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Kpop Thread Anonymous 8565

A thread of all of us to talk about Kpop. The good, bad and ugly.

Follow the general rules! Be critical but don't be annoying.

Anonymous 8566

Old thread reached it's post limit this is the new thread.

Anonymous 8567

If NCT is adding 2 more members then they will have 23… damn sooman is really not giving up this rotational concept idea.

Anonymous 8568

BTS released more 4 remixes of Dynamite?! So now they have fucking 10 TEN versions available of the song!!
If they become the industry joke it's deserved tbh hope they lose the tiny bit of credibility they had for the grammys.
This release just reeks of desperation and greed. People are spending thousands of dollars to keep these manlets in BB top 5 in the middle of a pandemic… gross!

Anonymous 8569


This feels gross, is there any business senses to doing this? asking cuz i have no idea.

BTS won't win a Grammy. The Grammy's anti perfect but they would lose all credibility if they won.

Actually, if they did win BTS would gain so many haters, honestly I'm down for the drama. BTS is only tolerated by the American music industry right now, if they win a Grammy people are going to turn against them really quick .

Anonymous 8570

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Apparently, these are the two new members. One on the right could have been kept in the basement tbh. Does NCT need one more mallet?? I think not.

Anonymous 8571

>NCT has 2 top 10 hits on Gaon and 127 has a million selling album that charted on the top 10 of Billboard 200.
If you told someone this a year or two ago they wouldn't believe you, it's amazing how much NCT has grown recently

Anonymous 8572

The business sense is sale. For each new released version fans can buy around 20 more copies that would count for chart purposes. So by constantly pumping remixes fans will be constantly buying. Especially those absurd funds accounts that exist just so people around the world can donate money for them to chart in the US.
If they win a Grammy they're probably getting exempt. President Moon is thirsty for publicity and up in their arses.

Pygmy with a gigantic head…. why is SM giving spotlight to so manu unfortunate looking trainess. It takes value away from their brand.

Anonymous 8573

> SM giving spotlight to so manu unfortunate looking trainess. It takes value away from their brand.

SM has been declining. Two prominent suicides, horrible money distribution and too many lawsuits. There were so many rumors that that their trainee talent pool is severely lacking especially their female trainees. I can see how people would want to join other companies instead.

Anonymous 8574

Is this from today? Who are these kids?

Anonymous 8575


I think this was from when lucas/jungwoo was introduced. They could have changed the lineup, which would suck for these kids but SM has changed lineup and plans for NCT dozens of times now.

the attached pic is from a long time ago about what supposed members were supposed to be what units.

Anonymous 8576

Where is this from? It can't be legit lmao

Anonymous 8577

this was a rumored list before any of the units. Prolly spread by sm themselves generate interest. as you can see a lot has changed. apparently the two new faces are from this list, we will wait and see.

Anonymous 8578

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Have you heard about @uribboo on twitter. Apparently she slept with an SM trainee at da club who revealed all the details of NCT 2020 to her and now she has 19k followers on twitter and it tweeting cryptic posts about NCT gossip.

Anonymous 8579


These were her tweets months ago about nct 2020. She was basically booed off twitter and as soon as the nct 2020 news came out she made a new twitter.

I don't believe shit she's saying because
A. WtF would some trainee be telling u about nct 2020 while ur fucking like??? And sharing songs and choreography?

B. She's way too much of an attention whore

Anonymous 8580


She has predicted some things though. She tweeted this before a member of nct changed his status on the bubble ething to the same thing. I guess hinting at +2 members joining NCT.

Anonymous 8581

This is just incoherent rambling. Did she drop any actual "tea"?

Anonymous 8582

Screen Shot 2020-0…

She said the trainee she slept with looked like a mixture of TY and Jaemin.

The real tea is that she is a 24 year old woman and any NCT trainee would prolly be underage at this point.

Anonymous 8583


Anonymous 8584

Screen Shot 2020-0…

The uribboo chick is the one on the right. If she can fuck a trainee that looks like TY and JA then let me go to korea cuz my chances of fucking Chao Eunwoo at like at 90%

Anonymous 8585

This can't be real lol Maybe the username is used by two different people; this random girl and the one who claims to have slept with an SM trainee.

Anonymous 8586

It's her her name is Kenzie
her insta where she shops her pics and looks slightly better


Anonymous 8589



Anonymous 8590

God I would love to see Yuta fuck off to some japanese concept group so I don't have to see him in 127 anymore

Anonymous 8591

Yeah, but how much money did they have to pump into them already for this tiny bit of mediocre success? Judging by input vs outcome they should have given up on them a long time ago.

Anonymous 8592

Why? What’s so bad about him? I don’t know much about the nct members

Anonymous 8593

hes ugly and awkward. I just don't want to see his botched face.

Anonymous 8595


It's because nowadays kpop companies are overrun by rich spoiled kids, who've been told they're amazing and the most beautiful since birth, so poor/normal kids who are actually talented and hungry for success don't even have a chance anymore since they don't have daddy's purse backing them up.

I was also surprised by Jaejoong's ex, these bitches are simply starving for any female attention. Or maybe he hasn't gotten his Dr Kim makeover yet and her and him actually looksmatch kek

That's quite the number of likes for a hate comment against an idol? Is this still because of his sexist yt friend?

Anonymous 8596



why do u use incel language? gross. Anyway not everyone is obsessed with looks. Korea is filled with average and ugly people who all date, fuck and marry.

pic is the girl Lucas used to apparently date

Anonymous 8600

she looks like his sister

Anonymous 8601


Why are ratmies so in denial about Junglebooks nosejob? They go berserk if you mention he might have done something to his face. It's honestly so pathetic. At least kpoppies usually know their oppas aren't 100% natural.

Anonymous 8602

I guess she was right lol but the two new members are named Shotaro and Sungchan? I wonder if they're going to be put into an existing unit or what.

Anonymous 8603


Because it ruins the accessible boyfriend fantasy.

Most of BTS has gotten major ps by now, but imagining them going to their monthly filler appointments so they look younger/better reminds ppl that they are celebrities concerned with their image after all.

Anonymous 8604

Screen Shot 2020-0…

confirmed. apparently she has tea on how SM trainees fuck and who the are dating I hope she's a major attention whore and spills!

Anonymous 8605


I guess this is Shotaro? He does look like TY right? He must have been her hookup

Anonymous 8606


WTF is SM doing? nct was just starting to do well.

I hope these members fuck off with Yuta to the new Japanese unit or something. Adding them to 127 just doesn't make sense and fans of WayV and Dream will freak out if they are added to their groups.

Anonymous 8607

>I hope these members fuck off with Yuta to the new Japanese unit or something
Only one of them is japanese so what are you on about?

Anonymous 8608


Theres bound to be some korean/Chinese members in the Japanese group. Also after Lucas/Kun/Jungwoo were added in NCT and participated in the collective 2018 unit a while later WayV was formed with three new members. So basically they are adding these two to gain them fans while promoting NCT 2020 and later on they will most likely form a new group focused on japan

Anonymous 8609

he looks like doyoung lol

Anonymous 8610

I don't see it

Anonymous 8611


if hes the one on the left he does kind of look like doyoung

Anonymous 8612

this literally looks like the same person….

Anonymous 8613

Most nctzens have always hated him but now feel validated due to that

Anonymous 8614

Blackpink in that song association vid acted like a bunch of tryhard teenagers

Anonymous 8615

I literally thought those girls were his cousins or something they look so alike, but there was a whole twitter thread exposing her cuz she was attention whory about having dated him in the past

Anonymous 8616


another one of SM's "graphic design is my passion" masterpieces

i never found kai attractive, but these angles are really making his flat nose stand out and look worse

Anonymous 8617


nctfags finally realizing they cant defend their oppas lying about their height kek

johnny does actually seem tall though

Anonymous 8618

this is almost as good as the limitless teasers, I love SM

Anonymous 8619


Anonymous 8620


They're so ridiculous, constantly telling themselves that Johnny is lying, despite him repeatedly saying that he's only 6ft. Why would he lie about being shorter than his actual height when there are dozens of idols claiming a taller height than him and are seen as attractive? There's zero reason for him to make himself appear smaller, the rest of nct are just lying manlets.
Being above 6ft is crazy tall, you could tell by his proportions, same as it's easy to tell that the rest don't have the proportions of dudes who are 5'10, your don't look like a bobblehead when you're this tall. Just look at how small the size difference between Jaehyun's head and shoulders is, he's a less than average men and so is the rest.

I'm 5'10 and myself and all the people I know who are the same height look vastly different. It's the 5ft 13yo girls who are easily fooled into thinking their oppars are manly giants lol

Anonymous 8621

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Someone needs to feed ty one paper cut and he's done for

Anonymous 8623


proportions are SO important

Anonymous 8625

Damn anon … I mean he doesn't like fat chicks and he sold busted toy figures online. Ppl act like he's satan or something.

Anonymous 8626

Everyone knows that most idol heights are fiddled with a little by the companies but what I can't figure out is why they recruit so many manlets in the first place. Average height in korea is supposedly like 5'8, it shouldn't be that hard to recruit attractive people who are slightly taller than average.

Anonymous 8627


Haechan is getting thicc and there is one less manlet in nct now

Anonymous 8628

He just has very satanic vibes, I don't like him either

Anonymous 8629


I may be lynched for this on here but there is something very hot about him. I've been following superm He isn't my fave or anything but most of the time he has this dgaf vibe like nothing fazes him or can touch him. like he's detached or something.

its hot. sorry but all of super m is so tense its a nice contrast.

Anonymous 8630


Anonymous 8632

any thoughts on next month's bloodbath?

if twice and bp do at least decently in digitals & they cb on the same week, I don't think svt's going to fare well

Anonymous 8635

Oh i wanna see blonks and nonces fight each other

Anonymous 8640

get out

Anonymous 8641

BamBam is such a bad stage name, I really cannot understand why they went with it, even if he was the hottest man on earth, the name BamBam would negate his hotness to nothing.

Anonymous 8642

it's his real name dude

Anonymous 8644

Ew you really just made me see Eunhyuk without warning me first

Anonymous 8645

His mom picked it for him cause she wanted him to be strong like bambam in the flintstones lol

Anonymous 8646

It didn't reach autosage, the admin put it on autosage.

Anonymous 8647

Eh, imo there are worse looking members who are less talented. How is he awkward though?

Anonymous 8648

Everglows new song is a bop.

And I think I have a crush on Aisha

Anonymous 8649


"Peak comedy"

Anonymous 8650

Really don't like the jarring 'turn it up loud' rap bit but I liked the chorus way more than I was expecting.

MV reminds me of DC's Boca at times, but the extra Sin City influenced stuff just makes me wonder what Frank Miller would think of kpop lmao

Anonymous 8651

i really REALLY wanted weishenies to be less retarded than nctzens but they do come from the same fucking family

Anonymous 8652

Yeesh, like idol like fans ig. They're all so fucking cringe

Anonymous 8653

as if there's a single fandom that isn't retarded

Anonymous 8654

you're right but i just wanted the first pseudo cpop kpoppies to be a little less braindead
it's the elitism speaking out of me, yes

Anonymous 8655


>he has this dgaf vibe like nothing fazes him or can touch him. like he's detached or something.
Are you sure about that?

Anonymous 8656


Anonymous 8657

cpop fans are if anything more retarded than kpop fans so i don't know what you were expecting

Anonymous 8658

Especially, isn't Yangyang still a teen? And he lived in Europe for some time? One would think he knows how to be somewhat funny/cool/or at least like a normal young person naturally, yet he comes across like an embarrassing dad.

Anonymous 8659

Anon, the average nct fangirl weighs thrice as much as him, he looks scared because he really is in danger.

Anonymous 8660

exactly, what is the point of lying…if anything him actually being 6'3" or whatever nctfags claim him to be would make the jaehyun 5'10" more believable kek

i wonder how tall these guys actually are….especially the shorter ones since they are considerably smaller than the "tall" ones like jaehyun

Anonymous 8661

The other members who were directly being the bodyguard looked unfazed so I think he's just putting up an act because for the cameras.

Anonymous 8662

What a body check lol

Anonymous 8663

this is coming from a place of genuine curiousity but i have yet to meet a cpop fan who actually acts as retarded and tryhard as kpop fans
yes we have to deal with the mdzs tards but im glad shit like streaming parties arent a thing for us

Anonymous 8664


Camilla is 5'2

Anonymous 8665

Screenshot (259).p…

Is there a way to check if this is true? If yes, they're even more pathetic than I thought, their number of followers and soles are already so embarrassingly low for a country of over a billion but if most of those accounts are Muricans or SEAs that would mean that their situation in China is even worse.

Anonymous 8666


Anonymous 8667

I think anon meant actual chinese fans (who definitely can be crazy) not the few western fans of cpop.

Anonymous 8668

apparently choa is back, i couldn't even recognize her without the aoa glam styling

Anonymous 8669

yeah my experience is mainly with actual chinese fans, I don't think there are enough westerners who listen to cpop for the fandom to develop that level of retardation

Anonymous 8670

so if you give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she's wearing 3 inch heels, she's still 5'5" and slouching in the picture, which puts taeil and taeyong at around the same height if not 5'6" tops

if johnny is actually 6' then that makes the rest of them shorter by roughly 2 inches than listed height which seems about right

these foreign non korean press pictures really make them all look scuffed as hell though, yikes

Anonymous 8671

see thats what i meant chinese fans are batshit fucking insane but i was talking about fans of cpop music

Anonymous 8672

actual chinese fans are batshit insane, some of the most notorious saesangs are chinese transplants, mainly rich kids whose parents just let them wreck havoc in korea on their dime because it's easier than parenting

cpop doesnt really have many non-chinese fans since cpop is really not that big outside of china, and non chinese speakers rarely will explore cpop in a way similar to kpop

i speak both chinese and korean, and do have friends in korea who mention that chinese saesang/rabid chinese fans are insane both in hysteria and buying power

there's a reason SM and every other company is trying to break into the chinese market, it's because the money there is insane, and whoever manages to get a domestic group to stick first will be rolling in CF money

Anonymous 8674

Tayong doesn't even reach the height of a 5'5 car

Anonymous 8675

This is so good I wasn't really expecting it

Anonymous 8679


neanderthal prince charming

Anonymous 8680

>those bunny lines
His face is so jacked up with fillers

Anonymous 8681

wow this reminds me of like gen 2 girl group music, i actually dig this a lot over the teenybopper cheerleader music that twice comes out with

is everglow anywhere near known in korea?

Anonymous 8683

nct jaehyun

Anonymous 8684


Fans are literally brain dead to the point where anything their fave does is amplified 10xxxx

Peep this gif of TY "checking a girl out" fans are freaking out about. UM he looks nervous and he's looking at the boxes for like half a second?? I swear something about kpop makes people lose all damn common sense.

Anonymous 8685


I wanna get yalls opinion does anyone else think Boa and TY at least fucked once? Like fans always brush away their relationship as mom and son but… Boa is only 33 years old and TY is a 25 yr old man. She could be his sponsor tbh since he's SM fave.

He has also continuously said he likes a woman who leads him hinting at liking older women.

Anonymous 8686

I'd like to think Boa has a little more sense than that. I could see taeyong having a thing for her though.

Anonymous 8687


It took me a while to read that because of the second hand embarrassment. I wonder if a manager was monitoring as they wrote that dumb kindergarten ass shit

the pic attached is how I imagine YY actually talking he's peak fuckboi

Anonymous 8688

to be honest if i was like boa (hot older woman in an industry with a bunch of retarded young men) i would totally do that. granted, shes single.

Anonymous 8689

People give Boa the benefit of the doubt because she's a woman but she's been in the industry forever and she has power. She could be the same as her male peers like Leetuk and Eunhyuk

Anonymous 8690

I used to wonder how on earth idols wore insoles an thought that they couldn't wear them in athletic shoes but now they have these advanced ass insoles

Anonymous 8691

Screen Shot 2020-0…

same anon but you can even wear them with socks????

Anonymous 8692


It would explain this picture that mindfucked me for a while. I guess you can even play sports in them/dance

Anonymous 8693

that looks extremely uncomfortable…imagine exercising in those and having sweat pool all over those inserts…so gross

Anonymous 8694


i saw this and was shocked….i always thought she was pretty but on vlive she looks horrible

Anonymous 8695


Do fillers actually cause that? I'd assume if he got fillers he wouldn't have any lines.

Anonymous 8696

fillers will move as they dissolve and settle into natural muscle lines as well as cause the bloated look, both of which he seems to be exhibiting which is scary considering he's not even 25 yet

this is also probably why newer gen idols look so much more ragged than their earlier counterparts, i feel like the use of fillers didn't really kick off until recently, and they're a quick fix that doesnt require recovery time

Anonymous 8697

Look closely, he doesn't have lines in the traditional sense there you age and your skin loses elasticity and therefore creates wrinkles, it just looks as if the tissue underneath his skin is shifting in odd, unnatural ways. Like nasolabial folds or dimples are normal, but what are always other things on his cheek and nose? That's just not how facial muscles work.

Anonymous 8698

not to mention his skin looks lumpy and uneven, which is a clear sign of fillers under the skin that have shifted

honestly this is just kind of sad, the dude is going to look absolutely horrible in a few years and he probably isnt going to stop, so it'll just be exponentially worse once he hits 30

Anonymous 8699

fat fucking heels

Anonymous 8700

NCT is weird. Almost all of 127 has evidence of having some work done but most of WayV and Dream haven't.

How does SM marketing team decide what to recommend to whom?

Anonymous 8701

r u kidding me ten's nose is 100% fake, not to mention i think there's multiple pictures of the nosejob scar from various angles

jaemin also has had a very obvious nose job and abuses fillers like his older nct buddies, dude is going to melt if he keeps it up before long

Anonymous 8702


Anonymous 8703

they spin a wheel at random
i mean have you see any of them up close, in real life? kek

Anonymous 8705


piggybacking off this to show the picture i was talking about

the scar is so prominent, im surprised they didnt just ps it out

Anonymous 8706

Like ratmys who claim their babys are natural despite beenzino (who's much more handsome) saying that bang pd told him that he must get ps to join bts lol

Anonymous 8707

the one at the bottom of his nose wings?

Anonymous 8708


yup, right between the nostrils and under the septum theres a pretty prominent scar which is where they enter to tweak the bones

not to mention his profile is super unnatural looking and definitely not normal

Anonymous 8709


There are so many idol pics in which they didn't shoop it out, makes you wonder if it'll become a trend like those middle eastern women showing off their surgeries by wearing a bandaid for weeks lol

Anonymous 8710


Bruh I thought his nose was always like that with the bump and everything

Anonymous 8711

you can literally tell from the picture you posted the nose tip was lifted and the nose bridge was made more prominent

the guy had a nice nose to begin with, i dont know why they decided to stretch it pinocchio style

Anonymous 8712


There's a thread about this from a couple years ago (but all fans are playing oblivious). Wasn't that their debut? Really odd that they left the scars in the pictures.

Anonymous 8713


His nose looked a hundred times better before why the fuck did he do that to himself???????

Anonymous 8714


I think the number of koreans (or asians) who naturally have those slim high noses that all idols get are so low that a rhinoplasty is kind of the standard.

Anonymous 8715


Anonymous 8716


Anonymous 8717


Whatever the fuck they attempted here
(my tinfoil side still believes that this was some odd way of sm punishing him for something, no dr kim is that bad)

Anonymous 8718



Anonymous 8719


Likely several nose jobs

Anonymous 8720


Child abuse

Anonymous 8721

i always thought about this, there is no way they are allowed to do this without parental permission, are these idol parents just money/fame hungry to the point they allow these companies to cut into their kids who haven't even finished puberty?

i know the answer is yes, but that is fucking horrifying

Anonymous 8722

wasn't this one proven to be fake and only makeup/lighting?

Anonymous 8723

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Absolutely tragic. Whoever at SM convinced him of this should be fired.

Anonymous 8724

This is fake his nose hasn't changed at all since he was little.

Anonymous 8725

they just turned him into someone with fetal alcohol syndrome for no reason. his nose looked great previously

Anonymous 8726

A couple years ago I'd have said yes but nowadays I think you just have rich parents agreeing to whatever their dumb spoiled kids want. Just look how normal koreans shoop themselves, their beauty standards are simply weird, it doesn't always have to be pressure from companies.

Never heard this
His nose does look as slim as on the right nowadays, so if not at 14, he still had one when underage.

Anonymous 8727

considering he isnt even an adult yet in korea, any work has to have been signed off by his parents

honestly jisung's parents seem skeevy as fuck, hes been peddled around on tv shows and such since he was barely 5 and joined SM at like…11 so im sure theyve always wanted this for him/planned this out

no 11 year old spontaneously decides he wants to be a kpop star instead of hanging out with his friends after school

Anonymous 8728


His nose isn't that thin looks the same from when he was younger

Anonymous 8729

Oh that was 100% a punishment lol. I wonder what for though

Anonymous 8730


What do we think? His fansite pics look different but in video he looks normal.

Anonymous 8731

Same. I get Sulli vibes from Jisung, Jeno and Chenle. All of them were put in the spotlight when they were tiny and put in these talent agencies at like 11-12 it screams stage parents.

Anonymous 8732


Dear lord, I hope this is just bad fansite editing

Anonymous 8733

Tiny desk is supposed to have raw vocals and very little post production and yet… here we are

Anonymous 8734

i barely understand their english, not to mention why are they dressed like 90s cartel hitmen, it looks so odd

i do agree though, the post-production is very obvious here

i forgot about chenle…wasnt he on china's got talent at the age of like 5? ngl he seems better adjusted compared to the rest of them, for him it mightve just been a rich people hobby to let him have the spotlight that young

Anonymous 8735

Which is a load of bs. I saw screenshots of someone giving a good explanation of that situation, I’d post them but I doubt anyone here cares lol.

Anonymous 8736

honestly i have a soft spot for him, he reminds me of my younger brother and you cant help but feel bad for the fact that idol life is all he's ever known, considering he didnt even finish elementary school

plus his friendship with chenle actually seems genuine unlike the manufactured friendships SM likes to push

unfortunately the kid probably has a slew of mental issues waiting to manifest, there are very few child stars who turn out unscathed and without some kind of issue, and combined with the toxic korean societal/idol pressure it'll be a miracle if he turns out half fucked

Anonymous 8737

Most of us don't have a legit reason for hating Yuta tbh. He's just ugly and invisible. Him being all over win win and now mark just leaves a bad taste in everyones mouth.

Anonymous 8738

agreed, i dont think the great majority hates him but everyone agrees that without him nct would be no different

he is the definition of a warm body filler, but attracts zero fans and also has no talent, so no one really cares about him outside of delusional shippers who have nothing better to do than flick the bean to gay fanfic

Anonymous 8740

I don’t get where the “no talent” narrative is coming from, he’s a good dancer and has a decent voice. The problem is there are already so many members in nct like that who are more popular.

Anonymous 8741

this is exactly why nct is a flop even if they sell well
too many members eventually will make everyone bland except for members like taeyong and mark bc of all the external promo they get

Anonymous 8743

ok yutachan

Anonymous 8744


I'm just going to vent about why Dream is kind of fucked up its literally made up of child starts. If u don't want to read a big old essay just go ahead and skip this.

Anyway Chenle, Jeno and Jisung are all child stars since age 5. All of their parents scream stage parents to me even Chenles.

Haechan, Jaemin and Mark began training at 12/13 which is still really young. Their parents signed them off to SM at that age and they started living in a dorm and competing with their peers.

Jeno, Haechan Jaemin, Jisung all dropped out of school. Jisung didn't even finish middle school.

They never even went to a real school, but that SOPA school. I doubt they even talked to any of their schoolmates or learned anything.

>plus his friendship with chenle actually seems genuine unlike the manufactured friendships SM likes to push

Jisung and Jaemin have straight up said on national television that they don't have any friends besides ppl at SM so yeah prolly

Dream debut in 2016 but they were all SM Rookies before that around 2014/15. They started working/performing around 13/14.

They literally know nothing except being celebrities and they have nothing to fall back on. Ppl talk about how Mark is the perfect idol and works nonstop and always smiles, well yeah, he was literally molded to be like that by his second parent SM Entertainment.

>unfortunately the kid probably has a slew of mental issues waiting to manifest, there are very few child stars who turn out unscathed and without some kind of issue

Dream is quite successful and their fans are crazy loud for good reason. Imagine being 16 and knowing that a lot of your fans are older women 30+ and want to fuck you. Their stalkers are also older women and they have a ton of stalkers like all of NCT.

Anonymous 8745


Ppl always shit on Jaemin for being fake and putting on boyfriend act ect, but he's just been trained to do his job which is to satisfy fans fantasy. Like all idols he's probably aware that he's a piece of meat to many of them that wards off their own loneliness/boredom.

Anonymous 8746

honestly thats just sad, i also shit on him for being fake and "a doll out of the SM idol factory" but that's unfortunately not far from the truth

i can see the dream kids imploding in the next 5 or so years, i doubt it's good for their mental health to be in that idol state their whole lives

yes, theyre all insanely wealthy and successful but so was sulli, it takes one minor scandal for everything to fall to pieces

hopefully SM's learned from their two prominent tragic suicides and works to improve mental health, but its highly unlikely that they even give a shit behind the scenes

Anonymous 8747

Screen Shot 2020-0…

One of Dreams first songs when they were literal children was about having a crush on an older female teacher and trying to become "manly" for her.

Since their main fanbase is women/girls the teacher served as the self insert in this case, not the other way around.

Anonymous 8748


the entire dream concept is gross and skeevy, im honestly glad that they made it permanent because the kids are growing up and they cant pedobait them forever, but knowing how successful they were im sure SM is gearing up for a dream 2.0 unit of sorts so they can keep raking in the hag cash

i cant imagine being tailed all day by women twice your age (or stalking a fucking 14 year old for that matter), saesang fans are fucking insane

mark my words, one of these dream kids is going to implode and its honestly pretty sad

Anonymous 8749

Screen Shot 2020-0…

This is a video that Dream did and in it they make Jeno lie down and do like a point of view where he is going to bed with a noona. Literally made my skin crawl. I know he was 18/19 but image a girl being forced to do this

Dream reacted to the video and they look creeped out. SM knows this is what their fans want.


Anonymous 8750

eugh thats gross

Anonymous 8751

this is easily the best kpop release of 2020

Anonymous 8752

agreed, its honestly just catchy as hell and a throwback to the true poppy f(x) girl group music

although i doubt it'll get a ton of traction, doesnt korea mainly dismiss everglow as a "chinese" group?

also i just realized any song was released in 2020, it felt like eons ago, but i agree this is one of the best releases this year

Anonymous 8753

Meehh everglow continues to do nothing for me, idg why ifans are so up in their ass…. this one doesnt even have a noisy edm drop so go figure

Anonymous 8754


For me this year the best gg song so far is Dolphin by Oh My Girl. Although their lackluster vocals did nothing to uplift if it, the beat is good enough on its own

Anonymous 8755

I genuinely hate myself for liking him

Anonymous 8756

IU's voice improved it
It would probably have sounded great as a YooA solo, she's got a more sultry voice than the others

Anonymous 8757

>one of these dream kids is going to implode and its honestly pretty sad

Haechan kind of did a little with the sasaeng situation

Ppl clown on Haechan for possibly being in a relationship/friendship with at sasaeng, but if he was she was most likely much older than him and the fact that she videotaped their conversations to use it as blackmail is so manipulative. Like ppl assumed right away he was just a fuckboi but who knows how old he was when she recorded that?

Anonymous 8758

I mean what's to like luv? U could literally replace him with anyone else in nct. He's known for his botched chin and that's about it.

Anonymous 8759

>this one doesnt even have a noisy edm drop
that's why this song does it for me. i've never liked any of their previous songs bc they just sound the same

Anonymous 8760

Replaceable Members of NCT 127?

my take:
- Yuta
- Taeil
- Johnny ( kinda idk about this one)
- WINWIN- was literally replaced

Anonymous 8761

really? i would swap taeil and johnny, as botched and bland taeil is you have to admit he's only of the only ones who can sing

johnny on the other hand is literally only there to make everyone else look short

Anonymous 8762

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Will we finally have another fx? A gg that girls can actually like???

I hope this doesn't turn out to be another fake ass bad gal empowerment shtick.

Anonymous 8763

Taeil can sing, but there is nothing else about him that stand out. He's the typical ugly member that actually has talent. Just replace him with another ugly trainee who can reach high notes and there you have it.

Johnny is replaceable but the johnny/mark duo is a fan favorite.

Anonymous 8764

I became a nct fan late 2018 so I didn’t know about the chin thing till afterwards
> U could literally replace him with anyone else in nct.
Well there’s a ton of replaceable idols that have fans
> what’s there to like
I honestly don’t know. I guess I find him amusing

Anonymous 8765

the english lyrcis are cringy , also no one in this group can sing

Anonymous 8766

Yeah their vocals are either congested or screechy

Anonymous 8767

Replaceable NCT Dream?


Anonymous 8768

I will forever judge all of you nctdream fans, you might act like you criticise the way they're treated but the fact that you know all that stuff about them just shows that you're one of their hag fans too.

Anonymous 8769

Same. Dream fans will always disgust me

Anonymous 8771

obv we are fans but not everyone enjoys that kind of content and we don't stalk and follow them around.

also most nct dream fans are just nct fans as a whole unless I'm wrong?

Anonymous 8772

probably jaemin the most honestly, although he is their big stan attractor

im the same age as the oldest members, so it isnt weird, i just think that their situation is rather unfortunate

i used to follow them when i was in high school, but as ive gotten older it's become more and more apparently how their group is set to be doomed because of how young they are when they were shoved into the limelight

it used to be cool because it was like "wow they're my age, this is cool!" but now thinking back i was probably 15/16 watching people my age doing things they were way too young for, and now looking back i couldn't imagine even being close to that situation

ive recently gotten into older bands like btob and n.flying which makes me more comfortable. i think im over the "i want to relate to them" stage and just enjoy the music, but a lot of dream fans are problematic because they're way older and spend most of their time sexualizing these idols

Anonymous 8773

What about Jungwoo?

Anonymous 8774

imagine being so replaceable people forget you exist

yes i would say jungwoo is 100% replaceable

Anonymous 8775

What "other content" of them do you enjoy then? There's literally no reason do be a fan of little kids, no kpop group is that special that you couldn't find a replacement for them.

If you are the age of their oldest members this means that at their debut you were a 17-year-old stanning a 14-year-old. Literally what was relateble to you about this? You didn't have anything in common. I'm not saying you're a pedo but it's still weird af.

Anonymous 8776

Is he even popular? I don't get his purpose in the group. He doesn't even have one thing he excels at so he's kinda like johnny

Anonymous 8777


Jungwoo was basically replaceable until he shifted his persona to what it is now. He's a fan fave now and has crafted a really unique image.

When he first joined he was so awkward and forgettable I think he may have had a mental breakdown or something cuz he was gone for a long ass time and sm never clarified for what.

Anonymous 8778

i was born in 2000…i was like 15 or 16 when they debuted, i dont see how thats weird at all? i just found it cool that these people were my age since it never happened, i dont get why you think it's "weird af" that a 15 year old would want to see people her age on a stage

granted looking back its a naive thought to be like "oh its relatable", but i was literally a teenager and this was the first time people i was seeing on a screen were my age

Anonymous 8779

>crafted a really unique image
Really now? And what's this unique image?

>an fave now

What's the proof of this?

Anonymous 8780

his entire persona is being an uwu sperg, i guess people find that entertaining

Anonymous 8781

Well not entertaining enough to spend money on lol.
He's always one of the lowest in sales right before yuta, johnny, and taeil (in that exact order).

Anonymous 8782

Late but wtf? She looks like a 5yo while he seems to be around 16, what was he thinking?

Anonymous 8783

I discovered NCT recently in 2019 and checked out Dream. I could get their music appeal now with Boom and Ridin but I watched their MVs in order and Idk how anyone over the age 16 could be into them or even find them entertaining.

Shows like Dad Where Are We Going are popular in Korea so maybe it's a cultural thing.

Anonymous 8784


His weird ass persona. A lot of people hate it and find him creepy but at least he's noticed. nct aint that entertaining so he brings in that factor.

He has a lot of loud fans so I'm surprised he doesn't sell well.

Anonymous 8785

In China they have "mom fans" called explicitly so. Do y'all think it's possible? Like what void are these idols filling for these kind of fans?

I don't buy it, its like uncle fans. Its 100x creeper that you both want to parent and idol and also fuck them at the same time.

Anonymous 8786

she was same age tho from his school I think. according to twitter she was a lil obsessed with him. explains the 3402839048 pics they have together.

Anonymous 8787


Back to the height thing

For comparison Keke is 5'6

Anonymous 8788

Screen Shot 2020-0…


Heels tho

Anonymous 8789


>Will we finally have another fx? A gg that girls can actually like???
i hope so.
i've only seen people talk about tsuki, a current trainee of mystic story and is rumored to debut in their upcoming group. though i'm definitely going to anticipate this group along with SMNGG

Anonymous 8790

I'm all for it. RV is like fx prettier more boring sister so I just never got into their music and concepts as much. fx was so fucking fun and had actual good songs.

Anonymous 8791


Confirmed. Jaehyun has small woman hands.

Anonymous 8792

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Kfans that do this are gross, but there is something extra gross about moving to korea from a foreign country to stalk idols.

Anonymous 8793

she's cute. isn't Miyu from produce48 going to be in the group?

Anonymous 8794

this is just creepy as hell especially considering hes still in his school uniform…which means he was maybe 16 or 17 tops?

imagine being such a loser you travel all the way to korea to stalk a teenage boy

Anonymous 8795


I just got deep into twitters butthole and read about this foreign sasaeng drama. Dear lord she's a grown woman teaching children and being a kpop stalker/fansite on the side.

Anonymous 8797

That bitch is so weird. A whole 30 y/o adult making an underage idol do a sexy dance as punishment for losing a game at a fansign.. I know companies make money from sasaengs but I wish they'd find a way to blacklist them somehow

Anonymous 8798

Duh I know she’s wearing heels

Anonymous 8799


I was just going through her social media and I can't believe she's actually a 30 year old woman with a bachelors degree!! Teaching korean kids while literally stalking ATEEZ who are just like a year older than her students.

Anonymous 8800

Everyone in nct besides jisung and Lucas have small hands

Anonymous 8801

whats the drama? ateez is a nugu group so i cant imagine what the bigger groups' saesangs are like if this chick is already batshit insane

Anonymous 8802

Screen Shot 2020-0…

I can't even fathom going to a fansign at my age but to pay to meet a 20 year old idol at 30 is something else.

Anonymous 8803

besides making the underage (at the time) member do a 'sexy dance', she also has a vid of calling another member dumb iirc? And generally stalking them everywhere/making them uncomfortable at fansigns. Just your run of the mill sasaeng

Anonymous 8804


Basically she's a stalker fansite master and sexualizes the members and is prolly gross. She's also a racist and a bitch according to the her foreigner fans in korea who turned on her.

Anonymous 8805

iirc she's also yunhosbear right? Damn her rabbithole is honestly unbelievable, especially for her age. Been scrolling thru twt and Im not sure what she's done recently? Ive only seen some threads just shading her in general

Anonymous 8806

yuck…can you imagine what these dudes are thinking when they see her

they can probably spot her from a mile away too since she's white

honestly all fansite masters are saesangs or stalkers, i dont understand fans who claim only "some" are. if youre spending that much time following an idol around and taking pictures of them (often during their time off), you're a fucking creepy stalker

Anonymous 8807

But Anon!!1! What will I do without 346755 more pics of my idols!!!!11!

Anonymous 8808



Jesus she started with got7 an even managed to get her face all over youtube. Miss Caitlin Murphy if ur gonna do batshit insane things at least don't plaster your face and real name all over the fucking internet.

Anonymous 8809


god, i know. i became a fan of f(x) right before red light and i've really been unable to listen to most new gen girl groups every since they pretty much disbanded
yes, miyu is rumored to debut as well along with moon sua, the ex-trainee who was in YG for nearly a decade. but now on their IG it seems as if miyu's fans believe she's being bullied or excluded because she hasn't appeared in recent posts, when she's literally a current student at one of japan's top universities and probably has to keep up with her studies

Anonymous 8810

god she looks like she smells, those poor students who have to be in the same room as her

Anonymous 8811

>yuck…can you imagine what these dudes are thinking when they see her

Here comes the big fat white horse again.

Anonymous 8812


Confirmed nct has baby hands. Jaemin has some fat hands tho. Also Chenle has comically bigger hands than Jungwoo when you consider their height/size difference.

Anonymous 8813

why are we nitpicking hands…its not even interesting

Anonymous 8814

Yes the height discussion and manlet traits nitpicking has been stale for the past three threads

Lets talk about milky stuff like those crazy sasaeng bishes

Anonymous 8815


Also does anybody got any idea why so many people dropped got7 fandom around 2017/2018?? Like this ATEEZ girl

Once I was watching one of those videos interviewing Koreans on the street and like tons of girls mentioned they were formerly got7 stans but then got into NU'EST etc
Some shit must have gone down

Anonymous 8816

okay just give up most of these dudes are 5'8-5'9. I feel like hundreds of twitter/threads have been given to this topic and no one has figured it out yet. the short ones like Ten and Renju have already said that they are around 5'7 which is really small.

This place is swarmed with nctfags and nct is as unmilky as fuck. Did the few btsfags leave because bts is way milker.

Anonymous 8817

exactly like what is the fucking point of nitpicking height? it was funny for the first two messages and then some anon just started spamming height pictures and then hand pictures

Anonymous 8818

Does Jaehyun ever look high as fuck to any of y'all?

Anonymous 8819

Omg yes

Anonymous 8821


This one is more than ready to ditch their group and label kek

Anonymous 8822


i saw the comments to this picture and this was amazing

honestly i wish one of them just had the balls to up and leave, just to see the ratmy meltdown

Anonymous 8823

Wtf is he wearing!!

Clinging onto Psy for dear life "ohh pls sir, don't let them take me!!!" headass

Anonymous 8824

If you like this then just listen to western pop in the last year. This song sounds like a reject from Dua's Future Nostalgia. I do like it though but can't understand why their company keeps pushing that one member when they have a girl who looks like Suzy and another who nearly made the final lineup on P48?
Anyway this song made me realize that even though the tropical house trend happened years ago (and still persists in kpop), only now with the 80s trend in kpop am I realizing how the Korean industry steals literally everything from the west. The only thing original about kpop concepts is the garish outfits that are like e-girl style on steroids.
Question since you seem to know quite a bit about the cpop industry–why doesn't SM just split management of WayV (or Chinese groups) with a Chinese entertainment company? Like how JYP does with Boy Story (who I legit never heard of until a day ago tbh)? That way, they have management that knows how to navigate the Chinese market specifically. Idk why they didn't just do this with EXO-M or at least learn from their lesson after the demise of EXO-M. Like 8 years later and SM is still treating the Chinese kids like shit and has given up on the intention of trying to expand to the Chinese market.
Tbh if you wanna know if an idol is fucking sometimes they make it super obvious in 'ideal type' descriptions. Most of the ideal types are pretty generalized but if they're like "speaks in satori, has a chin dimple, has lots of aegyo but hates being teased" and other oddly specific things, then it's pretty likely that they're thinking of a specific person. They could just be thirsty though and crushing on someone but I'm willing to bet 90% of the time they're dating a person who fits that type to a T.
OT but "My First My Last" was so good. It was THE song that made me actually like NCT Dream as a Shawol since the song reminded me a lot of Shinee.
SSFWL (and Closer) is their best song but if you don't like that genre in total then I understand why you like Dolphin the most.
> in b4 the CEO's scandal of sexually harassing the girls
Is it just me or does RV suck at performing (excluding Seulgi and Wendy)? Irene, Yeri, and Wendy are also all tiny as hell with bad proportions which is what knets say about Irene, not necessarily her height.

Anonymous 8825


my memory of this was refreshed from those keke/nct pictures but I can't believe they had jungwoo walking around in america last year with a big blond bowlcut. alomst felt sorry for the guy

Anonymous 8826

same anon regarding cpop industry
wayv is technically not under SM, theyre under a separate holding company (Label V) due to the older hallyu ban in China. As for why they didn't sign WayV to a legitimate chinese company, idno, probably because they didn't want to split profits?

either way wayv is yet another failed attempt to enter the chinese market, im not sure what it would take for a korean group (domiciled in china) to make it as it seems to always fail

Anonymous 8827

Topkek woman married to chinese ceo!! But he looks older than a suga baby tho, more like a 45 year old divorcée who smokes 2 packs of cig a day and is into psychoanalysis

Anonymous 8828

Can't we look at UNIQ as a success story? They haven't promoted as a group for years iirc but their members are all becoming very popular individually in China–esp Wang Yibo who was in MDZS. If there's a company that is doing management within China right, it's Yuehua. Yuehua is also the company that Everglow is under but afaik they aren't targeting China specifically.

Anonymous 8829

thats the thing though, the way the chinese market is from what i understand is that it's a bunch of idols who focus more so on individual rather than group activities, given that uniq is all but disbanded at this point

the korean model of group > individuals doesnt work in china because most if the fans are solo stans who could give two shits about the group as a whole

Anonymous 8830

I nominate this for next thread pic!!!

Anonymous 8831

I also don't understand why everglow's company keeps pushing for that one blonde girl instead of yiren or the suzy lookalike. Especially yiren, wouldn't she be more popular from the exposure of pd48? Or maybe they don't think a chinese member will gain popularity in korea?

Anonymous 8833


i cannot stand that mia girl or whatever her name is, she always does this stanky eyebrow raise/ open mouth sex face and its so fucking punchable

Anonymous 8834


thought bp gonna be higher than this

Anonymous 8835

im surprised got7 is even on there, are they even popular?

Anonymous 8836

Seriously who's checking for got7, there so forgettable

Anonymous 8837

lol i thought i was the only one that felt this way

Anonymous 8838

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Checked dream out when NCT did their NCT 2018 and the interactions with the older members are adorable especially Doyoung and Jeno and Jhonny and Haechan. NOT in a shipping way at all they give me legit son/father vibes. I think a lot of ppl like Dream for the same reason baby cat videos get millions of views on youtube. But the marketing spin that SM puts on Dream is twisted.

For example recently they did these videos where Dream members would talk to 127 members that they aren't close with to bridge the awkwardness. Super cute and funny at first but then I noticed that the way its set up is like a date basically. The clothes they wear are like dress pants and dress shirt like things you would wear to a date and it got weird fast, especially when Jungwoo and Chenle did theirs it was all like all cringe romantic. I thought maybe SM had intended for the fans to self insert into any of the members and feel like they were on a date with their bias or whatever. The lighting and soft camera angles and close ups of the members and the holding hands ect… feels like it was all planned as part of the SM Fantasy Marketing Package.

Maybe I'm just a jaded motherfucker who sees it the pervert way idk.

Anonymous 8839

well shit i guess they're "popular" enough to be in top 3

Anonymous 8840

I'm more shocked at MonstaX wtf?

Anonymous 8841

Did most of you come from lolcow? I had just caught up with all the kpop threads from there and then they just stopped posting on there!

I love how it can go from stanning to bashing in a matter of a few posts lmao

Anonymous 8842

oh god im so glad someone agrees with me, like i think an eyebrow raise once in a while is cute but this girl seems to think thats the only way to show expression and ends up looking like she's having a stroke

Anonymous 8843

I wondered why he didn't when it was renewal time, but realized it would have been career suicide for him to do that at BTS height of their fame. If he left BTS at that time he'd be hated by all army and BH would have made a huge smear campaign against him and it would have ruined his chances of a career ever. It sucks that he's stuck with BH for the rest of his life.

Anonymous 8844

i know, which is why i wish someone had the balls to do it, these dudes are all filthy fucking rich, if they wanted to up and quit tomorrow they could

i wonder who would be the first to leave though…probably either V or suga? suga seems to hate the idol life and want to produce, and V just seems over it in general

Anonymous 8845

I'm the same age as Jisung and if the new nct members are younger than me I'm just gonna feel weird about it.

Anonymous 8846

are you still living in fake love era? where have you got the narrative that suga hates the idol life from? all suga ever cared about was being successful, he was the one always going on about bb100, i doubt it matters to him that they had to sell out to achieve it.

Anonymous 8847

i think the new members are being announced tomorrow, and the rumor is they're younger ('03/'04)

more pedobait for SM to peddle around, i guess

Anonymous 8848


apparently yooa is the new face of toofaced korea, between the fillers and photoshop i didn't even realize it was her

she really needs to lay off the lip filler, her lips look fucking horrifying

Anonymous 8849

jesus christ that looks nothing like yooa. Her face already looked so off in her solo. I can't even believe this photo was allowed to be used

Anonymous 8850

she looks like the eye lip eye emoji meme

Anonymous 8851

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Ratmies is this a thing?

Anonymous 8852

it's just v being a bitchy art hoe who doesn't want to comply with his job as an idol

Anonymous 8853

Screenshot (263).p…

>why doesn't SM just split management of WayV (or Chinese groups) with a Chinese entertainment company?
Nta you're asking, but literally why would any reputable chinese company agree to this?
Jackson and some members of Cosmic Girls are working a lot in China but this is their main job now, so they likely belong nearly entirely to a chinese company and SM of course would be way too proud to let go of their artists like that. They think they're big shit but the reality is that they're a tiny fish in a ginormous pond, those big chinese companies who manage idols are also linked to the car industry etc. Besides, they have their own trainees whom they want to make big and they especially have their own big cash cows who can sell up to 40 million copies of their single/album (vs. WayV's 100k) and even shit like over a million copies of magazines, why would they agree to take some flops from a foreign company and share whatever profit they make with that company? Makes zero sense. Plus due to the fact that some idols earn such incredible amounts of money there's also incredibly high competition between those companies, there are constantly rumors of how companies sabotage the artists of their rival company and so on.
There actually are some former SM trainess signed to chinese companies (e.g. a produce contestant is under Tao's company) but the emphasis here is on "former"…

That's another good point, if they want WayV to be successful in China they need to give up on the group dream and all members making it. I kind of feel like fans are the problem here, companies obviously don't care about their idols as indiviuals, if they could, they'd immediately drop WayV as a group in exchange for somebody like Wang Yibo but korean and also especially int fans are so annoying about their "go choke if you don't support ot6/solo stans are so toxic"-shit.

Anonymous 8854

Samefag but I wanted to add that kpoppies who like WayV likely wouldn't even enjoy it if they really were to make it big in China. These big chinese artists are really hustling, flying multiple times per week, mcing and guesting on shows, filming dramas and realising music all at the same time, kpop fans would immeditaely screech about mistreatment and "uwu give my baby a rest" (while their favs earn millions) or they'd complain about them updating their social media not often enough lol

Anonymous 8855

There are ex-sm trainees scattered all over the cpop market. I can only remember Ding Zeren from NEX7 off the top of my head but he trained there for 5-7 years and while he made it nowhere in Korea, he's acting in a drama and is a douyin star in China. They fuck off to China exactly because the individual market gives them better chances at making it.

Anonymous 8856

Good for him, that's the group with Fan Bingbing's brother, right?

Anonymous 8857


Anonymous 8858


New nct members. I’m sure you guys can guess which one is “sungchan” and which one is “shotaro”

Anonymous 8859


Anonymous 8860

Jaehyun has a new ape friend I see

Anonymous 8861


Anonymous 8863


Im dying anon but you're not wrong

Anonymous 8864

Jesus SM must really hate Japanese people if this and Yuta are the Japanese people they want to show off to Korea

Anonymous 8865

Why is sm unable to find one decent looking Japanese member but YG has 4

Anonymous 8866

Also the Japanese bighit trainees on Iland also Look better than Yuta and this new guy

Anonymous 8867

I don't think even yuta looks as bad as this kid

Anonymous 8868


Yuta just always reminds of hosts or failed visual kei bandmen, he just gives off those sleazy vibes…

Anonymous 8869


NCT Japan

Anonymous 8870

this picture is so ugly

Anonymous 8871


He's so goddamn ugly…
In a couple of years ratmys will wake up, look back and ask themselves whether they were blind to find that hot. Collective brainwashing

Anonymous 8872


Oof there’s so many of them

Anonymous 8874


No idea who amongst them is japanese, but no, i see no visual.

Anonymous 8875


does anyone know if k-armys ever got mad at jimin for getting tattoos? like the way they did with jk

Anonymous 8876

I already feel this way about 90% of the men I've ever been attracted to over the years anyway

Anonymous 8877

I was just about to say this…..like I wish I could go back in time to save myself from wasting so much of my time and energy…..

Anonymous 8878

samefagging, I honestly can't believe how shit my taste was

Anonymous 8879

Anyone in particular you regret?

Anonymous 8880

winwin, park kyung, j-hope just to name a few.

Anonymous 8881

god this dude is so fucking ugly, i do not see the appeal

i cant wait for him to go to the army and see the trainwreck once they strip all the styling from him, dude already looks grody as hell and its his job to try to look acceptablr

Anonymous 8882


Damn, you sunk low, anon
To say it in his words "Love yourself!" kek

Anonymous 8883


park kyung too…looks like jhopes even more botched filler cousin kek

Anonymous 8884

Off the top of my head: V, Jimin, Taeyong, and Jaehyun

What do you regret about Winwin?

Anonymous 8885

Nta but it seems that you still haven't overcome the brainwashing, if you "subtly" hint that winwin ackshually isn't even thaaat bad…

Anonymous 8886


The truly good-looking Japanese guys make their career in their own country.

These 4? Really?

Anonymous 8887

Nah I'm just curious to hear a reason since I never see anyone trash winwin's looks

Anonymous 8888

why do idol makeup artists insist on using the pink/red eyeshadow, they just look sickly around the eyes

Anonymous 8889

I think we discussed this in the previous thread or the one before it but he honestly doesn't look all that good and his face is really weird. Not to mention how strange his voice is and the way he acts makes him look like a sperg. Not very attractive to be honest.

Anonymous 8890

Maybe because the Korean members in Treasure are so ugly, but i think they Look decent.

Anonymous 8891

That shotaro kid is fugly but he might be the best dancer in nct lmao

Anonymous 8892


>I never see anyone trash winwin's looks
Lol ok here you go: he simply looks (and acts) like a retard. He doesn't have a single 'okay' feature, his ears are horrible, his bloated upper lip is gross and his nose and eyes are also far from special. No, he wouldn't actually be super popular in China if SM treated him right uwu, he has neither the face nor the the talent for acting, his traditional dancing is useless in a boygroup with a style like NCT, his voice is also completely forgettable and his personality is just pathetic, he has zero star potentional. Winwin fans got to be the most obnoxious right after ratmys (and at least those have some actual achievements that back their boys up), when fans acted as if Yuta being an obnoxious fanservice machine was being harrassing/abusive to poor little Winwin, I thought I'm gonna lose it. He's a man in his mid 20s and not contributing in any way, the least you can do is endure the other members engaging with you.

Anonymous 8894

fucking chill jesus christ did this dude kill your family or something? i dont think hes attractive either but you're just spewing venom, its not that serious

apparently he was a tiktok boy too? i saw some video of him covering new things

Anonymous 8895

not bad but they were buddies with a rapist
they actually have a lot of decent songs
no this anon is actually right

Anonymous 8896

theyre pretty nugu in korea, but their fans are so obnoxious, i feel like there has to be an overlap with ratmys since theyre so trigger happy about crying mistreatment etc. and try to pose their sweet boys as "woke af" all the time

Anonymous 8898

I only know Felix and he doesn't even look human anymore, so no thanks.

Anonymous 8899

oh god, his jaw shave was fucking tragic, why the fuck did they do that to him

Anonymous 8900

Yeah he was on tiktok. But lmao k-fans already want him kicked out for this:

Anonymous 8901

Gay midgets with a ratmy-lite fanbase

Anonymous 8902

o man this is prime tiktok eboy behavior, i cant wait for the pearl clutching and meltdown even before he debuts

Anonymous 8903


That female trainee who left (or had to leave) SM and is now with Tao is really pretty, like a tall version of Irene.
It really makes me wonder how they decide who's allowed to debut and who's put on the back burner. Talent is obviously not that important, so why do they pick botched midgets like many of the NCT guys or average girls like ##brick waist## Yeri over somebody like her?

Anonymous 8904

Possibly the ugliest boygroup, Shit Music worst Fanbase and i really hate bangchan

Anonymous 8905

Me too lol, they’re already calling him a “misogynist” for dancing with girls

Anonymous 8907

she is absolutely gorgeous, holy crap

Anonymous 8908

Thanks I agree with everything you said. Winwin stans who cry mistreatment and swear he'd be a chinese it boy are absolutely delusional.

Anonymous 8909


You can say that it's just dancing, but it's pretty obvious that somebody doing this at what, 15? is obviously a fuckboy in the making and thus not really suited for the idol life. Most idols likely date but he's gonna be the type who's too dumb or cocky to hide it, which will bring hate to the entire group, that's why korean fans don't like it.

In other news, muricans you're gonna have to endure an entire weeks of jimincel and subtitled tv kek

Anonymous 8910

all i see is a dude wiggling around but i know nothing about dance so

Anonymous 8911

Bad music, try hard concepts, the leader called his fans “baby girls” so no.

Anonymous 8912

I think I've heard maybe one of their songs ever and I thought it was kinda okay. Their fans though seem to be exceptionally horny and degenerate despite how ugly they are and I respect that.

Anonymous 8914

Screenshot (268).p…

Thank you too for agreeing lol

For example pic, literally why??? And annoying stans are constantly pushing this, I also definitely remember anons writing their "winwin is gonna be huge in china"-fanfics on here…so annoying and delusional. So many years after debut you just have to accept reality, no sm isn't "sabotaging" him, they also can't just "make" him an actor, he himself would have to do some work for that as well. Dude has just not enough charisma to be a big celebrity (obviously that's the case for others too, but I never see people pushing a kun or xiaojun actor agenda like they do for him, so…)

>the leader called his fans “baby girls”
Plz no, does he really?? Doesn't that group consist of super young guys?

Anonymous 8915

I thought he was trying to pander to the tumblr/wattpad crowd

Anonymous 8916

oh god, not to mention they play up the aussie accent so much its cringey as hell

i guess his tweenybopper fans eat it up though, but the dude is so cringey when he's just hamming up the accent despite living in korea for over a decade

Anonymous 8917

oh god, not to mention they play up the aussie accent so much its cringey as hell

i guess his tweenybopper fans eat it up though, but the dude is so cringey when he's just hamming up the accent despite living in korea for over a decade

Anonymous 8918


Can't see the clip, where does he dance with girls?

Anonymous 8919

> I never see people pushing a kun or xiaojun actor agenda like they do for him
It's because XiaoJun and Kun can actually sing (Kun also produces) meanwhile Winwin has nothing but his useless twirls and flips. His stans are just coping and try so hard to find other talents to attribute him with to reassure themselves.

Anonymous 8920

i never thought i'd say this, but yuta is no longer the ugliest member. this kid is not cute at all, he looks like jisung's fetal alcohol ridden younger brother

not to mention he seems like a eboy tryhard, im doubt the anti-japanese korean fanbase will kind to him

Anonymous 8921

So they let go of this girl but then let this thing >>8859 debut? "Lee Soo Man's flower garden" died a long ass time ago.
The girl probably choreographed it tho kek
I kind of agree but it's because he's really fucking ugly. Lately I've been thinking more of knets' physiognomy hypothesis since hideous male idols have been getting exposed left and right.

Anonymous 8922


it's already starting, not to mention apparently the kid only trained for 3 months? either SM actually ran out of warm bodies to throw at NCT, or this kid is even more loaded than Chenle and paid $$$ to debut

Anonymous 8923

I couldn't find that particular video but I did find this thread his dance vids

She's literally a choreographer lol so yeah it's her dances

Anonymous 8924

Screen Shot 2020-0…

I find Xiaojun so good-looking

Anonymous 8925

>yuta is no longer the ugliest member.
I've always thought that Johnny and Taeil were uglier

Anonymous 8926


I wonder how the NCT members feel having debuted like 4 yrs ago and finally making NCT not a flop and newer people coming in and getting the spotlight.

NCT replaceable members are shaking.

Anonymous 8927


SM's "flower garden" turned into "silicon valley" a long time ago already.
Apparently she joined when she was already 19, thought she'd get to debut in their new gg but left because they kept postponing it. Now it's already been 6 years since RV's debut and it still doesn't seem as if another group will happen anytime soon, so she would've been too old anyway. Their loss, koreans love types like her.

Yeah, the pinnacle of male beauty…

Anonymous 8928


Bruh no one paid to debut, can u fags stop with this Twitter level of Wattapad bullshit . Buying a debut would cost multi millions of dollars at SM

Anonymous 8929

>Since he's japanese, I don't think he'll be a vocal member either..
Lmao do they think japanese people can't sing or something? This is bordering some creepy eugenics shit

Anonymous 8930


hate campaign by knetz already beginning, and of course in true delulu fan fashion the blind defending has also begun

i want to be a male idol in korea, literally no matter what you do there will be delusional fans supporting you (except getting married, i guess)

Anonymous 8931


NCT fans are ruthless this kid literally just debuted and his only sin is being ugly as fuck.

Anonymous 8933

>and of course in true delulu fan fashion the blind defending has also begun
Of fucking course. It's like something is malfunctioning in i-fangirls' brains that absolutely forces them to blindly cape for any scrote who faces a tiny inconvenience.

Isn't it kind of understandable that Koreans don't want japanese idols in their groups? It's not like Japan doesn't have their own gigantic pop music scene. What they did in WWII wasn't that long ago, unlike Germany they didn't even apologize and additionally there are many japanese citizens who still parrot the supposed racial inferiority of Koreans. Not wanting to see people throwing money at mediocre idols isn't racism.

Anonymous 8934

They hate him because He is ugly, Not because He is Japanese

Anonymous 8935

I honestly don't get what you're trying to say. You guys are just getting weirdly xenophobic in here now

Anonymous 8936

theres definitely a factor in his race too, korean hatred for japan runs very deep, and even the younger generations are often brought up to greatly dislike japanese people due to their actions from wwii. it may not be right, but thats how korea is. even momo and sana (who arguably are the most popular) get destroyed the moment they slip up, just see how they treated mina's anxiety and sana's tweet about that japanese new year

the truth of the matter is that most koreans dont care to see japanese idols in their kpop groups, and unless they're super attractive (basically not yuta or this new kid), theyre going to be disliked off the bat

the funny bit is that japanese fans also dont care to see japanese idols in their kpop groups, they dont have that aggressive streak of nationality chinese fans do so korean idols do perfectly fine in japan

Anonymous 8937

Well, anons claimed that korean fans are racist against him because he's japanese, that's why I clarified why their feelings might be justified.

Acknowledging that most japanese idols are horribly untalented and worse at korean than Koreans isn't xenophobic…

Anonymous 8938

the thing is korean fans are racist, there's no denying that. uncomfortable or not to admit, asians have always been a rather racist bunch to people outside of their race (the amount of times my relatives have talked shit about japanese people is too high to count), and you have to admit there is deep seated hatred driven by horrible things done a generation ago that still hasn't been amended, not to mention japan hasn't been repentant at all

its not xenophobic to point out that japanese idols are going to struggle in the domestic korean market solely because of their race, and then you add in the fact that this kid is an e-boy tiktok whore on top of that, it's just giving them rope to hang him with

Anonymous 8939

NCT getting uglier by the minute…. yikes… we'll they ever have another solid visual besides dumbo?!

Even those jpn trainees are uglier than the korean ones. Niki looked like a rat, K is quasiomodo, and both have terrible skin (lots of pimples)… Taki was ok, but too short… but as he's very young there's still hope that he won't be aanlet.

But now that you've mentioned… both Niki and Taki had teeth lenses aand jpn ppl have crooked and yellow teeth usually… so at least BH could find someone willing to leave their money on the Dentist Office to have those big ass and bright teeth

Anonymous 8940

Im the same as him and he looks like he's in his 40s. He's aging so damn bad ew

Anonymous 8941


“2020 has finally began~~ i have a new japanese little brother please give him lots of support”

Nctfags are the cringe overlords:
>yuta and shotaro about to be big bro n baby bro like johnny and mark
>don't imagine yuta talking in japanese to shotaro to make him more comfortable… don't imagine yuta cheering for him when he shot his part in the teaser video… don't imagine yuta excitedly calling his mum to tell her that he finally isnt alone anymore… don't do it
They don't really know each other, you don't know Yuta personally and you have zero idea about anything about the new guy. Stop.

Both Koreans and the Japanese are racist towards each other, but the former actually have a reason for their hate, so it's not comparable.

Anonymous 8942

Who has the worst vocals in all of Kpop?

Anonymous 8943

at least yuta will stop hanging off of mark's dick, im sure he's relieved he's not gonna be the most irrelevant member anymore kek

Anonymous 8944

rose…blinks praise her for her voice but goddamn is she not the essence of the "avocadies and bananies" indie girl meme

i cannot stand that stupid indie girl floaty bit she tries to shoehorn into her voice, not to mention she actually can't hold a note to save her life

Anonymous 8945


Did Yuta do something to his nose? Yuta probably gonna bully the kid

Anonymous 8946

This mess!

Anonymous 8947

Same, 'asians don't raisin' my ass, they look like anything but young men, V here >>8821 resembles those rich white people who vacaction all year long thus have leathery skin, so much ps and jewelry that you can no longer tell they're men, sunglasses in his gelled af hair,…everything fits the stereotype, down to the colonial style linen suit.

Anonymous 8948

i guess the only saving grace for him is that he's technically a rapper but…yikes i've heard better through a door of a drunk karaoke booth

Anonymous 8949

At least jhope is somewhat more manly. I went through a dark time when I was attracted to Jimin… I was under a dance spell or something because he's basically a flamboyant gay, manlet, has a micropenis that even doesn't make a bulge in his pants and a lizzard tongue… boi someone cast a spell on me or something. At least I was always ashamed enough to not admit publicly.

Those guys from Treasure are not pretty, you're also under a spell.


Botched motherfuckers. Felix and that one maknae guy (Hyunjin?? Idk) fucked their face and now look like biological women.
They get thousands of releases per year and their fans dare to say that they don't have big 3 privilege yada yada. Stop coping, people dont like them because their sound suck and they're fuggos.

Anonymous 8950

The younger members seem to have aged worse than the older members. I guess it’s the alcoholism and unhealthy diets.

Anonymous 8951


probably because they've gotten the most work done, jimin especially since he actually looks like he's gonna melt

Anonymous 8952

THIS! Asians do age badly, but of course it all depends on genetics and diet. We know Koreans drink their soju like its damn water! No wonder they age so crazy! After a certain age its like everything falls apart anyway.

V looks are going out sad, he looks like one of those pretty white chicks who finally found a new cash cow. He looks hella dumb!

Anonymous 8953

If you really think on it, this is actually an improvement to what some idols sing now. Like this was nearly 10 years ago but this cover sounds better than most of 4th gen idols, lets be real……

Anonymous 8954

Things that make you go hmmmmmm….. lol

Anonymous 8955

i cant find it anymore, but some TXT kid was singing a cover and he's supposed to be the main vocal, but it was SO bad even his delusional fans couldn't spin it as good and talented and resorted to cries of "he's trying his best/something new don't bully him" which made me laugh

Anonymous 8956

Make this the next thread pic plsss!

Anonymous 8957

Was it this?

Anonymous 8958

yes, this was it LOL

holy fuck, this was so bad, i love how the comments are half "guys dont bully him precious bubu" and the other half are like "holy shit dude how do you have a job"

Anonymous 8959

yeah it’s the plastic surgery too, but the main reason why jimbo went so overboard with filler in the first place was to try to look younger most likely.

Anonymous 8960

imagine starving yourself to lose the baby fat, and then pumping your face full of filler to get a bloated pig face

the guy obviously has some sort of body dismorphia and it's pretty sad to see, but continously injecting and prodding at your face is not the way to go dude

he's gonna end up looking like moon hee jon with park bom's face

Anonymous 8961

She looks nothing like Irene lol maybe Krystal from a far distance. Honestly not that impressed and she seems to havr wonky eyes

Cue the offended weeboo

Anonymous 8962

>B-but Taehyungie hates alcohol!1!1
They age like shit because in the end they're just your average millenial moids who play games and jerk it all night, eat greasy shit (minus Jimin) and never touch a moisturizer unless one of their stylist handlers applies it for them. Maybe throw in some drugs, and all that botox and fillers will be useless.

That's an insane nitpick, especially considering what kind of ogres are allowed to be idols and have fangirls kissing their asses.

Anonymous 8963


This is the KPOP thread can we stop the fucking essays about Korean Society History and Culture 101

Anonymous 8965

Screen Shot 2020-0…

I was looking for V thirst pics and came across this. Ratmies what is this about?

Anonymous 8966

she reminds me of jiyeon with normal spaced eyes, i think shes way more interesting looking than irene

Anonymous 8967

We're not comparing to w
men but to other women idols in SM and wonky/lazy eyes are definetly not a nitpick sorry if you have strabismus or sth it is what it is

Anonymous 8968

Damn, what's with all this samefagging.

Anonymous 8969

Screen Shot 2020-0…

The bar gets lower every single day in kpoppies land.

Anonymous 8970

its not samefagging if theyre not spamming and bumping the thread over and over again without other people talking, they just talk like a tard lol

who tf knows, it seems like this thread is all ratmy haters which is fine with me since ratmy spergs ruined the original lolcow threads

Anonymous 8971

Yess too funny!! People were saying this wasnt a cover but he's just practicing. I like TXT but maaaan

Anonymous 8972

If this new kid can actually dance and has a personality he will make Yuta even more irrelevant than he is now. I'm sure Yuta sees him as competition.

Anonymous 8973

i cant believe someone approved for him to post that video, these idols are all watched like hawks, you're telling me someone watched him wail like a cat in heat and went "yes post that you're good to go"

maybe the staff actually hate him, if i had a friend who wanted to post that i would tell him hell no

Anonymous 8974

So they can't roast in a kpop thread? Who cares

Anonymous 8975

Screen Shot 2020-0…

So these will be the new centers of NCT 2020? SM will never let go of TY no matter what.

Anonymous 8976

All txt members probably hyped him into doing it kek

Anonymous 8977


She doesn't have wonky eyes actually but I don't think she'd anywhere near Irene level either. Her nose job is kinda hmmmmmmmmkay too.

Anonymous 8978

I don't think this was posted here but I really like fromis_9's new song. They seem to be branching out a little bit and hopefully will gain some female fans. I think they have the biggest proportion of male fans out of all ggs, yuck.
Hypothetical question but how much on a scale of 1-10 would you miners want to kill yourself if you had to debut in a group that pandered to crusty ass moids (think Twice, Lovelyz)? Being a female idol is a shit career to have but if I hypothetically had to choose a group that would be less vomit inducing I'd probably wanna be in something like Red Velvet which doesn't have too much girl crush cringe but also doesn't have to be overly cutesy.
I hope he and the other WayV members jump ship when their contract ends. Xiaojun is really beautiful, too bad he's rotting in SM's failed China project and is super short. I think he'd be a good candidate for a solo career considering he can sing.

Anonymous 8980

>Spread the news, the entire world has bullied us you guys! Everybody Tae looks at weirdly is evil and must have their life ruined!
So now they're gonna extend their oppression from not only the big3 and the korean public but to all other countries as well…

Also, they're going to have a speech at unicef again, hopefully at least one journalist is brave enough to ask them about their little saudi arabia stint.

Anonymous 8981

Same OP, I forgot to properly emphasize that being a female idol is a shit career and not a smart decision unless you were pimped out as a child star and have no education as a result

Anonymous 8986

honestly it depends on how popular the group would be. it'd be awful either way but I feel more for those nugu groups that attract weird fans but have no chance of getting popular like Busters

Anonymous 8987


Found out what happened: somebody from Howard Stern's team was racist towards them. Fucking Howard Stern, somebody who's been a sexist and racist edgelords into celebrities faces for decades already, literally what do you expect? I'm sorry but they're honestly so weak, other people don't even think about shit like this, just go and be content with your millions.

Anonymous 8988

She was in produce and didnt make the group, i think Chinese People find her Not that impessive

Anonymous 8989

This is THE answer to your question.

Anonymous 8990

100% this. It's humanly impossible to be shittier than her kek

Anonymous 8991


I hope YY can get some spotlight in N2020. I like his rap and his dancing is good too.

Anonymous 8992

honestly thats kind of fucked and i do kind of understand the outrage, but jesus christ, what did you expect from guesting on fucking howard stern

hes not even a random nobody, the dude has literally been a virulent racist for decades now, they need to fire whoever decided this was a good idea

at this point i feel like they're purposely scheduling these "controversial" meetings and stirring up drama to maintain their spot in the limelight, there is no way they couldn't have seen this coming

Anonymous 8993

This is why koop idols need to be good-looking and I support bullying over looks because the talent just isn't fucking there like what are we supposed to look forward to?

Anonymous 8994

> they're purposely scheduling these "controversial" meetings and stirring up drama to maintain their spot in the limeligh

Bingo. BH knows what they are doing. They were able to get BTS fame by playing the race card among fans and now they are hoping to get into the grammys and other places by guilt tripping everyone into accepting BTS

Anonymous 8995


Anonymous 8996

Uhh no, honestly this was a pretty shitty thing to say. If it were a black celebrity there would def be a justified uproar.
What is laughable is their delulu fan thinking V wrote this up himself. More like he's not even aware that BH is publishing this lol

Anonymous 8997

> their delulu fan thinking V wrote this up himself.

Does he even speak English???

Anonymous 8998

Ohh God if they win a fucking Grammy…….

Also didnt Jin get his enlistment extended til next year?

Anonymous 8999

They didn't guest? A writer said it, Howard immediately called him out, but now BTS cries about it and ratmys are demanding firing.
Other artists wouldn't have said anything, but BTS obviously enjoys how much control they have over their crazy fanbase, that's why they have to stire shit once in a while, to keep them going.

Anonymous 9000

Nope but he's misogynistic as fuck yet ratmies wont talk about that lol

Anonymous 9001

I mean it COULD be just translated by sb else but he obviously didnt partake in any of this so anyone saying BTS is being more outspoken against racism is a fucking nutjob or dumbho

Anonymous 9002

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Everyone forgot about sperm with N2020. At this point sooman is just punishing sperm for not making it big by overworking them constantly with horrible promotions

Anonymous 9003

I still think you guys making talent and looks a race/nationality thing is still weird.

Anonymous 9004

V is a misogynist, RM and Suga actually appropriate black culture (using braids, saying he likes black women because of the music, acting 'hip hop', etc.) and BH has shown again and again that they'll purposely do problematic things to drum up news about BTS and keep them in the public eye

Remember their holocaust memorial photoshoot? and their nazi uniform controversy? there is zero way everyone on their production team showed up to a fucking holocaust memorial and didnt think or say "hey maybe this is a bad idea".

these companies know at the end of the day, press (good or bad) sells, and they exploit the wall of delusional fans to bring these guys to the forefront of the news

Anonymous 9005

Ok offended weeboo we get it, now gtfo with your PC police

Anonymous 9006

THIS!!! Don't forget RM also said the n-word during a performance and v pulled a fans hair. Which said they like black women for the music???

Wait don't answer it had to RM.

Anonymous 9007


this too, like really? the production crew took one look at this and said "yeah, no way this is gonna look weird by any means go for it"

bts is trash, bh is trash, and ratmys are so delusional they'll never admit their precious melting oppas are anything but angels

Anonymous 9008

>the way bts being men is completely irrelevant in this conversation yall are moving like they’re some privileged white boygroup that got everything handed to them when it’s the complete opposite
>8k+ likes
BTS being millionaire males totally doesn't matter at all, but also all yts are evil! Getting made fun off for wearing makeup is of course much worse than anything girls and women in the entertainment industry could ever face.

I've said it before, but kpoppies are amongst the worst pickmes out there.

Anonymous 9009

they dragged it out too long with those pre releases
don't bother anon it's not worth it

Anonymous 9010

BTS are the male Korean Kardashians of kpop

Anonymous 9011


Ratmies are a disgrace to women. BTS are all getting their dicks sucked by hot korean models sipping champagne at their expensive residences rn.

Anonymous 9012

God I completely understand why everyone wants BTS to fail now. I thought nct fans were bad but jesus ratmies and bts are insufferable.

Anonymous 9013

b-but anon dont you know jungkookie is afraid of women uwu despite him being caught with a girlfriend, and hes obviously secretly in love with V even though V outright told a fan who mentioned that to fuck off

uwu my poor babies must feel so sad not being able to love each other in public

ratmies are a different level of delusional its honestly kind of impressive

Anonymous 9014

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Majority of SuperM fans are NCT fans, idk what SM is thinking promoting both at the same time. The new MV is barley going to get any views.

Anonymous 9015

agreed, i actually dont know any shinee or exofags who are fans of sperm, its literally all nctfags

Anonymous 9016

they literally could have used any other combination of colors and it would've been better

i literally did a double take when i was scrolling

Anonymous 9017

Dafuq is this? Doesn't look like bts

Anonymous 9018


its apparently from a 2017 concert, it's definitely BTS


Anonymous 9019

BTS and Ratmies are a good example of "Like group like fandom"

They're both draining

Anonymous 9020

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Another idol that fucked off to China and actually has jobs now.

Anonymous 9021

They should perform this in front of an American audience….the meltdown from the general public would be wild

Anonymous 9022

yea it looks like a neo nazi rally

Anonymous 9023


Emma Goldman who?! Teddy is the biggest feminist in History

Anonymous 9024

What is your favorite kpop conspiracy of all time?
I still love the late 2000s knet theory that Jaejoong is actually Japanese because he is adopted and speaks Japanese “too fluently”. Also I guess it doesn’t help that JJ pretty openly hated kfans because the stalker fan situation for TVXQ was so extreme and they could all be a little more at peace when they were promoting in Japan. I still sometimes see this brought up amongst knetz today and it always gets a good kek out of me. But by this logic Jaejoong is the only attractive japanese person to come for SM (even tho he’s melting from all the botox now).
Obviously he isn’t Japanese since his birth mother is a huuuuuge cow and caused a lot of trouble for him in his career + his deadbeat bio dad who came back into his life to guilt him for money.

Anonymous 9026

>don't bother anon it's not worth it
You're right. Nice to see somebody else with some sense btw

Anonymous 9027

the overlap between bp and ratmy is pretty big, but yes blackpink stays relatively quiet for how big they are, these chicks just want to make mediocre music and live as instathots

Anonymous 9028

oh get ur stupid sjw pearl clutching out of here no one fucking cares

Anonymous 9029


My fave of all time is that Lee Soo Man is involved in the Illuminati and that it all started with Shinee Lucifer and solidified with Red Velvet. There was a twitter thread a while ago that noticed some Jesus symbolism along with drug/prostitution symbolism in the Regular MV that hinted at Illuminati messaging/spells.

Anonymous 9030


forgot to attach pic.

Anonymous 9031

Hyuna was pregnant and thats why she left wonder girls

Anonymous 9032

Well, it's imageboard culture + craziness of teenage Kpop fans. Such posts are expected here.

Anonymous 9034

can you two sjw fags just leave and jerk each other off over how morally and socially conscious you are somewhere else

if you dont like the board culture and people shitting on your precious japanese oppas then fucking leave

Anonymous 9035

Nope, stay pressed! It's three sjw fags, by the way!

Anonymous 9036

I also enjoy this one along with the theories that SM suicides are actually sacrifices every 666 days to bring success to their groups or something like that. Especially since that guy on 4chan dug up the information about those two SM trainees who were brothers who committed suicide around the time Lucifer was released/when EXO was being put together.

Anonymous 9037

>extremely grueling mentally abusive training
>years of being monitored in everything you do
>public extremely unforgiving and scrutinious of everything that they do
>this has to be because of satan

Anonymous 9038

omg share I never knew that! I have heard that too especially about Sulli's suicide since she had so much lolita/disturbing imagery attached to her

Anonymous 9039

i bet you also vouch for all the twitter tranny kpoppies
i never heard about that, what's that about?

Anonymous 9040

Could you explain this one further?

Anonymous 9041

There was one about Jonghyun being killed and 3 ppl were involved at the time and making it look like a suicide….

Anonymous 9042

Kai looks like he gave up completely.
A couple months ago he said he will release his solo this year and now, nothing, SM only has time for Sperm and NCT.

Anonymous 9043


kid hasnt even said a single word yet and knetz are already down his throat

wouldnt be surprised if he took a hiatus after 2020, this is pretty sad

Anonymous 9044

Jimincel having a threesome with a girl and a guy after he went to a pub in paris. Sometimes i think yeah, he could be the type to do shit like this.

Anonymous 9045

That chinese chick from Miss A has a penis

Anonymous 9046


Kai has looked completely dead inside this entire superm promotion. He's either shading Lucas or looking like he wants to die.

Anonymous 9047

>implying I go on fucking Twitter

Anonymous 9048


No one has said one word about the good-looking one. I feel like SM set this up. They have been hyping this N2020 thing for months, fans have been foaming at the mouth for interactions between the groups.

Their names were trending on twitter even before their debut. SM would have known that debuting a ugly and short one in NCT would case fans to act dumb. Plus he's Japanese and didn't have his social media presence wipe? Seems like some shady PR.

Anonymous 9049

In one f(x) album Amber wrote something that mentioned a guy called I think Julian? Pretty sure it started with J. Someone tried to figure out who he was, and there was a fair bit of evidence showing he was a trainee at SM, chinese-canadian who was close with Amber and Henry. But posts from his friends on social media indicated he and his brother both died in 2010, both seemingly suicides and I think it sounded like they were both in Korea at the time. There wasn't as much info about his brother but I think there was something confirming that he was also an SM trainee at some point.

Combine that with the fact that Jonghyun and Sulli's deaths were exactly 666 days apart and it's pretty fertile ground for conspiracy theories.

Anonymous 9050

I would too if I was 26 and would have to go 'we're the avengers of kpop, we go 100!'…

>complains about pseudo racism and imageboard culture, claims she's a sjw
>tells others to kill themselves
A classic

Anonymous 9051

So Amber has witnessed 3 (that we know of) of her colleagues/friends die of suicide in Korea alone? Jesus no wonder she said she's going through therapy work out things she's been through.

Anonymous 9052

The blatant samefagging topkek japanese idols fucking suck anon sorry. Maybe because talented japanese ppl prefer having a decent job? Who knows. We can only say for sure that jpop idols and jpn idols in kpop are justifiably criticized

Anonymous 9053

Can you dumb fags go beg for attention somewhere else? Ur derailing the thread, let it go already.

Anonymous 9054


Which one? There were two Chinese members.

Do you not know what a troll is?

Anonymous 9055

i remember seeing that one video where they paraded fx onto a show and let some skinny incel point out that sulli had "chubby fat arms" while she literally held back tears

amber has her slew of issues on her own with not keeping her mouth shut, but that girl has definitely gone through some shit

Anonymous 9056

>theyre going to be disliked off the bat
I don't think I've ever seen yuta actually get hate from k-fans or get called ugly by them either which is weird. Ig he's just invisible to them and this new kid would've been too if he hadn't had the fuckboy tiktok history and alleged smoking. I agree with this anon >>9048 that it must've been a setup to generate attention .

Good for him

Anonymous 9057


I want to like Kai, but he's acting like a little bitch.

Taemin is being a champ about it and he's like 12 years into his debut and SM fucked up his solo for superm. NCT boys are worked to death by SM and even they manage to fake it up for the camera a bit.

Anonymous 9058

Well, the rumor is that it was Taemin's idea or that Taemin wanted this…I at least don't think he's faking his enthusiasm, so he's on board.
The WayV members surely aren't worked to death, Sperm is basically their only activity and NCT should be grateful for being prioritized since years already, especially those two are clearly the company's darling boys.
Kai wanted a solo for ages, Baekhyun can sell a million on his own, for them this is wasting precious time and income before their enlistment.

Anonymous 9059

Idc about jpop idols but are you really comparing a handful of jpn kpop idols to the hundreds of korean kpop idols? Besides I don’t see what’s so bad about the twice j-line? Sure they aren’t particularly talented but they are pretty with decent proportions which can also be said for most of twice so they fit right in.

Anonymous 9060

They said jpop idols too which are also in the hundreds. The whole japanese idol system is pretty cryngey though, very just yet another form of sex work unfortunately

Anonymous 9061

Screen Shot 2020-0…


From an interview she did. Her and Krystal were insanely skinny all throughout fx and Krystal would faint all the time. SM idols are some of the skinniest ever, even the boys starve themselves.

Anonymous 9062


yup, the industry is honestly horrifying if you think about it…look at yoona's legs here, i would be afraid of them snapping if she tripped in heels

Anonymous 9063

It was Jia

Anonymous 9064

Probably because Exo-Ls and Shawols are used to better quality music from their groups whereas NCTfags who are so used to Stockholm Syndrome-ing themselves into liking NCT's chainsaw music regard Jopping and 100 as an improvement (they are, for NCT only).
It's in here:
Search for "Julian" and you'll find the post. It's so so eerie that he and his brother committed suicide on the same day.
Taemin did not want to be in SuperM at all lol.

Anonymous 9065

Let's be honest, there's a very obvious decline.

>2010: Bad Girl Good Girl, Lucifer, Oh!

>2011: Bubble Pop, I Am The Best, Roly Poly, Step, Trouble Maker
>2012: Alone, Fantastic Baby, Gangnam Style, Pandora, Sherlock, Sixth Sense, The Chaser
>2013: Growl, I Got A Boy, Rum Pum Pum Pum
>2014: Eyes Nose Lips, Catallena, Mr.Mr., Up & Down
>2015: Bae Bae, Call Me Baby, Dope, Dumb Dumb, I Need U, 4 Walls
>2016: Blood Sweat & Tears, TT
>2017~ ?
Not talking about actual musical quality but how big of a hit they were. Do you think people will remember songs like Dynamite, Ice Cream or Punch in 10 years?

Anonymous 9066

actual nctfags cant even remember punch after streaming it for hours

although some of the songs on the list you wrote are completely unmemorable, it is funny to think there isnt a single "cornerstone/flagship" song for recent years that immediately stands out

Anonymous 9068

Which ones are unmemorable to you?

>2004: Hug

>2005: Rising Sun
>2007: Into The New World, Lies, Tell Me
>2008: Haru Haru, Love In The Ice, Mirotic, Rainism, Replay, So Hot, U Go Girl
>2009: Abracadabra, Bo Beep Bo Beep, Gee, Genie, Heartbreaker, Mister, Ring Ding Dong, Sorry Sorry
People always say that the kpop industry nowadays is oversaturated, but imagine having to comeback during that year… And those songs still get covered today.

Anonymous 9069



Wow going through that was something else. I always knew about the Julian thing since I was an fx fan but never knew it was a double suicide with his brother.

Anonymous 9070


Did you watch any of superm content? Taemin did not want to be there 1000000%. He has shaded this project outright so many times all his fans are aware and that's why they aren't superm fans and got angry about his solo being messed with.

Anonymous 9071

A double suicide with your sibling? Sounds like it could have been caused by reasons other than the trainee life, like abusive parents, childhood molestation,…

Anonymous 9072

Screen Shot 2020-0…

They are actually older than I though. Im wondering what unit they will be added to?

Anonymous 9073

Whut? I fought they'd be like '05 for the pedo noonas now that the dream members are adults. Why did Jisung debut as a little child but those 2 got to or had to wait until now? Is SM just randomly signing guys and throwing them immediately into NCT?

Anonymous 9074

not to mention one of them apparently only trained for 3 months? not sure if thats just nctfags throwing shit to the wall to make it stick but if true, they're really desparate

Anonymous 9075

Because Koreans criticised his dancing, his western defenders already argued 'B-but Baekhyun and Chen also only trained for 2-3 months' They're setting him up for hate if he doesn't absolutely excel in at least one field.

Anonymous 9076

didn't he say cube sent him to china even though he wanted to promote in SK?

Anonymous 9077

boomer kpop was cringe and the only reason you think it's good is due to nostalgia goggles

Anonymous 9078

Not any more cringe than believing you win a grammy for

Shoes on, get up in the morn
Cup of milk, let's rock and roll
King Kong, kick the drum, rolling on like a rolling stone
Sing song when I'm walking home
Jump up to the top, LeBron
Ding dong, call me on my phone
Ice tea and a game of ping pong

Plus your coomer oppars still have to cover the songs and kiss the asses of my boomer oppars kek

Anonymous 9079


Anonymous 9080

>don't like 2nd gen? you must be a ratmy!

Anonymous 9081

>>2017~ ?
Spring day. I'm not a ratmy but arguably this song had more impact than everything you've listed with the exception of gangnam style. Your bias is too obvious.

Anonymous 9082

he can definitely dance. apparently he was a former student of EXPG, a dance school/studio ran by LDH in japan. if you know anything about EXILE or LDH and their artists, they can dance like crazy. the majority of LDH's artists and
dance-based idol groups were former students of EXPG

Anonymous 9083

>Why did Jisung debut as a little child but those 2 got to or had to wait until now?

They are actually quite old in idol world. NCT is already catty thankfully they are debuting in a new unit and not joining an existing one.

NCT Japan may be happening after all.

Anonymous 9084

aren't people jeering him rn precisely because of his dance cover?

Anonymous 9085


Bruh he doesn't look like a manlet in the video and he ate it up. Maybe the new unit is a dance one?

Anonymous 9086

i haven't seen people making fun of this dance cover but his tiktoks. he was gripping his belt in one of them and it was honestly really funny because it looked like a cringy thirst trap, but the kid can dance

Anonymous 9087

Screen Shot 2020-0…

One already has beef with Jaemin. dk if anyone remembers that trainee that Jaemin stared down and rolled his eyes at, but its most likely one of them.

Trainees don't just get to interact with artists unless they signed a debut contract.

Anonymous 9088

People are shitting on his dancing here >>8922 here (and ifans in the comments mention the 3 months training)

Anonymous 9089

From what I’ve they’re mad because he danced a little explicitly with girls (who were actually just popular choreographers). I personally don’t see what’s with a guy and girl consensually dancing together but knets are gonna knet.

Yeah he’s actually got a bit of rhythm. He just needs to style his hair in a way that covers most of his face or something lol.

Anonymous 9090

*whats wrong

Anonymous 9091


Damn I want to know the tea about taemin…

Anonymous 9092

Damn Jisung is two years younger than Shotaro but has 4+ years of experience. Based on Korean hierarchy he's his senior

Anonymous 9093

>(and ifans in the comments mention the 3 months training)
from the looks of it, seems like sm saw him on tiktok and snatched him up as soon as they saw him. they must be preparing for NCT japan or something soon.

Anonymous 9094

Screen Shot 2020-0…

>preparing for NCT japan or something soon

I just remembered that Ten mentioned learning Japanese a few months back and I'm-

Anonymous 9095

hes a manlet, he's like 172cm or something. the other kid is supposed to be 182 so he's probably closer to 175 heh

Anonymous 9096


Where are y'all getting all this info form???

Anonymous 9097

The other NCT members are actually pretty old for idol standards, e.g. Taemin is only 1-2 years older than many of them, yet debuted 8 years before them, and Taeil is same age with some Exo members.
They're still seen as "just starting out" while Snsd at their age was already put on the backburner.

Anonymous 9098

The Japanese unit already ugly af

Anonymous 9099

i saw some korean call sheet/roster being passed around on twitter, but it very well may be fake

either way shotaro looks like kang daniel's retarded younger brother, something came out about him being a dance prodigy so we'll have to see

Anonymous 9100


So basically this two aren't shotaro or Sangchan after all, I guess they will be added later to the new unit.

Anonymous 9101


kawaguchi shotaro

seems like a strange thing to make up, but who knows

Anonymous 9102


ugh this kid looks like kang daniel and BM had a child

Anonymous 9103

Yeah. Can we quit propagating the "SM visual standards" meme now?

Anonymous 9104

lol meanwhile the chinese unit looks the best

Anonymous 9105

Screen Shot 2020-0…

God this guy is trainee and he already has stalkers and fansites.

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