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Kpop Thread Anonymous 7162

Anonymous 7163

A thread of all of us to talk about Kpop. The good, bad and ugly.

Follow the general rules! Be critical but don't be annoying.

Anonymous 7165

I wonder how skewed male kpop idols view on women is. I've been watching so many of these videos in horror and glee and I cant image that any of them have a healthy view of women if they see these kinds of ogres every time they want to board a plane.

Anyone who thinks idols love their fans are delusional. I would absolutely fucking hate my fans.

Anonymous 7166

giphy (1).gif

Anonymous 7167

giphy (3).gif

Anonymous 7168

giphy (4).gif

Anonymous 7169


I think most are able to differentiate between fan and sasaeng.
Those pictures are the reason people like Mina shouldn't become idols (for their own sake), you need to be extremely calm and strong to not freak out while surrounded like that (same for their staff and bodyguards).

Anonymous 7170

The two women (grown women btw) are their sasaeng/fansite master fans

Anonymous 7171

what's with the new thread? old one didnt seem like it was locked or anything?

Anonymous 7172

Last thread reached its post limit

Anonymous 7173

Screen Shot 2020-0…

How much do you want to bet Big Hit pays Allkpop off to write these ridiculous articles about bts every 10 minutes

Anonymous 7174


There are so many crazy ones, kind of funny and sad at the same time.
Not sure how Chen is still smiling lol

Anonymous 7175


Anonymous 7176


Anonymous 7177


How was he able to stay so calm, I would have instinctually yanked my arm away. Exo is probably why NCT literally has their staff form a circle barrier around them every time they go to the airport

Anonymous 7178

This one is scary because the natural sound is on and you can hear their bodyguards literally screaming at the fans at the top of their lungs for them to back off

Anonymous 7179


They simply aren't allowed to push them away. There's even a recorded phonecall between sasaengs and some of the chinese exo members and they stay super calm and friendly, they know those crazies pay their bills.

Anonymous 7180

Does anyone know if Koreans actually hype up and worship attractive Koreans in everyday life? Over the years, I've seen idol say, "I was really famous in my town for my looks," and saying that they had a famous nickname or that people would take photos of them. I've also seen it happen in dramas before.

Does anyone know if this is actually a thing in Korean schools and within Korean society in general? It seems really bizarre and kind of pathetic to deify attractive people. It's even weirder to have a mini fanbase or celebrity status in your school because you're attractive. Then again Koreans are really obsessed with looks so that probably explains it if it's true.

Anonymous 7181


brah idk this thread is about KPOP. reading about korean society depresses me so idgaf and i don't want to know.

Idols are probably exaggerating a little but if they were telling huge ridiculous lies then they would have been called out by knets already wouldn't they?

Anonymous 7183

Armys do it for free.

Anonymous 7184

>I think most are able to differentiate between fan and sasaeng.
Pretending that the former and the latter are always two distinct entities is an extremely reddit take.

Anonymous 7185


some twitter account popped up accusing an ex-member of big 3 boy group of sexual assault. the only clues they gave is that they aren't part of the company or group anymore and that their name starts with W.

Anonymous 7186

part 2.png

part 2.

Anonymous 7189


?? I don't know enough groups to begin guessing who this is anyone got a clue? If they left the group already it must have been an older group?

Anonymous 7190

Stray Kids Kim Woojin
he left under mysterious circumstances last year so…

Anonymous 7191

Believable tbh, but if she has no other proof I don't think anyone else will believe her.

Anonymous 7192

Apparently it's confirmed, the fans already knew.

Anonymous 7193

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Anonymous 7194

A good chunk of people will probably believe her since Woojin randomly left and Chan made that weird statement after he left.

Anonymous 7195

Screen Shot 2020-0…

his fans knew he was kicked out for going to prostitution bars i guess they didn't' know about the assault

Anonymous 7197

part 3.png

another account jumped in and threw another idol into the mix. it's probably jungwoo since their friendship was public knowledge. I wonder if any of the companies involved will respond

Anonymous 7200

samefag but a fuck ton of stuff happened I don't even know how to recap it. just a lot of account hopping, deactivations, at least one random troll account(?). I don't even know what to say. It was chaos.

Anonymous 7201

>and Chan made that weird statement after he left.
I don't know anything about them but after that dude left, didn't another member tell their fans off during a live, because they kept whining about him, is that him?
That basically confirms that the other members knew what he did but kept hush about it. Not a good look either…

Anonymous 7203


Why would you think so?! Of course the boys winning useless awards created by fans is super important news!

Allkpop really feels like ratmy central, there can be an article about literally anybody, as long as it's not bts they'll downvote it to hell, doesn't matter what it's about.

Anonymous 7204

taeyong's been named too now

Anonymous 7205

a bunch of male idols have been named at this point. the only ones that sound legit are Woojin and Jungwoo imo.

Anonymous 7206

…? Dude gives off massive fag vibes, are you gonna tell me next that Ten isn't gay either?
I guess SM idols learn that little trick from Heechul…

Anonymous 7207


Kek nctfags are absolutely losing it on twitter, soon they'll start with JUNGWOO BEST BOY…
If nct is cancelled, can you plz spend a little more money and effort on the other groups again, sm?

Anonymous 7208


ok now I'm confused

Anonymous 7209

Posting for triggered Lucasfag: a „Kai abusing Lucas“-compilation kek

Anonymous 7210

Armys are the jannies of the kpoppie world.

Anonymous 7211


Jungwoofags on suicide watch, myself included. Men just disappoint us more and more each day.

Anonymous 7213


Found a translation of woojin's response that wasnt machine translated, so hopefully it's more reliable.
Very classy of him to promote his solo while he's denying sexual harassment rumour kek


Anonymous 7215

>Jungkook voted the #1 star who would spend time at home in quarantine wisely

Kinda ironic considering the whole Itaewon scandal

Anonymous 7216


jungwoo never gave me legit gay vibes tho and he literally plays up the gay character for the camera. when he first debuted his character wasn't like how it is now. He was gone for months for something undisclosed and he came back gayer than ever.

Wouldn't be surprised at all if Ten wasn't gay tbh

Anonymous 7217

not to mention there's been a decent amount of evidence showing that jungwoo is misogynistic or at least watches problematic misogynistic youtube channels

i would not be surprised if he was involved in this entire woojin situation, considering they've been friends for a long time and were shown hanging out after woojin was kicked

if woojin truly was kicked for being a rapey harrasser, as a decent person i would stay the fuck away from him, let alone an idol with an image of glass

Anonymous 7218


This entire video is delusional tho. If Kai can't stand Lucas enough to sell the idea that they are "brothers" to his fans for the 30 minutes they are forced to interact their irl relationship must be something else.

Anonymous 7219

That was debunked tho. The whole basis of that evidence was the way Jaemin says "hello" in Korean, and that Jungwoo would copy him. Apparently a rapist/incel youtuber said it like that too and that's how fans linked both jungwoo and jaemin to a rapist youtuber. but I saw the compilations fans posted jaem has said it like that since sm rookies time, way before the youtuber existed.

The other evidence was that jungwoo used like a phrase in japanese that is common in korean alt right forums and porn? idk about that, fans said it was misconstrued but idk it that was ever really debunked

Anonymous 7220

i think it was more so him admitting that he watched the creepy bathroom-cam youtuber, not the way he talked and stuff

he also does use some weird lingo that's usually associated with ilbe-forums, which is korea's version of 4chan essentially, but without all the weeb stuff and with a whole heap of the creepy incel stuff

apparently i also read on a korean forum that he wrote a couple questionable comments on fansign photocards?

honestly if you comb through twitter and (if you speak korean or want to decipher really shitty google translate) there is a ton of stuff about jungwoo and how he's problematic

Anonymous 7221


I still got bad vibes from this jungwoo dude and some other nct members

Anonymous 7222

Screen Shot 2020-0…

I'm confused

in the original post the girl said he sexually harassed them at the club and touched them without their consent, I didn't read anything about drugging and rape, so did he rape them too and drug their drink????

Anonymous 7223

theres a ton of copycat accounts popping up fueling the fire–the only one we probably can believe right now is the one he basically addressed, which is the foreign girl with the picture saying he kept touching her and crowding her in the booth so she couldn't leave

not sure about the drugging etc., but wouldn't be surprised if that was true too

the dude is shady through and through, there is no way JYP would've dropped their main vocalist without as much as a hiatus if he wasn't being shady (going to shady bars, etc.) and they saw the writing on the wall

Anonymous 7224


also apparently woojin's "company" is fake and he made it himself?

if this is true im actually dying, this dude is the stupidest person of the year

Anonymous 7225


Oli speaks up for his fellow kpop star woojin

Anonymous 7226

How have I never heard of this? It seems like there are a lot of things that k-nctfags keep for themselves to protect their oppars. Meanwhile Jihyo used one "anti-male" word and got massive backlash… But at least Jaemin is pretty much openly dating an "older" woman, so I guess he can't be that bad lol

Especially seeing how often JYP repeats that good personality is the most important in his opinion.
Before his statement when pretty much all of twitter had concelled him there were so many annoying stray kids fans either praising the others for kicking him out or pitying them, like bitch?! Isn't it rather obvious that they knew? If you find out that you room with a rapist you shouldn't just have him move out but otherwise keep hush, you're supposed to call the fucking police and not let thousands of people still admire him.

Anonymous 7227


kEK and I thought responding to a rumor that never mentioned him by name was a blunder.

Pic related is more of his "company" being exposed

Anonymous 7228

Why should he even bother trying when fans find literally everything he does uwu cute and funny?
I actually always found Wayv the worst or the most obvious when it comes to bad dynamics within the group but stans can turn everything into a proof of friendship (or love). An idol could come out and say that the others are mean to them and they'd just say 'Haha they're like real siblings, my brother and I are also always savage towards each other!'

Anonymous 7229

you can be a misogynist and still date women/want to get your dick wet, jaemin is another one of the ones that is heavily shielded, but after his scandal happened a ton of stuff got dug out.

dude is also likely at the very least a consumer of weird misogynist youtube channels with the way he talks as well as that kimochii "scandal"

and jype mightve had an inkling woojin was a bad egg, frequenting seedy bars etc. but probably didn't have evidence he was a potential rapist/harasser and just wanted to wash their hands of him completely before he did cause an issue

korea is so ass backwards with sexual assault, it would've been impossible for them to prove he was harassing women unless someone came out. i think giving him the boot was the right choice, but who knows, the entire industry is dirty so maybe they did know

Anonymous 7230

Literally why does he do this?
Did he genuinely think that announcing a song would make him look more innocent? Or being backed by a company nobody has every heard about? What was his plan afterwards? Release it on his own or say it was cancelled? His insta has over a million followers, apologizing there and simply taking a lawyer (if he's innocent…) would have also been an option.

>after his scandal happened a ton of stuff got dug out.
Like what? (other than that youtuber)

Anonymous 7231

mainly multiple cases of him imitating god-tuk (who yes, you can say he's been saying hello in a weird way for years, but god-tuk is pretty notorious in korea and as a clean idol you would think he would stop) and the kimochi scandal.

the kimochi one is another god-tuk/ilbe alt-right term, and that one is less shield-able, since at the very best case scenario the dude is just into weird ass hentai and thought it was ok to write essentially hentai moans onto a public table, and at the worst knew what he was doing and thought it was funny

i can no longer find the english translation of the twitter thread but here is the korean one which is basically calling him out for imitating the youtuber


Anonymous 7232


I did see those twitter posts, both fans compiling evidence and fans defending him. I don't know Korean so I legit couldn't come to any conclusion. The evidence basically relied on understanding the connotation of the words he would often use.

Idk he is a korean man living in korea i don't think it be that unlikely that he goes on weird forums or even is exist like at the end of hte day he's just an average korean man

Anonymous 7233


>#straykids #8
The victim is getting accused of being a gold digging attention whoring anti, meanwhile this dude is being a happily shading fag on insta. How about you actually come out and say what you know?

Anonymous 7234


one last woojin blunder for the lols. Havent laughed this hard at a scandal in a long time. May you forever fade into irrelevance, Woojin.

Maybe the company was to try to intimidate the victim? Honestly I think he's just dumb. If he had any braincells would tried to threaten them with a lawyer. It is piss easy to sue for defamation in korea.

Anonymous 7235

i think you underestimate the notoriety of ilbe in korea, you wouldn't say he's a normal korean man. if he really was an ilbe user it's not just a "normal korean man" thing.

ilbe in korea is essentially a cesspool for alt-right, anti-feminist incels. i mentioned it was similar to 4chan, but that's only because that's the best comparison i could come up with that would make sense to the general public.

it is, in essence an imageboard but the conversation topics are very aggressively incel-heavy and users of the board are almost always immediately categorized as very alt-right individuals and at the very least foster misogynistic tendencies

if you just do mild googling around the notoriety of ilbe, you'll see how nasty it is, as any public individuals who are even remotely linked to potentially using ilbe immediately and adamantly deny use

it's more of a korean fan thing rather than an international fan thing, and everyone defending him was international and don't understand how deeply controversial being linked to this would be.

Anonymous 7236

Bruh stray kids is nugu as fuck so they probably kept the rapist under wraps for that reason. Nobody even knows of the group so unveiling what he did would have made the entire group look bad, plus it’s pretty disrespectful to the victims to expose him and make them come out with their stories. Based on the reactions to KHJ and other male rapists, we all know how Korean men are with their insistence of false accusations. At least the victims are now coming out on their own terms and at least they kicked him out imo.

Meanwhile self-hating female NCT fans have been covering Jungwoo and Jaemin’s asses for like over a year now by trying to justify their obvious ilbe/alt-right references. I don’t understand why you’d go to such lengths for such loud and proud misogynists but then again I’ve never understood the appeal of stan culture in general. Misogynists shouldn’t have the luxury of strong female fanbases. SM isn’t going to kick them out most likely considering how ugly the rest of the group is.

Anonymous 7237

considering SM literally just ignored the fact that Yuta directly said he was friends with an anti-korean, pro-japan misogynist, i highly doubt they would get rid of their chinese cash cow (jaemin is crazy popular in china) and their up and coming "fresh faced" plastic twink jungwoo

Anonymous 7238

Screenshot (236).p…

So, I was trying to search for Jaemin's scandal and either I'm too dumb to google or int nctfags really wiped non-korean twitter/the internet clean of any evidence. The only thing I could find was this one thread (with very fews likes) it seems to be the translation of a korean thread (which I can't read) https://twitter.com/meiqifleur/status/1260758985684082693

Anonymous 7239


In my next life I want to be a popular male Korean idol. You do just about anything and these brainless idiots will defend you. Twitter is making me lose both braincells and my faith in humanity, which wasn’t all that great to begin with tbh.

Anonymous 7240


yup, imagine getting hate because a mentor/older brother passed away to suicide solely because you're a girl, but then seeing assaulters/harrassers get off scot-free because they show their abs on camera and uwu for their hag fans

i would love to be a male idol, you will always have fans (yoochun anyone??) as long as you don't publicly date or get married, but if you're a female idol and even breathe at an oppa your entire career is over

Anonymous 7241


Korea completely hates women. The fact that believing in women's empowerment/feminism can get you cancelled there says everything. Even the organizers of the biggest anti-spy cam protest had to hide their identities and wear masks while they protested because of fear for their saftey. They were just regular citizens too, not celebrities or anything.

Anonymous 7242


Are you referring to these pictures?

I don't follow Kpop religiously anymore but I've heard about Stray Kids suddenly losing a member which seems pretty rare for more popular groups. Never thought we'd hear (more) rumors about the possible reasons one day.

Anonymous 7243

Absolutely, see Seungri. And even that Keeho guy already had defenders, like 3 hours after his debut was announced…

Anonymous 7244


And that's why everybody should stan good boys who go to church instead of 4th gen coomers

Anonymous 7245

or not stan anyone and be normal, rational human beings who hold the people they watch for entertainment accountable when they're being shitheads

i dont understand this "hehe X group is shit stan Y" like they're all strangers with likely completely different personas off-camera, why can't people just enjoy the content they put out without blindly defending their oppars and shielding them as if they aren't millionaires and not children

stan culture is actual fucking cancer and a huge reason as to why kpop will never truly become a "mainstream" global phenomenon

Anonymous 7246

tenor (1).gif

>what is a joke?

Anonymous 7247


Really wayV?? Compared to 127 and dream? Why do you think they have the worst dynamic?

I don't think they are close friends but I always got a relatively chill vibe from them. I do think some there is tension for example

I think Kun hates that whole "mom" image that was placed on him and that the other members keep pushing. They also joke about his age a lot and age him to the point where fans think he's a lot older than he is. Id hate it too if i was trying to be a hot kpop boi but everyone treated me like some surrogate mom to grown men. He's straight up said that the soft image given to him isn't really him.

Also the fact that some members are in Super M is a source of tension. The members mention it a lot about Ten and Lucas liking being in Super M more.

Yangyang, Ten and Lucas seem like VERY ambitious people to me, way more than the others and I definitely sense a lot of tension between those and the others.

Then you have the fact that members of wayv are absurdly wealthy as icing on the cake. They have 7 members and only 3 may not be rich cuz we don't know their background, which idk put a bunch of rich kids together and ur bound to have drama.

Anonymous 7248

not the op you replied to, but i feel like they have a better dynamic than 127 for sure, but i agree that there's tension there

there's definitely "cliques" in wayv, you can tell just based off who's raising which animals (which honestly is such a dumb idea, raising 3 animals in a cramped ass dorm with hectic schedules)

if anything they're all civil with each other and don't hate each other's guts, but they're definitely not the "family" theyre trying to push off the reality shows etc.

and i thought all of them were filthy rich, who in the group is even considered anything below upper middle class? yangyang is the son of some CEO in taiwan, winwin's family apparently is obscenely wealthy, same with ten, and hendery/lucas/xiaojun/kun seem to have come from very well off families as well

wayv is a group formed purely off of nepotism and rich kids wanting to play idol, so i do agree it wouldn't be surprising if a bunch of brats butted heads bc they all grew up spoiled

Anonymous 7249

nta but nice damage control and stop posting your oppa's gifs I beg you

Anonymous 7250


I had no idea what woojin even looks like and holy fuck, those neanderthal genes, a true neckcel kek He looks like he can't even count to 3

Anonymous 7251


sid is that u

Anonymous 7252

Why do they all look like movie aliens? How is that considered attractive!?!?

Anonymous 7253


Fans and companies exaggerate idols wealth a lot because in Korea wealthy=more respect, so take it all with a grain of salt. The members that are pretty much confirmed are:

Yangyang, Hendery and Ten are the only ones with pretty solid proof. Yangyangs dad is ceo of a multinational company worth like 350 million or more. Ten has 98479374 pictures of his big house, plus skiining in Switzerland and expensive international school. Also his younger sister was able to start a clothing brand right our of high school so.. Hendery's family is pretty much confirmed by his three sisters instagram accounts, they are all either instagram influencers of super wealthy + they all go to different international schools ect. Also his dad bought him a 40g rolex for his brithday so pretty much confirmed.

Everyone says winwin is rich but no soild proof ever came out. Lots of anecdotes form chinese fans about his family driving a porche and him living in a huge mansion. The only somewhat solid proof is that he has a sister studying in New Zeland. Two children living and studying abroad kind of hints at not an average chinese life? A fan on youtube said that winwin may be poor since no respectable wealthy family would allow their son to do chinese dancing as a career since its pretty much a harsh life and shit pay forever so idk. Anyone whith more info chime in.

Kun, Xiaojun, Lucas are the ones that have no solid proof.

Xiaojun has a brother, was a total theater kid all his life and his dad is a drag queen. None of this really hints at anything? He seemed to come from a pretty comfortable life though.

I don't know anything about Kun.

Luca's story about his dad meeting his mom was weird like his dad seemed to be a businessman with enough money. Also he lived in the exact neighborhood as Got7 Jackson and Jackson was apparently pretty wealthy. Apparently he also visits Thailand every year and "takes a rest in his Thai home". He has to be at least at a comfortable level in life.

So 3 insanely wealthy members, 1 rumored insanely wealthy member 1 that hints at wealth but we can't say for sure, 1 with a comfortable life and 1 we know nothing about.

Anonymous 7255

not sure, but i hover around chinese kpop groups as well and there was a picture of winwin's family car and it was a very nice porsche SUV

additionally, i believe he did chinese dance as a major but was looking to go into acting? i wouldnt be surprised if he was wealthy

if anything, none of these wayv kids are anything below middle class, but there's definitely a couple of extremely wealthy ones in the mix

nct is similar–chenle, jaemin, jeno from dream and jaehyun, johnny, and doyoung from 127 have all been known to be wealthy, if not extremely wealthy

probably why nct is a flop, half their members had a bought debut and the other half that actually are mildly talented cant carry 10 or so idols of dead weight

Anonymous 7257


no evidence that jeno and jaemin are rich at all. except chenle all of dream seems to come from middle class households?? (renjun may be poorer but his background is all speculation).

Anonymous 7258

jaemin is definitely wealthy…he learned speed skating and snowboarding at a very young age and was competitively placed for speed skating (if anyone has engaged in ice sports/skating, you know it is not a "poor" people sport)

jeno was a pretty famous child cf model growing up, and his dad bought him an obscenely expensive ($~5k watch) for his birthday. that is not something a middle class family would do

neither of those scream "middle class" to me, they definitely sit in the upper class, if not extremely wealthy

Anonymous 7259

Dae think that idols nowadays have an easier time getting successful than ~10 years ago?

They might no longer be on tv or known by the general public but on the other hand even absolute nobodies can easily gain 1+ million followers, meaning they make easy money via endorsements and might get invited to fashion shows etc. Mainstream fame means many followers, but many followers can also lead to mainstream fame, it works both ways.
I always feel sorry when I read how irrelevant many former members of big 2nd generation groups are now, if something like instagram woud have existed back then, they would be doing much better now. If blackpink disbands, the girls are still gonna make a ton, simply because of their huge online fanbases, but that option didn't really exist back then and thus even snsd solos (minus Taeyeon) are flopping. The snsd girls are 30 now, the members of kara, sistar, 4minute, f(x), wonder girls and so on are only in their mid to late 20s yet have basically been more or less unemployed for years already. Some get a few minor acting roles but that's it. No idea if they made enough money when they were active or if they got themselves a rich bf. See video, they were so popular when they were 18 and now at 26 only Suzy still has a career, it's just sad. Jyp is evil for not giving twice more individual opportunities, soon they will end up just like them. Meanwhile male idols like exo, bts and also nct can easily be 25+ and are still considered fresh…

Taemin's latest comeback also made me think that he debuted at the wrong time, if he started out later he might have been able to make it to bts levels of big.

Anonymous 7260


Uhhhh so Woojin impregnated a fansite and has a son as a result of it. Apparently fans knew of this when he left but managed to keep it under wraps.

Anonymous 7261


Update on the sexual harassment. Apparenlty the og op never made another account so the information about Jungwoo being involved is false?

Jungwoo fans can rest easy for now.

Anonymous 7262


Why did this guy spend yrs of his life training to become a celebrity just to ruin it all by being a fuckboi. Idgi tbh. If I threw away my youth and signed a contract vowing to throw away another 7-10 yrs working like a dog, u best believe id be doing everything i can to get fame and money and be on my best behavior

Anonymous 7263


To follow up, Woojin left Stray Kids because of the baby with his fansite girlfriend NOT because he assaulted those girls.
Throwback to when JYP stans thought that every idol under the label was unproblematic bc JYP apparently is a good judge of character with his idols.

Anonymous 7271

Super M released their dance practice. I like the new more sophisticated attempt … but we can't see the dance at all.

please fire whoever is handling the camera work for superm it sucks so much

Anonymous 7272

Who else?

Jungwoo, Jaemin and Taeyong give me major weird vibes because of their indiscernible personalities. Whoever they actually are under their idol person I havent been able to catch a glimpse of.

All idols are obviously fake to a great degree, but those three are just something else. I don't know how any sane person with thinking skills can actually believe that TY is this cute, adorable, little, scared angel. In the video he practically laughs at that ridiculous scripted line along with the other members.

Yuta gives me icky vibes, I dont understand why he plays up the ship shit so much with all the members. Like they all play it up to an extent but all Yuta is known for is being a creepy guy who is weirdly obseessed with winwin and now mark. And dont say SM forces them because SM gives them concepts to sell, but other members have been able to create their own images to an extent and gathered their fanbases taht they cater to. Yuta hans't even been able to gain a fanbase on his own for his own merits.

Anonymous 7273

Is here anyone who's not a fan of svt but watches going svt? I've read on pann and reddit that even non fans find the series fun to watch but I'm not sure if that's just fans being delusional/hyping up their faves.

Anonymous 7274

SNSD are pretty well-off. Hyohyeon who was the least fav member has bought 2 luxurious apartments (one for her one for her family). Yoona is probably the richest with all her CF deals + acting

This pregnant thing is weibo nonsense spread since he left. Baseless just like the "Jay Park got Hyuna pregnant thing". He probably sexually assaulted sb before or was caught in a seed bar.

Deluded fans no normal adult watches this

Anonymous 7275

Ok but I'm looking for concrete answers not speculation. If you don't watch the show don't answer.

Anonymous 7277

agreed, taeyong just seems super off and fake, and yuta honestly just seems like a creep

taeil is creepy too, there's multiple videos of winwin actually fighting/getting angry at him in the background for getting handsy with him which honestly is weird as fuck…like i get fanservice but when the dude is literally smacking you to get away from you you'd think they'd stop

you cannot convince me otherwise that jaemin isnt just a fanservice robot straight out of an idol factory, the kid is fucking insane when it comes to uwuing and hamming it up for fans

Anonymous 7278

>I think Kun hates that whole "mom" image that was placed on him and that the other members keep pushing. They also joke about his age a lot and age him to the point where fans think he's a lot older than he is. Id hate it too if i was trying to be a hot kpop boi but everyone treated me like some surrogate mom to grown men. He's straight up said that the soft image given to him isn't really him.
But that's not really "chill", is it? They also make fun of the way he looks and his weight and so on, he can't catch a break, and it's not just one member doing it, it's always everybody vs. him and he seems very, very tired of it, he neither laughs it off, nor does he even try to defend himself anymore, he just looks done. And on top of that he also has the least fans. Other groups also tease the leader or the oldest but they all know when to stop or the "victim" get's a chance to hit back too sometime, plus it's never everybody ganging up on one person like it very often seems to be they case with Kun and them. I think with other members he's funny, but with Kun Ten often goes too far. It also seems as if most Wayv fans are still a bit younger, meaning they dig that "savageness" and don't really realize that those jokes sometimes might no longer be in good fun.

Anonymous 7281


dude be looking rough

Anonymous 7282

Who the pube musatache fuck

Anonymous 7283

Got7 JB, fans still be saying about how hot he is, the bar is low

Anonymous 7284

Holy shit, kpoppies need a refresher, he looks like some street bum fresh out of a fight for a single cigarette.

Anonymous 7285

I'll answer to whatever the fuck I want. Stop with the faggottry and watch this dumbass show already you don't look any better by seeking validation.

Anonymous 7286


thats a dumb response to someone replying that the likelihood of a non-fan/non-kpop person watching a group-centric show is low….

just pigeonholing/fishing for a specific answer is fucking dumb, not to mention getting aggressive when people point out people probably aren't going to watch it unless they're a fan

hes like the asian version of the gas station bieber meme…not to mention isnt this dude highly problematic? ive read he has anger issues, homophobic, etc. why do these fangirls keep salivating over these mediocre assholes

Anonymous 7287


I will never understand why Eunwoo isn't more popular internationally, it's as if western fans have an aversion towards actually attractive idols.

Anonymous 7288

hes pretty but has the personality of wet cardboard, so im not surprised he's not popular

i feel like the dude's entire persona is just "really pretty kpop boy", and the market is saturated with pretty boys

Anonymous 7289

Him and most other idols that specifically fit SK's ideal beauty standards simply does nothing for me and a lot of people outside of SK. If all these idols were just normal people and went to american schools I doubt any of students would see anything in their looks.

Anonymous 7290

He's indeed v handsome but his group sucks I'm not listening to some kidz bop bullshit just because 1 member is cute. I'm ok with just admiring thru pics and maybe watching one of his dramas, but I heard they're all bad too

Anonymous 7292

hes really pretty in a super bland way, kind of like yoona? he'll probably make bank off CFs for the rest of his life like her, so thats nice

his acting is god fucking awful though and you're right, his group's music is kidz bop trash

Anonymous 7293

Cha Eunwoo, Im Siwan and Taeyong are the legit best looking idols in Kpop. The difference between the other two and Eunwoo is that he has no talent… he sucks at acting and i have no idea what he does as an idol

Anonymous 7294

Who would you guys say are the objectively best looking new generation idols? I'm talking like cha eunwoo level but only newer 4th generation?

Anonymous 7296

what do the crystal.cafe kpoppies think of haechan (nct)

Anonymous 7297

Seventeen Mingyu and Jun
Pentagon Yanan
SF9 Rowoon

Anonymous 7298

Aren’t pentagon and seventeen 3rd gen?

Anonymous 7302



skinny legend. Great thinspo. the queen b of dream. seems very domineering and opinionated, seems to have a very strong personality. im sure a lot of his members cant stand him or are scared of him. great entertainer, he has a natural personality for entertainment. has a lot of tension with some members. seems confident, socially savvy and sharp. reminds me of the really popular kids at school that only talk to other popular kids. has a bad temper, it comes out on camera at times. unique voice and decent dancer. one of the nct members that has a chance to be successful after nct. he doesnt give me creep vibes. attention seeking and ambitious.

Anonymous 7303

What do you guys think about this magic palm reader? I watched the Jonghyun and Senguri one the Senguri one was spot on as well.

Anonymous 7304


here u go

Anonymous 7305

Anonymous 7308


Eunwoo is god-tier visually, miles above others and it's not like the average idol is incredibly talented either (even tonedeaf Twice has int stans), so I still think it's a bit weird. Not that he doesn't make enough in Korea lol

>Cha Eunwoo, Im Siwan and Taeyong are the legit best looking idols in Kpop.
I hate Taeyong's fans, his personality and his disgusting twink ana body, but one has to admit that his face really is incredibly attractive. As an old Exofag I have to acknowledge that he makes them look like shit in comparison lol I think that he might even look better than Jaejoong, so whether it's natural or an incredible surgeon, congrats. In general I think that the standards for female idols have become more lax, while male idols on average are more attractive than in the earlier generations. seeing him next to Shindong… topkek
But which Im Siwan do you mean?

See pic + Taeyong

Anonymous 7310

Screenshot (241).p…

What went through SM staffs mind when they casted Shindong? "He's gonna look alright when he loses some weight"…? That video was after his weight loss and he still looks awful, his fatness was never the problem, he could weigh 50kg and he'd still have bad proportions and an ugly melon-sized head.

Anonymous 7311

I think he was supposed to debut as a comedian but somehow ended up in super junior

Anonymous 7312


Nope. He auditioned looking like this, dancing like this. Of course nobody could say no to this cutie, amirite girls?

Anonymous 7313


And this is what he looked like at debut. Peak male privilege. Only extremely masochistic pickmes can endure to stan this lol

Anonymous 7317

>Yuta directly said he was friends with an anti-korean, pro-japan misogynist
How did he get away with that? You'd think k-fans would've already had him kicked out of the groups for that

Anonymous 7320

Taeyong as in NCT Taeyong??? Topkek you're really comparing HIM with Siwan and Eunwoo? He looks like an ET that crash landed on earth and has been hiding in a cave with no food for months

Anonymous 7321

images (12).jpeg

This shit right here is what you're fawning over? Not even SM pushes him as a visual anymore when he can't barely compete with Jaehyun or Lucas kek let alone get high fashion deals like EXO members

Anonymous 7322

I heard most of it turned out to be blown out of proportion with mistranslations and misinformation spread by antis.
I don’t know how most k-nctzens felt about it but the truth is he isn’t popular enough to generate any real controversy for the group. If it was Jaehyun or Doyoung caught up it it I’m sure there would be a lot more backlash for nct.

Anonymous 7323

images (13).jpeg

Im Siwan from ZE:A, same group as Park Hyungshik who is also god-tier level. Taeyong can't sit with them.

Anonymous 7324

Taeyong doesn't look bad but to say that he can compete with pretty boys Cha Eunwoo or Im Siwan is a joke. He has a unique face, but unique is not always equal with out-of-this-world handsome, lmaoo

Anonymous 7325


Sometimes he looks really good to me and sometimes he just looks weird

Anonymous 7326


Anonymous 7327

Those under eye bags make him look like some dating simulator vampire boy for pre teen girls

Anonymous 7328

His lips shape is weird
And his head is too big for his ana body… also look at those teeny tiny hands he must have a micro pp

Anonymous 7329


He actually has large hands but you’re right his head is way to big for his body

Anonymous 7330

i saw nct live last year (i know) and his face looked uncomfortably stretched and almost like it was melting whenever he appeared on the large venue screens

Anonymous 7331

He barely looks like himself on this one. None of his usual sharp features are visible. On the way to lesbian wine aunt right next to Taem?

Anonymous 7332

Yikes that sounds how I just how imagined he’d look irl. Who else looked uncanny valley or bad?
I’ve always thought that his super sharp feature were gained through the help of fillers so I guess that filler usage is catching up to him now and make his face look puffy and pillowy.

Anonymous 7334

images (14).jpeg

Rowoon has that weird face that Koreans call "desert fox face"… sometimes he looks good but I mostly find him odd

Anonymous 7335


You can't use pics from photoshoots or magazines as proof…

>he can't barely compete with Jaehyun or Lucas kek let alone get high fashion deals like EXO members
Exo get's those deals because they're famous, not because of their looks. And Jaehyun looks like a neanderthal as soon as he turns his head lol My point still stands, on average new gen male idols > older gen when it comes to looks.

Anonymous 7336

agreed, also im sure older gen idols dont start getting injections and fillers at the age of 17-19, so they look considerably less ragged than their newer counterparts

i wonder what some of these new gen idols are gonna look like when they hit their mid to late 20s, have to enlist, and lose all the idol styling and have to deal with the bloated filler faces

one of the reasons i feel jaejoong looked ok even for his age is because he probably didn't pump his face full of filler for 5+ years (although hes trying to catch up now with recent pics)

same reason why siwan and hyungsik still look so good for their age, it's probably because they dont inject shit into their muscles every 2 weeks

Anonymous 7337

This prooves what exactly? He looks awful kek and with Lucas right by his side you just did him dirty tbh
I don't even think Lucas and Jaehyun are that good looking tbh but it's just facts that Jaehyun is the most popular member and that Lucas is regarded as one of SM top visuals hence he's the visual in SuperM and not Taeyong.

>Exo get's those deals because they're famous, not because of their looks.

I mean it's both. High fashion brands don't sign with uggo celebrities, there's a minimum of attractiveness one should have and the bar isn't low

Anonymous 7338

Actually Exo are probably the first group who did get lots of stuff done at a very young age, before them it wasn't so common and that's why Kai already declined so much despite only being 1 year older than Taeyong. And Bts looks even more tragic than them because they started later but tried to overcompensate for their ugliness by doing way too much way too fast.

If agencies cared about their artists, they would only let kids pass auditions who are already extremely attractive to begin with, it would mean less criticism for being ugly/plastic and a longer career because they don't melt after 25.

Anonymous 7339

How can you look at this and unironically say that he looks worse then Kaibaek? And Lucas also isn't all that, he often looks too monkey-like.

Anonymous 7340

He looks like Winwin lol

He looks really plastic and weird. Not good-looking at all imo

Anonymous 7341

Screenshot (245).p…

Found this kek

Anonymous 7342

Screenshot (249).p…

Anonymous 7343


i do think winwin is gorgeous, but istg the guy actually has social issues or something, he is so bland and boring to watch on screen, not to mention he cant sing and his dance skills don't match what idols are usually known for

he has that "high fashion elf face" they like, but he's chinese so he'll probably do another few years in korea and pull a luhan and escape back to china and land every CF under the sun since you don't need a personality for those

Anonymous 7344

maxresdefault (1).…

He looks very dumb and weird/ugly, him making it in China is only wishful thinking of his insane stans, that's not a face that's popular there.

Anonymous 7346


i do agree he looks slow as hell (and listening to him talk actually makes me want to tear my hair out) but the guy is pretty popular in china solely because of his face, considering he's done zero variety overseas and has probably the second biggest fanbase in wayv after lucas

he definitely could just spend his time in china modeling and being a mediocre actor in shitty romantic dramas/historical webdramas

Anonymous 7347

Yeah from what I've seen china loves sharp and striking faces. Winwin is probably too soft and derpy for their tastes.

Is he popular among the gp? Or just chinese kpop fans?

Anonymous 7348

Ok taeyongfag. Everybody is blind and the dozen ifans who think he's a visual king are right. Gucci executives remain tasteless, Seoul Fashion Week brands are craycray.

Anonymous 7349


Lucas looks better in still photos

Anonymous 7350


Taeyong looks good in some still photos but he looks better in videos/moving

Anonymous 7351

Taeyong doesn't look like that anymore

Anonymous 7353


agreed, never understood the hype around taeyong, his pupils are so naturally large they look like when girls wore those creepy giant ulzzang circle lenses and ended up looking like soulless dolls

i feel like out of the nct folk lucas has the most "traditional handsome" face at first glance but looks derpy as hell from some angles, and then jaemin fits the flirty flowerboy twink that korea loves so much.

i honestly find jeno very boy next door handsome, and he isnt rail thin like the rest of them and has some bulk to him

Anonymous 7354


>the guy is pretty popular in china solely because of his face
He only has 3 million followers on weibo, that's considered nothing in mainland, wayv are absolutely irrelevant.
And ugly too, no idea how they memed people into thinking that they're attractive, seems like only lucas is allowed to have a body that doesn't look like an 8-year-olds

Anonymous 7355


??? Hes styled a bit softer but he looks the same to me?

Anonymous 7356

unrelated but wtf is going on with that guy second from the right, is that a trick or is he standing super fucking weirdly

but yes, wayv is completely irrelevant overseas which is probably why theyre trying to push english songs more often/promote more heavily in korea, although they'll never get big

Anonymous 7357

This picture is cracking me up for some reason
He's just standing on the stairs anon

Anonymous 7358

When the jock decides to join the theatre/glee club

Anonymous 7359

Eww oily ashy skin

Anonymous 7360

can someone explain why the fuck renjun is so popular especially in china? the dude is an overgrown twig and yeah, his voice is acceptably decent, but his fanclub legitimately boosted dream's most recent album sales by at least 30k albums alone

i dont find him particularly memorable in any aspect, so im just baffled by the rabid fanbase (which is also apparently dominantly women in their late twenties to early thirties)

Anonymous 7361


Winwin can never reach his full potential because they keep giving him haircuts like this. SM clearly xenophobic and hates china.

Anonymous 7362

original (1).gif


Anonymous 7363


that is literally just every kpop idol haircut ever

if you want to talk about absolutely horrible hair there's this gem

Anonymous 7364

I have no idea. It baffles me too

Anonymous 7365

Chinese + nct dream uwu baby concept aka good ole pedobait

Anonymous 7366

except isnt renjun ethnically (north) korean? chenle is a pretty famous child star (was on china's got talent) and was huge as a kid but has zero fanbase, but that's probably chalked up to the fact that he isnt attractive at ALL

dream is so popular in china it's weird, but you're probably right, it's the pedo/hagfan bait

Anonymous 7367

I don’t get it either, anon.

Anonymous 7368


winwin before. when sm gave him reasonable hair and didn't fill in his eyebrows like hes some dragqueen about to perform on stage

Anonymous 7369


Looks 200% better with manlier styling

Anonymous 7370


Anonymous 7371

I dont know what he is ethnically but I imagine that having the Chinese nationality plays a factor, patriotism, provincialism or whatever. And he was the chosen one because Chenle is uglier.
The ones that don't care for nationality at all went for the prettier korean ones.

Anonymous 7372

I think chenle is cute in a unique way but attractive he is not

Anonymous 7373

i think hes very boyish and endearing, and for a kid who grew up filthy rich he seems really grounded considering the upbringing

he's definitely my favorite dream member, but attractive he is not

Anonymous 7374


That was the pinnacle of bad fucking hair. he looked like he had a tarantula on his head. Winwin doesn't look as good in hair that covers his forehead/eyebrows. He ends up looking super plain and round for some reason

Anonymous 7375

Sperm's chances of making it in the US are bigger than WayV's chances of ever making it in Mainland, SM just has zero idea how the chinese market works nowadays, they really thought they can simply debut a group ("from SM Entertainment!") and immediately start collecting cash, but it's no longer 2012.

Anonymous 7376


did you forget about this gem

because i totally understand if you never wanted to remember this again

Anonymous 7377

> The ones that don't care for nationality at all went for the prettier korean ones.
Lol this is exactly what happened with yuta. Sm was probably counting on him to bring in jpn fans for nct but since they’re kpop fans they don’t care enough about nationalism to stan him so they naturally went for the prettier Korean and Chinese members.

Anonymous 7378



Ah Chenle, he fit the dream concept perfectly because he was adorable as a kid but as hes growing up his features are becoming super masculine so i dont think sm knows what to do with him.

Anonymous 7379

I’ve always liked Chenle but I wonder where his career will end up going

Anonymous 7380

i feel like he would do well on one of those chinese running-man shows because he seems pretty quick and intelligent, and he's super endearing

He definitely will not make a giant career as a singer in korea, and i dont think he has the looks to make it as a solo idol in china

Anonymous 7381

He's really cute and my inner n**nafag self likes him for that, but as he's slowly growing more and more adult he just looks really plain. I see his facial bones and I lose interest.
I think a lot of his fans like him for his bubbly, endearing personality paired with the fact that he was a pretty boy with full cheeks and a baby face. But in his recent pics you can see what I mentioned above. His jawbone gives me the chills lmao.

Anonymous 7382

The idea that you put chinese/japanese members in a kpop group to attract chinese/japanese fans has always been weird, people who already like kpop to begin with are in it for the korean idols, the korean style, foreign idols are literally only foreigners made up to look as korean as possible, a 'cheap' copy.
That model only works with thai fans, see insane Lisa stans.

Anonymous 7383


Anonymous 7384

i wonder when SM is going to try to insert more SEA stars to cash in on that sweet sweet rabid SEA self-insert money

Anonymous 7385



Durig the riding era he was very off and fans noticed. I always thought he was pissed at dream becoming fixed since i don't think he ever planned on staying in korea and wanted to join wayv.


idk he seems completely over idol life, idk if he will even stay with sm once his contract is over. i could see him continuing with ballads and music. I legit dont know if he will stay in the ent industry. But then again he was a child star all his life so idk.


kpoppies hate jawbones but i think he can play it up. gain some muscle, get really broad shoulders and lose that baby image he has.

Anonymous 7386

For me it's the opposite, I like some of their songs, but was always too uncomfortable to follow them because of how young they are. Now that he's starting to look different, I no longer have to feel like a borderline pedo lol
I always wondered how rich he actually is. Those childhood pics looked insane, but in one tv show they visited his house and it was very underwhelming…? He also seems to be able to cook quite well, so I guess at least he's not too spoiled.

To make it in China he's likely not attractive enough, his talent and personality also don't stand out.

Anonymous 7387

he has that mild like pug-ugly/cute look that jimin manages to grab fangirls with, i agree if he bulks up a little and pushes a manlier image, he may get more fans

he does remind me of a less ugly jimin with a way better personality, so perhaps he will make it big

i honestly do not get the appeal of jimin either, the dude is legitimately one of the ugliest men ive ever seen

Anonymous 7390

he is definitely very very wealthy, i believe his family owns that entire tower, not just the little apartment we saw and the entire generational family lives in there, because he mentioned his grandma lives in her own flat on another floor and his aunt lived on yet another floor

he also is in a very very wealthy part of shanghai, and having that much sq. footage of just his family's house would easily cost $3-4M for just one flat

i do agree he seems very grounded and self sufficient for the obscene amount of wealth that his family has, but he isnt standout in any way

Anonymous 7391


I thought I was the only one who thought that. I think sm exaggerated his wealth a lot. Like his apartment was really plain. His family was super endearing and they seem super close so that was lovley, but idk they didn't gif off a "rich" ppl vibe.

but then again I think they only showed his moms side of the family tho. His dad was nowhere to be seen. Also the fact that his family was able to just buy an apartment for him like that close to sm which is located in an expensive area plus his mom just up and left her life and lives with him and his aunts too.

he def doesn't have an average life, but idk

Anonymous 7392


If we're talking so much about china's high standard for visuals, can we talk about some cpop idols as well?
I never found Cai Xukun to be so insanely attractive but he has so many fans in Asia that praise him for his visuals. He definitely doesn't look bad, but there are a million cpop idols who look better than him.

Anonymous 7393


ratmys like jimin bc he's "smol" and girly. I wonder how popular he would have been if he'd stuck to his more masculine image and didn't lose his muscle.

Anonymous 7394

Idk, maybe it's just my standards that are warped because I live in bumfuck nowhere in Europe, so even normal families here can afford rather nice houses.
Rather than small, I thought it was really ugly? Especially that "garden" is totally unkempt, just random trees.

But remember that (when the thread on lolcow still existed lol) some people wrote that they think SM buys NCT and WayV luxury items to make them seem more successful when they actually are.

Anonymous 7402

Wanted to follow up that honestly the chinese standard for handsome idols is not as high as you might think.
Look at the majority of the contestants on Idol Producer or Qing Chun You Ni 1 and you'll see that most of them look awfully below mediocre. Most members of Unine are actually pretty ugly. The only ones that look even remotely good are Li Wenhan, Yao Mingming and Jia Yi. The rest are butt fucking ugly. And think about how Bu Fan made it into the finals of Idol Producer with is looks. lmaoo

Anonymous 7411

chinese fans have a very specific preference for giant eyes and sharp noses/jawlines, which is why people like caixukun etc. stand out despite looking pretty whatever

honestly i feel like he looks kind of weird and creepy but i cant put my finger on why, the dude definitely got something done though

Anonymous 7413

I don't find him that attractive either, he has a similar slighly rat-like face like Kris and Luhan (China seems to dig that) but he certainly has the it factor. Right after his audition on produce it was already obvious that he will win, no matter what. It's funny that he got to be a judge for an idol survival show only one year after debuting himself but I think he did an awsome job, his personality really seems super kind, that of course adds to his popularity.
Is it only my impression or is being very tall and skinny kind of more important in China than in Korea?

I was surprised by some of the female contestants on those shows. But for chinese actresses the standards seem to be extremely high, girls like Dilraba look insane.

Anonymous 7417


ur not allowed to post pics of fuglies on here

Anonymous 7422


Anonymous 7423


His body makes even Lisa look like a healthy weight

Anonymous 7426

i totally agree, i feel like their standards for men are very questionable sometimes (luhan, kris etc.) but the women are all insanely gorgeous albeit all cookie cutter clones

height is huge in china, i feel like the standard of being over 165cm (5'5") for women and 180cm (5'11") for men is so much more desired than having a really nice face, but i guess u can cut up and fix a face but you really can't do anything about height

Anonymous 7455

> foreign idols are literally only foreigners made up to look as korean as possible, a 'cheap' copy.
What is the “Korean” look exactly?
This confuses me because I don’t really see a big difference between Korean/Chinese/Japanese idols. As long as they’re all in fashionable clothes and heavy makeup they blend well together. Calling foreign idols a “cheap copy” seems a little kboo-ish.

Anonymous 7456


Luhan's fame will forever be a mystery to me, he looks so awfully soft/weak/pudgy but also skinny, plus super short compared to other young celebrities, Dilraba with her charismatic nose and an actual jawbone looks more "manly" than him kek

Anonymous 7464

Screen Shot 2020-0…

where do ppl get this info from? I fell like fans just make it up and then everyone takes it and runs with it

Anonymous 7465

forever haunted by that time in 2017 when I lived in China and almost literally couldn't throw a stone without hitting a picture of luhan, felt like he was advertising everything that year

Anonymous 7470


I think all of the clothes they wear when they are seen is sponsored. They get money at times to wear things and boost sales for the brand.

Anonymous 7473

But why? Did you ever ask anybody why they like him so much? His music is basic af and there are so many actors who are much cuter, he stands out like a sore thumb.

Anonymous 7478


There are plenty of average and even ugly celebrities tho. Kim Woobin is one example. China has lots of fugs as well. I think in order to make it you need a certian image and to find your niche.

Anonymous 7482

I actually think SM is going to push WayV as a international group. They have been putting out english songs, the members have all been learning english, and most wayv fans are international fans not chinese or korean fans. I think they know that making it in China right now is not going to happen so they are changing their marketing.

Anonymous 7486

Screen Shot 2020-0…

dong sicheng can move to the confirmed rich boy list apparently his family makes leather shoes of all things

Anonymous 7487

What did you guys think of the MMM cb? I'm pretty underwhelmed… there hasnt been a single cb of them that I havent liked, my least favourite one previous to that was Piano Man… also, really uninspiring that they went with Wannabe myself after ITZY's Wannabe

Anonymous 7493

can you guys make a fucking spam thread or smth and stop sperging?

Anonymous 7495


Their stage presence is pretty awful. They got better with bad alive but its still lacking.

Idk I feel like SM planned it like this. Look at the memebers themselves. One is thai, one is half thai and from hong kong. One grew up in germany and is from Taiwan, one lived in macau. They all have a connection wtih being chinese or whatever but they are all over the plane. SM has plenty of other chinese trainees they could have debued. Its not like China is super friendly to foreigners or mixed kids. Lucas gets called derogatory names all the time sine his mother is thai and he has darker skin. yangyangs personality is western af.

picking these members didn't make sens imo for the chinese market

Anonymous 7504

The yangyang lived in germany argument is so dumb, his german is awful, plus people really think that suddenly many germans (or europeans), will be interested in them because of that? He still is, looks and speaks chinese. The only kpop group that has a tiny amount of fame here is bts (but only amongst little girls), the rest is all about american music.

Anonymous 7505

images (18).jpeg

Their first win was with I NEED U and they looked more or less like this (pic related). I really don't get why he want full ana, maybe because it's easier to starve yourself than workout and follow a proper diet
He just has serious body image issues

Anonymous 7514

They already kinda milk the SEA market, I think a lot of the acts tour in Thailand, Malasia or Indonesia
The thing is those countries don't have Japan/China/SKR purchasing power, so they make the most money doing concerts but not with albums bulk buying and merch

Anonymous 7519


No anon, 6ft euro girls are gonna be all over this hunk!

Anonymous 7520


It's because his face gets puffy and he loses his sharp jawline if he gains weight.

Anonymous 7524

there's rumors that they got a thai trainee for the next sm girl group so they are probably going to try

Anonymous 7525


Next year we're already gonna get jin's flathead kek

Anonymous 7527


I think his fake chin/jaw is pretty obvious. Not sure about the rest. With natural hair and little to no make-up, he actually looks less plastic than usual.

Anonymous 7528


Fact is, they're never going to look as good (and sound as good) as this oppar

Anonymous 7529

Hmmm I see, I think the most famous ones do CFs there despite being Korean, like Yoona, BTS, EXO etc but yeah maybe they could make more money with that strategy.
On a side note: is Bambam doing CFs btw? I don't think Ten is… neither Sorn or that other girl

Anonymous 7530


wanna throw this one in too, i feel like there really arent any buffer kpop dudes other than wonho and BM who look like chimps

Anonymous 7531

I really like Dark Swan

Anonymous 7533


Damn, pre debut Taeyong looks nothing like today, he actually once had a jaw lol
That has to be made by an anti, the ps is way too obvious here already

Anonymous 7534


vs the pre debut pics of the original version

Anonymous 7537

song is okay but i hate what wheein did to her face. she's still cute but looks so much more generic now

Anonymous 7538


I don't think yy will appeal to german fans, I think he will appeal to international fans because he lived in a western country = westernized ect. The same reason that every korean idol who lived in the west has a shit ton of international fans.

International kpop fans want to consume kpop but want to feel superior doing it. They lowkey hate korea and its culture. Likewise SEA fans know that korea hates them and thinks of them as monkeys. This is why fuckng bts got popular and why every thai idol is pupular in sea regardless of any merit. Blackpink is super popular because they are "different" than the average girlgroup and all of their members have spend some time abraod or are from abraod = they arent like ur typical korean.

int fans love a good underdog story and they want to know that their idol is DIFFERENT from the typical krorean that they lowkey hate.

Wayv is literally perfect for this role. They are a major underdog. cant get popular in china, cant get popular in korea ect… Their members are international, they speak several languages amongst themsleves. They have a mixed kid, they have a sea kid. one of the members dad is a drag queen ect… They did a whole series with wayv where the members made their own content like song and dance= sm wants to give them the image that they are authentic and have creative control. not to mention that their "bond" gets pushed a lot giving them the image that they are more real tha nother idol gorups.

Basically they get the hot asian boy fantasy packaged in kpop but they get to feel like their boyband is special or different and westernized. the only reason bts is popular is because they milked that exact same narrative.

sm would be dumb not try appealing to western fandom

Anonymous 7539

They're making more nct content pandering to Indoneseian fans now lol, guess sm realized most of the fans come from there.

Anonymous 7540

Yeah i can pinpoint exactly what she did but her face is different, and it isn't just weight gain. I guess she's done her eyes and/or nose.

Anonymous 7541


Speaking about male idols' looks… I know everyone thinks he's ugly but I've always liked Chen. Maybe it's the eyebrows, maybe it's only because of his voice.

His pre debut pictures are criminal tho. But it doesn't seem like he got much ps done, only better styling and makeup (although they always give him the ugliest hair).

Anonymous 7542


German K-pop fans make tons of memes and jokes about Yangyang and his connection to Germany. I'd say his "German-ness" definitely appeals to them.
If we're talking about the average German though, then yeah, him being from their country doesn't matter and they're not suddenly gonna be interested in K-pop or his group because of that.

Anonymous 7543

>International kpop fans want to consume kpop but want to feel superior doing it. They lowkey hate korea and its culture.
Are you one of these fans too anon?

Lol but I think this mentality doesn't just apply to kpop fans, even in western music people love to hype up a poc artist simply for being poc.

Anonymous 7544

Screen Shot 2020-0…

The sulli documentary is out i guess.

I always thought that piece of shit choiza should have gotten blamed a lot more. Fans already knew that they dated when she was barley 18 (illegal in korea) and probably before that. he was a 30 year old man dating a 18 year old girl. he completely treated her like a trophy doll and didnt give a fuck about her, yet ifans treated the situation like he was some caring teddybear and sulli was some powerful confident woman htat was happy dating a man 13 fucking years older than her. jesus. he even caused sulli to be estranged from her mother and prolly her other family too. key signs of a fucking abusive peice of shit.

of course choize will be a producing judge on SMTM 9 and he is living his life beautifully, while sulli is in a cold grave.

Anonymous 7545

I've always found him very appealing. Maybe it's his voice, or his character. But he has a unique look that definitely does not appeal to everyone. Regardless, he's been my exo fave for 3 years now out of the 6 that I've been an exofag. He's doing something right.

Anonymous 7546


duh! everyone on this forum is too . korea is ultra conservative, nationalistic and xenophobic. most int kpop fans are westerners that are ultra liberal which is why u have a controversy every 10 seconds within the fandom

Anonymous 7547

Same and agreed. Just because we enjoy flashy music, fashion and visuals doesn't mean we have to accept and like everything about sk.

Anonymous 7549

Beauty is beauty.

Anonymous 7550


Well I'm thoroughly fucking depressed all over again. I was an fx fan and only vic and krystal managed to leave somewhat unscathed from that cursed group

Anonymous 7552

no opinion but this group seems so un YG. they look like a group created form a c list ent agency

Anonymous 7553

most of them have forgetabble faces, also are they all minors? They look like children

Anonymous 7555

please tell me that picture was taken when he was like 10

Anonymous 7558

johnny has basically no chin irl, which makes him look pretty weird. i don't remember any other of the members standing out aside from yuta, he's just generally pretty strange looking and while i probably couldn't point to an exact facial feature or botched plastic surgery thing, there's something about him that just makes him very uncanny valley.

Anonymous 7559

> couldn't point to an exact facial feature or botched plastic surgery thing
What about his chin and nose (both botched features)? Isn't that what made him look off?

I'm also curious about how Jaehyun looked because of this >>7341

Anonymous 7560

Are you a jealous moid?

Anonymous 7561


i can never unsee this

Anonymous 7562

He is not ugly but his lower part of the face could be better. Some prefer them gloomy looking like that, he must appeal to a niche.

Anonymous 7564

For me it's not just his lack of chin but also the way his nose is so short and his philtrum too long

Anonymous 7566

Yeah a long philtrum doesn't look nice on anybody imo. Except maybe Dr. House but he is symmetrical everywhere else and his personality carries him.

Anonymous 7567

critiquing Johnny but praising Dr horse-face House??

get a fucking grip anon

Anonymous 7568

johnny and lucas get shat on so much for their looks on this forum. do they remind u losers of the jocks that used to ignore and make fun of you in high school or something?

i never see anyone talking about mark or jenos ugly mugs its always the same people

Anonymous 7569

i knew there were rabid lucasfags but this is the first time ive seen a johnnyfag in action

news flash defending them wont make them like you more

plus most people seem to admit lucas is classically attractive, the dude just has a pile of rocks for brains

Anonymous 7570


verdict on haechan's looks?

Anonymous 7571


i think hes a pretty normal/forgettable idol but i do have to admit he has fantastic proportions, especially considering he's like 5'7" and manages to not look like a manlet in solo shots

he does seem to have an insufferable attention whore personality though

Anonymous 7572

Johnny has rotten teeth and now looks like an alcoholic druggie. Probably because he is a heavy drinker that doesn't take care of his health like he used to. Also I said Hiug Laurie gets carried by his wise personality.

Anonymous 7573


haechan had the glow up of the century

Anonymous 7574


i'm the op from >>7558 and when i was a fan of nct (again, i know) johnny was my favorite member since he seemed charming in their variety stuff. there are some pictures of him where i think he looks good, but from certain angles it looks like his chin disappeares completely. i don't find mark nor jeno attractive, but that's just me.
yeah now that i think about it, his nose is really tall for the rest of his face. i've seen those really bad photos of his botched chin job (picrel), but in person it didn't look that bad and im assuming he had whatever implant (?) taken out

Anonymous 7575


jenos one of those people i feel i should find attractive but i just dont get it. the eyesmile ting does nada for me

Anonymous 7576

I agree except for your pathetic Taeyong sperg. Am I the only one who thinks SM is missing a 4th gen visual that lives up to their previous generations’ visuals? I’m talking visuals that Koreans love because they’re both tall and handsome: Eric (Shinhwa), Yunho, Changmin, Siwon, Minho, Chanyeol, Sehun. Lucas may fit the bill but he isn’t Korean and is primarily in WayV anyways. Why tf is SM debuting so many uglies like >>7302? Does SM just not give a shit about their reputation?
This is the best description I’ve seen of his looks. Spot on, kek.
Luhan has always looked an older Korean lady with short hair who plays the evil mother that tries to sabotage the main pairing in a Kdrama. He’s always looked so much like a woman that it grosses me out.

Anonymous 7577


he has that boyish look that i think some people find attractive, he definitely isnt the doe eyed twinky pretty boy most idols seem to be carved out of

the guy does have a nice body, hopefully he keeps the bulk on instead of succumbing to the twiggy fairy look the rest of them favor

Anonymous 7578


>Eric (Shinhwa), Yunho, Changmin, Siwon, Chanyeol

thas some really shit taste in visuals right here

Anonymous 7579


jeno looks 25 while the rest of dream looks 17 and it always throws me off. he a face for acting so i hope he goes into that

Anonymous 7580

I said tall and handsome by KOREA’s standards. Think face and body. Not Jaejoong’s face on a man who can’t be taller than 5’6.

Anonymous 7581


no on here cares about koreas standards tho and honestly their standards arent ALL that different. most of the men they consider attractive int fans do as well. there are some anomalies tho

the examples u posted had good bodies but disgusting faces. only sehun and minho had passable faces.

Anonymous 7582

A lot of people care. Not sure if jealous usa moid or you actually have different tastes.
Face > Height > Frame.

Anonymous 7583


johnny is a case of aging really badly. I dont think hes had nearly as much work as people on here speculate, I think the stress, overwork and maybe substances just aged the hell our of him. TY is the same age as him but looks way younger.

Anonymous 7584


The only good-looking one in tvxq is jaejoong, the rest are lucky they are in tvxq. Siwon only looked good in his predebut pics, his chin has grown wider every year he's been alive and it makes him look gross. chanyeol is okay but he aged so horribly he has major alcoholic bloat face and i done even want to talk about eric.

sehun and minho have great bodies and even though Minho isn't my taste at all he is objectively good looking.

u can't go soft on face just cuz a dude is tall and has broad shoulders.

Anonymous 7585



Anonymous 7586

Manlets are a dealbreaker. Maybe you’re okay with a dude that looks like a child but the majority of women prefer someone above 5’10 ideally.
I literally predicted this picture would pop up which is why is why I indicated visuals that are loved by Koreans. We may find them ugly but faces like Chanyeol’s are rare in Korea. I only find Minho and Yunho to be attractive in both categories of face and body.

Anonymous 7587

its ok to admit u find ugly dudes attractive anon

Anonymous 7588

Anony ilu anf your self-awareness!

>critiquing Johnny but praising Dr horse-face House??
>get a fucking grip anon

this is sending me kek

After the ** raid i'm not even mad anymore with nct/taeyongfags tbh let's all kumbaya together

Anonymous 7589

Found the bitter nctzen. I asked a legit question about SM’s casting and debut decisions—evading the question and stirring the pot won’t make Taeyong any taller, anon.

Anonymous 7590


Changmin aint ugly tho anon omg maybe not top tier, but you know he's 100% doable AND marriage material

Yunho aint my type but I wouldnt call him ugly ugly either, I can see some appeal. Looks better than 95% of nct I'd say

Anonymous 7591

>AND marriage material

anon we dont know these people. he could secretly be into fucking dogs for all we know

Anonymous 7592

TIL Jaejoong is only 1,79 m… so he's like V, perfect face but meh height. At least he's buff-ish though.

Lol that was a bad choice, there are better pictures of him. I got to know him during Chocolate promos and found him super endearing.

Anonymous 7593

what u talking about thats a requirement for me

if oppa isnt a dog fucker i dont want him

Anonymous 7594


He is, he’s probably the richest member in got7, he’s doing a pretty big cf with lisa for this AIS company

Anonymous 7595

original (2).gif

does he strike you as a pussy eater or not?

Anonymous 7597

Anonymous 7598

He was already uber rich to begin with, right? Restaurant chain owner
Whats up with those lips tho

I absolutely hate his gum-chewing and tongue licking tics/mannerisms… it's not sexy dude learn a different trick please

Anonymous 7599

what does this dude have going for him other than the fact that he's thai? i feel like hes a tiny manlet with no singing or rapping skills, not to mention he doesn't have crazy looks either

he did manage to bag mina as a fuckbuddy, so good for him

i literally only know him as the kid who made stupid edgy sex jokes on broadcast and said the n word in some instagram live video while blackout drunk

Anonymous 7600

He's leaving the twink life and has been working out! Can't find the pic rn but he either posted on twitter or ig stories… his arms were buffer and all

He seems to have a way with the ladies too, there's some rumour which I choose to believe because its just kekable that he got with the girl Jaehyun was crushing on and that's why u dont see him anymore with the other 97 liners topkek

Anonymous 7601

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Jaemin palm reading. I feel like the part about liking women and sex is spot on. He always gave me such player and greesy vibes.

Anonymous 7602


I can believe it, there is something very sexual about him I feel like he'd be super slutty in a hot way.

Anonymous 7603

Yeah and at some point his legs suddenly got longer and now dude is like the second tallest in the group, idk about his lips tho, look weird

Anonymous 7604

>Keep your ego out of the way
Lol too late

Who eles's palm reading do you have?

Anonymous 7605

Screen Shot 2020-0…

I have winwins summary. you can watch a bunch here


I watched the senguri one and jesus it was super accurate. His Lucas palm reading was something else all the fans freaked out in the comments.

Anonymous 7606

I'm not seeing how winwin's reading fits him lol but maybe that's because I pay absolutely no attention to him

Anonymous 7607

Same anon I just checked out the Lucas one and damn. Somebody should translate this to canto and send it to him.

Anonymous 7608

bold of you to assume he would understand it even if u translated it into canto

what is this dude's native language? i feel like he's half proficient at like three but literally barely speaks any of them

also kek at the comments and kpop fans freaking out over some horoscope bullshit

Anonymous 7609

This is clearly 100% a moid.

Anonymous 7610

Clever and many talents? Idk abt that

Anonymous 7611

didnt watch it but that was enough for me to know that entire video is bullshit kek

its alright lucasfags ur oppa will be fine since the palm reader is obviously talking out of his ass

Anonymous 7612

The woojin palm reading was kinda shockingly accurate tho and it's 1 year old

Anonymous 7613


Lucas IS a clever and successful man. He's one step closer to dating his idol Kim Sohyun. He's out there making his dreams come true u all can stay salty.

Anonymous 7614

But did him and Taeyong look ugly per say, or just uncanny valley?

Anonymous 7615

Why does this thread consist of mostly wayv (and nct) when they're flops and not even kpop?
Lucasfag was already insufferable on lolcow, seems like she's here now too.

Anonymous 7617

I honestly can't tell but I love to shit on NCT and anything related to it so I'm just here to enjoy the ride.

Anonymous 7618

Favorite songs off Taemin’s new album? For me it’s criminal, black rose, and nemo

Anonymous 7619

same lol i just love to shit on nct because there's so much cannon fodder to make fun of

as much as anyone wants to deny it nct is one of the "top" groups right now solely because they ride SM's boat so there's obviously gonna be more people talking about them

Anonymous 7620

Criminal, strangers, black rose and waiting for

Anonymous 7621

yeah they aren't relevant but still relevant enough for ppl to know stuff about them to make fun of kek

Anonymous 7622

Criminal, Clockwork, and Nemo, as i liked them almost immediately upon listening to them. it's a pretty solid album.

Anonymous 7626

Their performances together are so awkward and lackluster

Anonymous 7627

bad cosplay.jpg

neither were particularly ugly taeyong is a weird case in that he has a lot of features that on their own would be considered attractive, but together they mesh a little weirdly. this description is overused a lot, but he looks like a drawing of an anime or final fantasy character come to life, but more in a scary way, like a badly drawn character in a 80s/90s yaoi or one of those white cosplayers that exaggerate certain 'asian' seeming features like picrel. he also sounds like a frog during irl performances and gets a ton of center time considering the group has a million members. yuta just looks like handsome squidward in an almost comical way. i find his face just kind of painful to look at because whenever i see him i think of painful plastic surgery procedures.

Anonymous 7630

Has anyone watched the sulli doc? What do u think about it?

Anonymous 7631

images (1).jpg

Wow your description of taeyong is so detailed and spot on, I've gotten that impression of his looks from just videos and pictures so I can imagine how harsh that'd look irl. But do you think the heavy idol makeup might've played a part in how exaggerated he looked?
> yuta just looks like handsome squidward in an almost comical way. i find his face just kind of painful to look at because whenever i see him i think of painful plastic surgery procedures.
Lmaooo that's too funny. Some other idol I think fits that description too is this guy from ateez

Anonymous 7633

Minho has some of the best visuals. Handsome face, great body (tall and lean but fit). The fact that he seems like a legitimately cool guy that I’ve never gotten any fake-y feelings from like other idols just makes him that much more attractive. I’m a shineefag though, so maybe that’s the real reason but I think he’s an objectively attractive guy.

Anonymous 7634

yeah but not well kek

Anonymous 7635

I was hoping that Dispatch would release some damaging info about BTS before the IPO but after two week on BB100 #1 they might never do it…
Things are boring now. Woojin was a nonody so I didn't care much about his scandal, we need moar

Anonymous 7636


I wonder how BTS feels like being pretty much on top of the idol pyramid right now. I wonder how things go behind the scenes in the idol world.

I used to watch some of their content back in 2015 but their music just didn't do it for me.

Anonymous 7637

Screen Shot 2020-0…


He def isn't the tpical pretty boy and he has a jaw and some manliness to him. I think he looks best in simple style and shorter hair

Anonymous 7639

Mark looks so weak next to him lol

Anonymous 7640

i find mark super endearing, he has that total dweeb "peter parker" vibe to him but i agree he always looks so small and squirrely

Anonymous 7642


Anonymous 7643

I think they're pretty much a league of their own so they dont compare themselves with other idols and vice-versa
Too bad that they're cowards that didnt try to break out the idol mold. Compared to BigBang they didnt even attempt to be edgier and appeal to the gp… they're still playing enchanted prince to their loyal tween audience

Anonymous 7645

to be honest to this day i am still confused as to how they got so big, i feel like their music is just like every other teenybopper kpop slop the rest of the companies put out, and their members are unmemorable

if anything i feel like 4/7 of them are honestly bordering on unattractive not to mention egotistical as hell how the hell did they get so many fans? is it literally just dumb luck/right place right time?

Anonymous 7646


I mean why would they? Kpop aint that serious. I agree with the criticism they get about being fake and overhyped but if i were them id do the same. they have an opportunity to milk their crazy fans for all they are worth and they will do exactly that and go into the army with millions saved.

im pretty sure that deep inside each bts member knows that their fans are using them as some sort of escapism/fantasy and that their work isnt all that meaningful which is why they keep doing what they are doing.

Anonymous 7647

the power of uggohot

Anonymous 7648


mark was a cute kid growing up and this selfie still cracks me up every time i see it

i do find his work ethic very admirable, but pretty kpop boy he is not

Anonymous 7649


The right marketing from bighit. BH created this storyline for bts as underdogs that write their own music and are authentic and int fans loved that concept. their first rabbid fans were SEA who popularized them on social media but now bts soley focuses on their white fans and acts like they were popular in the us since day 1

Anonymous 7650

i cannot stand BTS and their stupid "underdog" but also "we're better/pioneer geniuses" narrative

if anything i feel like ARMY fans are the worst fanbase in kpop bar none, with blinks maybe coming in a close second? i know the overlap between bts and bp fans is big, so not surprised theyre toxic as hell

Anonymous 7651

Mark is one of those people I wish I could be. I feel like even if he didn't become an idol he'd be that guy on campus who is known by everyone and is like the student body president. Or the dude at the company that becomes the youngest vp or something.

Anonymous 7653

they are the most insane fandom no questions about it. HOW was BH able to create such insane dedication tho? Its some genius marketing seriously. their fans feel like they are a PART OF bts and their success which is why they dedicate SO much effort to bts. When BTS makes money or reaches a milestone the fans project that onto themselves.

maybe it makes them feel like they are a part of something bigger? that may be why bts adopted the woke agenda, to make their fans feel like they arent simply supporting a kpop band, they are changing society by supporting this kpop band

Anonymous 7654

oh im not saying hes ugly by any means, but he definitely doesnt fit the flower pretty boy mold the rest of industry favors

i honestly think he has insane bone structure, but he looks gaunt from some angles, but that might be because the kid is probably exhausted being carted around 4 groups as the cash cow

thats another thing i hate about bts, they push this "woke" agenda but suga literally has been caught sampling fucked up shit and hiding behind his fans because he knows they'll defend anything

fucking hypocrites but the delusional braindead fans will support them through anything except them getting married kek

honestly the meme about RM having a potential secret child would be amazing if true, i cannot wait to see the backpedaled outrage the moment one of them (esp the maknae line) announce they're dating

Anonymous 7656


i cannot think of a worse fandom, not to mention they all seem to think every other fandom is out to get them and sperg on twitter about every little thing ever

attached is my favorite tweet about the entire itaewon situation and stupid army fans eating their own words

Anonymous 7658

They always focused on Western audiences like American Hustle Life + american tours and kcon. They used to make more personalized videos thankings fan from a certain country for making them trend on twitter or inviting them to concerts. I think no idol from big 3 used twitter that way/on tha scale to communicate with ifans, they just had korean and japanese fan cafes.
Also I think they benefitted from One Direction and later Taylor Swift decay. There's a lot of American fans that were in those fandoms which were the most obnoxious back in the hey day.

Anonymous 7661

The haircuts he has make him look godawful, then again I don't know what hairstyles would make someone look better based on things like facial structure. He might just be unfortunate in the facial department, kek.

Anonymous 7662

your ass should be…

Speaking of nct being shitty human beings, there was that time Johhny watched fan edits on live and called the video "interesting and not funny"… Dude it was a video about you, you're the one the blame

Anonymous 7663

i mean if i had to watch shitty meme videos about myself id probably be uninterested as well

not to mention most kpop "meme" humor is cringey as hell to begin with, and nct doesnt have great content to work with to begin with

Anonymous 7665

Who is this about

Anonymous 7666

this has been discussed on the lolcow kpopcrit but a year before bts started leaning into the corny "love yourself" mental health awareness schtick, bighit released this huge, comprehensive survey to bts fans on twitter that asked them a bunch of demographic questions (age, gender, location, stuff like that) but also if they were depressed or had mental health issues. i didn't think much of it when i first saw the survey go around on twitter but now that i think about it, they found a niche/area to exploit and really ran with it

Anonymous 7669

It makes him a realist, not a shitty human being imo

Anonymous 7670

Doyoung just standing in the background cracks me up

Anonymous 7673

honestly me too, i think its a combination of him looking a bit like a meerkat or a gopher and his complete inability to hide his confused/grossed out facial expressions

i feel like he's always hovering around in the background like an overgrown rodent looking perplexed and scared that makes me laugh

Anonymous 7675

Stop reading my mind guys it's creeping me the fuck out lmao

Anonymous 7676

tenor (1).gif

absolutely love xiajuns face. i wish he'd gain weight it would make him look 0840983 times better

Anonymous 7677

i honestly think he has a gorgeous face but he is so fucking unfortunately short that any shot of him that isnt a close up face shot makes him look like an actual hobbit, not to mention he is actually possibly the most awkward idol ive ever seen on camera

also is it just me or is he slightly cross eyed?

Anonymous 7678

he spent his entire life as a pretentious theater kid and the transition to korean idol has been rough. the man was ready to fight fans who kept asking him to do aegyo on that online fansign thing. overtime someone does a dumb ass joke he tries to fake smile but his eyebrows betray him and he ends up grimacing. bless his soul hes a fave of mine but idk how hes gonna make it

Anonymous 7681

download (3).png

so whats the truth?

Anonymous 7684

he looks better on the left

Anonymous 7685

Is that Leffen?

Anonymous 7686


Anonymous 7689


personally i find haechan to be one of the more naturally gifted appearance wise in nct (although i can see why he wouldn't be a favorite amongst kfans, he has a darker skintone and could potentially look too bland and homey to them.) lately he's been looking slightly different which could be due to the weight and baby fat loss and just styling in general, but also something else like subtle ps but i can't be sure. either way, if it is ps they did a good job so i can't exactly be mad at it. i just hope they don't mess with his face anymore i would hate to see him get botched too.

when it comes to personality he's pretty funny amongst the other members, to the point where sometimes it borders on annoying. he has the personality of that annoying kid in middle school who can't be serious for more than two minutes at a time. also he can't seem to stay out of scandals with fansites etc, which i find pretty amusing. he just gives me the vibes of someone who just doesn't give much of a fuck which isn't really a positive thing but at least he's not boring.

Anonymous 7690

Oh in that case a hairstyle change wouldn’t be enough, he needs a whole facial reconstruction

Anonymous 7691

People describe him as an attention seeking drama queen and honestly if he's actually like that and not just putting up an act, he might honestly be one of my faves in NCT, even if I genuinely hate NCT from the very depths of my soul.
I'm really tired of kpop boys constantly being sweet, cute and staying out of drama. If he's constantly beefing with fansites and being a bitch to people who treat him in a way he might not like it, he's on some king shit. I love it when stars do that instead of sucking up to everyone that surrounds them.

Anonymous 7692

There sure are a lot of Haechan stans in here

Anonymous 7694

>Why does this thread consist of mostly wayv (and nct) when they're flops and not even kpop?
>I honestly can't tell but I love to shit on NCT and anything related to it so I'm just here to enjoy the ride.
>same lol i just love to shit on nct because there's so much cannon fodder to make fun of
As if, you're very obviously stans

Anonymous 7695

>he might honestly be one of my faves in NCT, even if I genuinely hate NCT from the very depths of my soul.
How would you know anything about haechan if you didn't stan nct?

Anonymous 7696

I used to be a fan of NCT back in 2018-2019. I stopped liking them after they started pandering to the west and the US more specifically. Now whenever they come up on my twitter feed/in a conversation I get reminded of how retarded I was back then, lmao. They had some good songs at one point but the entire premise of NCT was ruined by all the westernfagging SM began enforcing in late 2018/early 2019. I lost all my interest.
These days I just love to go to places where people are allowed to talk shit about NCT without getting metric tonnes of shit poured in their necks.

Anonymous 7697

Same. For example I saw this tik tok today and I cant believe I used to be so obsessed with taeyong. He’s so puny and legit moves like a bug that was sprayed with raid.

Anonymous 7700


The way taeyong dances always reminded me of crackheads tweaking out

Anonymous 7701

you can like a few members and casually dabble in the music but also make fun of the group as a whole…the nct concept is fucking dumb and the good majority of the members are a bunch of spoiled brats

i dont see why that has to be mutually exclusive tbh, i can find two members interesting while also admitting that they're flops and doyoung looks like a rodent

Anonymous 7702

You can't claim to love shitting on them and then admit to having been a stan til last year and then casually mention that you randomly watched a video of them on fucking tiktok. How is 2019 a long time ago, why do you still watch their stuff, why are you even on tiktok if you're supposedly over 18?
You're not fooling anyone.

Anonymous 7703

i dont get why you're gatekeeping people's like/dislike of a group and whether that determines if they can make fun of something, you honestly seem insufferable

why tf does it matter if theyre a fan or not? you can like something and also call out and make fun of parts of it

Anonymous 7704

Screenshot (251).p…

>We love you Kim Taehyung is trending
They're so dumb, everybody immediately knows that he fucked up somehow kek

Apparently they were interviewed by a CNN reporter yesterday but there were no answers from V, so ratmies immediately jumped to harrass her. Today she even had to do a 2nd interview with him to placate them.
They all sent her the same copypasta, called her unprofessional, said she made him feel uncomfortable, that she didn't pass his "vibe check" (that's basically him glaring at every single interviewer or celebrity in america - and to ratmy that means they must be bad/racist/whatever).

Anonymous 7705

lmfao yet another nugget of evidence that V is an egotistical piece of shit to throw on the dumpster fire that is BTS

imagine being invited to an interview and not bothering to answer a single question, that reporter should've just added an italicized blurb at the bottom of "the last member, V declined to answer any questions" but im sure ratmys would jump on her for that too

honestly how is this group so incompetent? how hard is it to just fucking smile for the camera and answer some stupid ass questions when it literally is your job

Anonymous 7706


everyone on this forum is a fan one way or the other. why would we be posting here on a Saturday instead of having a life if we werent?

Anonymous 7707

exactly, i dont get this outrage and gatekeeping of "wow admit ur a stan u dont ACTUALLY hate NCT" like…how in the world does listening/being a fan to the band invalidate any criticism about their honestly questionable music choices and general lackluster personalities

Anonymous 7708

Screen Shot 2020-0…


Damn I really didn't buy into all the hate bts got on lolcow and on here because I dont follow them to know anything about them but this is so shitty. I can't believe this poor woman had to go back and interview him again.

I'm legit shocked

Anonymous 7709

the worst part is V probably thinks he did the lady a favor finally gracing her with his godly commentary

god i just want this group and all its fans to fucking disappear, theyre actually so toxic and shit

Anonymous 7710

I really wonder what kind of problem he has, he absolutely knows that his behavior brings great trouble to other people, yet he does it again and again. Is it fun getting strangers threatened or fired? At this point I don't think it's just plain laziness anymore, he's doing it on purpose.
This woman is from cnn, what could she have done to make uwu wittle boy uncomfy? I highly doubt that she asked or did anything unprofessional. Maybe it's just him being a racist.

>Damn I really didn't buy into all the hate bts got on lolcow and on here
What? The countless examples of ratmies merciless bullying and destroying lifes for their boys while said boys are only watching quietly weren't enough? lol

Anonymous 7711

of course it's her fault that he didn't answer any questions. I know people love idols that ~rebel~ against things that idols are expected to do but it seems so obnoxious coming from him.

Anonymous 7712

No anon, you got it all wrong, he is sooo polite, that he didn't dare to interrupt the other members. That's why she's at fault, she should have coaxed him to answer, that's what she would've learned if she went to journalist school!

Anonymous 7713

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Bruh I'm going through twitter now and jesus…. she must have been fucking pissed off. Imagine doing your job, someone being unprofessional af by not answering one question and then you are blamed for it and you have to go do a separate interview just because you know it aint worth it.

And the fact that the fans said shit like "you didn't try enough" bro I am fucking dead

Anonymous 7714

jesus christ, when you invite someone and they accept and interview it's understood they would answer questions

how in the world is it her fault he didn't hold up his side of the agreement? im sure she asked him questions and he just rudely ignored her or did that stupid glower he always does on TV

if i was this interviewer i would never interview a kpop group ever again

Anonymous 7715


Has he done things like this before? Idk the only thing i got from the other threads about V is that he had a receding hairline that he fixed up recently and that he changed his image to be fake arthoe. Also ppl speculating that he may be autistic but I feel like that was more of trolling for the sake of trolling than anything real.

Anonymous 7716

Screenshot (253).p…

Now they're saying that she lied about the 2nd interview, because "we know tae! he always uses beautiful words, he wouldn't only give such a short statement!"

The comments are so infuriating, CNN should've honestly deleted it and given unprofessionalism for the reason why, as a warning to all other media stations. Anybody who even dares to enter the same room as them is plain naive, I don't think there was a single non-korean interview that didn't end with massive backlash for the interviewer.

Anonymous 7717

i agree, CNN is big enough to not need to do shitty tweenybopper interviews bowing down to these kpop twinks

i wouldnt be surprised if they never interviewed a kpop group ever again, this was SO unprofessional of V but ofc his fans will defend him to the ends of the earth bc he's "uwu sensitive artboy" and not a completely unprofessional asshole who made a lady's job way harder than it should've been

Anonymous 7718

>I really wonder what kind of problem he has, he absolutely knows that his behavior brings great trouble to other people, yet he does it again and again.

I watched part of AHL when it came out and the impression of V that i had was those good-looking people that just breeze through life and dont have much of a care.

There was like this mission they had to do where they basically had to talk to strangers or something? and V was pretty natural at it while the other members were nervous. I remember thinking like fuck I wish I was attractive and charming ppl would just up and do things for me too.

Now not only is he attractive but filthy rich and world famous. He has tons of actor friends, he was the only bts member to be in a drama. He has been extremely lucky in life and his life has honestly been a breeze if you think about it.

I don't think he cares about anything, he prolly lives in his own world.

Thats the best answer i can come up with.

Anonymous 7719

that just makes this entire CNN situation worse if true

the dude literally just woke up on the wrong side of bed and with his inflated ego decided to make this lady's job hard as fuck just for the sake of it

i hate all these ratmy fans demanding that the interviewer should've "coaxed and encouraged him" ffs he's 25, not 5 and this is his job. he should not have to be catered to and coddled to answer questions that he literally is being paid to do

Anonymous 7721

>and the good majority of the members are a bunch of spoiled brats
They really are…..especially Taeyong. It's so cringy seeing him and his stans try so hard to convince everyone that he's the sweetest most respectful guy ever when it's so obvious he isn't.
I remember seeing some clips of 127 on a japanese show back in 2017 and the way Taeyong behaved was unbelievably immature. There was a part where him and a few of the other members went into a convenience store to buy some stuff and they kept the hosts (who were absolutely baffled) waiting outside the store for over 25 min.
Then at the end of the show Taeyong gave one of the hosts a gift of sweets and the host made a joke about not being able to eat sweets so Taeyong just grabbed the gift back from him. What makes it even worse is that the host was in shock and tried to hold onto the box and said in a small voice "what, I'm still gonna eat it though" but Taeyong grabbed it away from him anyway.I could not believe he behaved

Sorry for the stupid storytelling

Anonymous 7722

*the way he behaved

Anonymous 7723


Yes. He's silent and angrily glaring at most interviews outside of Korea. 2 years ago they did a collab with Carlie Puth and poor guy is still getting harrassed by ratmies to this day (just a couple weeks ago he tweeted something along the lines of plz stop with the hate comments), also because V glared at him and that's a sign to ratmies that he was bad to their boys and thus must be bullied.

But what he does isn't being carefree, it's like he goes out of his way to make others get hate.
Funny that for female idols glaring equals them being bitchy, but for male idols it means that the other person must've done something wrong.

Also, see pic, they're insane. They claim it was just joking, with thousands of tweets and likes…

Anonymous 7724


Anonymous 7725

honestly as much as ratmys proclaim bts are the pioneers breaking into the western industry, their behavior is just so backwards and harmful to any kpop group trying to enter the market

seeing these assholes act like pretentious fucks in foreign countries and antagonize (literally the local fanbase that most likely would have overlapping interest like one-directioners) is just so stupid

Anonymous 7726

Screenshot (255).p…

Anonymous 7727

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Someone should do a psychological study on ratmys

Anonymous 7728

lmfao as if this cnn reporter would just randomly single out this person she's never met and unprofessionally give him the cold shoulder and not ask questions….oh wait that's what V did

i cant believe this brainless defending, the dude's shown his colors as an arrogant prick but i guess since he's the only one in the group who has somewhat of an acceptable face the ratmys are going to defend him to the ends of the earth

Anonymous 7730


Damn I actually clicked on it

Anonymous 7731

I wonder how western artists actually feel about bts. A lot of kpop fans hate them already because of ratmys, I wonder how the other artists who are in the industry actually see them. Unlike other acts from other countries they havent integrated into hollywood/celeb industry at all and I doubt anyone has invited them.

Anonymous 7733


Prolly just another one direction. Since they are Asian they want to be careful and not seem racist so they are extra nice.

Anonymous 7734

Screen Shot 2020-0…

SMs golden boys remain their golden boys.

Anonymous 7735

I think most people are already aware of their crazy fanbase, that's kind of the first thing people who don't really know them mention.

>SMs golden boys remain their golden boys.
I don't get it…?

Anonymous 7736


The difference between TY cover and the rest? Mark and TY are the most standout ones, you can actually see their faces and they are close up. Also the photo with all of them the emphasis again is TY.

Anonymous 7737

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Anonymous 7738

Oh yeah sorry, I kind of thought you referred to all of them as golden and therefore didn't get it lol
Mark isn't even that bad, but the cover with all of them couldn't be more obviously in favor of Taeyong

Anonymous 7739

Woojin's scandal was literally nowhere to be found on Korean sites, even Pann. Weird how he's so irrelevant that Korea doesn't have a clue who he is or about the scandal at all, but he was trending on Twitter in the US during his scandal that seemingly only affected ifans.

Anonymous 7741

tbf stray kids in general just arent as popular in korea. And even within Stray kids, Woojin was one of the least popular members. Would have been nice to see what kfans thought of all this tho>>7739

Anonymous 7745

It's definitely because he isn't a popular member. K-nctzens didn't even seem to give a fuck about this >>7317 and NCT is a lot more popular than Stray Kids in SK.

Anonymous 7746

But the fansite and sexual assault scandals aren't all that was brought to light. There's also gifs of Woojin bullying some of the other members that are coming to light as well.
Bullying within kpop groups has been a huge talking point in the Korean media (AOA and other nugus). Their fans could get massive sympathy points and attention if they milked the bullying thing. But since no one has tried at all I have to ask does Stray Kids actually have zero fans in Korea.

Anonymous 7747

He's already left the group a few months ago and isn't part of them anymore. How do you think this issue can be milked for attention?
From what I could gather, Kfans and Stray Kids don't give a fuck about him.

Anonymous 7750


Opinions on Ateez?

Anonymous 7751

I want to peg Mingi's ass. Idk the rest.

Anonymous 7752

They're all busted, but their music is good and some members have a great stage presence.

Anonymous 7753

uggos but they do have some pretty good songs

Anonymous 7754

Damn even San?

Anonymous 7756

Screen Shot 2020-0…

This topic has been beaten to death in other threads/youtube but I want to ask yall who the better visual between V and TY is?

I'm excluding eunwoo for obvious reasons

Anonymous 7757

By personal preference? V for me.But that's because I just find Taeyong to be incredibly ugly

By gp standards? The difference between them is probably negligible given that gp doesnt care about idols that much anymore

Anonymous 7758

V. Ty's head/face is too big and stretched out.

Anonymous 7759

sorry anon but he and the rest of ateez just aren't really my type

Anonymous 7760

a discussion board is talking about one person more than the rest, oh no

honestly if you're the same sperg freaking out about people "hating nct but also being stans" you're the one who seems fucking obsessed

give it a fucking rest

Anonymous 7761

I meant more objectively. Like who is actually better looking.

Anonymous 7762

chiming in to say i do find V very attractive, he has that high fashion face that's classicly handsome yet still masculine

taeyong looks fucking weird and i dont think he's attractive at all, nor do i understand the appeal.

however V does seem to be declining, not sure if its the copious amounts of drinking and general lack of self care, or the perpetual "holding in a shit" face he insists on having in every single picture

Anonymous 7763

anon there's only so much beauty you can measure 'objectively' before it's just a matter of personal preference. I'm not sure where else you want this conversation to go.

Anonymous 7766

they honestly are nugus in my eyes trying to ride the shitty bts wave, i feel like bighit is just trying to capitalize on the bts hype but these guys are untalented and cant get the ball rolling

there is a guy in there who looks like a deepfaked minhyuk from btob, but otherwise none of them catch my eye

Anonymous 7768

>he also sounds like a frog during irl performances and gets a ton of center time considering the group has a million members.
Did you think he deserved having most of the center time tho?

Anonymous 7769


this is such a based post
ily anon

Anonymous 7772


Nta but San's face looks extremely weird and unnatural, I was so shocked when I found out how young he is.
See pic, how is this a teen boy? And he's changed since when, definitely loads of plastic in there.
Plus the entire group consists of manlets lol I think that them not even having one pretty guy is the reason for their lack of mainstream success, to koreans they're just that odd group that foreigners love.

Anonymous 7773

They are fun to watch on stage, compared to many other idol groups who doesn't have a drop of stage presence. Personally I like their songs too.

Dunno about the busted part, haven't looked at them up close. examples?

Anonymous 7774

I wish more groups would do that eye contact cam.
People always say Kai is cringy but if you look at it up close, some of the others just look so bland and empty, it's better to overdo it then not putting in enough effort.

Anonymous 7775

Yeah at least Kai is interesting to watch. Baekhyun, Taemin and Ten are usually good performers but it looks like they really don't want to be there. Lucas and especially Taeyong looks like they're just pulling random faces and whilst they at least don't look bored, it just feels strange and forced.

Anonymous 7776

Personally, I like Ateez. There music is good, they're good dancers and quite entertaining in shows.
But for some reason I feel like they trying to skinwalk BTS too much for my liking, so I lost interest in them.

Anonymous 7778

Their voices are so so screechy and headache-inducing. Even though they're decent performers I can't get thru their songs

Anonymous 7780

Black Rose perf

Anonymous 7781

Anyone comparing Taeyong to V is just a kpop spergie


I liked them when they debuted but now BH is just replicating the HYYH concept with them and it's cringe. Also they should thank god X1 disbanded because they would have been even bigger nobodies in Korea otherwise

Ateez suck. I really dont get why ifans cape so much to them. Probably just because they want to live a BTS in the making moment. But with those pirate songs and being visual holes they'll never be BTS

Anonymous 7782


Lmao armpits are angry as usual

Anonymous 7783

Armpits are fucking psychotic bro I love to see them sperg over other people solely existing

Anonymous 7784

What have the chinese strippers done? lol

Anonymous 7785



Anonymous 7786

jennife said something about paving the way

Anonymous 7787

It’s make more sense to me if all armpits were 12 years old but the fact that there’s almost 30 year olds who act like this is insane

Anonymous 7789

Armpit retardation in action LMAOOO

Anonymous 7790


Lucas made a joke about Baekhyun fat in the most recent superm video and people on twitter are throwing a fit. Is he going to get cancelled?

Anonymous 7791

It would be ridiculous if he got cancelled. Idols often call each other fat, it's not a big deal.

Anonymous 7793

It's his cheap attempt at humor since he doesn't have the brains to actually be funny like some of the other members in superm/wayv/nct

Anonymous 7794

>to koreans they're just that odd group that foreigners love
Implying Koreans even know about this nugu group.
Also, idk about your country but 21 doesn't count as a teen boy in most countries.

Anonymous 7796

>Also, idk about your country but 21 doesn't count as a teen boy in most countries.
nta but I think that picture was taken a few years ago when he was still a teen

Anonymous 7798

>too skinny
think you answered your own question there anon

Anonymous 7799


im laughing my ass off
some super-nugu girl group kicked out one of their members apparently and posted this on their instagram update

gotta say i wish all drama was handled like this, this is fucking hysterical

Anonymous 7802

Please don't tell me that the company is actually dumb enough to let the members control this Instagram. Or debut/hire someone who has such shitty judgement (2 whole braincells) to write this.

Anonymous 7804

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Did yall notice that Kai and Lucas are finally not being forced together to act like bickering bros anymore? The bullying must have gotten severe so SM separated them and is now trying to pair TY and Kai because not even Kai can mess with TY.

Lucas looks way happier.

Anonymous 7805

idt he'll be ''cancelled'' per se. if there's one thing we know about kpop fans of male groups it's that they're willing to bend over backwards and excuse anything. his low-brow humor does make him seem like a retard though.

Anonymous 7806

low brow humor is a kpop/kent staple tho. looks, skin color, weight ect are all fair game for jokes and humor. he wont get cancelled ppl in asia straight up tell u when you got fat and that u need to lose weight ect

Anonymous 7807


any btspoppers here or are you all mostly muh ratmy whiners

Anonymous 7808

Lucasfags will really find a way to defend anything this brainlet does, huh? His fellow wayv member also got nicknamed fat by him despite constantly dieting (and then they claimrd Lucas "changed" because this was "already" in 2018/19?) Now too, they try to pull the "he said it in an endearing way!" (he didn't hence the shocked laughter) or "they're friends, that's what friends do, he would tell him if he's uncomfortable!" If he was his friend he'd knew that baekhyun always yoyo's between normal and skelly and that therefore he maybe shouldn't joke about this topic with a person who has already problems with eating. Plus they aren't friends, he's his senior, they're coworkers at best.
Lucas needs to stop acting like in middle school, people seem to forget this but he's fucking 21-years old already, that's no longer cute behavior for a grownass man.

Anonymous 7809

Speaking of 30 years old fan, months ago i met this fan online, we both like the same group. I thought she was younger than me bc of the way she talked but turn out she’s 30 years old divorced woman. She had been talking to korean sasaengs and was planning to go to korea. She also hacked someone before. I didn’t even ask about all that but she just spilled everything out. Of course i’m not talking to her anymore but that was scary.

Anonymous 7810


Expecting kpop idols to be sensitive to body image issues is ridiculous. its acceptable in their culture for one, and second this is the IDOL INDUSTRY. they are literally taught to starve themselves since trainee days and everything about their looks in nitpicked and emphasized by their own management and their own members. members openly point out who is handsome and who is ugly all the time. they rank their own looks all the time. they point out when a member has gained weight and when a member has lost weight. they are constantly hyper aware of their own images and everyones opinion about it.

everyone in super m has or have had eating disorders/body image issues. this is like a normal work day for them. just like requiring oxygen cans and iv drips backstage is a norm for them.

Yes Lucas calls Kun fat and Kun makes fun of him for having dark skin. there was recently an episode with chenle and jungwoo where chenles big head was made fun for the entirety of the episode to the point where it ruins the atmosphere. nct dream points out jisungs small eyes and haechan's fat/dark skin, renjuns small body frame all the time + a millon other examples from other groups.

the fake outrage over one person can stop now. ur consuming kpop if u want body positivity then ur in the wrong fucking fandom.

Anonymous 7811


This is like my existence if i end up going to hell. except i would have self awareness of what i was doing but wouldn't be able to stop myself.

Anonymous 7812

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Lukai have either gotten better at faking it or have genuinely made up and bettered their relationship. their body language didn't look like they wanted to lowkey kill each other this vlive. Lucas was speaking and although Kai looked like he fucking didn't want to be there he tried his best. There is hope for super m yet everyone!

Anonymous 7813

the miracle of angles. we all know he doens't look like that.

Anonymous 7814

Screen Shot 2020-0…

lukai being bffs

Anonymous 7815

Screen Shot 2020-0…

bffs for life

Anonymous 7816

this exactly, i hate when fans cherrypick idol comments and completely ignore other ones

these idols are all hyperaware of their body images, and yes, the dysmorphia is probably rampant and toxic as hell, but sayings like "omg they need to stop calling each other fat/dark" but also completely ignoring the fact that shows and companies continously do events where members literally rank each other's looks, and create entire nicknames/personas around weird ass beauty standards like head size is just hypocritical

the kpop industry is just as fucked as every other entertainment industry out there, i hate how these stupid fans keep trying to push this PC/woke agenda and start arguments over this while simultaneously consuming that exact problematic content

Anonymous 7818

>muh culture
Except only people in nct/wayv are backwards enough to still do that. Jin calling Jimin a pig happened ages ago and he got a ton of backlash, Lucas sure is but the rest aren't dumb enough to not know that calling somebody fat is bad.
>everyone in super m has or have had eating disorders/body image issues.
And yet they're able to hold their tongues when it comes to the others bodies.

Nctfags have turned into the new ratmies, Lucas does shit and they trend b-but he faces racism, he's a good boy, the actual victim! Why is it so difficult to admit that he's dumb and a cunt? You only fap to him because you like his looks anyway, no need for a nice personality.

Anonymous 7820


I searched for “lucas fatphobic” on Twitter and this is one of the first things that came up lol

Anonymous 7821

Yeah idols used to do it all the time tho but i guess they've stopped it bc of sensitive i-fans. I always thought it was weird that jin got so much hate for that when everyone in bts had called jimin fat.

Anonymous 7822

people who cry about fatphobia are retarded lmfao

Anonymous 7823

i dont think either poster was defending lucas, i think he's a dumb cunt who acts like a frat boy

i was just pointing out that idols call each other stupid shit and do weird things like rank looks etc. BTS is not immune to that, they literally go on shows and rank each other by attractiveness. This isn't really to their fault as it's obvious it's a game scheduled by whatever show they participate in, i was just pointing out how fucked up the industry was as a whole

its just stupid to cry over shit like fatphobia bc it makes the western/international pig fans feel better about themselves but blatantly ignore all the other bullshit these idols say and do

Anonymous 7824

has anyone listened to the new straykids song?

i feel its ok, same "noisy" vibe as all of their other songs, but im not a huge fan

Anonymous 7825

I'm old-fashioned and don't like songs you can't hum.

Anonymous 7826


no doubt lucas and most idols prolly hate fat and ugly people. if i had to starve myself everyday and get all sorts of injections on my face for my job seeing gross ppl would lowkey offend me.

Anonymous 7827


>Why is it so difficult to admit that he's dumb and a cunt? You only fap to him because you like his looks anyway, no need for a nice personality.

damn if ur gonna get this triggered i suggest a new hobby. its truly not that deep.

Anonymous 7828

she's based, lucas is stupid as shit

Anonymous 7829

exactly…i think the good majority of nctfans, rabid or otherwise all acknowledge the dude's an idiot with a jock image but i honestly dont get the virulent hatred

it honestly just seems like one anon who is always getting ridiculously triggered whenever nct is brought up

wdym anon you can definitely hum stray kids songs if you also enjoy asphyxiating kek

Anonymous 7830


The song seems fun and the dance looks cool, but it's like 3 different songs in one? Its my first time checking out stray kids and idk something about them freaks me out? maybe its the styling or that like all the members seem to have a deep ass voice

Anonymous 7831

i think that honestly sums up stray kids super well, all of their songs feel like three different songs mushed into one

i think they try for the "hard/different" vibe and it sometimes comes off super awkward

honestly they stopped doing it, but they used to force the aussie accent into every single one of their songs and it was so obnoxious because no actual aussie actually talks like that

Anonymous 7832

I'm that lone anon posting about sulli but idt anyone cares. anyway i just want to say what a tragic ass life. her case turned out to be like the classic stage parent child star hollywood story.

im a nctdream fan and yeah like three members were child stars since they were like 5 yrs old and they all debuted at like 14. the next generation of fucked up idol will most likely come from them. now thinking about it Mark came to korea at just 12 years old by himself and entered SM. I feel like i could never just let my child go to a foreign country at 12 to be taken by some company. sulli's mom did the same basically and left her at sm at 11 years old.

Anonymous 7834

I like it, but my music taste is utter trash so don't trust me on this. The choreo is pretty cool too.
Anyways, is it me or is the "badass" noise music trend slowly replacing the flower boy trend ?

Anonymous 7835

probably, similar to how the current flavor of the month is the "girl crush" concept

Anonymous 7838


Lmao who would you vote for?

Anonymous 7840

no one care about ur stupid polls anon

Anonymous 7841

on the one hand you have people like sulli who were clearly fucked up by debuting so young but on the other hand you have people like boa and taemin who seem to be some of the most stable idols in SM despite debuting at 13/14 so I don't think it's that easy to predict

Anonymous 7842

might be a grower but the chorus sounds a little half-assed? unfinished? I dunno it had potentional but I wanted something a little more

Anonymous 7844

Uhhh I like BTS but ratmies are at their peak of trashiness so feel free to see yourself out
Also Namjoon is a fucking narc and sucks Bang Sihyuk balls

Anonymous 7845

i do agree it sounds messy and unfinished at parts…plus the intro reminds me of a disney villain music piece? it's hard to explain

i dont think its god awful (looking at you, ice cream) but i definitely think god's menu was better, as weird as the lyrics were

Anonymous 7846

>Jin calling Jimin a pig happened ages ago and he got a ton of backlash
Did he though?? Like Ratmon calling Jhope and V dark as the night it's just an incident swept under the rug and most fans wouldn't even know about it. They stopped saying this stupid ass shit because somebody was smart enough to media train them properly to fit Western standards of PC.

Anonymous 7847


Guys on the right’s face is so botched yikes

Anonymous 7848


Anonymous 7849

lol seonghwa is truly the most uncanny of all the ateezes. I wonder what ps he got specifically or if always looked so unfortunate

Anonymous 7851


ah i forgot how toxic exo-ls were
kind of glad lucas is finally getting shit handed to him for being a fucking ass but goddamn this is army-territory of batshit, but i think a lot of us forget exo-ls were the ratmys before ratmys existed

idno why sm keeps trying to make superm work when they obviously dont get along, even on camera kek

Anonymous 7852

he looks fine to me except the ugly ass chin implant that he didn't need at all. most busted is definitely yeosang he looks like a bug, could definitely fit in with txt's uncanny valley visuals

Anonymous 7853

Absolute Knetz-tier post.

>get PS

"He looks uncanny / he looks like a plastic fag / he looks fake as fuck."
>don't get PS
"He looks so unfortunate / he should fix his face / he's ugly."

Anonymous 7854

I used to be an army in early 2014 till 2016. I fell out of interest with kpop but years later I came across their newer stuff and went back to the older comebacks I had missed to find that their music has subsequently been garbage for years. They all look uncanny compared to how they looked back when I was a fan–esp Jimin who I still can't pinpoint what exactly what's been done to his face. Video attached is him back in 2014 so imagine my shock to see him in 2017; he wasn't my favorite of the group but he was actually kind of cute tanner and more muscular. Now he looks like a literal woman and is yet deemed a 'visual'. Present day Armys are by far worse than the group but that can be said for most kpop groups imo. Vocal kpop fans are absolute freaks.
You're going to find that this thread is full of Nct fags who are Ratmy haters out of jealousy. Nct is definitely even worse than BTS with all of the money that's backing them. But they aren't successful because their giant ass group just throws in any kid including trainees that didn't make the Exo lineup, rich kids who bought a debut, and the few and far between good looking ones (relative to the group members kek) that are also short and misogynistic. Nct's lack of success is extremely pathetic considering no one gives a shit about them in Korea despite them coming from SM which guarantees instant popularity.
I'm just holding out hope that Nct is Super Junior and we're getting a Shinee/Exo with the new boy group that's debuting in 2020/2021, that is if SM calls it a day with Neo Cultural Sunk Cost Fallacy instead of making yet another Nct sub group in 2021.

Anonymous 7855

Nah not all PS makes one look uncanny see Irene and Yoona. Try harder Seonghwafag

Anonymous 7856

Kek they're not wrong with Nct being a flop in comparison to Exo. Still not as bad as Lisa's crazed fans threatening to kill Lorry Hill on each of her instagram posts because of a youtube video.
Anyway to the Exo-Ls in here, which fourth gen groups do you like?

Anonymous 7857

>and the few and far between good looking ones (relative to the group members kek) that are also short and misogynistic.
Who? Aside from Jaemin that is

Anonymous 7859

None all suck
Companies dont care about vocals anymore and much less about visuals… we just have an army (no pun intended) of uggos who can "idol dance" in synch tops
4th gen is a talent hole that will fade with BTS decline

Anonymous 7861

casual exo-l here, maybe its bc im older now and kpop didnt have the appeal that it did when i was in high school and exo was the big "thing", but it feels like none of the 4th generation groups have that kpop spark that previous generations did, they all feel so souless and manufactured even tho gen 3 was as well

honestly my ultimate group is BTOB, im eagerly awaiting them to all come back from the army, but none of the 4th gen groups do it for me

pretty sure jungwoo's also rumored to be a bit of a misogynist, and there was shit floating around about jeno being xenophobic by the way he treats the chinese members + wayv members, but that might just be salty chinese/wayv fans seeing shit where there isnt

honestly the group is a bunch of spoiled brats who paid their way into the industry and are honestly flops despite how hard SM is pushing them

this is what i hate about fucking ratmy fans, not all the criticism directed towards BTS is because of "jealousy", a lot of the discussion on here revolves around rightly deserved criticism of how fucking hypocritical BTS is as whole and how their delusional fans will shield and make excuses for every single fucking thing their oppas make

NCT is a floppy piece of garbage, sure, but you cant just brush off criticism and deem it "jealousy" because you cant admit that BTS is stupid problematic as hell and put themselves on some woke agenda pedestal just because their singing monkey routine is slightly more known than the rest of the singing monkeys

Anonymous 7863

>pretty sure jungwoo's also rumored to be a bit of a misogynist
Idk how accurate this is but there were a couple instances where jw made some sexist comments during fansigns (something about cooking and cleaning and you should get married before you get too old)

Anonymous 7864

the best part is fans think this misogynistic commentary is "cute" and "protective"

V is pretty known for making comments about women's clothing being too low etc. but ratmy fans always defend it as "aw he's looking out for her what a gentleman", not to mention he literally was yanking on some girl's hair at a fansign and another member stopped him, and then the GIRL came out to defend him and say he was joking

idno honestly, i get there's a line for "flirty joking" but you should not be yanking on the hair of someone you literally do not know, joking or otherwise but ofc bc the girl said it was ok the ratmys cleared the searches and continued to make him out as some uwu sensitive soul

jungwoo is too much of a nugu for people to even give a shit about his misogyny and potential association to ilbe/far-right usage, so he'll fly under the radar as all flops do until he pisses off his only saesang and they leak everything

Anonymous 7865


>is a multimillionaire
>lets his older brother go bankrupt because their restaurant business failed

Kek BTS jin getting flak on Twitter because the restaurant he co-owned with his brother is doing bad and he casually mentioned that his brother had to sell his car to save business
Also his brother had a huge wedding last month so I guess they're not really financially smart kek

TT related:

Anonymous 7866


man imagine having a literal millionare brother, and he won't even help you out so you don't have to sell your car and then he fucking dishes about it on national TV for uwu sympathy points

i understand theres probably a dynamic there of the older sibling being too proud to ask for help, and perhaps jin did offer to lend/bail him out, but airing the dirty laundry on national TV for some "sympathy points" seems so tone deaf

i cant wonder how his brother feels, being down on his luck (restaurants got hit hard during covid) and then having ur rich ass brother talk about it to millions of people as a way to make them feel bad for HIM and his feelings

Anonymous 7867


look at these fucking responses too, a bunch of fans defending him "oh he mustve offered support our seokjin sooooo sweet" and his brother "must be so embarassed"

if true, wouldnt his brother be even more embarrassed that his younger, more successful brother basically outed his business failure to the general public…?

Anonymous 7868

>I'm just holding out hope that Nct is Super Junior and we're getting a Shinee/Exo with the new boy group that's debuting in 2020/2021, that is if SM calls it a day with Neo Cultural Sunk Cost Fallacy instead of making yet another Nct sub group in 2021.

i honestly hope that sm would debut a girl group next year. fans have been begging for years

Anonymous 7869

i thought they announced that they were going to this year, third quarter? but still no news about it so wouldnt be surprised if it got delayed again

Anonymous 7870

Doesn't contradict what you originally said: Damned if an idol gets shitty PS, damned if they don't and look naturally unfortunate.

Anonymous 7871

Screen Shot 2020-0…

If Johnnyboy got the haircut on the top right he would actually look way better

Anonymous 7872


ngl that top right picture reminds me of 90s taiwanese a la F4/boys over flowers…maybe it's the hair

johnny will always remind me of this emo dr seuss character though, it's all i can see

Anonymous 7874

what i'm bewidered by is how there is like no dating rumors about bts. Like they are the richest idols out there I'm sure women are throwing themselves at them? I'm sure even top actresses would be interested in them at this point of their fame.

Anonymous 7875

They pay Dispatch hush money + are currently "nations pride" and connected with the sitting President so big media is willingly shielding them

Anonymous 7877


Tragic. I really wonder who is dating Jimin, like who would… you know

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