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Overwatch Thread Anonymous 67

Who's your favorite hero (character wise and gameplay wise)?

Anonymous 70

I love Sombra, mostly because of my fondness for the 1337 h4x0r archetype, but also because of how fun she is to play.

I also like Mercy when people don't shout crap at you.

Other favorites: Zarya, Bastion, and DIE, DIE, DIE

Anonymous 369


I'm a split between a Tracer and Mei main (你好 >:3), but in competitive I almost exclusively heal with Mercy.
I'm getting really tired of all the "lmao a girl playing Mercy" jokes when I try to coordinate over voice chat though. The only reason I play Mercy in comp is because A., I'm know that I'm more than competent with her and I'd rather the team had a reliable healer than somebody only playing her because they're being forced to, and B. because if I don't choose her you're sure as shit nobody else will. The amount of times I've had to solo heal with her dodging hooks and bullets and rockets left and right all because somebody was too selfish to pick a secondary healer.

I actually read recently that a large part of why so many women opt for the healer role in video games is because we're more inclined towards cooperation and community operations, so we're quite comfortable with burying our initial wants if it means benefiting your group to a larger extent. Men on the other hand are more likely to be stubborn and selfish and do what they want as opposed to what your group needs, even if their actions are a detriment to the group (I'm looking at you Hanzo mains). I don't know if it's a natural condition or a nurtured one, but it'd be a really interesting area of psychology to explore.

Anonymous 825

wish i was good at more than just zarya and ana

Anonymous 829

Zarya and Ana are GOAT.
If you can git gud with Tracer you can become a literal god though.

Anonymous 857

I am good at tracer, just dont like playing her at all. zarya and ana are just so fun, you can mindgame your teammates into doing what you want with shields/gravitron/grenade/nano

Anonymous 1229

11 days ago I made a big post on Reddit about my experiences in Overwatch up until now, specifically on the increasingly toxic climate and flagrant sexism/misogyny in both Quick Play and Competitive and Blizzard's reluctance to even acknowledge the situation let alone deal with it. The post had begun to gain some traction and ended up landing onto the front page, right up until the Reddit Stasi swooped in and removed censored it for "not providing a platform for discussion", even though it had gained a substantial amount of comments.

A few hours later I receive a PM from one of the Blizzard developers apologising to me personally for the incident I mentioned in my original post (having all 5 members of my team in competitive gang up on me on voice chat calling me a bitch, a whore, worthless, telling me to suck their dick, to get back to the kitchen etc.), and a promise to personally investigate my reports. 5 days later Blizzard releases their Play Nice, Play Fair developer update. Wonder just how many of us have been loudly voicing their concerns.

Anonymous 1342

I have a problem with not throwing the game when the team is being douchy and it's pretty bad. I don't really care about SR and I've been getting board with the game for a while now which is making it worse. I always pick last to get people to play what they're comfortable with, yet all too often we end up with 5 DPS and my first impulse is to play mei and wall them off in spawn. (That or I just sit in spawn and type in chat the whole game about how gay white boys are)
I also love to talk shit whenever some kid with a high voice comes on.

sage 1354

I play Mercy mostly, I main heals for comp, so I'm working on Ana as well.

The hero I wish I was good at is Zarya though, she's my 2nd most played but I still can't git guud.

I really loved the Mei short that came out though, I started to like her more after that release.

Yeah I know others got personal responses, and emails telling them that their reports had been dealt with.

I wish they made the people with multiple reports queue up with other people with multiple reports so all the trolls and toxic people are just stuck together.

Anonymous 1356

I usually main symmetra so I get a lot of abuse because the OZcommunity seems to hate it unless you are a pro

That is actually the most wholesome thing I've ever read

I'm sorry you got treated so badly

Anonymous 1407

How good is the Mercy buff?? I've actually started playing Mercy now and I've been destroying comp!

Anonymous 32763


My wife

Anonymous 32768

Zarya is so fun once you get rolling. I used to play flex which in practice meant tank and support but in OW2 it just means support so I stopped playing altogether.

Anonymous 32770


From purely a gameplay perspective ignoring character.


Spend the most amount of time as Roadhog and it was funny to watch him go through nerfs and buffs each patch. Haven't played the game in years though, well before Overwatch 2. I Was planning to get back in for the solo mode since I'm not a big pvp fan, but that didn't end up happening. lol

Good choice, she might be my favorite female character in the game, awesome gameplay and interesting personality.

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