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Magical Girl General Anonymous 682

Most of us grew up with the genre so I thought we could start off with nostalgia and childhood memories~

>Which series/dubs did you watch on television?

>Did you ever get into Japanese releases?
>Favorite series/characters from your childhood?
>Favorite series/characters overall (including recent releases, reboots etc)?
>Are you currently watching anything?

Anonymous 704


CSS was everything to me when I was younger. It wasn't the first anime I watched (I think that would be Rayearth), but it was the anime that got me into japanese culture and opened the doors for me to watch other anime. It was also my very first manga collection. That was like almost 20 years ago, and anime and manga weren't as popular here where I live, so it was a big deal.

Needless to say, I am pumped as fuck for the new anime. I hope they don't fuck it up.

Anonymous 713


i like magical girl anime but i think the only one ive finished is kamikaze kaitou jeanne if that counts, im very slowly going through sailor moon, like an ep a month lol.
the first one i ever saw was tokyo mew mew dubbed by 4kids lol
i would like to watch the japanese one eventually.
ive seen madoka after hearing how great it was, and i hated it lol
im currently trying to get through ojamajo doremi theres so many seasons and episodes, its a really cute kids anime

Anonymous 715


Why are they breaking up smc season 4 into two films? I'm so bummed over this http://comicbook.com/anime/2017/07/04/sailor-moon-crystal-season-4-two-movies/

Anonymous 854

I never really watched the Magical Girl genre when I was little but got into it because Madoka Magica, which brings me to my next question. What is your guys thought on Madoka Magica? I personally loved it but some people feel like it doesn't really represent the magical girl genre. I loved how real and relatable some of the characters were and felt like it truly showed how strong girls can be, despite all the suffering.

Anonymous 868


Madoka is one of my favorite series. It is very different from the magical girl series I grew up with (Sailormoon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Rayearth), but I think that is part of why I like it. I appreciated how it made clear that there is a serious price to pay for the magic they use to save the world.

Anonymous 875

I feel like madoka is closer along the lines of My-Hime standard magical girl anime. that said, things like lyrical nanoha are pretty good.

Anonymous 895

All I want to know is if they are going to make Seiya a woman (when he/she isnt transformed) or leave it as in the old anime? I hope for the latter because I reaaaally liked their relationship (I want to see them kiss too omg my 10 year old heart would die!)

Seiya team FTW, Mamo-chan is such a beta

Anonymous 897

I want to see female Seiya, Yaten and Taiki, and also the manga-only senshi like Heavy Metal Papillon, and Sailor Kakyu.

Anonymous 904


There weren't a lot of magic girls series on tv when I was a kid. However when I was 12 and discoverd how Internet worked I watched Shugo Chara. It was my first anime and I still love it till this day <3.

Anonymous 919


Would Pixie Pop even count as mahou shoujo? Amamiya-kun was kind of a cunt.

Anonymous 2743


Reviving this thread! Magical girls are so dear to me, Sailor Moon and Pretty Cure got me into anime in the first place but… I have a question. I never watched CCS when I was little, does it hold up if you watch it as an adult without any nostalgia factor?

Pic related is of the now airing Hugtto Precure, same showrunner as Doremi so you will like it if you liked that one

Anonymous 4786

Reviving this old thread to talk about some mahou shoujo.

In case you're still around and haven't checked out CCS yet, the original series definitely holds up as an adult without any nostalgia factor. I watched it for the first time pretty late in high school and enjoyed it a lot. IMO it's one of the greatest magical girl shows out there. The animation and care that they put into the show is just a cut above a lot of anime out there in general. The MotW fights are dynamic and always fun to watch, and the characters and their relationships are also a huge draw of the series.

Also a big Precure fan here (who got into anime through Sailor Moon). Did anyone watch to the end of Hugtto Precure? What did you think of the ending and the whole deal with George?

Anonymous 4790

oh my god I thought I was the only one who ever read Pixie Pop !!!! It's shoujo dialed all the way up, it's so sweet and cute and ridiculous, it made my tween self enthusiastic about girly things for a while.

I recognize Wedding Peach, Sailor Moon, and CCS. I wish I could have watched more of these types of shows growing up.

Anonymous 4795


Magic Knight Rayearth. Just started this on a whim and really enjoying it so far.

Anonymous 4797


SM was my first mahou shoujo and anime, I still love it. I also liked Ojomajo Doremi and Fancy Lala.
But I cannot get over CCS. I cannot.

Anonymous 5697


Been rewatching Sailor Moon. the DIC dub is awful but I love it all the same.

Precure is also something that I am big into. What do you guys think about Healin Good Precure?

Anonymous 5745

God. I’m 32 years old and I still love the magical girl anime I grew up with.
Sailor moon, magic knight rayearth, card captor Sakura, fushigi yugi

Anonymous 5810



Liking it so far. It seems to be a very heartwarming and down-to-earth season so far. Cute mascot characters too (which I can't always say about Precure).

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