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Podcast General Anonymous 731

What are you listening to right now, miners?

Anonymous 733


The Adventure Zone

Anonymous 735

up yours, downstairs

Anonymous 738

Any recs for good horror and/or crime oriented podcasts?

I'm really interested in the topic of horror and similar themes, but most podcasts i've tried always went into long boring tangents of non-related stuff for 80% of the podcast and i ended up dropping them because of it.

Anonymous 739

Knifepoint horror

Anonymous 740

Casefile is excellent, I try to listen to a couple of their podcasts every week.
Very engaging and superbly presented. The narration is conducted in a way that it'll build up something that seems fairly loose and almost tedious, and will then drop a load of information on you out of nowhere that will have you gripping your seat.


Anonymous 744

Is TAZ actually good? The only thing I ever hear about it is when tumblr spergs like "OOHHHHHH THEY WERE TRANS/GAY/NONBINARY OHHHHHHHHH" so I can't tell if it's an actual good podcast or if it's just pandery?

Anonymous 745


I've enjoyed so far. It takes a while to get on track and for them to find their pace imho (like 4th episode or something like that), but I think there are some parts that are pretty funny. Also I love how they play with their dad, it's such a cute bond.
Still yet to come across trans characters and the like lol

Anonymous 807


can't recommend rabbits and their other podcasts enough. they're all rehashing the same format, but have all got excellent writing and acting.

Anonymous 808

the nosleep podcast is a collection of the best of r/nosleep read/acted out loud, very professionally. sometimes they have featured horror authors too.

crime-wise, i'm listening to the grift, a true-stories based show. it's in the style of interviews, and the author i think interviewed all these people for real, but i doubt the ones we're hearing are the original ones.

Anonymous 809

it's pretty good, the first act is mostly jokes and is really funny if you're into that kind of humour.

it doesn't feel pandery, except in the "making jokes to keep the audience entertained" sense. which makes sense, because they're entertainers first, not players/writers/actors. the trans character is mentioned like once or twice iirc in the terms of "yeah this character is trans". all in all, i don't think it's pandery? tumblr just blows everything out of proportion and overfixates on that shit.

Anonymous 948


"Criminal" and "Australian True Crime With Meshel Laurie and Emily Webb" are entertaining and easy to get into. They bring in and focus on the guests for nearly all the episodes. The guests are most often victims, professionals or just people who are somehow related to the crime, and then listen to them, their experiences and thoughts on what happened. They're not exactly creepy, just insightful, peculiar and crime oriented.


For some reason I prefer podcasts hosted by women more than men, but whenever I ask for recommendations all people mention is "my favorite murder", but I just can't get past their delivery.

Anonymous 998


Any recs for history related podcasts? I've been listening to Dan Carlin's "Blue Prints for Armageddon" and really enjoying it!

Anonymous 1059


This is a podcast thingy that I like to listen to a lot. It deals a lot with sculptors and the history behind their pieces. I first learned about Harriet Hosmer here, and I've wanted to learn how to sculpt ever since.
If anyone has any food history podcasts though, I'd be glad to listen!

Anonymous 1099

I really enjoy the weirder episodes of What You Missed In History Class, but I'm no history buff so as far as I know it could be more basic than informative if you already know a fair bit of history.

Anonymous 1103

Astonishing Legends is cool.
Lore is pretty good too but it's very… Gothic. I don't exactly know how to describe it. Sometimes I take a break and don't listen for a couple months just because of the heavy atmosphere.

Anonymous 1129


Thank you! I can't choose which one to listen to! Also love how its hosted by two women (seems as though majority of podcasts are male based, so its a breath of fresh air)

This looks very interesting, definitely gonna check this out!

Also does anyone here listen to "Last Podcast on the Left"? I've been listening to their Dahmer and Columbine episodes at work and find them pretty enjoyable (though the hosts can be annoying at times).

Pic unrelated

Anonymous 1132

I listen to Last Podcast pretty often. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea and the guys can be a bit over the top at times but overall I like it.

Anonymous 1260


I really enjoy the Love, Alexi podcast by Alexi Wasser.

When I first encountered her content she just seemed like this totally ditzy/dumb valley girl, but as I became more familiar with her I realized that she's actually very thoughtful and emotionallty intelligent.

Her newer work is mostly interviews with actors and various personalities but she used to do a call in advice show which was personal and sweet.

Anonymous 1283

true crime garage is two guys, i really enjoy them check em out if you want

Anonymous 1339

Just listened to them for 5 minutes and so far they seem really chill. The vocal fry is a bit irksome, but oh well, I'll live.

Will definitely visit their site again and listen to at least 2 of their episodes to see if I really enjoy their content and delivery.

Anonymous 1351


Currently obsessed with this because I'm trash

Anonymous 1361

I'm in love with Marcus Parks.

Anonymous 1366

What is this about?

Anonymous 1960


The Fatherland
Helicopter Moms
The Art of Wrestling
Latino USA
I like Backstory it can get a little pozzed like most NPR stuff sometimes but most shows are chill

Anonymous 1968

are there any art related podcasts out there that you recommend? I'm new to this whole podcast thing.

Anonymous 1984

All The Fixins
It's defiantly not for everyone but I enjoy. It's one of the few podcasts I actively listen to and keep up with. It originally started off as a podcast about Survivor but even if you don't watch Survivor you can still listen to it.

Anonymous 19673

red scare podcast

Anonymous 19674

I don't know how you can handle the vocal fry and the fake intellectualism on that podcast. They're insufferable.

Anonymous 19675

It was truly something else, Corinne is an addictive and weird personality. The COVID hiatus got me out of the Survivor fandom, used to listen to RHAP but haven't in a couple years.

Anonymous 19679

you're listening… ironically, right?

Anonymous 23629

I like pods where it's basically just women talking about a topic, mainly because I have very few female friends IRL and it makes me feel less alone.

Some of the ones I listen to:
>Teatime (part of Ringer Dish, focused on pop culture)
>Decoder Ring (focued on random topics, mostly pop culture-y)
>Ologies (Host interviews someone involved with the "ology" of the episode)
>Office Ladies (someting about their tones are very soothing and it just feels like two good friends talking to you about their jobs. I know, "The Office is cringe," etc. A lot of folks don't like them but I'm including it anyway)

Anyone have any other favorite women-hosted podcasts?

Anonymous 23640

I like improv comedy podcasts like Comedy Bang Bang. Comedians come on the show in character and just improv with each other for about an hour. Fun, chaotic.

Anonymous 23643

My favorite podcasts are Lexicon Valley (mostly linguistics, but the host is autistically into musicals) and Philosophize This (history of philosophy).

I like ologies but it always makes me fall asleep. Some female hosted podcasts I've liked are
>Let's Talk About Sects (cults)
>Gastropod (history and science of food)
>You Must Remember This (history of hollywood)
>You're Wrong About (talks about events in pop culture that are widely misunderstood/misremembered, used to be cohosted with a scrote but he was reasonably tolerable)

Anonymous 23654

I have long shifts at work so I have a lot of podcasts that I cycle through, some of my favorite timewasters are
You're Wrong About, Underunderstood, History of Philosophy With no Gaps, Iron Dice, Scamwow, Red Scare, [spoiler]Cumtown, [spoiler]Chapo[/spoiler][/spoiler]

Anonymous 23668

Yeah I definitely do Ologies in small doses because sometimes it's a little dull

Thanks for the recs, I'm interested in all of them and will check em out

Underunderstood looks fun and so does Scamwow. Definitely will give em a listen. Is chapo actually any good?

Anonymous 23937


sweet release podcast
i really dig this kind of spiritual type of podcasts, wish i could find more like that because they haven't been posting much lately

Anonymous 23958

I have a few that I mostly listen while mindlessly building in the sims or working.

Small town murder : two comedians who talk about murder sin small af town, it last around 2 to 2h30 usually

Song vs song : like said in the title, it's just 2 person (youtuber toddInTheShadows and his friend lina) comparing two songs. It's around 1h

MusicalSplainin : it's Lindsay Ellis talking about musical to a friend of her that doesn't like it. They first talk about it then watch it and in the second part, they talk about it.

Giga Musik : french podcast about musics that are so bad they're good

I also used to follow quite heavily the starkid show/podcast wayward guide for the untrained eyes but I dropped at one point. It's not bad, I just kinda dropped it.

I know it's not a podcast but the Sandman serie by audible is amazing. I loved the comic and the way they adapted it is so good.

Anonymous 23968

I don’t know if miners would like it much, but my favorite podcast ever is SleepyCast.

Anonymous 23977

Give historical podcasts recommendations please. All I have so far is dark histories. I like formal presentations and not a two-person conversation style podcast type

Anonymous 23981

I found an amazing one on youtube:
There are both audio and visual versions. I love the visual versions and can watch for hours, they just give a feel and set the vibe for what he's talking about though and listening is enough.

Anonymous 23982

Oh! looks interesting. Thanks so much!

Anonymous 23986

I can vouch for >>23981, it's really good

I also recommend Historia Civilis and the Revolutions podcast on the Khwarezmid youtube channel

Anonymous 24033

Here is one I found by accident, Something Criminal:
Youtube recommends me a lot of crime channels but they never recommended me this one, it's really good though and should have more viewers. He pays a lot of attention to the victims and it can get really sad

Anonymous 24083

Mac Miller Tiny Desk Concert.

Anonymous 24090


Im loving that they have a podcast, it brings me so much joy
(not loving that they dont agree with ywnbaw)

Anonymous 24118

Ironically cumtown

Anonymous 24135


I am currently listening to The Tammy Bruce Show on Locals.

For those who don’t know about Tammy Bruce—she is a pro-choice, pro-gun, conservative radical feminist lesbian that used to be a Far Left activist. She has written three books wherein she predicted the rise of the New Thought Police and the “woke Left” nearly 20 years ago. She was President of the National Organization for Women in LA in the 90s and got her own radio show shortly after getting cancelled by NOW for not being woke enough. She has a fun sense of humor, insightful commentary and is mostly high-IQ (minus her occasional Trump simping.)

If you’re into political talk radio, I recommend her show


Anonymous 24136

Gay Adam is pretending to be a woman again I see

Anonymous 24144

Watching this and I thought of you miners

Anonymous 24148

>they dont agree with ywnbaw

Anonymous 24169

Joe Rogan (but I'd never ever tell anyone in real life). Looked into it when he was accused of being transphobic, found myself wholly entertained.

Anonymous 24171

Joe Rogan Trans take about Fallon Fox is based and wise. And his advice about getting into MMA, Muay Thai, Judo, Jiu Jitsu is right too.

Anonymous 24172

Anonymous 24426

black adam.jpg

You already know

Anonymous 24431

the drive by peter attia. The episodes on sleep and also the one where he interviews kyle disseroth are p good.

Anonymous 24649

Bumping this as I need more podcasts in my life.

The story must be told - a big favorite of mine

The lolita Podcast - a really good coverage of the book and how moids ruined it, I really loved this series

Anonymous 25008

I urge anyone reading this to watch the Tiger Belly podcast by Bobby Lee with his girlfriend Khalyla, if you don't already. I've never been a podcast kind of girl but these people are preciously authentic, in touch with their emotions and hilarious. Love them both a lot. Can't even explain how chaotic and honest they are, especially Bobby. Pure, raw chaos.

Anonymous 25291

I don't like it when they talk in a low le creepy voice because it kinda blends in with my air conditioner.

Anonymous 27165

My favorite is this small one called Shreddit
A bunch of cute boys making fun of redditors it's great

Anonymous 28384


I’m dropping this here because I think a lot of s might actually like it, I like the podcast’s subreddit as well. I wish they were around before 2020
Really? their subreddit is nice and funny, it has a weird mix of people but when I tired to listen to them I was really put off.

Anonymous 28725

Joe Rogan podcast: only if he has an interesting guest I want to listen to or a clip on YouTube caught my interest

Sad boys: two half black former tech bros who worked at Patreon. Mostly stories about growing up. I don't think they update anymore. One just reacts to 5 min crafts on YouTube and the other is on some DnD podcast.

Boyscast: two Canadian comedians move to New York. Mostly entertaining takes on current events.

HealthygamerGG: youngish Harvard psychiatrist talks about incels, being a loser, ADHD, productivity and then tries to convince the audience to cure all of the above with indian mysticism.

Not podcasts but Google has hour long talks with authors, actors, activists, ect on their YouTube. It's usually an hour long and good enough if you don't want to read their book but want a summary.

Anonymous 28727

i thought this was a music thread not a podcast thread but im still posting this since i went through the effort to find the link

Anonymous 30015

I like the podcast I’m So Popular about the experience of an American drag queen expat living in Japan, his love and knowledge for Japanese art and pop culture makes for a rlly enjoyable listen

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