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Kpop thread Anonymous 576

Thread for all of us fans of kpop share our bias, why we love them and their song recommendations and just general photo thread!

(all genres of korean music and all bands/artists are welcome)

Please do not disrespect, anyone's opinion is valid!!! Please don't say stuff like 'he just ugly', cause everyone knows beauty is subjective

(tbh made this cause I want to ind more k-groups/artists to stan)

Girl groups would be very appreciated!

Anonymous 578

I don't really follow Kpop releases/groups as much anymore, but I've been reading about the BTS thing and I feel really bad for the guy.

K-netizens are so notoriously insane, and yeah the guy presumably smoked some weed, but I hope his career isn't completely destroyed for it.

Anonymous 579

Wait, bts and weed?
Do you meam the TOP from bigbang scandal?
Because i havent heard any other weed situation other than that TOP one eventhouugh i'm a BTS fan.

Anonymous 580

Glad a BTS fan confirmed I was real confused for a second.

What I don't understand about the TOP situation is that GD got caught smoking in Japan a few years back and he was just like 'oops didn't knew it was weed lol' and everyone forgot about it.

I guess the other revelations of TOP dating that trainee and overdosing on prescribed meds is what's making his case particularly bad but I feel like he's honestly just taking the fall for all YG family right now. We know by now most of them meddle in drugs (Park bom?) and the police were already looking for a big name to bust. It's just awful for this to all come down on one guy, plus he might be expelled from the military and i'm not sure how that fucks up one's social standing in South Korea but I can't imagine it's good news.

Anonymous 581


In a country like South Korea it fucks up person's life badly, I mean have you seen how they care about things like that and are strict af about social standing. I wouldn't be amazed if he was dropped by his company, never got a job again…

Anonymous 582

Yeah sorry meant TOP, haha.

tbh the whole K-Star scene in Korea is extremely toxic. They basically have to be perfect angels and pander to the political/social climate and can't be individuals. I don't remember who it was but remember the girl who got completely destroyed for bringing back anti-depressants she was prescribed from the states, but because that brand was illegal in Korea they painted her like a drug mule.

I'm not saying Korea should be as open about their celebrities doing drugs/being shambled all the time, but it's shit how they can't make any sort of mistake or do anything not completely straight and narrow.

Anonymous 585

I listen to kpop frequently and enjoy it, but I'v never gotten into the fandom, save for a Shinee stint in like 2011.

I prefer girl groups nowadays. I'll post some stuff I've been into.

Anonymous 586

Okay, this is sort of old but I love Orange Caramel.

Anonymous 587

Some Hyolyn aaaa so good.

Anonymous 588

Oh My Girl

I've actually never seen this MV. I love it.

Anonymous 589

Red Velvet

Anonymous 590

Anonymous 596

Oh! Got kinda confused there for a moment haha.
I never in my life will understand the Park Bom situation, she had a perfectly reasonable defence going for her, but she's got stuck with the title druggie for having her depression treated overseas.

It feels like netizens are getting more and more nitpicky as time passes, only agreed with the outrage over sulli because she is an attention seeking animal abuser (although i think if they didn't gave her all the attention she would stop tbh), but otherwise most "scandals" make my eyes roll into the back of my head over how trivial and stupid they sound.
At least they are getting more chill about celebs dating, which is nice.

> We know by now most of them meddle in drugs
Not only YG, but most of the industry does, if you get into korean or chinese gossip forums, or even salty sasaengs rants, you get a lot of info regarding this.
Idols groups going into bars to entertain sponsors (male and female), fucking people to appear on stations, doing excessive amounts of drugs to be able to stand on stage without collapsing + staying thin, intense overwoking leading to smoking, alcohol and excessive drug consumption… etc
The industry is absolute shit and i doubt many idols don't have an addictiont o at least something.
Like, i remember when Seventeen thought they had a vacation at last but it was just a shitty program where they basically starved themselves on a shitty village, it was so sad to watch and very eye opening.

It's such a scummy industry, but they paint it like an uguuuuu fantasy of perfect darlings being super good and skipping on flower fields.
I still cannot believe how netizens believe that shitty facade and condomn idols when it's uncovered as if they are trash, even after all the ex-idols that came saying what the industry was like.

I love KARD! It's so nice to have co-ed groups that are actually good in kpop.

I'm more into boy groups and solo (indie or otherwise)artists, myself though heh.

Anonymous 597

whoops, condemn* not condomn kek

Anonymous 598

Yeah it really sucks how much of a forced unhealthy image they have to create of themselves.

I also find it to be extremely hypocritical, Korea has such a high depression/suicide rate that they refuse to acknowledge along with one of the highest alcohol consumption rates in the world. They need to realize that a) hiding behind alcohol is just as bad as the rogue drug abuse that gets revealed every once in a while and b) just bottling shit up and hiding mental shit isn't going to solve the problem. It sucks too because I haven't seen any major shift in social ideologies surrounding both of these things and I think once the government or society makes a bigger effort to say "hey lets work on this" then it'll be better.

To go back to a slightly relevant topic, anyone into K-Indie?

Anonymous 684

I started listening to kpop in 2006-2007 when I was about 11. TVXQ, Super Junior, SS501 and Shinhwa were really big at the time but I could never get into boy groups at all. Much preferred the old school girl groups like SES, Baby VOX and Finkl until finally their predecessors debuted. For most of the early 2000's there was really just BoA, Lee Hyori and Ivy for female idols I think. CSJH The Grace were supposed to be "female TVXQ" but they never really blew up or got that big.

Finally 2007 was the year that the big three debuted their follow up girl groups. Baby Vox Rev disappeared into obscurity but JYP debuted Wonder Girls which I guess took their place. Then SNSD (known as the female super junior "super girls" at the time) continued S.E.S's legacy and KARA took over for Finkl.

Guess I shouldn't be surprised that SNSD is the only ones left standing. Although I always much preferred KARA and Wonder Girls.

I still follow current groups like Red Velvet, Twice and Blackpink very loosely. Mainly I just download their albums when they have new releases but don't engage with fandoms much anymore and I don't even bother learning member names tbh.

Anonymous 695


Ah, KARD. They recently came to Brazil and appeared on TV. The host (a fat and old white dude) was super racist towards them (fake accent, slanting his eyes with his fingers, calling them japanese, the whole deal), and it sparkled even more racism from K-netizens. Truly, a cringy shitshow.

On another note, does anyone have any news on Bestie? Fuck, I miss them so much. Dahye is my role model.

Anonymous 714


I can't wait for TVXQ to come back. I'm out of the loop with kpop and don't pay much attention anymore but I miss them so much.

Anonymous 849

I feel really bad for it, but I just love FanCams. I can't help it. I feel like an old pervy voyeur, but it's just so… enticing nnhhh

Anonymous 855

oh man i remember their debut MV Tri-Angle with BoA. Those days man. I loved old K-pop. I still have some old Shinhwa and BoA mp3s I listen to regularly.

Anonymous 858

Since everyone is talking about oldschool k-pop, here's a blast from the past mini dump.

These remind me of my 8th grade so much.

Anonymous 860

My school had a loooot of koreans, and of course most of them were super into dancing haha I was more into VK that time, but I also listened to Kpop and thought all the korean girls were very pretty and stylish.

Funny thing, some didn't like BoA because they thought she was a sell out and traitor when she went to Japan and "abandoned" Korea lol

Sorry for the blog haha

Anonymous 861

Anonymous 862

Anonymous 863

And lastly, I don't know if this counts as Kpop still, but well, it's TVXQ lol I used to loooove this song and though it was the coolest shit, even though I didn't like Kumi Koda that much at the time. I just thought all the guys were super ~kakkoii~, and now I can't even remember their names, sad :')

Anonymous 906

I must say, I am very sad that the new songs from SNSD kinda… flopped. 4kk for more than 5 days for k-pop, especially such veteran group, is very weak. And I don't get it, because I loved both Holiday and All Night. They are very summer-y.

People are also calling the girls old. I guess they are all like 13 y/o, but still annoys me.

I hope they don't disband :(

Anonymous 908

Most "old" groups have started to flop, which is very sad since they were my introduction to kpop and i hold them quite dear.
People rarely care about them anymore because new groups have such huge fanbases full of new kids that don't venture outside of them and are not interested in "old" idols.
Plus, most fans of snsd/super junior/2pm/and whatnot are oldfags that while still loyal, they cannot stream and support them to the lengths that teenagers may because:
1. they have things to do that makes them not able to spend 40000000000 hour streaming / buying 60000 copies of a cd
2. they don't care about numbers (as a kpop oldfag, i sure as hell don't and find most discussion of it annoying.)
SNSD is also a special case because they have been on so many "scandals" and relationships, which caused some of the fanbase to leave. I, however, don't think snsd will disband any time soon, since they are such a cashcow for SM.
Taeyeon's solos bring such brings numbers still, that i don't think they can be considered a complete flop solely because of age.

Most fans who care about the ages of the idols and not the music are superficial 12 y/o trendy group hoppers, so i never consider their opinion imortant kek.

Holdiay is such a fun summer jam though, i hope it picks up because it deserves it.

Summer died for me the day that sistar disbanded tbh.

Anonymous 909



Oh, don't even tell me about Sistar. Really loved their upbeat songs :'(
Also I loved how they were more tanned, especially Hyorin. I mean, I love pale skin, but when every idol has it, it's a breath of fresh air to see someone with color on their body.

But yeah, you are mostly right. I just care for views now because I am afraid the company will consider less views as less money and disband the group. Maybe SNSD is still too big to disband, but you never know.

Anonymous 941

Bumping this thread to make a very, very random remark.

Does anyone here reads Junji Ito? Because Exid's Hani reminds me SO MUCH of Tomie. Like, her face is what I picture Tomie to be IRL. And it kind of creeps me out, especially when she smiles. She has the fox eyes. I can only think she'll try to transform me into another Tomie.

Sorry for it being so random, I can't help it and I needed to share lol

Anonymous 966


I didn't understand the hype for Kpop til I watched Red Velvet's Ice Cream Cake MV when it came out 2 years ago.
I've been a pretty big fan since then although I go long stretches without catching up on news/updates because I just don't have enough time, I always listen to a lot of Kpop/Kindie though. I'm also in the kpop dance club at my university

Anonymous 967


I love Junji Ito and Hani always gave me an eerie feeling, like she reminded me of someone. I can definitely see it, anon!

Anonymous 968

I mean, back in the day, groups rarely ever survived to their 10th anniversary. So it's actually quite amazing the groups I grew up with are still together for the most part (SuJu, SNSD, Big Bang etc).

The internet and international success contributes to the longevity of these acts I believe. If these groups weren't icons that represented the country on a global scale, which makes up a huge economic export and helps with tourism, then I don't think they would stand the test of time.

Seo Taji & Boys were the biggest and most influential kpop act in history, yet they disbanded after four short years together. There's a difference between being a cash-cow for a single company versus being a cash-cow for your country.

One of the most heartbreaking disbandments this year was the Wonder Girls. Honestly, WG were the it-girls for the first two years after their debut, they were dubbed the "nation's little sisters", even SM had a hard time competing directly with SNSD. But then JYP forced them into the international market way too soon, which forced Sunmi to leave the group due to depression and their entire US album got scrapped. By the time they returned to Korea in 2010, they were already just a shell of the group they once were.

I'm very proud of the girls for coming back with Reboot + Why So Lonely which was their best work by far and written mostly by the girls themselves. The remaining members were strong performers that took their music and image into their own hands. Unfortunately, JYP kept dismissing their efforts and pulled funding/support for all their projects. Finally they were left with no choice but to officially disband this year despite releasing the best bops and concepts in their entire discography.

I can't believe JYPE would treat their own legendary act like such flops, if it weren't for them, the company would barely have any reputation and it's their own failed strategy/marketing mistakes that killed Wonder Girls hype.

Anonymous 969


In related news, Sunmi actually released her single teaser under her new company yesterday.

Anonymous 978



Thank you for validating my weird opinion, anon! <3
On a related note, she was super thin the last time I saw her live, I hope she put on some weight, poor k-idols :(

Anonymous 979



Just another Tomie-esque Hani. Polite sage.

Anonymous 981

I think the big issue is that groups, no matter how big they get, are seen as disposable/replaceable by their managers and companies. And sadly to a certain extent it's true. There are so many groups that even if one gets huge they can easily be cast aside and the new group promoted like crazy to take their place, and fans are inundated with so many new groups and idols every day that even if there's this obsession culture with netizens of having ONE BIG FAVOURITE, that favourite still changes all the time. And while usually that isn't a big deal with music, in the K and J Pop communities that one-fan obsession is what the companies are marketing for, it isn't the group or the actual music, they're selling the 'idea' of an individual person more than anything else.

Anonymous 1063

I've been obsessed with Mamamoo lately. I really love smaller groups, usually 4 girls, 6 girls maaax. I think the only group I really like that has more members is SNSD.

Anyway, Hwasa and Moonbyul slay.

Anonymous 1074

ok but have yall seen this masterpiece? it's produced by teddy and is an absolute jam

Anonymous 1135

new Hyuna mv dropped

Anonymous 1172


I didn't like it at first, but I can't fucking take this outta my head either lol

Anonymous 1173

I am probably their only fan in this site, but I am so sad that BESTie is officially over. I loved them :'( (same anon as >>695)

I'll still support them, though. Uji and Dahye were my favorite and they are looking so cute here, so I am looking forward to see them together on another group, although I know it's unlikely. I wish all 4 would just leave and them make like a BESTie II on another label lol

Anonymous 1230

So BTS released their new MV track.
I'm a fan of the late 2000's kpop vibe with super colorful over-saturated scenery, cheery vibe and box dancing, especially since their latest concepts have been pretty dark.
But honestly, i think this is the first title track song of theirs that i feel i will need some time to like, i like the whistle and rhythm but it didn't catch me as fast as their other title tracks, i think it's mostly the hook "dubstep" that throws me off.
The rest of the album is absolutely fantastic though. There is no song i did not enjoy apart from DNA, and even that i like overall and will surely grow on me after 3 listens or so.
I personally think some of the other songs of the album would have been a better choice for a promoting song, but maybe they'll do like they did with BST and promote multiple ones.
Also, they look very nice in this promo.

Anonymous 1235


I don't know why, but I just can't get into male groups. They are pretty and all, and I guess I like some songs (like ko ko bop), but in general it just doesn't click with me.

Anonymous 1462



Well our era is over. SNSD is dead.


>The act is the latest K-pop band to shake up the industry this year, joining groups like Infinite, AOA, and T-Ara, who have also lost members this year during their contract renewal period. Other popular girl groups, such as Wonder Girls and Sistar, have broken up entirely, signaling a generational shift.

Anonymous 1471



Fuck I literally gasped I can't believe this

Anonymous 1509

Why are people obsessed with K-pop (or drama! Anything)? Unironic question.

Is it the way they dress? Dance? Their girly faces? I swear to God I don't see the appeal, but maybe that comes from the fact I'm not a huge fan of pop anyway, no matter the country. Thanks in advance if anyone responds.

Anonymous 1515

You sort of answered your own question there. It's just a different realm of pop culture.

Anonymous 1549


I was really sad at first, but shit like video related make me glad she's out of the group. It was unhealthy.

Anonymous 1615

Oh man, I am addicted to Likey lol And they are all looking so gorgeous and stylish with this comeback, I am actually super jealous and I wanna be all of them lmao


Yeah, if you don't like pop music, you won't like kpop. But there are a few things that I like better with kpop next to american pop:

-They always have dances for their big songs. I just love love love the choreos, it was actually how I first got into kpop; I had a looot of korean friends/classmates growing up and they were all into dancing; the guys were into "street"/break dancing and the girls would do the typical kpop stiletto dances, and if they didn't dance themselves they all loved watching. I got sucked up into it pretty quickly as well because it was so cool. Before that I hated dancing lol Anyway, i love how some choreos are super in synch, like twice's or gfriend's, for example. Check this one out, I always get hypnotized at 1:00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uypQGzzhns
- The style. Yes, I love korean fashion, I like how they are a bit edgier than japanese normie fashion. I appreciate that.
- I like looking at pretty korean girls lol I like getting jealous at their faces and bodies. I always pick my favorite in the group based on how jealous I am of them (semi-kidding) Funny thing, I am actually straight but I don't like the male kpop groups. I usually don't like their fake swag act or fake cutesy act lol With girls, it's usually a bit more natural (of course it depends on the group, some are just tooooo sugary)

That being said, I don't partake on any kpop fandom in general because it's pestered with cringy 13 y/o and I am an old fag (at least for them)

Anonymous 1621

Does anyone have a playlist or something they'd like to link? Trying to branch out a little, but I'm not really into groups. My favorite Korean artists are Hyuk Oh, Loco, Sam Kim, Henry, and IU.

Anonymous 1762

Likey is such a stellar comeback song. I feel like TT and Likey are the equivalent to Into The New World and Girl Generation (title song) that SNSD debuted with 10 years ago. It's such a fun-loving concept with the appropriate production to make it a classic hit.

I feel like Red Velvet and Blackpink don't have any chance against Twice for market domination. Nine member girl groups seem to work like a charm for the Korean public and 4 or 5 members girl groups can't quit compete. I think it comes down to fandoms and the sheer number of girls that attract older male fans.

I find it ironic that YG has stuck with 4 members (2NE1, Blackpink) while SM and YG swapped (SNSD = Twice, Wonder Girls = Red Velvet) which has produced the exact opposite results. JYP now dominates with Twice while Red Velvet struggle to keep up. For the previous ten years, SM was dominating with SNSD while JYP's Wonder Girls trailed behind.

Peek-a-boo is an okay comeback but meh.

Anonymous 1764



I am the same anon as >>1615 and I find your input and parallels very interesting, but I think peekaboo is my favorite comeback of this Fall, though. And I also think Red Flavor was my favorite of the Summer. I didn't like them very much when they first debuted, been kinda warm to them the following years as well, but I think they've stepped up their game this year. Also.. <3 Joy <3
Anyway, I really thought RV was more popular in Korea? At least with older audiences and such. I thought it was usually teen girls that were into Twice, and that it had a lot of "haters" because they are mostly looks and can be pretty off key sometimes.

Anonymous 1769

Fuck my dudettes

Anonymous 1784

Thoughts? I really like the visuals, but I am not sure about the song itself.

Anonymous 1786


It grew on me pretty quick. At first the song seemed annoying and obnoxious. Then I was like 'meh, it follows the structure of a typical kpop song, so not too bad'. By the end of the day, I was desperate to hear it again and even brought out the good headphones lmao.

It's such a solid pop jam. I can't.

The visuals are on point and it's by far the most sexually explicit music video I've ever seen come out of South Korea. She also groped herself on live television during an award show. That's unthinkable for an idol.

Gotta love this bitch.

Anonymous 1803

i feel like she's being too tryhard.

Anonymous 1807


Not the same anon, and I kinda agree that HyunA is pretty tryhardy, but tbqh, I think it's good in this situation. I believe that if it was in the west like Miley Cyrus or something I wouldn't care much for the tryhardiness, but in Asia that is legit edgy and may open up for something new or different on the k-pop scene. I am all for k-idols trying to break korean molds of beauty standards and behavioral standards, even if for us is just an old trick. I don't know lol

Anonymous 1808

honestly, my main reason for saying that is cause despite this being very raunchy, it plays right into south korean superficiality, depsite it 'trying to break beauty molds'. korea is really sexual in general and sexualizes women worse than other asian countries.

Anonymous 1811


Yeah, makes sense putting it on that way. I saw some people in the comments saying though she was getting flack for talking about her own sexuality from a lady perspective rather than for the male gaze, because she had "gross" scenes like the bathroom one. Not sure if I agree though, but would like to hear other's inputs on it.

Anonymous 1812


I think the thing is, Korea loves sexualizing its idols, but hate when they do it themselves

Anonymous 1898


Holy fucking shit, Jonghyun from Shinee has died/commited suicide.
I was not expecting these news what the fuck is this, i am actually speechless and so fucking sad, i cannot believe this this is so fucking miserable, shinee was my second group that i stanned and jonghyun was one of my favorite idols.
I was hoping for it to be fake, but it has been confirmed by SM.

>Police are trying to determine the exact method and reasoning as to why SHINee Jonghyun committed suicide but they discovered a coal briquette lit on a frying pan (carbon monoxide poisoning)

SHINee Jonghyun's reported final texts to his sister

"It's been really hard up until now. Send me off please. Tell me I did (lived) well [Tell him he did well during his time here]. This is my last greeting."

update: 11:50 PM KST
SM Entertainment finally confirms Shinee's Jonghyun death. deep condolences to family, friends and colleagues. Funeral will be private

Anonymous 1901

OMG. Never was into kpop but past acquaintance was a huge stan. Nit sure who was her bias tho.
I'm so terribly sorry… This is horrible… I'm heartbroken over Chester 's suicide so I know how awful you must feel. So many singer suicides this year…
I hope his soul finds rest. RIP.

Anonymous 1902


Damn, man. I was never a shinee fan but this is awful. He was so young. I don't even know what you say.

Anonymous 1903

my bf and i are super sad about this omg! i cannot believe this.

Anonymous 2096


anyone like loona? or, can i convince someone to like loona?
here are some of their songs.


they haven't debuted as a whole yet, the company has been revealing one girl with a solo, then putting them in sub units.

Anonymous 2097


I love love vid related. So upbeat and fun!

Anonymous 2102


word! oec is so killer.
do you have a bias? and what are your thoughts on 1/3 and the recent singles?

Anonymous 2382

Rez'ing this thread just to state that I love this lmao

Anonymous 2394


I just saw this now that this thread was bumped. Oops! I don't have any bias because I legit don't know them enough. The only one I know by name is Yves.

You can could help me if you want lol

Anonymous 2397


the fan chants for this are so wild.
have you checked out any of their other tracks?
also what do you think of the girl in red & black aka jeongyeon

if you've gone through their discography, give loona tv a try.
every episode is barely a minute long, but there are like . . . 500 of them & counting, lol
it's a good way to learn about the girls.

Anonymous 2398

also i'm surprised this thread isn't more active,, kpop's got cute boys + girls & good tunes. what gives

Anonymous 2425



I think that in general, I like all twice girls, although Jihyo is growing to be my favorite and I do think that Mina is a bit overrated. I wish I could be friends with JY and just tell her how beautiful she is. I feel like sometimes they just push the "handsome tomboyish" thing too much on her; I feel like DH would be more comfortable in that role (she herself said that). Like, how long she have had short hair and short hair only? I remember my bf saying something like "that short haired girl really has a style that's not cute at all" Poor JeongYeon :c

Eh, a lot of miners said before they don't like k-pop or even korean beauty standards and such. We truly are in the minority

Anonymous 2427


My favorite girl groups are Twice, Pristin, and Loona atm. I'm looking forward to Loona's debut and the next Twice comeback. I feels like it's been ages since Pristin promoted though.

I've been listening to a lot of Oh My Girl and Exo recently. At first I only really liked Coloring Book and A-ing but after listening to A-ing I started to like Oh My Girl's music more. I avoided listening to Power for awhile but now I kinda like it. Boomerang is catchy though.

Also Jeongyeon is really adorable

Anonymous 2443


>push the "handsome tomboyish" too much on her

word. i remember that post on twitter where a fan called her hyung during a fansign and her annoyance.

these days though, it seems like they're trying to go for a more 'chic' look, which is great imo. & sort've similar to the style she rocked during sixteen.

also, i hope more ke pap loving miners come through soon.

oh you've got taste anon.

Anonymous 2444

oh, & loona may be debuting soon?
they dropped this + a next (final?) girl teaser.
i'm so fucking hype

Anonymous 2449

So the first openly gay kpop idol has debuted.
The song is hot garbage and he can't even hold a note but the video is really visually pleasing.
I really hope that this opens up more diversity in kpop and idols are no longer afraid of coming out.
I also hope he doesn't get the hong seok chong treatment of "ew, gays, get out of my industry or be my show monkey" as soon as he tries to go into any show or the fangirl treatment of "everyone who even is withing 5 meters of him is also gay", but i think i'm expecting too much out of the industry and fangirls kek.

Anonymous 2458

giphy (5).gif

Girl Group Choreo Synch appreciation dump

Anonymous 2459

giphy (6).gif

Anonymous 2460

giphy (7).gif

Anonymous 2461



Agree with everything there lol

Which makes me think, do you think anyone on big groups like TWICE, RV, EXO, etc are LGBT?

I honestly think Wendy is bi.

Anonymous 2462

Since she's even still ignorant about race, i highly doubt she'd accept or is lgbt…

Anonymous 2466


Most likely, there are a few idols/artists that have alluded to not being straight and other that have been quite direct about it. There is also shifty chinese websites full of rumours (used to be really into them back in 09 and 2010 because they were really juicy), but those are best taken with a grain of salt.
From the top of my head (not all popular idols, but you know):

>The kid from romeo that on a interview said his ideal type was a man like him, after the other members got freaked out by the word man, he assured them he meant men kek

>A member from Toppdogg came out as asexual and another one has hinted being bisexual.
>A member from D.I.P has come out as bisexual, and two members from that band are dating one another (allegedly).
>Suga (my fav boi) from BTS has alluded a few times to being bisexual, although it could be debatable since it could be minstranslations (i.e gender is not important, he writes sexual lyrics about both genders, etc) . Also Jimin did not deny it when a member said he liked men so, shrugs. And some people think V's song in wings was about his sexuality, but, again, rumours.
>There were a lot of non-translated chinese rumours about Eunhyuk and Donghae actually dating, but it could be shipper shit. Also a lot of rumours about yunho and jaejoong.
>A few years back there was an open secret of Yuri from snsd supposedly dating her trainer, who was a woman in a relationship or some shit.
>A member from Monsta X was supposedly dating a trans ulzzang.
>A member from IMFACT semi-confirmed on various streams that he is bisexual.
>MAMAN is a openly lesbian singer that got kicked from her agency for coming out
>an underground rapper that was supposedly to be in BTS came out as bisexual in a song (so bighit has no qualms hiring lgbt people)
>probably more but forgot

All the other shit i "know" about other groups is pure speculation and rumours with no fundament though, and i don't delve too much into it anymore cause most likely they will settle and marry someone from the opposite sex even if they aren't straight because korea, so what's the point of knowing.
I just hope Holland gets a positive reaction so idols can finally be treated at least a little more like humans and not as afraid to be themselves.

There's lots of racist or bigoted lgbt people, anon, one does not cancel the other out.

Anonymous 2467



Interesting, anon! I don't follow boy groups, so all of this is entirely new to me. As for girls, I'd eat my hat if Solar and especially Moonbyul turned out to be straight. I think Solar is bi and Moonbyul is full lesbian. I truly believe they are a couple.

For TWICE, it's hard to say because there's a lot of fanservice and skinship going on, but I think Dahyun is the strongest LGBT candidate. Also Nayeon.

Girl's Generation, Teayon. I think most people seem to agree on her. I think she's bi with a strong preference for women. Also Yuri and her ""yoga instructor"", and the fact that she was, alledgely, caught on a lesbian love triangle with two actresses.

There's also CHEETAH, everyone says she's dating/married to her manager, and I also strongly believe these claims.

Some claim Hani is bisexual (even that tarot reader lol), and her segments with Soyou are sooper kyut, but I am unsure. Wouldn't be surprised if so, though.

Have you ever heard a rumour that one girl from a fairly big group (I think about GFRIEND's level of fame) accidentally came out on a interview (that got cancelled), their agency took her to conversion therapy and she tried to kill herself. The agency only claimed she was hospitalized because of an accident injury or something like that. Take this with the biggest fucking grain of salt ever, though lol Really don't know anyone that could fit.

Yeah, being LGBT has nothing to do on how you perceive race lol TBF, I don't think Wendy is racist, ignorant is the right word though. I don't think what she did was nice (and it was the second time….), but I don't think it's called for a witch hunt either. More like a slap in her nape and move on lol

Anonymous 2471


Also, how could I forget! Ex Wonder Girl Yubin. I think she's also 100% gay. On her old socia media before she was an idol, she was super tomboy and would post about wanting a new "bottom girlfriend". Many dismissed it as her being an edgy teenager, which I do believe is possible, but I don't think that was the case.

Also I love her deeper voice lol
and that girl in pink is 100% wanting sum Yubin fuk

Anonymous 2472


I don't follow too many gg's so i'm not that aware of their rumours, sorry! But i never heard about that, but if i had to guess there were only a handful of hospitalized big GG members and it would be quite…easy to guess. Alas, this sounds JYP/jay park got Hyuna pregnant and she had to have an abortion levels of grain of salt so lmao.

I also remember a while back there was a gif of Krystal checking out a female fan (pic related) out and it started a string of lesbian/bi female idols rumours, which was pretty interesting but kind of a mess with people denying with claws and blood that she was checking out a gasp woman.

Solar and Moonbyul are adorable! heard some rumours about moonbyul but since netizens seem to hate solar i take any rumour about them, and especially her, with a grain of salt kek. Also the Hani tarot reader stuff was hilarious, she was so flustered it was adorable.

As far as twice i have read some chinese and korean rumours about two members dating, i don't follow them so i am not sure who they meant but they said it was members that always sit on the back on streams/interviews and did a secret trip together, but again, who knows.

Also i think everyone disregarded Yubnins rumours becase "no one is gay in korea!! since the country is anti gay no one can be gay!! people are just going through phases uwu!!!!" but it was quite obvious she was pretty aware of what she wanted. Sunmi being bi/lesbian seems to be a very popular rumour among people as well, but it's for shit as petty as nails so.

Man, the kpop industry is such a juicy mess since they try to be so secretive about everything.

Anonymous 2473


>Krystal checking out a female fan

Hmm if I had to pick. It wouldn't have been Krystal.

Anonymous 2475



TBH, Amber is so "out there" with her tomboyish style that I don't think she's a lesbian…. But I do think she's bi lol Like, she can have some deniability and technically not be lying? I also do believe she has a biiiig preference for women.


>Alas, this sounds JYP/jay park got Hyuna pregnant and she had to have an abortion levels of grain of salt so lmao.

WTF I never heard that before, I am wheezing. BTW HyunA is another one that I believe to be bi. (her going out with that chick from KARD was pretty cute as well)

>there were only a handful of hospitalized big GG members and it would be quite…easy to guess

I tried googling it but I never got anything out of it. Any wild guesses?

>I also remember a while back there was a gif of Krystal checking out a female fan (pic related) out and it started a string of lesbian/bi female idols rumours, which was pretty interesting but kind of a mess with people denying with claws and blood that she was checking out a gasp woman.

I think Krystal maybe be bi, as well. She always look so thirsty lol Her sister though, I think she's 100% straight, even though there was a lot of shipping between her and Taeyon or her and Tiffany (another one that I think is totally into dudes).

>netizens seem to hate solar

What, really?? Why? Is it because of that WGM thingie? Or because of her cheeks? She always seem super fun to have around. Rumours say she's also quite a drinker and can get loud, but in a fun way. Like Moonbyul saying on one stream that she came out of the shower and started performing "Honey Bee" naked lol (BTW Their trip together to Hong Kong is basically their unofficial WGM)

>they said it was members that always sit on the back on streams/interviews and did a secret trip together

I follow Twice and honestly I don't know who could it be. They always sit on different places everytime they do an interview? Some anon posted on the QT girl thread a pic of Nayeon and Sana hugging while cooking, so this is the only couple I could think of, but Sana loves fanservice and gets touchy with anyone. I call bullshit lol

>Man, the kpop industry is such a juicy mess since they try to be so secretive about everything.

True, I wish more anons were into it for the gossip alone kek

On other rumours: Heard that IU is bi (I doubt this one, but eh)
That BoA used to go to gay bars in Japan
Jisoo (Blackpink) is either gay or bi
Yeri (Red Velvet) is either bicurious, baby lesbian or straight up bi. Some say she's dating one of her friends and poses it just as a super close friendship (pic related)
Some say Irene is a very closeted and reserved, high femme lesbian. I don't know what to think, I can't read her at all lol I mean, if all the RV rumours where true, we would have 3 LGBT girls on a 5 girl group. That is a pretty unusual ratio, me thinks
Also, I don't know if this counts, but I think Joy is 100% straight, however she loves entertaining (as one can see on a lot of variety shows, like when she's singing trot) and seducing at the same time (as seen on WGM's segments when she loves flirting back and seeing the dude all flustered), so I think she would be the type to enjoy teasing gay girls (and playing it off as if she is innocent) lol Kinda bicurious in a way

Holy Moly, this got YOOGE. I am sorry. I love this kind of celebrity gossip.

Anonymous 2479

I disagree with the Amber thing. She lives in La and despite being in a very popular kpop group she has a long time roommate. A roommate who she takes on vacation with her all the time. It's pretty much like Queen Latifah's live in "personal trainer" that turned out to be her lesbian lover.

Anonymous 2481


Yeah it was a pretty popular rumour that spread around the webs since hyuna left WG. Basically it boiled down to Jay Park got hyuna pregnant so she had to have an abortion outside of korea (while she was officially "hospitalized") and leave the wonder girls. It spread around the kpop fandom like wildfire lmao.

As for the hospitalized or "sick leave" popular girls, in 2017 and 2018 that i can remember there was: Ga-in, Victoria, momoland's yeonwoo, heize, Sana and Jihyo (twice), victoria (fx), apink eunji and brave girls yoojung. So it must be one of them if the rumour is true. But i'm not sure who "fits" the most for it.

For solar, there was the whole Hwayobi controversy where she made fun of a condition she had and netizens don't like to forgive anything, being really secretive about her past, and some normal pettiness from netizens because of her PS.

>True, I wish more anons were into it for the gossip alone kek

same, the industry is so messy and so juicy it's a goldmine of gossip. I used to be so into the onehallyu rumour threads even if 99% of them were bullshit. Now OH is (even more) cancer and there are no interesting places t discuss kpop without teens and preteens coming with their bullshit shipping, delusions, insults to everyone who dares speculate about anything other than straight couples or whatever else.
Like, i'm aware it's 90%-95% fanservice and camera love and they would get sacrificed to the gods if any dared to come out, i'm not stupid, but i still wanna gossip lmao.

Huh! I never seen that yeri screencap, interesting. Honestly, SM seems to be one of the more "open" agencies as far as diverse goes, so i wouldn't doubt that they do have a lot of lgbt hired.
Some more rumours i remembered:
>Hong seo chon saying there were A LOT of same sex idol couples going to his restaurant in secret so they wouldn't get caught (so fangirl theories of everyone is straight cancelled) and a lot of times, from the same group.
>Key (from shinee) dating that male model in a super obvious way, with lovestagram and everything, it was top notch back in the day. Basically everyone knew it except for the deniers, he didn't even try to hide it.
>Jo kwon being in a gay bar in thailand (i think) (what a surprise that was kek)
>Enhyuk and Donghae supposedly buying an apartment together in china (iirc) with the blessing of their mothers.
>And a lot of people believe Hyeri (girls day) to be bi-curious or lesbian, but i personally think she just likes messing around with girls but is actually straight tbh.

Gif not related to anything, i just think they are really cute.

Anonymous 2493

does anyone here know anything about sponsors? i've been combing through pann.choa but only came across one skimpy article.

Anonymous 2563

Any Nctzens here?

Anonymous 2593

I like most of their music. I hope NCT 127 has a comeback soon because I love most of their b-sides.

When I used to go on OH there were people that thought Sehun was in a relationship with some older guy(like 30+ years old) because of some pictures they took together. It's probably just fan fiction though.

Anonymous 2594

The amount I love Mark knows no bounds

Anonymous 2659

omg what im dying, are there any receipts of this? I've followed wg since 2007, I knew about the hyuna rumours, but never heard anything about yubin.

although I do remember yubin admitted on a variety show that she received lots of female attention when asked about her popularity with boys i think

anyways, speaking of yubin, she's making her solo debut.

Anonymous 2660

new kpop appreciation spam

Anonymous 2661

Anonymous 2662

Anonymous 2687

jesus… I miss Jonghyun so much…

Anonymous 2932



Anonymous 3662


bump ♡

including this very soothing piece (11:11) by Taeyeon!

Anonymous 4060

her voice is so perfect

Anonymous 4336


I'd kill for this thread to be more active.

Anonymous 4341

I never understood the appeal of this song until today. It's really catchy. Too bad the video only had a $10 budget

Anonymous 4343

This is one of the few tropical house tracks I enjoy. When I first heard it last year I couldn't turn it off lol.
Also I thought the MV was cool! I love vampires or whatever they are supposed to be.

Anonymous 4463

anyone have thoughts on the hyundawn thing?

Anonymous 4667

Reviving this thread just to say I'm happy all the corruption and disgusting behavior in that bubble is coming to light right now. So much for those ~pure~ boys am I right

Anonymous 4668


Anonymous 4669

Everyone of my mutuals on twitter said something along the lines of; “Sad with all these dumb kpop stans defending him instead of his victims”

Maybe its who I follow and interact with but I barely saw any defense of him compared to people complaining about that supposed defense. I feel like too many people online waste time complaining about these other people into kpop and trying to make themselves differentiate from “the dumb kpop fangirls” all so tiresome

Anonymous 4670

Did you know there’s a K-pop imageboard? https://kpop.re/all/

Anonymous 4677

Yeah but I don't want to talk to crazy stans, this thread is as much as I'm willing to take

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