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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Anonymous 5916

No thread yet?

Share your guides, tricks, fav/least fav characters, screenshots if you want…

I've been playing since release and am liking it well so far. I miss some parts from New Leaf, but overall it lives up to my expectations and I'm playing all day and night. How about you?

Anonymous 5926

I'm going to find a way to maim that bunny.

Anonymous 5930

Hit him with an axe over and over again. He's bound to feel some pain eventually

Anonymous 6149



Anonymous 6155


I got her today!

Anonymous 6188


Help I am playing Animal Crossing Wild World but I assume this works the same across all games so I hope someone can help me: I have one cat that has been sick for five days. I gave her medicine four days and she is still sick. Do I have to do anything else to help her or should I just keep bringing her medicine every day? Is it normal for them to be sick for so long?

Anonymous 6779


I made one of 'em basic ass mushroom lamp forests. Shit's cute

Revive this thread, post ur pics

Anonymous 6780


Also Pietro best villager

Anonymous 6786


I wish there were more palatable jocks. The only ones I like is Rod and Rudy.

Anonymous 6800


Drift is cute

Anonymous 7072


I redid my island with ~The Path~ and love it. Gonna drop some codes ITT

Collection of relevant Path codes:

Anonymous 7073


Gothic stepping stone path

Anonymous 7074


Cute pond

Anonymous 7075


Stained glass

Anonymous 7076


Forest ram skull

Anonymous 7077


Glow circle

Anonymous 7079

ahhh i love this one, im definitely using it

Anonymous 9364

Have you used it yet? Post screenshots

Anonymous 17258


Here's a pic of when me and my little sister were playing a while back. Idek where she picked up this cringe rawr XD stuff from but I think it's cute. Btw does anyone even still play this game?

Anonymous 17958

getting kinda bored though, so much missing, but i like my villagers too much to put it down.

Anonymous 17960

aww take care of your sister anon

Anonymous 18021


Sorry if censoring my character makes things awkward, but check it out. I told a different villager about it months ago and the word about c.c is still spreading.

I wonder if the villagers I've already sent away are bringing this up on their new islands. I know they talk about their old homes sometimes. Who knows if I brought some random ACtwt person here and they had a heart attack about all the shitposting…

Anonymous 18046

anon this is super funny and cute

Anonymous 18130


i've been wanting to make my island super nice
gonna finally start today I swear
here's a picture of the only thing I've made so far, a basketball court
markings are hard, maybe I should have another try at making them

Anonymous 18131


What about Teddy? or Roald? They're super cute.

Anonymous 19556


>tfw I'm burning to play this game but also want to wait if there's going to be a welcome amiibo-like update
Yes, I'm an old-fashioned player who wants the full game on a physical cartridge.

Anonymous 22415


Reviving this thread. Just started playing. Anyone want to be friends and play together?

Anonymous 22430


sure thing anon! do we just drop our discords and see if we can visit each other's island?

Anonymous 22456

Sure! my discord is Le manège#7465. Anyone else who wants to play feel free to add me as well!!

Anonymous 22468


Muffy is my gal. Put her house next to mine. I was going for an all frog island, but how could I get rid of my Muffy?

Anonymous 22485

Anyone play the new update yet or buy the DLC?
Looks a lot of fun (happy they added a lot of things from New Leaf that felt like they were missing, like the Cafe) and I'm definitely gonna buy the DLC cause I love Happy Home Designer.
Haven't played in like a year so I'm looking forward to starting up my game again.

Anonymous 22638

i want to play with more people, never go the chance to make new friends to play AC with i'll just drop my discord idolmaster#1877 anyone feel free to add me

Anonymous 22684

Gonna add the both of you, my icon is a character making a duck face. I have some stuff on my island I want to get rid of some DIY etc

Anonymous 32869


Restarting my island because of my autistic ass and it's a pain to get everything right and in the nicest layout. I'm gonna be rerolling forever.
>native fruit
>airport color
>resident services far from the airport
>river mouths flowing out from right/left and bottom
>large peninsula
>rocks on the beach

Anonymous 32870

Good luck nona!
I want to reset my game too so I can play ACNH again since I basically did everything there is to do with my current island. But I have hundreds of hours in the game and I’m sentimental so it’s hard to let go of my old island… I wish Nintendo would just let us have multiple islands.

Anonymous 32896

Aw thank you! And yeah it be great to have multiple islands instead of one per Switch. It's pretty stupid and should be per user or cartridge. Restarting is a huge choice if you wanted to experience the game again or didn't like your current island layout which is permanent. I didn't like mine's so I'm trying to get the best one that I will be forever satisfied.

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