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Sailor Moon/Shoujo thread? Anonymous 551


Anonymous 556

So, uh, what exactly were you hoping to discuss?

Is this a moonie fan thread? or a Shojou General thread? you want us to fan girl about our favorite characters or?

Just wondering OP.

Anonymous 557

I could be wrong here, but… I'm pretty sure they wanted to discuss the fact that it's Usagi's birthday today.

Anonymous 558


oh lol


Anonymous 559

I never got that into SM… usagi and chibiusa have the same birthday though? Isn't Usagi Chibi's mom or something? Are they also cosmically the same person or something!? Is Usagi her own mom?

Anonymous 565

I was thinking it was maybe a general mahou shoujo thread.

If that was OPs intentions or not, I now declare this a mahou shoujo because I love magical girl shit

Anonymous 600


I'm thinking about getting back into watching Sailor Moon again. I was never into it in my life but seeing how popular it's been always made me want to be in the fandom. I last left off at about episode 9 or so due to some stuff that came up but I think it's enjoyable even if the show is repetitive. I love the viz dub the most and I'm not sure if I should be embarrassed about being able to relate to a middle schooler.

Anonymous 601

Grew up on the original dub, then watched the whole 200 episodes subbed, and now kind of wish I could find the old dub again because it was so bad, it was good. Haven't watched any of the new dub yet.

Anonymous 622


Ahh, I love sailor moon so damn much. It brings me so many good memories. I also feel like I'm a lot like usagi personality wise (…awful)

Anonymous 6425


Happy Birthday!

It's been a whole year again. Let's wait and see if this thread is still up next year!

Anonymous 22513


Anonymous 22532


I lojve sailor moon

Anonymous 22533

I've never watched Sailor Moon

Anonymous 22535

I don’t believe you.

Anonymous 22537


Anonymous 22538

I was humiliated on a stage at an anime convention for saying that I never watched it.
I asked my parents about it once but according to them, they just wouldn't let me watch it.

However, I did watch Cardcaptor Sakura and I do currently love shoujo magical girls such as PreCure.
I should definitely rewatch Cardcaptor Sakura.

Anonymous 22547

Anonymous 22550


I almost finished watching this one but my hard drive corrupted and the only torrent for it was dead when I tried to download again. It was kind of a dumb show but I still wanted to know how it ended.

Anonymous 22551


I watched this twice. Why can I never remember this scene or how it happened

Anonymous 22558

I like Sakura better than Sailor Moon, but Ojamajo Doremi is where its at.

Anonymous 22590


ccs is a great show and – not to pit them against one another – but i wonder why it isn't toted as the "feminist icon" series when it genuinely feels much more feminist than sailor moon? i'm not done with it yet (currently on episode ~23 maybe?) but yeah.

Anonymous 22591

Because Sailor Moon has men dressed like women and girls being airheads, so libfems think it is "empowering".

Anonymous 22592

I haven't seen it but I wonder if Sailor Moon is just more popular because the characters are teenagers while CCS has child characters. People might think CCS is a show targeted for children only and be less inclined to watch it.

Anonymous 22608

I have a male weeb friend whose favorite anime of all time is this. He says it's a masterpiece.
I should rewatch it to confirm that claim. But it seems that a lot more men like CCS than Sailor Moon. Why?

Anonymous 22629

s-l400 (7).jpg

I am obsessed with collecting vintage ccs and sm goods when they're especially cute and rare. I dont care how much it costs, if I see it and I adore it i have to buy it.

Anonymous 22630


This smells like roses and and baby powder. I only have this one.. the next one I'm saving up for is the Alice bottle. I really wish I could locate the CCS shampoo. I've been obsessed with it since I saw it for sale online neqrly 20 years ago. Of course I was a child back then so I couldn't buy it. It haunts me. :l

Anonymous 22635

Pedo game stronger

Anonymous 23037

the sailor moon manga > the anime purely bc the few boys that are in the manga do fuck all aside from get their asses kicked by girls, maybe that's why?
i did binge the entire sakura manga in a week though, and omg it was amazing.

Anonymous 24373

I want to watch Sailor Moon but I feel like I'm too old for it now at 25. My mom prohibited me from watching it as a kid even though it was everywhere and my grandma bought me Sailor Moon merch. I was obsessed with the appearance of the show and loved the fashion. Don't know the plot behind Tuxedo Mask guy, but I was so in love with him since he looked so elegant and really good with Usagi, especially when she's in her white Greek pillar/column dress lol (love that bow/ribbon at the back!). I think he is like older than her and she's in middle school, which is creepy. My child-brain did not get that at the time - they both looked like adults to me.
Tell me nonas, is it worthwhile binging? I tried getting into it in 2015 but wow are the episodes ever formulaic. Is the manga better than the anime?

Anonymous 24614

the manga is way faster paced, and focused more on Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask,so i think you'll like it a lot. definitely try it.

Anonymous 24785

Can anyone tell me what anime this is?

Anonymous 24788


Mahou no Tenshi Creamy Mami: Long Goodbye
It's an OVA/Short Film of Creamy Mami from 1984(?) though, so you might want to watch that first.

Anonymous 24826

Thanks ! I really like the style and color palette. I'll check it out

Anonymous 24835

The music from this show is to die for. I will listento it until I'm 80 idc

Anonymous 26069


Does anyone here know where I can find scans of the Shojo Beat magazines in full? I love the nostalgia but no idea where to look..

Anonymous 26711

there are physical copies on ebay. I have a few but plan on buying more.

Anonymous 26757

Tried mangadex?
She's asking for scans tho not physical copies

Anonymous 27316


I am rewatching the first season right now and I recommend it. It's better than I remember, the later seasons are much more repetitive which kind of tainted my impression of the whole show. Plus in the beginning you have more supporting characters being used aside from just the sailor scouts. Including adorable Naru.

Anonymous 27317


currently watching mermaid melody it’s very good

Anonymous 27322


i’ve been watching through some of the seasons of precure suite is my fav so far

Anonymous 29768

Is it any good?

Anonymous 29777

Late but I tried finding scans and can only find a few page scans and were related to specific interests like lolita fashion. I think I will have to buy copies online or search in used book stores, and once I do I will likely scan them and put them out online via Internet Archive.

Anonymous 30469


Anonymous 32004

begone homewrecker

Anonymous 34148


I was obsessed with Haruka at the time so I was so mad Michiru played into the flirting as a teen. After a later rewatch I think her intention was to make Haruka jealous but I'm still mildly salty

Anonymous 34157


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