga/video games in general. But, this year, after I spent last year studying hard to finish uni, and after the start of this year when I was too busy being used to working,the things that I would think where cool back then now simply… don't have the same spark.

I don't know how else to explain it. Back then I could spend the whole night on 4chan without seeing time fly and force myself to leave go to sleep at 4am. Now all threads look stale and the same. Reddit? Everyone feels like a robot repeating the same stuff for upvotes. Guitar? Before even trying to learn a simple game song I feel too lazy to do it. Vidya? Most games feel souless and after playing for 5 min I get bored. Same for anime/manga, Dr Stone, for example, I just couldn't get into it. There's some stuff I tried this year that I liked (Hilda, Your Turn To Die, Earthbound/Mother 3, deltarune, Bokurano), but things seem to be getting boring at an alarming rate.

Anyways, sorry for the blog post, but how do you keep your hobbies/interests alive? I'm genuinely envy at you.

Anonymous 5410

Your post was very good, nothing wrong about your "blogging"!
However I'm not totally convinced about your answer to my question. Sure, there are lots of people thinking this way. Everyone knows someone who forced themselves to learn about football during school just because they wanted to look cool, but hey, we're talking about games and anime, these are for "losers", I think people that enjoy it are the most authentic.

Also I have no answer to your question. I simply enjoy watching/playing/reading them as much as I used to, even though I prefere older material..

Anonymous 5411


>Are anime, games, metal and things like this actually made for kids?

Sometimes. I think what a lot of anime fans don't want to admit is that a lot of currently airing anime nowadays is aimed at a younger generation (I'd say people <30 years old). For example, light novels and their adaptations are usually aimed at younger men who don't have much experience with girls, so they enjoy the power fantasy of an isekai harem, etc. Don't get me started about older anime either. A lot of 70s/80s anime (i.e. if you open up a seasonal anime chart from that era) were actual kids shows aimed at selling merchandise.
>Why do people stop liking them after/during college
I think >>5409 is right. Sometimes it's just busyness. And after a while, media like that starts to feel like the same old, same old, and you want some variety in your life. You realize that you're just wasting precious time that you could be using on other stuff.
>Do you think it might have something to do with how society sees people with the so called "manchild" hobbies?
For some people, yes, but I don't think it's because of fear of being judged or anything like that. By liking more mainstream things, they're able to relate to and have fun conversations with more people, which is more important in the workplace and with career development after college where not everyone is into the types of hobbies you listed. Also, I think if someone stops liking hobbies like these after a relatively older age like ours (I am also in my late 20s), it's usually due to what I said above.

For the record, I'm into some of the hobbies you listed, and I don't intend to stop liking them either. Sometimes when I'm busy and the media is not as good, my interest wanes, but what society thinks doesn't have to do with it.

Anonymous 5413

Some people I know who were into videogames from a young age are still gamers today. Those who got kids and a fulltime job/career stopped, most of them completely. As a 30+ who is still totally into these things it feels weird. Who's the alien here?
Plus, I noticed the bidder clothing: no more bandshirts, videogame key chains, simply no play instinct.

Anonymous 5415


>Why do people stop liking them after/during college
Because you have to actually work/study for living instead of just waste time in school.

I definelly could spend entire weekend watching anime and playing games, but who will clean house, do laundary, go to mall for shopping and rest of small stuff?

Anonymous 5416

You girls can't imagine how much I am jealous of everyone here.
I wanted to be a "grown up" and tried to hang out with the "winners" at high school. Therefore I only started watching anime at 19 and playing video-games at 26, two years ago.

I never had friends with similar tastes and lost the oportunity to browse internet forums, go to anime events, make stupid content on YouTube, DA, etc just because I wanted to look like an adult.

I regret so much…

Anonymous 5422

Games are becoming something more of something I do with friends to interact with them in the same space, but they're not entertaining me mentally enough like they did.
I like reading and creating though.

Anonymous 5450

I think the older you get, the less time you can devote to your hobbies if you don't schedule your day right. This is especially true if you work long hours and/or have kids.

I learned pretty fast that if I don't have a specific schedule in my days, I end up wasting them and don't have much time for things I enjoy. Now I have a tight schedule and I almost always have time for hobbies in the evening, even if only for an hour or two. It also helps having a partner to share the load with.

As for metal music, which I do listen to… Eh, it's just that after a day of work you just want to relax. But I never grew out of it, I just listen to it less and listen to anime/game OSTs more.

Anonymous 5459

I'll counter what everyone here said.
I'm 23, and while I have at least as much time as I did in high school (and even more free time) I found myself losing interest in anime entirely, I just can't get engaged in something anime no matter how much I try.
at 20-ish I just sort of stopped watching stuff and by the time I made the pilgrimage to glorious Nihon I lost interest in anime almost entirely.
It's not like I dislike it all of a sudden, I just can't seem to engage in it.
I think it might actually be like the first poster suggested and it has to do with who the media is aimed at, if I try watching something now it's just so stupid and, I guess, flat? (as in lacks depth).
I'm still very fond of cartoons like Venture Bros, Archer (not the latest seasons tho) and ATHF, it's just anime that lost it's allure.

Curiously enough, when I hear someone is into anime I'd still think "one of us, one of us", but then when I'd try to engage them I'd realize the things we watched barely overlapped.
It's like I'm still an anime person, except not really.

Anonymous 5508

They get drained by everything else in their lives and they fall out of it. There is no time for themselves anymore when there's uni, work, social expectations, chores, for some people kids, etc. They don't want to invest energy or time in something that's considered non-productive and useless. You'll see past a certain age most people don't have hobbies at all. They lose that spark and excitement for things they used to enjoy because the daily grind numbed them. They scroll through social media mindlessly, watch whatever's on TV or dumb streams for an hour or so because they don't have the energy to engage in anything else.

Anonymous 5615


I'm 28 and definitely "grew out of" anime and gaming around late high school (2007-09). My interests shifted more into indie music and films. It makes me sad because I think I have ended up as a really "serious" person, maybe even a bit pretentious. It also makes me sad because when I stopped being so into media with intense fandoms that meant I lost a lot of my online communities and prompts for creativity (e.g., fan art, fanfic, RPing LOLL).

I go through phases of seeking out new anime titles to watch, but I never actually watch them. The closest I get is showing my husband my fav old anime like Neon Genesis, Cowboy Bebop, Rurouni Kenshin, etc. He was never exposed to anime before I showed him so it's fun to watch with him through fresh eyes.

I miss my weeb self. Back then we were "otakus". yikes.

Anonymous 6322

>None of my highschool friends, who liked the very same things as me, like it anymore.
Reminds me of this ex-[gg] fansubber's blog post from many years ago basically detailing the exact opposite experience as OP. https://mod16.org/hurfdurf/?p=276

>What puzzles me is why so many people choose to stay with the stories of their youth. Hollywood films based on comic books are seemingly very popular. People who once played World of Warcraft are coming back to it. Which Saturday morning cartoons you watched as a kid is apparently still very important to many people. People who got into anime at about the same time as I did (or in many cases many years earlier) are still watching and writing about it, even though in some cases (see: Colony Drop) mostly limited to complaining about how things were just better in the Good Old Days. People cosplay their favorite teen culture franchise as grownups. Why cling so desperately to these teenage years? Is it just nostalgia, or have I missed an important part of the zeitgeist? Is it that the social networks you establish around your hobbies now are stronger than they once were?

Anonymous 6325


Because it gets old. It gets tiresome. There's only so much novelty that you can fit in an interest like movies, games, and comic books.

When you're young, all the things are new, but the older you grow, you get used to it all, and the higher your standards get. At some point they're so high that a childhood interest satisfying you (like anime) becomes a rare phenomenon. Such is the case for me. I grew out of anime, I grew out of manga, I grew out of playing games, because I've seen everything I enjoy already.

When I was a kid, I used to speed through several shoujo manga every day. Sometimes I'd read different manga. Mostly horror and shoujo. I spent a few years like that. I had read every shoujo manga I could pirate at the moment that had tolerable art and readable scans. Why don't I read manga anymore? Guess what. I am b o r e d. I've seen it all.

Same with anime. My first anime were Fairy Tail and Bleach. When I was 10, I enjoyed them a lot. I also watched some other shows. Mokke, Another, Psychopass, Shiki… etc.
While I was open to trying new anime as a kid, I just can't bring myself to enjoy it anymore. I grew up, changed, I saw what's better and now I want better. But anime never grew with me, changed, nor it has improved in any way at all.
The cringy humor, overblown reactions, boring characters, repetitive themes and animation, just don't impress me anymore. As a kid, I used to think that "there's no way anime is for kids!" but now I wholeheartedly agree with people who just refer to anime as "kids' cartoons."

Games? I also grew out of them, but I was never that big in the games department, even as a child. I used to play MMOs and stuff like Club Penguin. I played a shitton of PSP games on emuparadise (any that was english.) Ass Creed, Kingdom Hearts, Persona, Koei games, Prince of Persia, Fate Extra, Tenchu, so on…
Of these games, the only one I continue to play and love is SMT/Persona franchise. I don't like any of the new games that are made. PC games especially. I spent my childhood playing crappy online RPGs, flash games, sidescrollers, point and click, and I don't want any of that anymore. I played SMTIV and enjoyed it. If there's more SMT games to come, I'll play them. I'm not interested in anything else.

It's not that I'm too busy and have no time to play games or watch anime at all anymore. It's just that those interests didn't get better to catch up with me. Some people are weird and never get tired of repetition. Some people, like me, get tired very fast.

Anonymous 6329

So what kind of hobbies do you have now? Gaming and watching anime are so ingrained into my personality right now I honestly can't imagine myself cutting them out of my life like that, not anytime soon at least.

That might be because I'm still young (I'm 18) and recently got into gaming so I didn't have the opportunity to get sick of either of them yet, that's just how I feel. I could say I'm also into photography and traveling, but that's just me taking amateurish photos with my phone, that some might call being pretentious if I'm calling myself a photographer without lugging around a 2kg DSLR.

Anonymous 6331


I'm the same age as you. I don't have any "hobbies" at the moment. I draw every day (with torment) to keep sane but I just consider it torment atm. I like drawing traditionally with a pen, but I don't want my family to give me shit for not drawing shitty art they'd rather see, so I secretly draw on PC with a mouse which makes the process a chore.

Other than that I do some archviz, make kitchens, bathrooms and shit like that. Sometimes I get bored and see if there is any horror manga I can read that looks interesting, which happens very rarely. And I still play games, it's just that I only play SMT and some otome games. I've been playing Digital Devil Saga for a while, just an hour or so when I feel like it, so it's taking me a long time to finish.

I have things I want to try out but I don't have money right now and neither does my family. I'm going to try to get into music when we buy a piano (there are some old soviet pianos going for cheap in the neighborhood sometimes.)

> Gaming and watching anime are so ingrained into my personality right now I honestly can't imagine myself cutting them out of my life like that

And I can't imagine how anime can be a big part of a person's life. What are you watching that's so damn good? Because I never saw anything like that. Even as a kid I didn't like anime that much. I stopped watching Bleach/Fairy Tail when I was 10, and last time I saw anything new was 5 years ago (Death Parade when it came out). Once in a while I see if there's anything new I'd like but I just get disappointed every time.
Of all anime I've seen, which is not much anyway, I've rewatched Shiki twice because I think it's really aesthetic and I like it a lot. If there was more like Shiki I'd definitely look into it.

Anonymous 6333


>What are you watching that's so damn good?
Monogatari series are pretty great actually. The last season came out in 2017 I think and they are still making more of them. It's nothing like anything else so I recommend getting the bluray rips from nyaa and giving it a shot. It's up to your preference but I'd follow the novel release order which is what the author's intended. https://bakemonogatari.fandom.com/wiki/Monogatari_Series_Timeline_and_Watch_Guide

There's also Haibane Renmei which is an emotional rollercoaster and it's pretty short (12 episodes) so it shouldn't take longer than a day go through with it.

And then there's so much more and honestly I want to share my MAL account right now but I use the same nickname everywhere and I don't want to dox myself like this.

>And I can't imagine how anime can be a big part of a person's life.

Yeah that hurts. I don't have too much going on with my life right now (for the past year actually).

Anonymous 6334


>Yeah that hurts.
Oh, I'm sorry. My comment wasn't meant to be an insult towards you. I don't have anything at all going on with me either, never have. Just mental illness and financial trouble.
I've heard of this series a long time ago when it was new. I've also seen plenty of screenshots and I liked how clean and smooth the art was. I just never bothered to watch it, or anything else because I expected it to be just another show with some plot and fanservice for a male audience. This is also another reason why I am starting to like things less and less, because I'm tired of watching shows and playing games made for boys. People cite, "anime/gaming is mostly made for boys, because boys are the main consumers." I think that is absolute bullshit. There's few female consumers because there's few content for girls. First of all, if you are unable to appeal to half of the world's population, the problem is you. If they'd just bother to make a good and proper anime/game that's not entirely about a boy's life or perspective they'd see that many girls are interested. Persona 3 was my first SMT game, and if it didn't have a female protagonist, I wouldn't enjoy it as much. Anyway…

Haibane Renmei looks aesthetic and feels unique so maybe I'll like it. It has such an interesting title, too… If I am in condition to do anything tomorrow, I'll watch it. I'll try monogatari too, because I am actually a big fan of vampire things. Thanks for your time. Have a good day.

Anonymous 6336


Keep in mind that while vampirism is one of the dominant themes in Monogatari, it's mostly centered around human and abberation relationships and personal growth.
>Oh, I'm sorry. My comment wasn't meant to be an insult towards you.
Yeah don't worry about it and have a nice day as well :)

Anonymous 6366


I am exactly the same. I used to play so much video games as a kid, from dawn to dusk almost every day and I did not even regret it. But as I started growing up, I realized that I do not like games anymore, and the only games that I used to enjoy were glorified chat-rooms with silly gameplay, stuff like minecraft or maybe tf2 where you did not take things seriously and just fooled around, so I mostly stopped playing vidya and moved onto other stuff. I still play vidya occasionally, but really that only means I play one or two matches of league of legends every other day and that's it. It is almost July and I only played 2 other games this year, which were Furi (played through it all in 2 days) and a re-play of Danganronpa 2 cause I love that game. I then started watching movies but honestly, it got to a point where the more I watched the less satisfied I was. I remember watching Adaptation and thinking "this is amazing, I will never find anything better than this", so I mostly stopped watching movies. I still do sometimes, I watched Punch Drunk Love recently which was almost as good but it has lost its charm for me. Honestly, internet just feels like such a hollow place for me. I really wanted to get into longboard dancing is just way too expensive. Same with anime, what's even the point of watching new stuff when nothing will come even close to Code Geass or Liar's game? Only thing I really do nowadays is listen to music, but that is not really a hobby :/

Anonymous 6367


IME its not so much growing out of your hobbies so much as just getting more selective since learning what you like. I used to think I stopped enjoying anime and games but after putting in the effort to find new things that are actually good I realized I just got picky. I've watched less than 5 currently airing shows in the past 2 years but the ones I did watch were great. I've barely played more than 10 new games in the past couple years but again the ones I got into I ended up playing for a long long time. Currently I am playing Valorant and watching Gleipnir. And I've been on an old 80s/90's anime kick watching some really awesome stuff I'd never heard of till recently. Also just started some manga after never actually reading them before now. Nickelodeon is a crazy series that is like the short stories of Murakami in manga form. And start reading. There are so many great authors that aren't read enough. Renata Adler, Hiromi Kawakami and Clarice Lispector to name a few.

It's normal to stop liking most of the trash in any medium of art you devote yourself to, there sure is a lot of it, but that just means you need to be more proactive about finding the stuff you will actually enjoy. It's often overlooked.

Anonymous 6368


I also loved Liar Game. It was a unique and well made manga. I think that the world is just full of useless shit, and you only learn it when you get older. Good content is just rare everywhere always. It's not that we get picky or pretentious as we get older. We just learn our time's worth. You shouldn't fall into despair, though. Every once in a while there will be something good coming out. An interesting game, a good movie, a unique anime. Rare doesn't mean nonexistent.
>I used to enjoy were glorified chat-rooms with silly gameplay,
I did the same as a child. I still love Minecraft and think it's one of the best games that a child can have, because it's very creative and moddable. I learned Blender because I got tired of using worldedit in Minecraft.

Just don't get depressed and say a better thing will never come out. That's just impossible.

Anonymous 6370


I have just become sort of disillusioned I guess. I just think back to when I was 14 and just chatting away with people in tf2 and not even playing the game while listening to amazing obscure songs like Ride the lightning or Bohemian Rhapsody. Whenever I try to do something like that nowadays I just have this feeling of wasting time even if I have literally nothing else to do. I have sort of been getting into cooking recently and while I have a lot of fun with it it is not something you can do to pass time or kill boredom and such, you know. It amazes me that some girls just become interested in something like horses at a young age and then 10 years later they still ride and take care of horses daily. Like, I wish that I had found a hobby like that, you know. Something that is actually productive and you can spend a lot of time doing it. And also there are a lot of things I would like to get into but I know it would be pointless, like drawing (terrible at it ) or learning to play an instrument (I have terrible eye and hand coordination). Like, it is all just so bleak, you know. What's even the point? Nothing is fun anymore and the older I get, the more sceptical I am that anything fun even exists.

Anonymous 6373


For me personally, I don't think I will ever forget anime. Like many other posters here, some anime has had an enormous impact on my life and I'm really grateful for that, especially the amazing OSTS they have. Some of my personal favourites include my all-time beloved Evangelion (which has helped me so many times), HxH, Natsume Yuujinchou. Game favourites include Danganronpa and Fate Extra. To me, my favs represent an everlasting optimism and hope for the future :)

Anyway, I'm going on 20 very soon and these are my personal reasons for drifting away:

1) Anime, like other genres, lose their fun after repeated exposure. Repeating what others said, same plotlines etc. Watching Soul Eater when I was 12 was just amazing, now it's just nostalgic. One good thing to do is be more SELECTIVE of what you watch: I watch about 5 anime/year, recently I watched Beastars, Death Note and Beautiful Bones: Sakurako's Investigation and it was really, really enjoyable to me. It felt extremely refreshing and just kept me excited to watch the next episode.

2) IMO my biggest reason: The anime / gaming community is pretty bad. Sure, bad apples exist in every fandom but this aspect is one that continuously encourages deviant behaviours: l*licons, pedos, weird porn addictions, and the community is geared towards a younger audience so it's a double edged sword: on one hand, I truly enjoy how idealistic and positive some anime fans can be (it makes me smile when I see younger kiddos dedicate their time drawing anime), on the other hand it's those negative fans that plague the community.

OH, and the MISOGYNY. There are SO many misogynists in the anime community, it's sickening. As someone who strives to actively improve myself in my early 20's and set that healthy foundation, this community ain't it.

4) Dating Prospects(? or an extension of point 2 of how repulsive the community is) - Most guys into anime have warped perspectives on the world. (Strangely enough, I have over 15 female friends who like anime and they're mostly wholesome) I do have guy friends who like anime and are decent but they are few and far between. Most buy into the hyper-sexualised culture, aren't in shape, and are far away from reality as possible. I actually met a cute guy who liked anime in college, who unsurprisingly browsed 4*han, was an edgy alt-right supporter and talked about rape in my face. I never really thought this was true until I met someone like this in the flesh.

Not that person but I watched Monogatari when I was 14 and it really stuck with me throughout. Hate the fanservice and fanbase, but the OSTs and lessons are great. Also, I'm unable to find such a calming aesthetic anywhere else. The crisp, unique-looking backgrounds and nostalgic-inducing color palettes, I have a whole collection of screenshots.

Anonymous 7819

Not all games, animations or anything else are made for kids. So To answer your question. You are completely normal. It's fine.

Anonymous 17411

Could be anything, really. From repeated to exposure to growing responsibilities, there are many reasons as to why one drops their favorite hobbies. Drifting away from your hobbies isn't uncommon as you might think, not everything is meant to last forever.

Anonymous 17422

Not based, Evangelion is a shitty terrible anime lol

Anonymous 17423

not to be that person but thats just noooot true lol
it's objectively way better than "shitty/terrible"
why do you feel that way

Anonymous 17429

-Made by Gainax, an anime studio known for making some pretty shitty anime with cookie cutter male protagonist and fan service female side characters
-Female characters are written terribly, there’s the typical tsundere redhead who is the love interest and then there’s the kuudere blue haired girl who’s a “mystery”
-Shinji is a whiny brat with daddy issues, as per usual with the Gainax standard cookie cutter male protagonist

Anonymous 19456


I remember reading this thread a while back thinking that feeling wouldn't hit me, but I'm 20 now and I'm losing interest in anime which makes my heart ache a little. It makes me feel empty because anime/manga have been a part of my life since middle school.

Anonymous 21202

I think as you get older you can gain new perspectives on things that make some things feel redundant or not as special as they used to. I used to watch a ton of anime but now that I'm older and recognize a lot of the tropes it is hard to watch. Most anime are really slow paced compared to manga too, which I can enjoy at my own pace.
I have met some boomers who were really interested in watching Ghibli movies because they've never seen anything like that before. So no I don't think anime is inherently for kids.
As for metal I have only just started really getting into metal and I'm in my 30s. I liked it a bit before but it was sort of a wall to me. But I recently found a crack and it clicked with me hard so I'm listening to a lot of different bands.

Anonymous 21228

Eva aired 26 years ago. how can you say it's typical when they were establishing the standards

Anonymous 21234

Those standards were established even before Eva. They are cliche

Anonymous 21302

I'm growing out of the things you mentioned but I try to still enjoy some of them. Only the best ones, though, I don't have the time and patience to try out garbage.

Anonymous 21321

As you get older and the industry becomes more blatantly exploitative and unoriginal, you start to realize how shitty anime is in general and how many series are not actually worth watching. Same with video games, except that those also become more and more expensive and bigger which you start to notice almost never means they're gonna be good, and then you either go back to older and better games, turn to the indie scene/become an indie game dev or stop playing games altogether.
Oldschool metal will always be good tho, and even newer bands/albums aren't that bad. And since a ton of bands are independent, the genre (which is largely underground) doesn't degenerate at the same rate as anime or video games.

Anonymous 21361


>About metal I can understand, most of your angst is gone, but the others still might be fun.

Wrong wrong wrong I am seething so fucking hard

You must think being a metalhead is having a slipknot phase when you're 14-17, it isn't

Anonymous 21362

kek this
I think these anons (including OP) think a metalhead is one of those nu-metal-listening Guitar Hero-playing Metallica shirt-wearing posers from the 2000s

Anonymous 21369

Do you know what, it's people people change and grow. You get new interests. You go back to old ones. Whatever is best for you or tickles your pickle.

For me I don't listen to metal anymore because the reason I listened to it was to channel a lot of latent aggression if I'm honest. Nowadays I listen to metal only sometimes, nostalgia reasons mostly. Sometimes as an adult it serves you better to just lie on the sofa after a long day of firewalls being BORKED and listen to cardi b spit the most outrageous lines, or rock lobster by the b-52s, because it makes you laugh and feel good.

For anime etc with me just nothing tickled my fancy anymore. I started engaging in other interests I had as a kid and that's been more relaxing for now.

Anonymous 21374


Agreed, I've been a metalhead into all kinds of subgenres since I was like 10 because I love the music and also because listening to it has always been a healthy outlet for my strong emotions. If anything, I use it as an outlet for stress and anger even more now. Like being upset and sad and going in my car and listening to some atmospheric black metal that sounds just like how I feel inside at the moment is so good and it makes me happy. Or listening to some speed metal to get myself energized and ready to go. Metal is just so broad and there's an album for every emotion, I don't understand how you can stop liking it when there's so many different subgenres and moods of metal to explore.

Anonymous 21377

Idk, even as a kid I found most popular animes quite boring and now there's just no time to spend watching stuff like that plus a lot of plots seem quite silly… can't imagine how you could unironically watch some of them as a grown adult

Regarding metal, I've never really grown out of it, it's just that my tastes have become more sophisticated. I tend to prefer atmospheric and progressive genres more than noisy and aggressive ones like I used to in my teen years.

Anonymous 21378


Thanks for agreeing anon

People describing a complex music genre with a shit ton of subgenres as angsty teen music drives me insane. I mean it is usually dark themed but the only reason you'd confuse songs about forests and witch rituals with "my parents suck my girlfriend left me" is if you never listened to metal at all and just assumed that the first loud song you heard has to be metal

Anonymous 21438



these guys get it, metal is for any age! not just angry teens, I plan on being a cute old lady and listening to the music i love including metal! And there are so much genres to appreciate, and to just wittle it down to angry music just undermines the creative history behind it and honestly its a real shame that people see metal in that way!!

Anonymous 21445

I have no idea, probably because they're normal people. Unlike my retard self, who literally likes the exact same things I've liked since I was a child. Most if not all of my interests are age-inappropriate, besides sports and music.

Anonymous 21446

there's also the sad music which is equally pathetic
anything 'dark' is pathetic if you're over 18

Anonymous 21447


Anonymous 21452

I don't think OP is talking about all-time classics like Black Sabbath or Judas Priest when she mentioned Metal; she's clearly talking about edgy stuff.

I'd Black, Death, and Folk Metal are mostly for angry teens. Overall, anything heavier and more violent than Venom can be fun to listen sometimes, but is cringe af. I also think Power metal is for teens even If it's not that heavy and agressive because it is a very cringe genre with limited musical qualities.

I do listen to all these genres sometimes, but I don't think it's a secret that most people abandom them during college. Hell, "grow out of metal" is one of the oldest /mu/ memes.

Anonymous 21453

maxresdefault (4).…

Anon only listens to picrel on repeat

Anonymous 21457

>Power metal is for teens
Could be! I did start listening to it as a teenager.

Anonymous 21646

>I don't think OP is talking about all-time classics like Black Sabbath or Judas Priest when she mentioned Metal; she's clearly talking about edgy stuff.
That still doesn't make much sense. "Edgy" is a highly arbitrary and kind of vague term that people throw at anything remotely challenging the conventional idea of music.
>I'd Black, Death, and Folk Metal are mostly for angry teens.
I don't get it. I mean it did start as a youth subculture, but the amount of grown men that are listening to these genres as of today contradicts that. I guess cannibal corpse/mayhem etc. can fall into this category, but as some people posted above, they don't even cover the wide umbrella of sub- and subsubgenres(is that a word?) that sound pretty different from each other. Metal isn't memed for having 150 specific subgenres for no reason.
>Overall, anything heavier and more violent than Venom can be fun to listen sometimes, but is cringe af. I also think Power metal is for teens even If it's not that heavy and agressive because it is a very cringe genre with limited musical qualities.
It can only be as cringe as the person who listens to it is. Which isn't uncommon, but doesn't stop music from being good. What's heavier and more violent than Venom? Electric Wizard? Windhand? Cathedral? It's pretty subjective, for example all the Venom fans I've met were the edgiest, most pretentious teens I've met, because they take their music too seriously since it's a "classic".
>I do listen to all these genres sometimes, but I don't think it's a secret that most people abandom them during college. Hell, "grow out of metal" is one of the oldest /mu/ memes.
Abandon is a strong word. I think most people are just tired, not of the music but the life in general. There's less time and energy to spend on your favorite hobbies, and since metal is very passion oriented it becomes noticeable when they're not as passionate anymore. I've seen a lot of adult or even old metalheads who didn't look like it at all because it's not about the image for them anymore.

Anonymous 21674


I think there's a few kinds of people that grow out of hobbies. There's type one who are only really in the hobby to fit in and when they don't need it any more they drop it. Type two who are just depressed and can't find enjoyment from it anymore. Type three who basically burn themselves out on a certain hobby by going all out on it and basically only having that as a hobby, so as a solution they go in the extreme other direction and drop it. Finally there's type four where they've become so picky nothing new satisfies them any more and they've done the old stuff to death.

Anonymous 24633

Yep, i’d say most people are number two but less extreme, when you grow older you start to realize things and gain a more busy racing conscious mind that prevents you from relaxing and doing things. Also life and the chase for money and stability. Whereas as a child/teenager you only care about the present moment and can enjoy watching a 24 episode anime beat a game and draw all in one day. God i miss being 15

Anonymous 32127


Anonymous 32128

I outgrew a youtube channel recently (redlettermedia). I'd been following them for almost 15 years and used to click their videos as soon as I got an alert they had uploaded. I know the whole "friend simulator" thing is cringe but it feels strange to be closing the door on something I used to love so much.

My reasons for outgrowing them are primarily that my interests have changed. They do movie reviews and I barely watch movies anymore. As I've gotten older, my thoughts and feelings become more complex and so I'm gravitating more towards books, which offer a richer and more in depth experience.

In comparison, new RLM videos feel very stale and shallow. They always review the same types of movies, none of which I care about. I realized the other day that they've never mentioned any of the movies I truly love. The media they consider genius, such as Ghostbusters, Gremlins, Picard, I've also outgrown. Their older reviews were smart and tight, though I've began to notice that they will confidently talk about topics they don't know much about which makes me question their older views.

I've been making a big effort to cut down on the amount time I spend online which contributes as well, as their newer videos will often be edging on two hours in length. They also seem to be selling out a bit. Part of my reasons for quitting the internet are avoid negativity and consumerism. After rewatching some of the Plinkett reviews, it made me realize that there is a streak of meanness in their work and now it's hard to unsee.

I think vidrel is a troll video but it actually sums up my feelings pretty well.

Anonymous 32129

Another video on the same topic.

Anonymous 32179

Can't explain the reason why for anyone else but I will for myself, specifically with anime.

Anime used to be this cool, mystical thing to me as a kid. But the older I got the less 'magical' it appeared to me. I think I can list a few reasons as to why that is.

>Generic-Mass produced:

More and more anime is being produced now than compared to the past. When there are so many shows that have so much overlap, the experience doesn't seem special anymore. You can argue that this issue existed in the past as well (The tons of mecha and 'rpg/medieval' anime in the 90s) but the thing is, I feel that even then there was still more diversity in the catalog. I also feel that they were more okay with being out of the box.
They are okay at first, but seeing them all the time in anime is annoying. Again, this is a problem with material sticking to script and not being experimental.
I'll start off with personal quips, anime is much too saturated nowadays. The light, vibrant colors, the lack of shading depth, and the lack of sketchy lines is a bit of a turn off for me. The digital art may make things much more easier on the animators, but it does tune down the 'soul' of the art.
Personal quips aside, and this is where the real critique comes in, when you focus on making things 'cute' and 'moe', with characters having little to no facial expressions, it can be a huge problem, especially in serious scenes. So many anime have tried to invoke a serious/emotion scene that I could not take seriously from that fact alone. You can not bring seriousness and cuteness into the same mix. It ruins the experience.
>Voice Acting:
I used to say that I disliked English VAs. But I have to add on to that, now I don't really care for Japanese VAs either. They are generic and bland just like the English VAs, just less so. This is another part of something that ruins the serious mood of the scene. How am I supposed to take a serious moment seriously when the VA is trying to sound as nauseatingly cute or cool in the most caricatured way as possible? It just doesn't fit and it quickly gets stale.
Most anime that try to be deep or dark fail to meet that expectation if you are a grown adult above the age of 20. Again, this is a problem with the generic plotlines, the mediocre characterizations, the artstyle, the voice acting, and so on. Wow, I thought this was deep when I was 14, but now? No. Not saying that anime can't have good stories and characterizations, but deep? I rarely consider any anime to be thought provoking. The few that come to me at the top of my head are Monster and The Legend of Galatic Heroes. I want to note that I think characterizations are a big part of this. A 14 year old, pink haired anime girl with gigantic eyes a high pitched voice and huge bouncing tits being a 'scary villian' and 'someone to take seriously' sounds infeasible to me. Shinji, being a scared insecure 14 year old boy with low self-esteem does not however. So even if I had my qualms with Evangelion, for example, his characterization put the anime in a better light for me.

The tl;dr of my rant is that I can't take anime seriously. These are the reasons why that something like Madoka Magica, which appealed to me as a teen, is not so 'mind-blowing' now that I watch it as an adult. I feel like most older anime fans eventually either become retrofags (watching older anime), moeshitters (CGDCT autists), become obsessed with a few series that they watched in the past (a.k.a the nostalgiafag), or just stop watching anime entirely, because newer anime isn't as appealing to them.

Anonymous 32182

Yeah, I watch so many old shows nowadays (thanks for remastering!), because the seasonal anime doesn't appeal to me anymore. There might be 1-2 (or 0) series I watch each season and most of them are forgettable. I don't think I gave a show 10/10 in the last 3 years.

Anonymous 32197

Most anime is terribly written and aimed at edgy teenagers. Even adult oriented anime is pretty poorly/autistically written. I prefer anime now that is experimental as an form of aesthetic art and aside from a few directors, most anime isn't pushing artistic boundaries like say Masaaki Yuasa.
For Games, because as you get older you realise how important actual life skills are and gaming is high time investment for no skill/self development payoff.

Anonymous 32198

Agreed with Shinji, imagine being on an 747 all the pilots die, 3 engines blow out, auto pilot is dead and the rest of the crew have chosen you to fly and land the plane, oh and if you crash, earth explodes oh and a flying monster is out to make sure you crash.
That is what happens to Shinji episode 1 and people call him a bitch.

Anonymous 32199

Isn't that the 'Cuties' guy?

Anonymous 32206

same. just finished the new bleach season and i'm gutted. i still read manga and follow some of the anime later, like chainsaw man. but i don't watch many shows anymore, it's hard for me to pay attention i think. i recently watched tokyo revengers and wanted to die because what the heck is that shit show that ppl kept talking about

Anonymous 32210


I go back and forth between whether or not the new ones will ever be as great as the old ones. Sometimes they are, and sometimes they aren't. I don't think I could ever leave behind so much of media, however, I guess it really depends on whether or not the circumstances allow for playing them. I have played some games multiple times over just because they are so good and because reality in general is so bullshit, especially with celebs and politicians (public figures?) acting as if dating new people (being sluts) or going out to sporting events to watch the same ball getting thrown around is somehow new, novel, and fun enough for the population at mass to either buy into it or tune in…

Anonymous 32214

I notice the exact opposite.
I don't know anybody who does way with their childhood.
When I do see people giving them up it's because said hobbies got pushed away by life or became too expensive.
everyone's becoming increasingly obsessed with their childhood.

Anonymous 32217

Where do you live?

Anonymous 32219

Popular =/= good. Especially in this day and age.

Anonymous 32224


Anonymous 32503


Isn't this about getting older? As in: you have seen many anime, so there is no surprise nor charm anymore in common tropes; while when you were younger, everything was a discovery. Your sense of taste is getting more refined.
I've got the same issue with literature. Every success of the year is bad; I have to dig in the classics to find something of value. Once in a while, I find something good among the new, but it's becoming rarer.
Well yeah: once you're an adult, you can buy whatever you so wanted when you were a teenager. That's why all fashion has this cyclical feel: it comes first for the teenagers, then comes back for them when they have a job and money to buy and re-buy the things of their childhood.
Childhood nostalgia is now a whole marketing segment; it has been for a few decades. People can't really let go of their childhoods because they are inundated with advertisements as soon as they get their first paycheck and/or their first kid.
I kinda wonder: how well do you grow up if your pacifier is constantly within your reach?

Anonymous 32504

As mentioned before in this thread, I find the content itself lacking as it feels like in the last 10ish years the quality has fallen off a cliff where everything is just a remake or a rehash. I want new experiences not the same thing repacked. My friends were excited about the new CounterStrike being released but it is literally the same game that came out in the late 1990s with the same maps and weapons but this time with slightly better graphics.

Secondly, I find the communities super toxic and nothing I really want to be part of. Somehow anime got associated with the alt-right, incels, etc. which means these are people I want to stay clear of.

Anonymous 32505


I wish people made different things instead of preaching the same messages of hope, optimism or capitalism bad that you see these days. It's probably because big productions prefer to play things safe and make sequels, live action adaptations and reboots instead of developing a new universe from scratch to tell new stories.

Holy shit, that's him, lmao.
Literally why.

Anonymous 32516

people just develop into liking other things or getting into other social spaces, and often become focused on career or family and disregard much of their teenage interests. personally i used to be really into gaming and music but i don't have that much time for it anymore

Anonymous 32555

OP here. Yeah, I'm finally giving up on my hobbies, not because I don't love them anymore, but because I don't have time for them. Reality is a bitch.

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