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Love on the Spectrum Anonymous 6690

anyone seen this show? what did you think?

Ive only seen half the first episode so far. I dont know how I feel. they seem to be mostly "weird" "childlike" "cringe" stereotypes so far. not really the kind of representation I want tbh…

Anonymous 6692

I felt sorry for the girl in episode 2 who was talking to the guy at the superhero dance thing. its clear that shes just a bit socially impaired but shes talking to someone with the intelligence of a literal child. the whole event made no sense. people like that shouldnt be lumped in together at the same event/party…

Anonymous 6714

I really liked it as someone who isn’t on the spectrum. I thought the representations were actually pretty respectful. I genuinely didn’t find myself disliking any of the subjects—and the amount of respect towards women displayed by the male ones surprised me. There were some awkward moments though.

I felt so bad with the lady with the short brown hair. She was the funniest and pretty neurotypical passing, yet these guys weren’t giving her much.

Anonymous 6715

I haven't watched a lot of it, it definitely had the cringe and minorly negative stereotypes but I thought it was also really wholesome and cute. And there were ones who were actually really legit dating candidates.

Anonymous 6730

Should these people even be allowed to have children? CWC is supposedly a "high functioning" autist and I don't want to live in a world where someone like him is allowed to raise a child.

Anonymous 6732

He was brought up wrong by his father. If he had been raised in a way more suited for someone as "special" as him, he would still be at Wendy's.

Anonymous 6733

If we start practicing eugenics there's a laundry list of people who shouldn't be able to reproduce. Let's bring eugenics back and then we can talk about who should or shouldn't breed.

Anonymous 6742

>Let's bring eugenics back
sounds good

Anonymous 6765

what do you even want, an emission with sperg representation is spergy, that's literally what representation means. I found it cute personally.

Anonymous 6783

I liked the show
High functioning autists probably dont have that much of a hard time finding a partner, so it wouldnt be tv show worthy.

Anonymous 6785

Eugenics is naturally in practice all the time.

Anonymous 6803

He'd actually be pretty normal if his parents ever gave a shit about him
Most, if not all the stuff that he's done was because of people encouraging him to do it.

Anonymous 6819

Fuck. That guy sounds like the reason im too ashamed to ever get myself diagnosed.

Anonymous 6825

I am high functioning and its not eugenics to question if someone like this can raise a healthy child. If he were on the low end should he still be able to reproduce and fuck up a kid because its icky to think about the wellbeing of the kid first and not the parents feelings?

Anonymous 6906

I saw the whole show, and it made me grateful that I'm not autistic.

Anonymous 6926

The show is pretty cute. Unironically all of the men with autism are better dating prospects than the average twenty-something on something like Tinder. They're all much better dressed, too.

Anonymous 6927

Overall it was depressing but the last couple on the show were cute. I wish I could get an autism bf to love and support and be weird together with. ;_;

Anonymous 6964

I'm autistic and a woman who had four kids said I have more patience with toddlers than she does.

Anonymous 6965

Raising a kid is about more than patience though, some teachers or nannies are awesome at staying with kids for x hours but would be awful full time parents.

Someone in the lower end of the spectrum may not have the emotional "fluency" necessary, and sensory overload is an issue. I can function well and i like kids too, but i would not be able to explain or express certain things regarding emotions and social norms, the kid would grow up stunted in that sense. I also need to take breaks sometimes and stress can just break me and make me less functioning, for a kid that depends on you that will already be damaging, now factor in people who can't stand hugs or loud noises.

Anonymous 6968

I generally find that most autists are far more patient, accommodating and easy-going than normies.
What they aren't is exciting, spontaneous, charming, etc. the fun qualities that make social connections possible and easy to make.

Anonymous 17834

As a high functioning autist I really don't want to be associated with low functioners. They honestly make me feel second hand embarrassment and disgust.

Anonymous 17835

I also share this opinion but even with mid functioning autists. I know it is not their fault but seriously fuck ever trying to have a conversation with one about anything but their weird interest.

Anonymous 17836

Yess. I’d say Chris chan is mid-functioning. They’re just so embarrassing and extremely uncomfortable to be around. Just their presence, even if they aren’t saying anything, is so uncomfortable.

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