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Anonymous 104105

What do you think about firearms?

Anonymous 104107

better than mace I guess

Anonymous 104108


A mace can be effective as well, though.

Anonymous 104109

They are cool and the great equalizer and any woman who is scared of men should own one asap.

Anonymous 104110

Everyone should own firearms.

Anonymous 104112

Glad they're forbidden in my country.

Anonymous 104113

You're glad only criminals have them?

Anonymous 104116

why is this the universal american talking point? The only shootings here are done by cops and you can't shoot back at them anyway. American gun violence statistics are dystopian and the gun and cultural masculinity lobby somehow tricked you into liking it.

Anonymous 104135

Bootlicker. Why do you get so mad over others wanting basic bodily autonomy over the state's monopoly and uncaring incompetence.

Anonymous 104136

They think everyone's as incompetent as them.

Anonymous 104137

why do you want testosteronal freaks and domestic abusers to have guns? widespread gun ownership can only be to our benefit if we're the only ones who can have them and men are excluded from gun purchases. we need absolute political power first. any legislation that makes guns easy to get will benefit primarily men until that day. if you think the male gun lobby is on our side you're crazy

Anonymous 104138

I'd rather everyone have guns than lunatics like you having a monopoly.

Anonymous 104140

>we need absolute political power first

And political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. The maoists didn't carry out history's largest removal of domestic abusers and rapists with pepper spray and pocket knives. They armed women first so they could clean up their villages. That's how you self-liberate from male governance, not by letting law enforcement men have a monopoly on violence until we magically gain political power out of nowhere

Anonymous 104142

The commie chinks aren't a good example of anything, really.

Anonymous 104145

the china of today definitely not. Guns, maoists and women's militias in general are banned there today. They patriarchy took the country back after deng xiaoping's betrayal of the revolution and the country is now just another playground for male business owners. Jian qing, mao's wife, died by suicide in life imprisonment in the 90s and the new chinese patriarchy completed its counterrevolution when the women that stood in their way were disarmed. We can learn a lot from the cultural revolution's eradication of the male power position and how it eventually failed against the resurgence of the chinese patriarchy when its people bowed to the same gun regulations that anon is defending

Anonymous 104148

All women should be allowed to carry firearms and men shouldn't. Exception is prolonged drug use and severe mental problems

Anonymous 104149

None of the criminals in my country have them lol. Save for the rich ones and hunters I guess.

Anonymous 104150

A matriarchy will never solve anything. Arm everyone and have a meritocracy.

Anonymous 104151

>Jian qing
I'm reading up on her and female revolutionaries right now. I didn't hear anything about this in school. I think my anti gun comment was dumb I apologize

Anonymous 104152

Nothing solves everything. We should have a matriarchy though

Anonymous 104153

It would be a patriarchy with less shit done and more catfighting.

Anonymous 104157

>I didn't hear anything about this in school.

The men that write the books robbed us of our history and have us hating our own liberators. We don't question male educational authority enough. If a man makes a historic claim, our first thought should be to question it because he is likely pushing an agenda that serves his position of power in society

Anonymous 104159

That's a nice hypothetical to think about, but not really an argument against patriarchy. A true matriarchy never existed and if it did, in a secluded place for a very limited time, so you can't really predict what the outcome would be. I mean, people from the past didn't even nearly predict what the modern times would be like.

Anonymous 104160


Less shit done seems like a good thing to me. No pressure to push out babies and make a shitload of factories feeding those growing, demanding babies that may not pay up to their potential.

Anonymous 104161

Yes, because the maffia almost exclusively shoots at each other and even that doesn't happen a lot. I live in a safe country and the ban on firearms and weapons in general has contributed to that. You can say what you want but we don't get randos shooting people from hotels or shooting up schools here. Kids aren't taught what to do during schoolshooting becuse that doesn't happen here. I'm of the stance that you can't protect yourself with a gun anyway, if they catch you in a moment of surprise, which is almost always, it's already too late. And everyone being allowed to own a gun only increases the chances of abuse.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I don't entirely get the US perspective on citizen ownership of firearms (I assume we're talking about an US perspective here). From what I heard people in rural areas want to own guns to protect themselves because it can take a long time for police enforcement to arrive, I get that. But I live in a small country and a ban on firearms works very well for our safety here and there's absolutely no way citizen ownership of firearms would further improve safety.

Anonymous 104162

you are helpless against the patriarchal state when the women of your country grow the sex and class counsciousness to mobilize against the authority of the male politicians, male police, male landlords, and male employers that control every aspect of our life. Submissiveness is nothing to be proud of.

Anonymous 104163

Innocent victims, including women, die every day in countries with flexible laws regarding firearm ownership at the hand of regular citizens that had no bussiness owning a firearm, it's clearly not working for you.

Anonymous 104239

>What do you think about firearms?
I want an FN SCAR 16S, but I cannot afford it, until I finish the payment of my car.

Anonymous 104260


Anonymous 104265

If a man wants to kill you, he can beat or stab you to death. No guns are required to do that.

Anonymous 104266

I mean it's another way to defend yourself, and shooting creeps is always fun lol

Anonymous 104271

>muh victims
grow up, women benefit the most from firearms being widely available. They level the playing field a bit. You ever been grabbed by a man before? I'm not talking about soy-addled neomoids, like a real gorilla strength gigamoid.

Anonymous 104450

Get a Robinson Arms XCR or CZ Bren 805 if you want a similar aesthetic and functionally similar 5.56 piston rifle. The SCAR has a ton of little issues due to being (what I consider) a first generation ACR-style rifle and it's just plain overpriced. If you must get a SCAR at least get the 17s since there are no good 7.62 alternatives on the market.

And dont get the Bren 2, the 805 is superior.

Anonymous 105379

Ahhh yes that's why there's hundreds of thousands of cases of women shooting rapists when they try to abuse them, right? SO many cases that gun nuts never use that argument, probably because it's SO obvious…

Anonymous 105382

NTA but don't women own and carry guns at significantly lower rates than men? Not American but that's the impression I always had, it would explain why there are very cases of that happening.

Anonymous 105388

>I would never get a gun because I would probably overreact and shoot someone unnecessarily
Gun training? Trigger discipline is something everyone with a firearm should have.

Anonymous 105392

There are several parts of the body you can shoot that aren't lethal, this is something you should also learn if you ever get a firearm. Not to mention that using a gun should always be a last measure.

Anonymous 105393

>There are several parts of the body you can shoot that aren't lethal
Tell me you've never handled a gun without telling me you've never handled a gun.

Anonymous 105395

>There are several parts of the body you can shoot that aren't lethal
Alright, tell which, anatomy expert.

Anonymous 105397

NTA, I understand it is for some people, but it sounds like you would want to work on nervousness first rather than declare the gun a moot option.

Then again, there's a severe overlap on the type of person who feels weak, vulnerable, and helpless and how that type of person attracts targets for abuse more than someone who doesn't take shit. So, ironically, the ones who need guns the most are the least likely to get guns, the cycle certainly is vicious.

Anonymous 105399

>shoots rapist's big toe
>"aaaa you killed me aaaaaa"

Anonymous 105401

>hitting a 1 square inch target from a distance while that shit is moving
Well, for those of us who aren't master marksman, we have to settle for shooting areas that we can actually hit reasonably well.


>confident in karate
>nervous with a gun
Aren't you worried your karate skills could cause you to flip out and kill the wrong person if you get nervous?

Anonymous 105403

Oh so it has not stopping power, got it.

Anonymous 105405

Well, as you said, you are worried about accidentally killing someone with a gun, but you are not worried about killing someone with your karate. This seems to imply that you are well aware your karate isn't lethal. I can quite understand being confident in your use of a tool that isn't lethal, completely understandable, even though it has no stopping power.

Anonymous 105408

When you trained in karate did you practice against men or other women?

Anonymous 105410

Cool, were you trained to defend against takedowns?

Anonymous 105412

Anonymous 105413

Hand, foot, forearm, upper arm, shoulder, leg. You can shoot any one of these and you won't kill them.
>but what if I hit their artery and they bleed out?
Smaller target than a toe.
Besides, I don't even believe in people having guns unless they do classes to learn how to shoot, so in an ideal world even if you can't shoot someone non-lethally you would learn that in shooting course.

Anonymous 105415

Depends, you need to get a really good kick in and despite most comical jokes while the groin is a weakspot it's really hard to swing into when you're in a high intensity situation. For instance, the second scene is a pretty good example, the bully already has Bobby pinned to the ground, in what would actually be a likely situation for a rape victim to be pinned into while she's being raped. Notice the animators have to have him stop pinning Bobby before Bobby can kick the groin. This means that if the rapist already has you pinned and on the ground, and you know, raping you, it's incredibly hard to actually hit that area.

Personally, I wouldn't go for a kick as much as a grab. Your job is to dive towards those family jewels, grab them, and squeeze with all your strength. All of it. I want you to squeeze those testicles like your life depends on it, because it does. In the meantime the moid will probably hit your head with his fists. You might be feeling the urge to fall unconscious, but you must resist, eventually the pain will take the moid down.

Anonymous 105417

>Personally, I wouldn't go for a kick as much as a grab. Your job is to dive towards those family jewels, grab them, and squeeze with all your strength. All of it. I want you to squeeze those testicles like your life depends on it
Always keep your nails a bit long and sharp too.

Anonymous 105424

>Fourth, why do we even care if you kill the person attempting to rape you?
Well it's still killing, even if in self defense and against a bad person, and a lot of people simply aren't comfortable or prepared to take a human life, understandably so.

>You don't need to hit an artery to have someone bleed out to death, just way faster.

Cops can call an ambulance after they arrive. In fact ambulances sometimes even arrive faster than policemen when it's shootings.

>How long do you think a shooting course would need to be for someone to consistently hit a moving target the size of a leg or arm?

However long it takes that person.

Anonymous 105433

>More than they would being raped? I would imagine being raped would effect you far more than killing a rapist.
Depends on the person I suppose. Killing also genuinely develops PTSD in a lot of soldiers so it's not something willy nilly. And at this point we're just arguing which trauma is worse. I'm going to go with depending on the person because I genuinely don't know which one I would rather less, not without long pointless introspection, since I would rather neither obvs.

>How long did it take you?

No money for gun and no shooting academies in my city because my country doesn't give us a right to bare arms (at least not without a lot of annoying long paperwork and hoops you need to jump). But before you pull out the "you don't know what you are talking about" card, I've shot before after asking my uncle to teach me. You know that thing where you put empty cans on some fence in the middle of nowhere and then shoot them from afar? If I, who need glasses and got shaky hands, can learn it then anyone can, it's just a matter of time and effort. It took me a couple weeks to get a shot in.

Anonymous 105437

What else is there? Spray isn't as intimidating and takes about as long to find in your bag and aim as a gun, keys on your knuckles will only take you so far if you're physically weak (like me), and I don't have the time to go to some dojo to learn a martial art or self defense, the only way I know how to defend myself is with a little guillotine choke my brother taught me.

>Have you ever shot a moving target?

No, hunting is illegal unless in a few parts of the country, but I am well aware it's harder to aim when things are moving. Shaky hands remember? Still why I think you need courses if you want to handle a firearm.

Anonymous 105454

Take your pills, please. Nothing wrong with people getting trained on how to use a firearm.

Anonymous 105457

>Take your pills, please. Nothing wrong with people getting trained on how to use a firearm.
Absolutely correct. I 100% agree with you. What I disagree with is thinking you can train anyone to "shoot to injure", when not even professional do this.

Anonymous 105459

Shooting to injure and not kill is a movie thing
Besides even when you shoot to kill, sometimes the guy charging you is just not going to drop on the ground, and he's going to realize he's dying and losing too much blood after he attacked you. You need a big caliber to actually stop someone efficiently

Anonymous 105462

I wish I could have access to guns, but they're mostly illegal in my country. It's a pain in the ass to get licensed to legally own one and it's really costly.
My only option is to buy a gun illegally from some locals which I IRONICALLY plan on doing on 2022, but even then the gun i'll buy will be overpriced and old, and obviously I could get in trouble for having it.
Violence rates are stupidly high in my country and every shitty criminal gets weapons, so why shouldn't i? at least when i learn how to shoot i'll be able to better protect my family
(reposting because I accidentaly posted this on the "dumping drinks on the floor" thread)

Anonymous 105490

Wanting to obtain an item designed specifically for killing people is the most moid thing ever, so - ew

Anonymous 105492

My friend won't let me own one

Anonymous 105524

This is unironically the mentality that women who refuse to carry have.
Maybe without the moid part but still.
It's not a weapon, it's a means of survival.

Anonymous 105542

They're cool, collecting an absurd amount of them is cringe consoomer behavior though. I believe in gun control. I'm not sure about the laws in my country but if I ever live alone I'm going to try to get one

Anonymous 105553


Wanting the best tool to protect yourself from being mugged, raped, kidnapped or murdered makes you a moid now, ok

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