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Harry Potter/JK Rowling Anonymous 6243

Not the same anon as the /b/ thread, thought the thread is gonna be removed but it was worth discussing anyway.

Anonymous 6244

I was never crazy for HP but read the first few books multiple times. Went off HP after the stupid add on about their kids in the last book. Went off JK after she went against Scottish independence. Now got a new appreciation for her for standing up to the trans terrorists.

Anonymous 6248


I agree with the OP on /b/, I never got the appeal of this series. All the characters were ugly as sin and the rules about magic make it boring. The Hogwarts houses are horribly unbalanced, so you just have the overpopular "hero" class, edgelord "villain" class, uninteresting pseudointellectual class, and the dumbass memer class that nobody wants to be in.

So many other forms of fictional media make magic more interesting, whether it's how the spells are cast or what magic looks like.

Also now a lot of the old fans are denouncing JK Rowling because she tweeted that she doesn't agree that sex (the physical anatomy) should be erased, and that makes her an evil transphobic TERF now.

Anonymous 6249

>and that makes her an evil transphobic TERF now
Good. These people don't learn until their fellow progressives turn back on them.

Anonymous 6264

I dislike her writing diversity into her books after the fact (should've made the decision at publishing) and her recent statements. I really only enjoyed the original books as a kid and have not really enjoyed the spin-offs. I thought The Cursed Child was terrible and Fantastic Beasts was just okay.



Anonymous 6265

She actually wrote a lot of diversity into the books for the time. People keep trying to judge them by present day standards but the first book was published more than 20 years ago. Yes, she has tried to change some things after the fact but it doesn't mean there wasn't any diversity to start with.

Anonymous 6268

I also don't understand why people, in their frenzy to condemn her for every possible problematic aspect of the books, seem to lose sight of the fact that she started out as a struggling single mother with a degree in Classics and French who essentially zero writing experience (afaik). I don't give a fuck about her or the books but do people not realize that shit like Cho Chang's name or Gringotts goblins supposedly being an antisemitic dogwhistle are as much, if not more, the fault of her editors/publisher? People on Twitter really don't want to believe that if pretty much any average person wrote a sprawling book series they would almost certainly include some inadvertent cultural insensitivities, especially in the fucking pre-social media world of the 90s. Since she's a "TERF" all of these things become sins that further prove how horrible of a person she is, of course.

Anonymous 6269

The goblins in the books aren’t anti-semetic. Notice that arguments for that only ever focus on movie stills and don’t quote the books because there are no passages that hint at it. That’s hardly her fault. There might well be history of goblins and jews but it’s clear she was unaware of it and the book was written before the internet was widespread.
I’ve also seen a few Chinese people point out that Chang is a common Chinese surname in the UK and that the Cantonese reading of 秋 is Cho and can be a first name.

Anonymous 6276

when i made the og thread on /b/ i didn't know rowling was speaking about trans stuff again…explains why trannyspot anon was frothing
either way though hp is mad gay

Anonymous 6277

Yeah, no, I don't deny that- I simply think her opinion to bring the books 'up to modern standards' on Twitter after the fact feels pretty disingenuous.

Anonymous 6278

*her attempts, not opinion. sorry, headaches

Anonymous 28777


Come on miners, let's talk about hp
>what's your favorite character
>a character you dislike
>favorite professor
>favorite book/movie
>a scene that was in the books that you wish it were in the movies
>obligatory shipping question

Anonymous 28788

>what's your favorite character
basic but Hermione
>a character you dislike
when i was younger i disliked harry because i thought he was too arrogant lol
>favorite professor
>favorite book/movie
prisoner of azkaban

Anonymous 28802


Sirius Black is gay for James

Anonymous 28803

Why is regulus taller than snape

Anonymous 28805

for Remus
Fixed that for you.

Anonymous 28808

God, snape is so cute in this one

Anonymous 28823

>what's your favorite character
Luna or maybe Ron
>a character you dislike
Snape and Malfoy
>favorite book/movie
Fave Harry Potter movie is the Prisoner of Azkaban, I think my fave book is Order of the Phoenix or the first one.
>a scene that was in the books that you wish it were in the movies
Mh I'm not sure, I feel like they changed a lot with the main three. I think it would have been interesting to see the whole house elves stuff with Hermione in the movies. I also liked that in the book Hermione kissed Ron because he asked where the house elves were so he could bring them to safety. It was a lot sweeter and also funnier because how awkward it was for Harry then the kissing scene in the movie.
>obligatory shipping question
I'm a multishipper in the hp fandom, the only ships i dont like are the ones that include Snape or Draco kek (obvi also the weird ship with Hagrid, Dumbledore ect.

Anonymous 28829


Sirius is gay for James, Snape and his brother. If he fucks Remus it's because he can't have James' boring dead dick and is sad about it

Anonymous 28837

I honestly really hated Harry Potter, but after J.K. Rowling writing that essay on her website, I kind of respect it and its cultural impact. I actually do agree with a lot of people's criticisms about parts of the book being offensive, but the thing is, every media has offensive parts. It was also written in the 90s, and a lot of things like the "antisemetic goblins" are common fantasy tropes, by that logic it's no more problematic than every other book that uses that motif. It's also sexist how still liking HP can you can cancelled in hyper-liberal spaces because JKR is a "TERF" but these same people will read books by Stephen King, J. R. R Tolkein, George R. R. Martin, watch anime with fanservice of 16-year-olds or Roman Polanski movies, and other hypocritical nonsense. Or they'll still be fans of the male actors who support her like Mads Mikkelsen, but a woman who supports her gets cancelled by proxy.

Anonymous 28844

>It was also written in the 90s, and a lot of things like the "antisemetic goblins" are common fantasy tropes, by that logic it's no more problematic than every other book
Those were never what people took issue with. They would have been accepted as just something vaguely icky that happened in a lot of fantast media but was never actually that deep or as meaningful as people are reaching for it to be. It was not until the troon wars that people started grasping at straws because they need everything they can to have JK be painted as a genocidal nazi. Lord of the Rings has plenty of subtle shit that could be interpreted as racist depictions but troons love LOTR so they don't dare make those same arguments they use against Harry Potter despite the same shit being present

Anonymous 28852

AYRT, I know and I agree with you. But it was something I always saw "stacked" as proof JKR is satan. Before she wrote that essay, I would see people say things like "the goblins and the name Cho Chang are offensive, but I still like the good parts." But now that she's cancelled there are no more "good parts" even though half of these people made Harry Potter their whole identity before JKR got mobbed.

Anonymous 28894

I hate when people try to claim that jkr was changing the characters for woke points after the fact. It was literally illegal to have a gay character in a children's book in the UK when most of the series was published. What was she supposed to do?

Anonymous 28896

Do it in the later books when that was no longer illegal instead of just saying it outside the books?

Anonymous 28910

>Lord of the Rings has plenty of subtle shit that could be interpreted as racist depictions

lotr to me deserves way more criticism than it gets in the fantasy community and the general literary world overall, but for some reason these books are so fucking sacrosanct to people that any attempt at meaningful discussion on the topic will cause them to go apeshit on you. i've actually had this happen to me in a class before when i brought up the issues with gender and the depiction of race in lotr and of course some dweeb wanted to start bellyaching and telling me i didn't have the right to criticize the books because "hurr dur you don't write it". it isn't even subtle, especially the films, and i think the imagery is way more problematic than people want to admit, even if tolkien didn't intend for it to be taken quite so literally. i think the chimpout from the amazon show should be enough evidence that a lot of lotr fans are drawn to the books because the story can be easily manipulated to fit within white power bullshit.

Anonymous 28913

By then her publisher had contractual control to prevent that. She probably wouldn't have cared about her books getting banned in backwards shitholes like the US but her publisher cared a lot.

Anonymous 28924


>what's your favorite character
I love Snape. Not as a person but his whole character arc, from being a simp to being an incel wizard nazi, to having to care for your crushes child and sacrifice your life because of guilt is the wildest shit to me and I love that to this day
>a character you dislike
Not a character but the whole Lupin/Tonks love story never felt fleshed out enough and I didn't find myself caring for them as a couple at all
>favorite book/movie
For the book it's the fourth part, it's right in the middle so it's not too childish but it's not too serious either, the whodunnit aspect of it is the best part.
As for the movies I loved the sixth part, the drastic atmosphere shift at the end is perfectly done imo and it's a perfect setup for the last two movies.
>a scene that was in the books that you wish it were in the movies
I wish the fourth movie covered the whole mystery aspect more instead of having a huge focus on the tournament.
>obligatory shipping question
I don't personally have strong feelings about shipping in any media I consume, although I think it's fun that people get into it and I like reading about it. However I always thought Harry shouldn't have ended up with Ginny, I didn't think she was that great of a character, not even in the books where everyone says she's an awesome girlboss. Always thought Harry had more chemistry with Luna.

Anonymous 28928


Yeah, I didn't care at all for Lupin/Tonks, thought their relationship was boring, but they kinda grew on me after I read a few fics where they weren't even the main pairing but background couple, though I dunno how they are when they get to be main pairing… hopefully better than they were in the books. Guess I might venture there soon.
I also agree on Luna and Harry, but then I don't like Ginny at all, she is so annoying, Harry could be dating anyone and I'd like it better than Ginny. I think the diary was the most interesting part about Ginny (also that singing valentine kek), but after that, I just can't like her, I don't know why. I really like Luna though, in the books and the movies. I honestly never understood where this "Ginny is amazing in the books" came from, I didn't find her any more interesting in the books than she was in the movies.

I also love Snape, everything about him. I wish they make him like in the books if they ever get a reboot that is worth watching (hopefully not so soon) and the actor don't go trying to be the new Alan Rickman. Book Snape is hilarious and I love every interaction he has with the children, but especially with Harry because Harry is very cheeky at times, and these are the best parts of their interaction. I feel fanfic writers always forget how Harry can be and make him so meek when interacting with Snape. What's the fun on that if Snape isn't getting some grey hairs while dealing with a tiny marauder.

Anonymous 28932

I think you're just a narrowminded racist who only cares about the politicisation of a thing rather than the thing. And books don't need to fit some random 'acceptable' parameters year by year. That is anti-art and anti-diversity.

Anonymous 28933

Also I should note that I don't like lotr and think it's partly responsible for the decline of fantasy. It's self-indulgent worldbuilding wank that people so love and I think makes for bad storytelling. It's ok for what it is but I don't like what it is. Or the even worse imitators who don't understand what Tolkien was going for and so fail even more.

Anonymous 28938

>accuses me of being "racist" for expressing an opinion
>totally misses the point of what i wrote
>admits to not even liking lotr

why do i even bother?

Anonymous 29555

I went back and reread some of them recently and IDK if it's just that reading more pretentious shit has destroyed my ability just enjoy fun or they really are dependent on nostalgia but TERFdom is proving to be the only thing worth respecting JKR for. The books just come off as so petulant, not in a Roald Dahl way where that's clearly deliberate but just where it reflects on her absolute immaturity as a writer and person. Going from Confederacy Of Dunces back to this shit was just an abruption.
I watched The Wire and rewatched ATLA over the course of the same week and didn't feel the same way about it at all.

Anonymous 29586

>immaturity as a writer
Duh, it was literally her first book

Anonymous 29614

I watched the first two movies a couple days ago. It´s amazing how visually amazing those movies are. The color, the food, the castle, costumes, everything. It´s a shame the next movies took another direction, but I guess it was expected since the public was older

Anonymous 31104

The later ones are still shit.

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