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Tamagotchi thread Anonymous 6945

Does anyone like tamagotchi's here? I'm probably gonna buy a tamagotchi on when I get my next paycheck. I have had a big interest in the games as a kid and I wanna get back into it.

Anonymous 6952


I like and collect vintage ones, maybe mostly due nostalgia and we can find some real good deals on second hand market but I'm looking forward in buying one of those recent ones too

Pic related and an old Dinkie dino are on my wishlist currently.

Anonymous 7045


I've pre-ordered a tamagotchi on wonder garden, the purple shell is really pretty
since i'm not from the USA it's gonna take a while but i look forward to meeting my tama
the aspect of them taking after their parents sounds really interesting
the two exclusive tamas you can date in wonder garden are really cute too

Anonymous 8170

I loved Tamagotchis! Had two Tamagotchi Connects back in middle school.

And now I have to pay oodles of tax if I want to import the new Tamagotchi go :( They were not released over here.

Anonymous 8239

I really wish they were released in Europe :'( it's not fair
I had to pay oodles of tax for a tamagotchi on

Anonymous 18401

I have a small collection and I just bought tamagotchi on. Finally they brought quality color tamagotchis to North America! Dream town was a joke

Anonymous 18748


really want to buy an old tamagotchi but theyre so expensive lol, i should probably look on mercari jp for them instead

Anonymous 18770

everything is absurdly overpriced these days. I don't like it

Anonymous 19130


What are you thoughts on the mobile game?
I downloaded it around the same time I put a new battery in my old Tamagotchi but I've been playing the app way more. I like that there's more of a collection aspect with trying to unlock all the tamagotchis.

Anonymous 30115


I've really been enjoying the mobile app! I recently got to Level 50 and I'm trying to get all of the achievements. I got a Tamagotchi Smart recently and I forgot how annoying the reminders are.

Anonymous 30116

Also, as an aside, this came out a year ago!


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