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Anonymous 6308

How do you feel about Mecha? What's your favorite show?

Anonymous 6337

I like it a lot. I rewatched Gunbuster last week and I'm rewatching TTGL now.

NGE is not a conventional mecha show, but it's my favorite of all time.

Gundam is also among my favorites, but I don't really like late UC/AU shows, though SEED is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Anonymous 6343


Started watching Gundam by release date, it was pretty fun watching the OG '79 Mobile Suit Gundam.

War in the Pocket is my personal favourite

Anonymous 6347

Personally, I think soyboy is the best. Unicorn has one of the best animations I've seen, but the story was just too convoluted to me.

Anonymous 6348


I loved power rangers SPD as a kid. The SWAT megazord is my favourite.

Anonymous 6351


i find them tolerable at most, Gankutsuou had mecha fights out of nowhere and i didn't hate them… too much.

Anonymous 6352


Super Dimension Fortress Macross is really fucking good. There's drama, an excellent romance subplot imo, and it's just a really good story overall. Also shills the importance of music and positive cultural exchange. I'm planning on watching Macross 0 next and I'll let y'all know what I think :P

Anonymous 6354

Wonder if "soyboy" was a filter or my cellphone corrector.

Anonymous 6357

Don't mind Mecha but I cannot stand Tomino's legit autistic directing. It is so awful and unrelatable, just like watching an autist trying to imitate normal human interactions with a story that goes all over the place.

Anonymous 6364


You should see it in a more snarky way. The fact that almost every newtype carries strong autistic traits (Judau being the main exception here) makes the whole thing even funnier, especially considering how gritty are some of the shows.

Anonymous 6396


im surprised no one has mentioned neon genesis evangelion yet

Anonymous 6406

I love NGE as much as the next miner but despite being a Mecha is also a deconstruction of the genre. Of course having giant robots is cool, but that ain't what NGE is about.

Anonymous 6412

I wish mecha wasn't a dead genre.

Anonymous 6423

Just because there aren't serious mecha shows coming out each season doesn't make it dead.

Anonymous 6508

Gundam 00

Anonymous 6683

Im not sure if this applies but there is a Gundam video game that came our on the ps4 fairly recently. So if you're into gundam I would recommend it, its called gundam Maxi boost on.

Anonymous 6698

I thoroughly enjoyed Seed and Destiny.

Anonymous 6704

NGE is the only mecha i've watched and i watched it pretty recently and don't understand it at all which i guess is a common sentiment

Anonymous 6720

I've only seen NGE, and a show whose name I can't remember but stole the plot from NGE, so I guess NGE?

Anonymous 6721


It's like 2001: A Space Odyssey, you're not supposed to grasp everything in the first time without thinking a bit. That's one of the reasons why it's such an amazing show.

Anonymous 6724


>It's like 2001: A Space Odyssey,
You can say that again, akchually,
some Evangelion elements were implicitely referring to 2001.
The main ones being the Seele monoliths and the delicate design of Ramiel.

Anonymous 7254

For me, it's Dai Guard and Gun x Sword. Most of yall already mentioned stuff that I like in the thread .

Anonymous 7301

Code Geass by far. Lelouch a cute.

Anonymous 8347


>main antagonist for the first few episodes
>is a pretty great dude who is trusted and admired by his peers
>is suddenly replaced by blonde rival no.3
>absolutely no mention of him until the last episode
>becomes a cyber newtype and is even more powerful than before
>KIA without seeing his full potential

Mashymre-sama deserved better

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